Sunday, December 27, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: The Only Real Criminal in Sherlock Holmes is Guy Ritchie

What is it about certain movie directors/producers that they bother to make a movie based on a particular story that ends up on screen having little resemblance to the original? Why did The Saint, one of my favorite book series of all time written by Leslie Charteris end up on the big screen with a main character acting more like James Bond (the bastardized movie character) than Simon Templer, the Robin Hood of Modern Crime?

And why, now, do we have Sherlock Holmes, a film that seemed more like it had borrowed the screenplay of Angels and Demons than a story from the tomes of Arthur Conan Doyle?
It isn't that one can't do a screen version that is loyal to the book. The British television series had Jeremy Brett playing a damned fine Sherlock and the direction was extraordinarily similar to the original; the books indeed came to life. The Saint television series with Roger Moore at least had humor in them, if they were made way too fluffy, whitewashing the criminal aspect of the Saint character and tossing all of his friends and girlfriend out of the episodes. But, my Lord, this Sherlock Holmes, even with the skill of Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law, didn't even much more than make Holmes smart and quirky and off Guy Ritchie went, making Angels and Demons with two different main characters (and how sad is that considering Angels and Demons sucked horribly). Here is how the film went (and if you can't tell whether I am writing about Sherlock or A & D, my point will have been made):

There is something nasty in the occult woodshed!

Run! Run! Run! Smash!
The horrible bad man is going to take over the world!
Run! Run! Run! Bop!
People are going to die in specific places and you will be too late for each one but you will get a clue leading you to the final showdown!
Run! Run! Run! Bang! Bang!
Along the way, you will show how brilliant you are, so brilliant that you only need seconds to deduce everything you come in contact with!
Run! Run! Jump! Dive!
Oh my God! Only five minutes to save the world!
Make funny joke! Calmly dismantle bomb/device with no known previous skills in such work while fending off bad guys!
Bam! Slug! Crash!
Whew! The world is saved! Hurrah!

Snore! Why is action actually getting boring in movies? Because it serves no purpose and simply added for 'excitement'. Sigh.

Please, Guy Ritchie and all other directors, do us all a favor: stick with the real story or make a new one, AND, most importantly of all, spend some time writing the screenplay: all the action in the world can't save a movie from being boring if there is nothing to keep one's mind involved (and was seeing a shirtless Sherlock supposed to titillate me here?).

Remember the formula: Great story, well-developed characters, clever dialogue. Action? Sure, if it fits. Hey, Guy! Remember Snatch! LOVE IT! We know you can make a good movie, so get back to doing it. Please!

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Monday, December 21, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: "Ho! Ho! Ho! Is it Santa or Tiger?

CJ, a very funny and fun columnist writing for the Minneapolis Star Tribune called me the other day and quizzed me on my thoughts about Tiger Woods and his off-course etiquette (pictured left). What I told her can be read here. But, I still have a thought about men, marriage, and monogamy; do these go together any more? Do women even have a hope and a prayer their man will believe that marriage and monogamy are entwined? Do they just roll their eyes when their husband-to-be promises to be faithful to her in front of the minister, family, community, and God? I have to admit I tend to snicker these days in a very cynical manner when I hear the vows of marriage uttered (or muttered) at the weddings I attend. I wondered how long it will be before the happy couple gets lawyers and the family gets torn asunder.

No man has to get married. If he wants to be a confirmed bachelor, bully for him. Let him state his desired lifestyle and leave marriage to those who really believe in the institution. Tiger didn't have to marry anyone. Well, I guess he might have had to if he wanted to improve his image and make billions and billions. Most of us probably think that much money was hardly necessary as the man was already raking in the cash and the babes. I can only guess he is so greedy that he made a calculated business move and sold Elin a phony bill of goods. He committed fraud and he should be held accountable.

Sadly, Elin and two innocent children have to pay for Tiger's repulsive and disrepectful behavior. Money doesn't buy everything. It won't buy his daughter and son pride in their father. It won't buy back Elin's humiliation and devastation. Tiger can't even buy self-respect because any man who has to purchase pussy to feel powerful is nothing but an alley cat no decent woman wants to bring home.

Good luck, Elin. I hope the next man in your life is a monogomous goose and not a two-timing Tiger.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Criminal Profiing Topic of the Day: Mass Murderer or Terrorist?

I recently was a guest of FOX and Friends and The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer and when I made the statement that Fort Hood shooter Major Nidal Malik Hasan was not a terrorist, but a psychopathic mass murderer in midlife crisis, I got some angry email.

Ms. Brown...I just saw your appearance on Fox an Friends....and was blown away at your disregard that Islam played no part in this massacre.Have you done even a 5 minute search on this person? Wake up lady. Do a little research before you make a fool of yourself on national TV again.

Dorothy Rabinowitz woud agree with this emailer that I am either a fool or I am in fear of being politically incorrect.

To those not terrorized by fear of offending Muslim sensitivities, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan's motive was instantly clear: It was an act of terrorism by a man with a record of expressing virulent, anti-American, pro-jihadist sentiments. All were conspicuous signs of danger his Army superiors chose to ignore.

But I will stand my ground and I hope, for the sake of true understanding people will understand my thinking. Anyone who has seen me speak on television or has read my blogs will know I have never worried about being politically correct. I aim to speak the truth as I see it.

First of all, we must define "terrorist." Under the United States Law Code: the term
“terrorism” means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents; the term “terrorist group” means any group, or which has significant subgroups which practice, international terrorism.

By this definition, Hasan does not even begin to qualify as a terrorist.
1) He was not a member of a terrorist group. Yes, he may have listened to what a terrorist group had to say, he may have been in the vicinity of another who might have been a member of a terrorist group, and he may have emailed a terrorist group. He might have even chatted with terrorists on the Internet in a chat room. But, none of these behaviors make him a member of a terrorist group any more than a psychopath a church member because he has gone to a Sunday service a few times and chatted with a pastor online.

2) He was not carrying out any mission organized by a terrorist group. He was a lone gunman.

