Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Parents Make Fat Kids

The Washington Post is running a series on the increase of obese kids in the country. There is the usual commentary on diets with too much fat and schools lacking physical education programs and kids watching to much television. But, I have a question for
parents: if your children are living with you and you make the decisions on food, how are they getting fat without you putting the food in their mouths?

Let's see. Your children get up in the morning and YOU give them breakfast; so you are responsible for the calories in the morning. YOU can send them to school with lunch or YOU can let them eat the garbage in the cafeteria; YOU are responsible for lunch calories.

You give them money and let them buy ice cream or candy in school or on the way home from school; YOU are responsible for allowing them to buy junk food. YOU give them snacks after school which means YOU are responsible for those calories as well. YOU make them dinner or take them out for dinner or order pizza, so YOU are responsible for the dinner calories. YOU let them eat until bedtime by allowing them free access to cupboards in which YOU put the chips and soda; YOU are responsible for the endless snacking.

Where in a normal day does your child have any chance of eating an unhealthy diet and gain weight unless you feed the child or give the child money to feed itself? Only when the child reaches the age of employment (and even then you should have some control over their diet) can one say the teen might make their own choices of food when out and about.

So, if YOUR child is fat, YOU have no one to blame but yourself. Now, that you know the truth, is should be easy for you to help your child return to normal weight. Stop overfeeding it!

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: What's Victoria's Secret?

I am going to be really politically incorrect today. I have been reading up on all the sympathy oozing everywhere on the Internet and in the media for the 16-year-old Victoria Lindsay, the girl who got her butt kicked by six of her friends. Yes, those girls were mean and nasty and deserved to get a jail term. But, for some reason - well, for a pretty good reason - I just don't feel that sorry for Victoria.

Why? First of all, these were her friends - not strangers and not some bullies from school she had tried her best to avoid. Friends - as in these are the girls I hang out with and live with. Water seeks its own level and I wonder that Victoria - were another girl being targeted - wouldn't have gone along with the group melee and thrown some punches herself.

Secondly, why were all these girls so ticked off at Victoria? It is said she talked smack on MySpace, saying some really vicious stuff and saying she was going to fight them. So, she flamed these girls publicly, possibly embarrassing them and humiliating them. Then she said she would fight them. Seems like they brought the fight to her and she turned out to be all bark and no bite; she didn't even throw one punch. She wimped out, took the beating, and begged them to let her go. She wasn't as tough as she tried to pretend to be.

But, regardless of her behaviors, because Victoria ended up the unhappy loser of this girl bashing, she is being made out to be a totally innocent lamb. I am guessing the trash talk she put on MySpace was just the tip of the iceberg for this girl's past behaviors. Apparently, she isn't living at home and her father states in an interview that she has had her share of problems. She clearly admits to her friends during the assault that she had been drunk (during one of the times the girls found whatever she did offensive) and said she had grown up since then.

Hey, this girl is barely sixteen. She has a problem with drinking and she isn't living with her parents. Apparently, Victoria's parents want to blame MySpace instead of their lack of parenting that surely contributed to Victoria ending up as a punching bag.

I bet we will find out there is more behind this story than we have seen on the video. Victoria and her girl pals seem to me to be a bunch of brats who have been left without decent parental guidance long enough to become the female version of Lord of the Flies. They are a pretty good example of the rising, antisocial and violent teens we are seeing more and more of today in the United States.

Victoria may have suffered a good deal of fear and pain during this slap down but, if she were my kid, the first thing I would have asked her is "Did you deserve it?" And if she did, I would have told her I hope she learned her lesson.

I hope Victoria learned hers.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: A Prayer for Jaipur

I just got back from a wonderful three weeks in India. I flew to Chennai in the south where I stayed with my son, David, for a few days. Then we went by train to Mysore, the city of sandalwood. We visited Bandipur, where the tigers and elephants roam and we were lucky the park had reopened in time for our trip. It had been shut down for quite a while until the murderous bandit, Veerapan, was hunted down and shot. Then we flew to Mumbai, the city of Bollywood, filmi stars, and exuberant energy.