3) He was not politically motivated. "What?" you say? The guy was spouting Islamic jihadist garbage before and during the shooting. This is very true but that what he says is not necessarily his motive. Like all midlife crisis psychopathic mass murderers, he must justify his rage at society for his failure; Hasan has decided to portray himself as a good Muslim conducting jihad and thereby casting himself as a hero and not a loser scumbag who kills his coworkers because he is ticked he is failing in his professional and personal life. He is no different than Jason Rodriguez, the man who attempted the mass murder of his coworkers in Orlando, Florida the following day; he was disgruntled and angry and wanted to show everyone he wasn't a weakling they could kick around any more.

I know what a terrorist attack looks like. My son was in Jaipur the very day the LeT (Pakistan's terrorist organization, Lashkar-e-Taiba) hit the tourist area with bombs attached to bicycles. Eighty people were killed. Thankfully, my son didn't listen to his mother who told him to go to that very area that day to sightsee before he started work the next day. Instead, he was watching videos in his room while the bombs blew up the city center.

I have traveled to India and been at the very spots that terrorists have hit. I was in Connought Place in Delhi, in front of the Taj Hotel in Mumbai, and in the shoppiing area in Hyderabad, all locations that were targeted by terrorist groups who successfully carried out their missions.. Each one was a concerted effort by a Islamic extremist terrorist organizations, either LeT out of Pakistan's Kashmir region or HuJI (Harkat ul-Jihad-al-Islami) out of Bangladesh.

Hasan belonged to no group. He may have self-radicalized himself in violent Islamic ideology but he still was not part of an organized terrorist cell. He was an angry man, who happened to be Muslim, who took out his bitterness on his fellow soldiers.

Now, was there a problem with failure on the army's part to identify Hasan as a threat? You bet there was. He was clearly decompensating, falling apart, being more and more angry and bizarre. His increasingly concerning rantings supporting suicide bombers and growing pro-Islamic jihadist sympathies should have been a huge warning sign that he might go off and do what he did. It was at this stage that fear of being politcally incorrect cost lives. The Army should have booted Hasan because he was a danger to his fellow soldiers whether or not he was a Muslim.

Clearly American needs to be vigilant in fighting terrorism and preventing and dismantling terrorist cells in this country. We need to do something about people entering our country who despise it and its people. We need to stop those of any religion who encourage and condone violence against our citizens. And if Major Hasan had been the member of a terrorist cell and been their "soldier" and not ours, I would not hesitate to state we had a Muslim perpetrating a terrorist attack against America.

But unless more information comes in linking this sorry excuse for a human being to a terrorist group, we still have a lone psychopath pretending he was a terrorist so he could get his day in the sun.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topics of the Day: Smelly Houses, Bye Bye Baby, and Slasher Filmmaker Offensive

Smelly Houses

So the police stop by Anthony Sowell's house to check on the convicted rapist turn loose and, dang, it smells bad! But it is claimed they can't get a search warrant to go inside. Did anyone think to walk by with a cadaver dog and let the dog find probably cause for a warrant?

Bye Bye Baby

Parents go to sleep at 3 AM and when the wake up at 11 AM, baby is bye bye. No sign of a break-in, no crazy fat lady hanging around at the park making goo goo eyes at the baby and claiming she is pregnant when she isn't, and the police are searching the woods for the baby instead of knocking on doors. Most babies who go missing while the parents are supposedly asleep are never found alive and most babies stolen from hospitals by women are found fairly quickly, usually in good health. It is easy (and sad) to see which way the police are leaning already.

Slasher Filmmaker Offensive

Well, yes they are, but that isn't the point. Two years ago, I wrote a commentary on the inappropriateness of gore and slasher filmmakers and their supporters claiming they are pro victim when these movies depict victims being raped, tortured and murdered...seems a rather logical observation and it caused quite a nasty campaign against me from that camp. Lovers of this genre don't like it when someone stands up against them and the proliferation of their misogynist and repulsive drek, so if you see my name being bandied about on the Internet with libelous assaults attached, they are still mad about my post! Here it is, one more time (since they aren't going to link it to their sites)!

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Church Ordains Child Sex Predator as Minister

Standards are plummeting everywhere in this country, but ordaining a sexual psychopath as a minister is a new low. The City of Refuge Worship center has made a child sex predator a minister. Mark Hourigan (scumbag pictured left) sodomized an eleven-year-old boy and got a lousy three years in prison for his crime. Randy Meadows, the idiot pastor who ordained this pervert, says Hourigan has paid his debt to society. Oh, really? He is a registered sex offender for life and what is Hourigan doing to right the wrong he did to this eleven-year-old child? Is this young boy supposed to sit in church and listen to the man who sodomized him praise the Lord and encourage the members of the congregation to be Christians? Oh, no, I forgot. The boy won't come to the church because if he can't handle watching his abuser preach on Sunday, he can just stay home.

Now here is a piece of revolting advice from a victim of sexual abuse:

Say what? Here is MY advice:

Take your children and get the hell out of this church. Are you going to stay there and support the ordination of a sex offender? Are you going to stay there and let a sexual psychopath tell you how to do God's work? Shame on you if you don't tell the church leaders that you in no way will tolerate such an abomination and go find a church that has a sense of decency and values. I am sure Germantown, Kentucky and environs sport a number of other more moral congregations to worship with.

Hourigan should have gotten life in prison for sexual assaulting a child. Since he didn't get that, he at least shouldn't be given positions of moral authority....ever. Biblical principles state that those in overseeing positions should be beyond reproach and I fail to see how a sexual psychopath qualifies. Furthermore, although Hourigan claims to have found God, he is a psychopath who can't be believed. The City of Refuge has no clue if Hourigan is "reformed"or not.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Obama's Speech is Great and That's the Real Issue

The left and the right are both unable to see the attractive elephant in the room. The right went nuts on the fact Obama was going to speak to the children of America because they thought he was going to slip in socialist ideology and start the little ones on the way to joining an Obama youth core.

The left went bananas in return crying foul that the right is looking for every opportunity to destroy Barack Obama and his presidency. Today, with Obama giving a really lovely inspirational talk about responsibility and goal setting that would make any right wing American thrilled if a right wing politician had said it, those to the left can claim victory that those citizens to the right made fools of themselves and proved they are all a bunch of racist, angry, nutcases out to get Obama.

Both sides are not seeing the picture clearly.

The real problem for all citizens of the United States is that Obama gave a good speech, a nonpartisan speech, and a truly morally sound speech to the young people of America. In other words, he was likable and came across as someone you can respect.
So what? This speech is a moment in time, written by advisers, and promoted on national television; it was intended to make Obama look good in a time when tea parties and town hall meetings have made him look bad.

We can't say that Obama concern for children is the reason he gave the speech but, 0n the other hand, it can't be proven that this wasn't the motivation behind the speech. It might be about helping kids or it might be about restoring one's beleaguered public image. It might be that both motivations are at play. Nothing really wrong in that; most of us work in jobs that help people but we like to collect a paycheck as well.

The true elephant in the room is that Obama has a history of lying and changing course without clarifying why he was on that previous course or why he changed (and throwing folks under that bus while doing it). There is a lot not to not trust about Obama and that is why the right thought he was trying to do something squirrelly with his speech. But, they forgot that he just might be giving a great speech to repair his image and Obama is good at speaking at looking pretty. People like good speakers and people that look pretty. They tend to forget anything questionable they have done (or forget to question what they are about to do) because of a smiling face. Humans are easily suckered.

Police have this problem with suspects. If he seems nice, they will often not check an alibi or do a thorough background. Women take back abusive husbands when they get an apology and flowers. Humans, through simple biological need and training, classify people quickly and move on. Nice people we trust; nasty people we don't. Obama is trying to be nice so we trust him.

I say to the right and the left; look past the moment and examine the behavior. Talk IS cheap but behavior is something that is rock solid. Pay attention to the hands, not the mouth of a politician. Just like a magician, you get swayed by the patter and the showmanship instead of paying attention to what is really happening.

Obama is a showman. He is a good speaker. That's nice. Rewind history and examine his past and pay a lot of attention to what he is actually doing. Then make your conclusions about the man and his mission. Anyone can have a good day or a bad day; one good moment (Obama dancing tenderly with his wife, Michelle) or one bad moment (Obama tossing out inappropriate, but kind of funny, Special Olympics joke on The Tonight Show) do not tell us what our suspect is about or what our leader is working toward. It is the accumulation of behaviors that let us know what he is truly thinking and doing. Do your own thorough analysis and then you will have a clearer understanding of where American is headed and what we want to do about it.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Developing Profiling Theories

What if I were to have an opportunity to analyze the case of the missing woman, Christy Cornwell of Blairsville, Georgia? What would I look at as a profiler?

1. I would start with the phone call from the boyfriend. I would read his interview about what she said on that phone and how she said it. I would want to know if her voice always sounded like it was close to the phone or if it were distant (like she dropped the phone). I would want to know what else he heard. Other people talking? Sound of the vehicle? I would want to know why he didn't call 911 before he called Christy's mother.

2. I would want the boyfriend's alibi. Yes, the phone call supposedly came out of Atlanta. I would still want to prove he was there and HE made the phone call or received the phone call from Christy.

3. I would go to the site where she was allegedly abducted. Do I see signs of a struggle? (or do the photos show evidence of this?). Are there absolute signs of this like more than one set of footprints, car tire marks, etc? Or could Kristy have staged the crime and tossed some of her items there to make it look like an abduction.

4. I would want to check the site where the phone was found to see how long it would take to get there and why the phone would end up there. Are there signs of it being tossed? What kind of phone is it? Why did it go dead when the boyfriend said he was talking to Christy? If he heard her scream, "Don't take me", it should still have been in her hand. Why did it end up in the vehicle? Why wasn't it dropped where she was abducted? Why wouldn't the abductors have ripped it from her hand? Do we see other calls on the phone after the boyfriend's call? Is it a flip phone or a slide phone? What can we learn from it?

3. I would want to check the history of Christy, including her own victimology and personality profile, and that of her exes and her boyfriends. I would want to know all her friends and acquaintances and all the people she works with and has worked with (including those criminals she dealt with). I want to know Christy's habits especially her habit of walking at night and the routes she would have been seen on. If this wasn't her regular route, why not?

4. I would want to find any video of the roads she might have gone down after the fact. I would want to know any bus stations and motels near the area. I would want to verify any possible way Christy could have slipped away if it was a staged crime. I also want to know all possible routes for abductors and places they could hole up.

5. I would want to canvass the neighborhood for information and be sure to put out clear information to bring in tips on vehicles, possible suspects, and any strange behaviors observed.

6. The timeline of the crime is VERY important. When was Christy last seen and by whom? We must be sure no assumptions are being made. For example, let's say no one actually had seen her since 4 PM. Christy's boyfriend picks her up, they get in a fight, he kills her. He goes and hides her body, dumps a ripped shirt and one shoe on the road and then goes to his buddy. He gives his buddy the phone and tells him to wait for his call. He drives to Atlanta and then calls his buddy. They talk a few minutes and then he tells him to get in the car and drive two miles down from the dumped clothes and toss the phone. His buddy drives down the road and tells Christy's boyfriend, "Dumping the phone now!" Boyfriend then immediately calls Christy's mom to tell her that Christy has just been "taken." He has the perfect alibi.

Now, I am not saying the above scenario happened, but you can see how each piece of information must be checked and analyzed and connected with each other piece of information. This is how one does a crime reconstruction which leads to a profile. Then, we can eliminate any theory that cannot be true and find which theory is supported by the evidence. For example"

Christy's boyfriend has an alibi for the entire day in Atlanta. He was in an all-day meeting with ten people. BOYFRIEND IS NOT INVOLVED.

Christy's body is found and she has been strangled. CHRISTY DID NOT STAGE THE INCIDENT.

A video is found at a store with Christy being held hostage by some men with guns demanding money from convenience stores. SERIAL KILLERS ARE NOT INVOLVED.

A profile always depends on evidence. If new evidence comes in, the profile can change. Right now, I have so little information on this crime, I haven't a clue to what happened. If I were working with the police, I am sure this would be different. We will have to wait and see what evidence is given to the public next.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Racial Profiling in Reverse

Racial profiling, targeting someone purely because of race, is wrong. Profiling based on behavior is not wrong. If I, a white woman, walk down an alley and at the end, blocking my way out are ten black men, I may either panic or smile with relief. I will panic if I see ten black men dressed in thug clothes, cussing and talking about bitches. If I see ten black men dressed in suits with copies of The Watchtower in their hands, I am going to happily walk right up to them. The same would hold true for ten white men at the end of the block.