Next, we flew to Kashmir and spent a couple of idyllic days (in spite of the heavy security) on beautiful Dal Lake and took a horseback ride into the Himalayas. Finally, we flew to New Delhi where we spent the last five days of our trip, where I did my presentation, and where the hosts of the event took great care of us, showing us around, helping us shop, and taking out for dinner. Of course, we spent one day over in Agra visiting the beautiful Taj Mahal and the dazzling Red Fort.

Then, I flew home and my son went on to his volunteer job in Jaipur.

Yes, Jaipur, where the seven bomb blasts just tore up the center of the Pink City, this lovely peaceful city which is the tourism capital of India.

It took me eight attempts to reach David by phone but finally the call went through and he picked up. What a relief it was to hear his voice. He told me he was all right and that he had been in his apartment at the time the bombs went off.

I have been in three locations in recent years where terrorists attacked but luckily I had come and gone before they did. London, England; Hyderabad, India, and Sharm-el-Sheik, Egypt. It is always an odd feeling to realize that where you had were standing, innocent people were torn apart. I also live in Washington DC where the 911 plane crash into the Pentagon and shut down the city and where the DC snipers terrified everyone into dancing at the gas station pumps afraid to be a still target. I remember the palpable fear in the air and the many people who retreated into their houses, trying to decrease their odds of becoming a statistic. I remember how residents of the area stopped going downtown to DC to eat out and going to the theatre. I recall a number of restaurants when out of business because they couldn't sustain the loss of business.

I worry about my son but I also worry about the state of affairs in Jaipur and India. Terrorism takes lives but it also takes peace of mind and livelihoods. Will tourists now shun this lovely city and the rest of India because of the fear of terrorism? Will businesses fail and men become unable to put food on the table of their families?

I hope India goes after these bastards (and I would use another words but another one doesn't come to mind) with all they have got. I hope that the rest of the world doesn't decide to avoid doing business in India and that tourists don't decide to avoid the country as a travel destination.

My heart goes out to the residents of Jaipur. As for my son, I hope he continues to enjoy the hospitality of the area and the work he is doing. I hope he doesn't let terrorism dictate to him what he should do or where he should be.

Most of all, I hope we stop terrorism before it destroys the world we live in.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Narcissism Increasing the World Over

I just came back from a three week trip to India and while in New Delhi I gave a presentation on criminal profiling and its usefulness to investigations within the country. Psychopathy, I discovered, is on the rise and all one has to do is read the The Times of India to find out how bad it has gotten.

April 1 - Father bludgeons son to death when the latter resists his sexual advances towards his wife

April 6 - Drunkard gambler kills wife to clear off debt

April 7 - Businessman gets brother-in-law killed over Rs 300 crore worth of property

April 14 - Schoolteacher kills seven members of her own family who objected to her affair

April 18 - Son suspect father of having affair with his wife. Hacks wife and kids.

April 18 - Executive kills his adopted parents and pregnant wife. He was having an affair.

Frightening, isn't it? Indian sociologist Ravider Kaur notes that there is an increase in individualization of self: that individuals don't wish to be controlled by family. In other words, narcissism is rising within India and instead of cooperating with society and family, more people are simply killing off those who don't go along with their program.

Why is the self-centeredness becoming such a problem? Where does it come from? What is changing the world over that we should see so many people become victims because someone in their life objects to their existence?

One possibility is a change in attitude toward entitlement and expectations. The is an increased number of people one have very high desires and thinks other should give them what they want (or get out of their way if they are blocking their goals). If they fail to achieve their goals and quickly, they rage against society and any part of it they feel has a part in their failure.

It would be an interesting cross-cultural study to see how psychopathy is gaining inroads in other country. Meanwhile, I have joined forces with the Academy of Investigation and Intelligence Management in New Delhi to train detectives because there is surely going to be a big need to criminal profiling as the violent crime rate rises.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: The Wife Who Knew Nothing

I know I am supposed to feel sympathy for Joseph Fritzl's wife, but someh0w she revolts me instead. Fritzl, the Austrian monster who imprisoned his daughter, Elizabeth, for twenty-four years in a bunker under his home and fathered seven children with her, supposedly was one terrifying tryant who ruled his family with an iron fist. I guess the wife, Rosemarie, could simply have been scared of him but her sis talks of how she worked very hard to keep the family together. Then she gives some telling information.