Henry Gates and President Obama are guilty of racial profiling. From what I can see of the officer who arrested Gates, Officer Crowley, is not. Officer Crowley acted professionally as a peace officer and did his job. Gates and Obama simply assumed that the only reason for the arrest was that Crowley just assumed this man, because he is black, was doing something illegal.

First of all, Crowley didn't do anything at all that resembled racial profiling. He already knew that Gates was the homeowner when he arrested him. He wasn't jumping to any conclusion that a black man was up to no good. Gates, a black man, WAS up to no good. He was disorderly and out of control.

If an officer arrests a black man for selling drugs, is that racial profiling? If an officer arrests a black man for stabbing his wife, is that racial profiling? If this is the case, I guess no one of color should be arrested for committing crimes. I am sure the black community will love to have these criminals remaining at large for them to contend with.

I, myself, have been accused of racism and racial profiling in spite of the fact my ex-husband of twenty-five years is black, I have one black son and two biracial children. Oddly, in all the years I have known my ex and my kids, none of them have experienced "driving while black" or any other version of racial profiling. Could this be because their behavior didn't raise suspicions in the minds of the cops? Could it be they know how to speak in a respectful manner to the police and understand, the few times they have encountered a situation with the police, that the police were just doing their job? For that matter, my sons have told me that the few times they were stopped for speeding and such, the officers let them off and they didn't even get a ticket.

I have done ride-alongs with my police officer daughter and I can tell you people who act badly often accuse the police of racial profiling or harassment or brutality and it doesn't matter who is what race. Going on the attack is their way of shifting the blame for their actions.

Gates is doing that exact thing. He acted like an idiot. He was rude and obnoxious and, in my opinion, racist. Obama is backing his friend's poor behavior and accusing the officer of something he has no idea has any merit. Both want Crowley to apologize for his actions and he refuses to do it. Good for him. Crowley, who once gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Celtics star Reggie Lewis, a black man, says he didn't racial profile and he is not a racist. I believe him.

Does racial profiling exist? I am sure on occasion it does. But, I believe a good portion these days is in the mind of the offender. If it does, why did my family never encounter racial profiling.

Maybe we just knew how to behave.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Health Care Extortion

When did we stop being the "land of the free and the brave"? When did we lose our right to choose our own destinies without government interference? When did we decide to be socialist republic? What happened to something called The Constitution?

I had an interesting conversation with a good friend of my last night who was expressing her fear that discrimination was about to be levied against people who are zaftig, well, fat, in many people's view. With the new health care system coming our way, she worried that people with a weight issue would become a hated group, sanctions levied against them for causing health care costs to rise for the American people. She wondered if thin people with clogged arteries from our Standard American Diet would receive the same treatment or be able to hide behind their shield of thinness?

I thought she had a point and I told her why. Truly, is it my business to lambaste her for her extra pounds? Is it my place to yell at smokers? To be angry at women who desire induced labor and planned c-sections? Other than being concerned for their well-being as any friend might be, am I now to join brigades assaulting them for their lifestyles? I guess I will if the money to care for them comes out of my pocket. Actually, I should already feel that way because I think a good portion of our poor diet practices, drug and medicine addicted people, and over-medicalized birthing practices have skyrocketed medical care to the point where one's salary is greatly reduced to pay for them and those who have no medical care can't afford the going rates.

I think we need to completely get rid of ALL mandated health insurance, whether it is sucked away by our employers or by the United States government. We need health care choices that are truly individually selected. Why nobody in this country except a few of us sees that mandated health insurance is nothing more than extortion boggles my mind!

Let me explain, especially for those of you who are so enmeshed in our medical care system you think this extortion is normal.

There are societies in the world like Okinawa or up in Hunza country where elders romp about like agile mountain goats. Ninety-year-olds have perfectly normal blood pressure and they don't get strokes, cancers, or heart attacks. They live healthy until the machinery shuts down from exhaustion. This is how the human body was designed. Yes, there are disasters and there are unlucky blokes who get nailed out of the blue with some awful, unexplainable disease.My son had a horrific bike accident at age six. I wouldn't object to disaster insurance (by choice) with high deductibles. I might like this myself, just in case some drunk driver broadsides me.

But, most of disease is preventable. Proper diet (low in fats and mostly vegetarian), exercise, and avoidance of alcohol and drugs lends to pretty fine health. People with healthy lifestyles rarely need to see doctors all the time.
When I was married, I tried to disentangle our family from the health insurance that my husband's employer billed us for every month. Oh, you say, but it isn't that expensive, only a few hundred because the employer covers the other half. Are you dense? The way the employer "covers" the other half is to reduce your salary by that exact amount. What a deal!

So, I asked not to have the money taken out and they told me if we opted out of the system, we would not only not get back "their contribution", we would not get back ours either! We would get about ten or twenty dollars returned. So, of course, opting out was pointless. We had to accept the extortion.

Why did I want out? Simply because I never made use of the system. No one in our family went to doctors. You heard me right. Why? Because I didn't believe in those silly "well baby" checks and yearly checkups. Hey, if you are healthy, why do you need someone to tell you that you are healthy? For that matter, having worked ten years in hospital watching people get checkups, I learned that the tests and their results couldn't be trusted and people were getting procedures done that were unnecessary. They also got put directly on medicines that made their health worse. Rarely did any doctor approach health issues as a problem with lifestyles. Diet was almost never addressed outside of "suggesting" less sugar and fats. Those who got high blood pressure medicine stayed on drugs, those with diabetes stayed fat, and those with nothing wrong with them eventually found something to be worried about.

I haven't been to a doctor in fifteen years. People are horrified when they find that out. "Oh my god, suppose there is something wrong with you?" Folks, I haven't been to a doctor in fifteen years and I am still here. So nothing was wrong with me. My kids grew up without doctors and they are all adults. Most health problems can be solved without drugs and surgeries.

So, why do I have to pay for health insurance I don't want or need? Oh, yes, because everyone else wants it because they eat badly, drink, drug, and are scared of cancers sneaking up on them. I don't have a problem with their attitudes, I just don't want to pay for them. If one wants to eat badly and ingest drugs, illegal or medical, be my guest! I will still be your friend and I won't even go on a soapbox when we get together and nag you and tell you how to live. To each his own. You play, you pay. Not my issue. Shouldn't you be allowed to enjoy life through food if it makes life good for you? Maybe you prefer forty years of yummy pies and cakes rather than a longer life! Some people climb mountains and fall off of them. Should we deny them that right because they could die from their lifestyle choice? Oddly, we praise these people. Why? They don't cost us anything.

But, my friend is right. She is going to become a burden. Well, I personally think the most people now are a burden as they shoot those medical costs up. Why can't I go to a doctor of my choice and pay a reasonable price to get something like Zythromax if I happen to get bronchitis? Why should it cost me a fortune? I solved the problem by picking up a supply in Mexico and India, just in case I needed it. I had a breathing problem twenty years ago when I was on my husband's insurance where every winter I got this walking pneumonia-like thing and the x-rays never showed anything. The doctors refused to give me Zythromax and told me I had emotional problems. Oddly, my foreign Zythromax cleared up my "emotional condition" within days. This nontreatment, was given to me in the emergency room because I couldn't get an appointment with a doctor for two weeks and it cost an outrageous thousand dollars. For a stethoscope listen and an x-ray? It should have been something I could to see a doctor in a walk-in treatment center and pay fifty for the visit and fifty for the x-ray.

So, now our government is going to force me to get insurance. If I don't get it, I will be fined for not contributing my money to the system. Isn't this method called extortion? Taxes are bad enough but Obama wants us to think we are not going to be taxed for our health care system. We are going to "contribute" - by force. Taxes by another name are taxes. Pretty soon we will have our incomes docked 50-60%, just like all socialist countries. I wish more Americans spent time living in those countries to understand living in them sucks, unless you are living in them on American money.

Think about it, American citizens. Do you want to be free or do you want your government dictating everything you do in life? The intrusion on private lives and private business by the government is already massive. When they take your money away, you lose a thing called choice. I cannot choose a lay midwife or a naturopath; I cannot choose massage therapy or chiropractor. I cannot choose to spend my money on organic produce. The money I have left after the government extorts its health care money from me won't cover such things. Obama has already stolen huge amount of our future incomes with his bank bailouts and when we add the cost of health coverage and all the other social welfare programs that are going to increase, we will find the middle class no longer exists. Welcome to socialism, mates.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Monday, July 6, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Dead SC Murderer is NOT a Serial Killer

I have been watching network after network stating that the man shot dead in North Carolina is the South Carolina serial killer. This is incorrect. Yes, the dead man is the guy who offed five people during the last week, but he is a spree killer, not a serial killer.

Is this important point? You bet. Serial killers don't want to get caught; they like sneaking around and getting their jollies in whatever method amuses them, then, feeling better about themselves for having taken someone's life, get a hamburger and get a good night's sleep. Serial killers are not fed up with life and want to get caught or die. They want to win, beat the people they hate, the society they live in.

Spree killers, on the other hand, are mass murderers in slow motion. They plan on suicide, usually suicide by cop. They have had enough of life and they want out but they want to go out in a blaze of glory and take their enemies with them. On occasion, a spree killer kills off his wife or mother and realizing that his freedom is coming to an end, prefers to raise his body count and go out with a bang.

This was the South Carolina killer. He had way too many kills in too short a time to be a calculating serial killer. He was a burning star and he knew law enforcement would catch up with his in due time. And as soon as the police showed up, he shot at them rather than go with them peacefully. The police shot back and he got his suicide by cop as he always intended to get.

It will be interesting to see what caused this man to go on a spree. Does he have dead bodies back at his house or did he just realize he was a colossal failure at middle age and decide to quit life. Most mass murderers and spree killers are either in their twenties or their forties: the young ones see no great future in their lives and the older one know that the have already hit their zenith.

Spree killer, not serial killer. It makes a difference in an investigation and protecting oneself. While mass murderers, spree killers, and serial killers are all psychopath, the serial killer is the one living down the street for the next twenty years slowing picking off the citizens. At least we know this bastard is done.
Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Friday, June 5, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Naked Dead Guy Hanging

I had to laugh, sadly, when I heard that actor David Carridine, who had been find hanging in his hotel closet, was also naked. The suicide possibility flew immediately out the window. Naked dead guy hanging means auto erotic asphyxiation almost 100 percent of the time. Even if one doesn't find pornography nearby or other weird red flags like bondage apparatus (hands tied, gags, freaky sex toys, genitals "adorned" with item intending to increase stimulation, etc), the fact the guy is naked points to a private sex act gone bad. People rarely commit suicide naked (although it has happened) and almost never when hanging themselves.

For those of you who can't fathom how one hangs themselves during a sex act, here is the basic scoop. The man (almost always male) ties a rope or a belt to the rod in a closet, loops it around his neck, and bends his knees. When he does this, blood flow is shut off and oxygen doesn't reach the brain. This causes a euphoric feeling and enhances orgasm. The trick is having the orgasm during the time when this feeling has reached its peak and then standing up straight again before one passes out. The pressure then comes off the constricted blood vessels and oxygen flows back to the brain. If one screws up and passes out, he will be found hanging with his knees bent, naked in that closet.

The practitioners of autoerotic sex always think they will be able to orgasm and stand up in time. The think they will know if they are "taking too long" and need to give up the attempt. Unfortunately, in the midst of all the fun, they lose track of time and push the envelope. Often when one finds someone dead of autoerotic sex it is after they have practiced this art for a while and, like all things in time, their fantasies get a bit dull and their ability to be sexually excited slows down. Sometimes alcohol can also be a factor in delayed orgasm. Bottom line: get off or end up dead.

Some will wonder why David Carridine didn't just go buy some sex in Thailand considering the country has the world's most deviant sex trade. After all, according to Carridine's fourth wife, Marina, he did practice perverted sex along with the another kind of deviant sex act that was "dangerous."

My answer? Who knows? Sex acts are very personal to the practitioner. Each human being enjoys sex in his or her own way, sometimes in a number of ways. Deviant sexual behavior is often addictive and the need for bizarreness escalates. Sometimes sex with another human being actually frustrates the practitioner because the partner "doesn't do it right." Reality can screw up a good fantasy.

I don't know why David Carridine felt a need that evening to truss himself up and take the risk of death just for a moment of sexual satisfaction, but he did. We have all lost a great actor and his family has lost someone they love. Worse, the last memories of the man are an embarrassment to all.