Let's stop and look at the "innocence" of Rosemarie, the wife who "knew nothing" of any danger to her children. Joseph Fritzl started abusing the daughter he later imprisoned at age eleven. He was visiting prostitutes and he brought them home to his dungeon. He is put away for a year and a half for rape and and threatening to kill his victim, a nurse who's apartment he broke into. When that happened says her sister, Rosemarie "reacted with "shock" but believed that "everyone makes a mistake" and focused on keeping her family healthy."

A mistake? Oh, please. Rosemarie has her sister snowed. Let's look at Rosemarie's ignorance of her children's nightmare. She has gotten fat (likely on purpose so she wouldn't have to engage in perverted and sadistic sex with her husband) and there is no sexual relationship any longer with him. Knowing his inclinations, she has to have some suspicion he is having sex elsewhere, like with the prostitutes and with his girl children. She knows he is a violent rapist. Yet she stays with him and allows her children to live with a violent sex offender and pervert. She has to know something bizarre is going on when hubby builds the bunker and spends an inordinate amount of time in it and will never let her enter. She has to be suspicious of what is going on down there when her daughter vanishes and three infant children arrived on her doorstep. So why does she stay with this man and endanger her children?

It is not uncommon for some wives who feel they benefit from some aspect of their relationship with her husband to look the other way when they suspect the husband is sexually abusing the daughters. For that matter, they may be relieved the pervert is no longer bothering them! They proclaim they were unaware of any misconduct but later it often comes to light that they were well aware of what was going on and simply looked the other way.

I believe this is likely true of Rosemarie. I hope the police do some very serious questioning of her and find out the truth. I believe Rosemarie knows more than she has admitted and she permitted her husband to abuse her children for her own gain. If this is true, she needs a prison cell of her own.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: DC Madam Murdered?

Larry Flint thinks so and I can guarantee this will be a conspiracy theory for the next few decades. Deborah Palfrey was found dead in her mother's shed, hung by a nylon rope from the ceiling. Her mom claims she wasn't suicidal although Palfrey once told a friend she would kill herself rather than go to jail. A suicide note or two apparently was left at the scene. Flint states she was about to give up a couple more big names to avoid going to jail and this is why he thinks someone did her in.

Family reaction to suicide is an an odd thing. Many refuse to believe their child would do such a thing. Even if their loved one was severely depressed, left a note in their own handwriting, and is found shot with their own gun in a room locked from the inside, the parents may still believe their child was murdered! Perhaps it is the guilt of not preventing the death that makes them refuse to see reality or it is possible they feel guilty that they raised a child who did not value their life or their relationships enough to stay around.

Deborah Palfrey at the age of 52 may well have not liked the radical change in lifestyle her imprisonment would have brought. She lived quite the high life off of her prostitution service as the charges were no doubt quite high considering the clientele. Of course, if you believe Ms. Palfrey, she had no clue the women were providing sexual services to their "dates." These men just became repeat customers because the women were such charming conversationalists. This is ludicrous, of course, for no escort service or massage parlor keeps a girl in their employ who doesn't make their clients "happy" and so we know Ms. Palfrey is a liar.

But, liar or not, Ms. Palfrey's character at this point is not the question. If one were to look at the question of whether she took her own life or not, the important matter would be whether she could tolerate the thought of prison, whether she viewed going there as yet another game she could manipulate or whether she viewed the time inside as a total loss of control. Interviews and a study or her past behavior ought to be able to determine if she was the type to have taken her own life in this situation. Then the police will determine whether she had the ability to hang herself from the ceiling of the shed and the opportunity to do so. They will ascertain whether any one else could have hung her. The suicide notes will be examined to determine if she wrote them. Behavioral and forensic evidence should put the question of whether she was murdered to rest.

My guess is she killed herself. It is a rare occurrence when a hanging turns out to be a murder (although it has happened). But, because this is such a high profile case and Ms. Palfrey could have done more damage to her clients were she to give up certain names in the future, Flint's assertions that Ms. Palfrey was murdered will no doubt gain steam on the Internet and we will have a numerous sites claiming she was the victim of murder by people in high places. It will be interesting to read the scenarios of how this "murder" was carried out and what the "evidence" will be that proves she was the victim of knowing too much for her own good.