If anything good can come out of this sad ending of Carridine's life, may it be that men out there. especially young men, come to understand just how dangerous auto erotic sex is and refrain from involving themselves in such acts. The supposed added kick is simply not worth it.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Monday, June 1, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Pat Brown on E!'s Fatal Beauty

If you missed the show on Sunday, catch Pat Brown on E! Channel's
Fatal Beauty: 15 Most Notorious Women

Wed 6/3

Thu 6/4

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Is the Spectorcle Over? I Hope So

Unlike Phil Spector's gold digging 28-year-old wife, Rachael, who is saddened because "I have lost my husband, my best friend" and feels that a "grave injustice has been done" (probably to her income level and social status), I feel nothing but relief and happiness that for once, the jury (the second one) didn't fall for that Hollywood history rewrite put-on by the defense and its highly paid actors (read: expert witnesses). Even Spector's son, Louis, agrees that justice has been served. Finally.

It was such an open-and-shut case from the beginning it blows the mind to see how difficult it is in America to convict a guilty-as-hell person with a half-way decent lawyer. Why? Because our legal system isn't about the truth; it is about game-playing and money-making and career-building. It isn't about truth. It isn't about justice. It isn't about doing the right thing. If we wanted this in our country, we would work to revamp our criminal justice system instead or constantly claiming, "It may not be perfect, but it is the best system in the world." I don't think the best system in the world is one that constantly leaves killers and rapists on the streets and pretty much only convicts total idiots and people with no money or public support (inner city street thugs and trailer park losers). Something is wrong with this picture to me.

I hope Phil Spector does stay in jail for the rest of his life. But I wouldn't be surprised to see him get out on an appeal due to some "technicality" or, if he stays in jail, getting nice treatment because he is "old and infirm" or transferred to some mental health facility because he has emotional problems. He probably will spend his old age being pampered and chatted up, watching television, and writing love letters to his many lady friends.

I am happy he is going to prison. I hope he stays there. I hope he doesn't get to have a good time. I hope.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: The Smiley Face Killers and Pat Brown

Yes, some guy on Facebook has cracked open the Smiley Face Killers case and, if law enforcement considers his theory, they could solve the mystery of all those athletic young men found drowned in rivers and lakes near their colleges. I'm very nervous about the police following up on this man's ideas because I am sure they will come straight to my door , take me down to the station, and interrogate me. I could end up in prison for aiding and abetting these serial killers. I never thought it would come to this. I was pretty confident I stopped all speculation about any Smiley Face Gang with all those television appearances I did debunking the concept. I thought I had fooled everyone and no one would ever figure it out. But this man did!

From his Facebook Page:

Folks, I have some truly alarming news.Someone is killing college men across America.

I think it's a group of female serial killers acting in a cult-like fashion around the country.They target Alpha Males because they fear them.I think it's a bunch of feminists gone amok.And they've been doing it for years.

Even more alarming, the stupid FBI brought a biased woman to get her opinion on the Smiley Face Killers.Talk about asking the wolf to guard the sheep.You don't ask a feminist author to investigate a case where men are the primary victims.Just like you don't ask vegetarians to help meat eaters who are drowning

It's simply common sense.

I got a radical theory of my own.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown is shielding the female Smiley Face Killers.

I don't know how this man put two and two together and discovered my connection to the murders. Did he find out I lived in Minneapolis where Chris Jenkins ended up in the Mississippi? Did he discover that I had driven Interstate 94 through Eau Claire, Chicago, and Pittsburgh, cities where other victims have been found, on the way to my other home in Washington DC? How did he know that when I was seventeen I admired Gloria Steinem and wore my hair like hers and bought her signature tinted eyeglasses? Who told him I am a vegetarian? This man is a really too smart and he has found me out.

Now that this man has broadcast the truth about me and the Smiley Face Killers on the Internet , I am going to need your help. The Pat Brown Defense Fund will be accepting your donations in the sums of $100, $500, $1000, and $10,000. Please be generous. Thanks.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Profiling Topic of the Day: Interview with a Cannibal

No, I haven't been away because I got eaten; well, at least not by a human. Work on the other hand has consumed a good portion of me! Finally, things are lightening up and you should see The Daily Profiler return to a daily rather than monthly feature!

I have been so busy I forgot to tell you all about the great book by Gunter Stampf which I edited. When I was asked to make the English version readable (the original is in German) I was rather leery about being involved with such a project. Most of you who have read The Daily Profiler for a while know that I am a rabid anti-gore person and I don't like true crime that is overly gruesome and gratuitous. I expected a book titled Interview with a Cannibal to be of that ilk. I ended up being pleasantly surprised. I liked the book a lot, a whole lot, because not only was it well-written but it actually supported my view that the excess of gore and violence on the Internet is an unhealthy trend.

The book covers the intersection of two disturbed human beings - the psychopathic cannibal Armin Meiwes and his willing (yes, willing) victim, the mentally ill Bernd Brandes - and cannibal websites on the Internet. Stampf meticulously (but in a good way) tells the story through interviews with the cannibal in his jail cell and through histories of the two men. Interview with a Cannibal is is a pleasure to read in spite of the disturbing material. I also added a profile of Armin Meiwes at the end of the book to assist readers in understanding the psychology of this extremely creepy man.
For a little more about the book, check out my interview with Laura James at CLEWS.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: People Are Getting Stupider and Stupider

I work in the news business and I think, in general, the news agencies try to bring the most important issues to the public. However, churning out news for our twenty-four hour-a-day news networks, daily newspapers, and the massive number of Internet results in lot of repetition, sensationalism, and less-than-worthy stories making it out there.

FirstCoastNews.Com just hit a new low today, totally embarrassing the news media with such tripe that they ought to be the laughing stock of the industry.

You know about the sad case of the little missing girl, Haleigh Cummings(pictured left) who has been missing for three weeks now. The news stories about this case are already a garish circus. Geraldo Rivera is doing his usual "irreverent" style of aggressive and tacky interviewing (though I did appreciate that he got Haleigh's father, Ronald Cummings, to look straight into the camera and lie like a dog that didn't EVER do drugs (meaning that the police must have falsely arrested him some ten times for cocaine, meth, marijuana, heroin, GHB, etc.

The girl's father, Ronald Cummings, spouts off obscenities and acts out in weird ways (check out that frightening tattoo he's got of Haleigh on his leg which looks more like the child bride of Chucky than the pretty little tyke). Add to this to a whole cast of squirrelly characters who should be on Jerry Springer - the girlfriend, Misty Croslin, who can't keep her story straight, Haleigh's mother's overly emotional fiance, and the creepy criminal cousin Missy claims is a pedophile. What should be serious news topic becomes a bad reality television show with daily outrageous episodes.

But, THIS, this "news" story just made me wonder if media outlets hire reporters and producers who just left their jobs at Petsmart the week before. This "news" story, which just appeared on FirstCoastNews.Com , required a reporter to actually drive out to this woman's house to get the "story, do the interview on camera and then get the piece approved by his boss for public viewing. Wait until I tell you the title of this "news" story! WOMEN DREAMS ABOUT HALEIGH CUMMINGS BEING IN MISSOURI.

Yes, Melanie (pictured at the top of the this post) with-no-last-name (hell, I wouldn't want them to put MY last name out there if I did an interview that made me look like I had an IQ of a Doritos chip) had a dream! That's right, folks, Melanie had a dream! Woo Hoo! Now, she doesn't even claim to be a psychic (which makes me mad as hell when media gives these frauds the time of day) or to regularly have dreams come true (like that stupid show on television). No, she simply had A dream! OMG! Breaking news! Melanie had a dream!

Well, Melanie apparently thought this dream was SO meaningful she had to go to the police with it. Even though the location at which she "saw" a dead Haleigh, a town called Addison, Missouri, doesn't even exist ...oh, wait, Melanie says she found a place in Missouri called Madison, and, in her very own words, that's close enough), she called the tip line and the television station with this earth-shattering information.

Okay, maybe this flaky goofball (I can say this without getting sued; watch the video - truth is on my side) really believes her dream will help the family or, perhaps, she is seeking her fifteen seconds of fame (and she got painfully way more than that with this interview). I don't have too much of a problem with Melanie. The world is full of fame seekers, nutcases, and weirdos and the media will be sought out by droves of them. But, and this is what has me irked, the media is supposed to be a professional entity that can tell a news story from a pile of steaming shit (this story) or an an expert in profiling or homicide investigation (someone like me) from a publicity seeking felonious moron (like bounty hunter Leonard Padilla). Yet, Padilla is brought onto Nancy Grace daily, not as part of the news story, but as a consultant, a correspondent, a professional with specialized knowledge which this buffoon clearly has exhibits he is lacking, and now, FirstCoastNews spends its time interviewing a stupid woman who had a stupid dream. WTF?

Hey, I have some "news for FirstCoast. Everyone has dreams and lots of people in Florida have had dreams about Haleigh. Is this really something to report? Do you honestly think anyone in the United States cares that some fat woman from a trailer park (okay, maybe she lives in a regular house) had a dream? Did the production team (which must have had the combined IQ of an entire bag of Doritos chips) actually discuss this "lead" and say, "Gosh, we have to get this incredible story?"

Just when you think the world can't get any stupider....

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Friday, March 6, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Do You Take This Murdering Felon ...? be your lawfully wedded husband?

I just heard the breaking news about the man who is on the run in Ohio after gunning down his wife (whom he married on Monday...guess THAT honeymoon is already over), her sisters, and four little children and the words, "Oh, for God's sake..." escaped my lips. I then plugged in "Davon Crawford" (the scumbag) and "felon" into Google and, whaddya know, I came up with a hit.

33-year-old Crawford has a major record (and not with a recording company). He was convicted of manslaughter in 1995 and felony assault (for shooting at a child) in 2002. He got out in 2007 and was doing drugs again. So Rose Stevens, the dead wife of Crawford, thinks this will be a great man to have in her kids' lives.

Oh, and enough about this being a "domestic dispute." Arguments between husbands and wives happen all the time. A "domestic dispute" somehow puts the blame on the dead mate for pissing them off. I don't care how bad the argument is, killing everyone in the house is not part of having a disagreement; it is mass murder committed by a psychopath. Anyway, Crawford's own son said his father got nailed for parole violation over drug possession and didn't want to go to jail. Domestic dispute, my ass.

Having said that, I basically feel sorry for those kids (hers and her sister's). There is no excuse to marry a criminal creep like this when you are supposed to be providing a safe home for your children. No excuse. None.

Oh, and here is another idiot: Kathryn Wiley-Motes. She married Richard Wiley who had gunned down his first wife nine years earlier (I guess she believed he had a good reason). Now she and her seventeen-year-old son are dead as well. Thanks, Mom!

Look, I have no objection if you want to have hot sex with a criminal, want to "help" him, or want to have someone to keep you company even if he is a lowlife scumbag. You have the right to do that and, if you are willing to risk your life to have a man in it, be my guest. But you have no right to gamble your children's lives for your own personal needs.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Monday, February 23, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Give Your Son an Equalizer for Christmas!

It's happened again.

Another kid has offed one of the adults in his house with a gun one of the adults gave him. Can you say WTF were you thinking, Dad? Yes, eleven-year-old Jordan Brown used his Christmas present, a special made-for-children (can I say WTF again?) to murder his new step-mom (well, girlfriend of his Daddy who was eight months pregnant while she was asleep in bed. Not much has been released about this child's psychological history but I can make sound reasonable guesses what this irresponsible father did.

1) You had a kid with a woman who didn't take to the mothering role very well, so you ended up raising him by himself (unless you are widowed and then I will give you a break). One has to wonder where the mother of the boy is since the father has custody.

2) Your son is used to having you to himself and suddenly you add a women and two little sisters. Did you spend a couple of years getting to know the woman and seeing if your son was emotionally able to deal with his instant new family (and competition for attention)?

3) Now, you added a new baby to the mix, a little brother, with this woman you haven't yet married.

4) You move all of them into your house.

5) You pay no mind to the fact that your son has a serious personality disorder.

AND THEN! You taught the kid to kill animals, gave him a shotgun of his very own, and left the shotgun unlocked so that he could pay you back for all your stupid choices. Brilliant!

Now, before I get a dozen emails saying I am cold-hearted and the father is already suffering enough, stop and think. A young woman has just lost her life, a baby has been killed before he even got to breathe, two little girls are now motherless, and a family has will never recover from their losses.

There is no excuse for giving your child a gun to play with. There is no excuse for giving an obviously disturbed child a gun to keep in his room. There is no excuse for your irresponsibility. None. The father should be going to jail with his son for aiding and abetting a homicide.

I don't have a problem with keeping weapons in the home for protection and for hunting (although I hate hunting). I believe this is a citizen's right. But, for God's sake, if you demand the right, you have to accept the responsibility. It is time to hold gun owners responsible for what happens with their weapons. If your gun is locked up, someone breaks in and steals it and this is reported immediately to the police, the gun at that point is not your responsibility. But, if you don't lock the weapon up, any crime it is involved in should be considered a crime you committed; your weapon, your responsibility, your crime.

Is this concept so hard to understand? Why is it I have never seen any move in our country to charge adults for giving guns to children to kill with? I have been harping on this for years and it seems the idea is repugnant to most people, even the prosecutors. I don't understand why we can't say enough is enough.

Guns don't kill people. Adults who give children guns kill people.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Friday, January 2, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Flying while Muslim

Nine Muslims got tossed off a plane for making what they claim were innocuous comments about plane safety. Already people are writing on blogs claiming this is racial profiling and that Muslims are suffering the same pain African-Americans have experienced in "Driving while black". In order to assess the level of unfairness being leveled at a particular group of people for no reason other than that they are members of a particular race, religion, or subculture, we need to first define racial profiling.

To be called racial profiling, one must essentially view race as the only profiling issue and the issue of race must be entirely arbitrary to the situation. For example, suppose a bomb blows up at a shopping center in Prince George's County, Maryland. One third of the shoppers are Black, one third are White, and one third are Hispanic. Now, if police review the security tapes and send investigators out to interview only the black shoppers, then we have an issue of racial profiling.

Now, let's go to another mall. This mall is celebrating Black History Day and the location in which it sits is in a predominately black area of town. That day, a bomb goes off in the mall. Security tapes show the mall has entirely black shoppers except for this one squirrelly white guy sneaking around a corner with a shaved head and tattoos down both arms. Now, if you were a police detective, who would you be looking at as the possible bomber? Now you can be as politically correct as you want, but practicality says, check out that white dude. It is not just that he is white that one pays extra attention to him. The police would be unlikely to blink if that one white person were a blonde woman in high heels holding the hand of a mixed race child or a white man with his arm around his black girlfriend. But, a guy in an all-black mall on Black History Day who looks like a white supremacist AND a bomb goes off, makes it impossible not to focus on him as a top suspect. Likewise, if there is only one black guy seen at a KKK rally when a bomb goes off, it would be hard not to check him out.

"Driving while black" often is an excuse for folks acting squirrelly WHILE driving and being black rather than JUST driving and being black. Police must profile in the course of their work; they must make split decisions on who to pull over and check out. They work off a profile of what they experience in their work. Believe me, having done ride alongs with my cop daughter, it isn't just blacks that get profiled. Check out that white guy lurking behind that business in a black area of town. He was not ignored by police; they thought, "What's he up to?" and they checked him out. Sure enough, he was trying to burglarize a black man's business. But, they profiled him not only because he was white in a black area, but because he was lurking in an odd way, and because he was somewhat unkempt in the manner of a drug user looking for some way to support his habit. If you are black. dress like a thug, and jump into a vehicle that matches the style drug users like and you look like a drug dealer AND you act in some squirrelly fashion, you might get pulled over (often after the cop runs your plate and finds out something is suspicious about it).

So, now to flying while Muslim. This group looked VERY Muslim with the men with the long beards and the women with their heads covered. They were in a location where they will stand out to those around them (like the white guy at the black mall or behind the black business). Their behavior was possibly squirrelly. Now I know these Muslim passengers claim they said nothing concerning, just something about the safest place to sit on a plane and something about the engine jets right outside the window. All of this might have just been normal chit-chat. However, we have not yet heard the other side of the story, what the a passenger or two overheard; perhaps what was said was a little more scary that what is claimed.

Regardless, everyone knows clearly by now that one doesn't shout fire in a theatre or anything close to it. A white boy who loves rap and hangs with all blacks may be able to say Nigga when with his friends but he best not say that while he is alone in a black club without them. Even as a white middle-aged female I know enough not to lunge for something under my seat while a police officer is standing outside my vehicle waiting for me to produce my license. I also know that when I travel in predominantly Muslim areas like Kashmir and Egypt that covering my arms and head is both wise and respectful. It makes those around me comfortable (even if I disagree with the philosophy behind it). The United States is a country that is not terribly in sync with Islamic views, especially of women, and certain Muslim attire makes many feel extremely wary.

These were intelligent Muslims. The spokesman for the group is a doctor and his brother is a lawyer. He knows darn well that it is simply not wise to make comments that can be misconstrued as threatening on a plane when dressed in the manner of a particular group of people who have members who like to crash planes and participate in suicide missions.

Yes, this may have been a perfectly nice group of people who made a silly comment. Well, you pay for making silly comments if you know that those silly comments shouldn't be made at that location. You learned a lesson of what not to do in that public venue. Sorry. Your bad.

If it turns out they made no suspicious comments at all, then the onus of what happened falls on the other passengers, but let's see what their side of the story is before we accuse them of being racists as opposed to concerned citizens worried about the safety of themselves and others on the plane. I look forward to more clarity before judging one group or the other.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Yes, Ms. Halazon, Blanning IS a Bad Person

Happy New Years to you all-- all you good people out there. No, Ms. Halazon, that doesn't include that creep you call "a good person," who just planted four bombs in Aspen, hoped to get a high body count, and then offed himself. "Good" is not a term you apply to James Blanning, a psychopath felon with a criminal record of racketeering, organized, crime, and fraud who just tried to blow up his home town on New Year's Eve.

I didn't plan to start the year off surly, but now I feel I have to make a point. Bad people do bad things. Accept this. Please. I think being kind is a lovely sentiment but save it for the struggling souls who are not amusing themselves by abusing and attacking society. Express your sympathies for the victims of crime and not the perpetrators. Grow some moral outrage and "Stick with a victim" instead of "Hugging a thug." They don't deserve kindness; victims do.

This year make a resolution to stand on the side of good, not evil.

Happy New Years!

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown