Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Decade of Deception: The Tenth Anniversary of the Madeleine McCann Case

Ten years of lies.

Lies of the parents.
Lies of their friends.
Lies of the politicians.
Lies of the police.
Lies of the media.

Behind the lies are the agendas.
Recognize those and you will find the truth.

How do you recognize agendas?

Ignore words and pay attention to behavior.

The behavior of the parents always showed they cared more for their own welfare than Madeleine's.
The behavior of their friends always showed that they cared more for distancing themselves from the case rather than involving themselves in it.
The behavior of the politicians always showed they were more interested in protecting their country more than providing assistance and cooperation.
The behavior of the police always showed they were more interested in serving the people in power rather than the ideals of justice and public safety.
The behavior of the media always showed they were more interested in ratings and earnings rather than presenting the facts and illuminating the truth.

Actions speaks louder than words but many ignore what they see - covering their eyes because to see would require them to confront the truth which would lead to a loss of faith in the things we wish to believe.

But you SHOULD lose faith. It is only by losing faith that we as a society can start to make change. We can't fix the Madeleine McCann case - it is never going to see the inside of a court of law (and the actions of the PJ and Portugal also prove this; they have done nothing of worth in this case since 2007; since then they have allowed a foreign power to run the show and make a mockery of their investigation) - but the Madeleine McCann case should be a wake-up call that we need to work to change.

We need fix what is wrong with how cases are handled by law enforcement and how we fund them.
We need to get vote better people into office and hold them accountable.
We need to strike back against false news and misrepresentation of the facts in the media.

This is what the tenth annivesary of the Madeleine McCann case is all about. Maddie has been dead for a decade, but we are not.

Will we allow the deception to continue for another decade?

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
May 3, 2017


Anonymous said...

Oh Pat,i hope you are wrong in that Portugal wont arrest them,although I knew that SY was a farce,but how in gods name are SY away with this?
corrupt police,oh yes

Pat Brown said...

Anon 12:06 It is called the writing on the wall. I saw that writing with Scotland Yard's entrance in 2011 and said it was over then, that both Scotland Yard and Portugal were never going to investigate the McCanns. Stop believing in fairy tales. Facts are facts; Portugal has not done anything about the McCanns since 2007. Put your efforts into something that we can do something about. I am not saying we cannot discuss this case and push for more accountability, but the legal case is dead in the water and was sunk six years ago.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like you were right all along Pat.
We have now heard it from the horse's mouth ( assistant commissioner Mark Rowley ) that the Met feel there is absolutely no reason to even "question" the last people to see the missing child alive.
We are also about to see ( on Panorama tonight ) one of the 'main suspects' in the case ... a terrified and confused simple-minded local, who, it appears, the Met believed might be the master-mind who evaded capture for 10 years despite the best efforts of two national police forces, interpol, and a raft of private detectives.
When they can do this, without shame or even a squirm of embarrassment, then it is, indeed, over

Pat Brown said...

Anon 1:45

It was over in 2007 when the PJ shelved the case due to political pressure. I have never been out here to get justice for Madeleine because I knew that train had already left the station: I have been here to point out the truth. Sadly, if people don't start seeing the truth early on and accept the truth even if it isn't very palatable, change will never happen.

Montego said...

Did you know that UK BBC1 television tonight transmitted a 1 hour Panorama programme "updating" the viewers about the Madeleine McCann investigation. The programme's conclusion was the Portuguese police stick with their original belief that the child died on the apartment and the parents were suspect. The British police disagree and continue to follow the path of abduction. A few days ago it was announced that as part of the 10 year celebrations a further tranche of funding of £80,000 has been made by the head of the Met, Cressida Dick, from the outstanding closed 'cold case' historic unsolved crimes funding. These cases are normally both closed investigations(which the McCann's presumably isn't) and usually 20/30 years or even more in the past.

Pat Brown said...

Yes, Montego, I used a VPN to watch this disgusting propaganda piece. It is a clever proo-McCann documentary to end all the recent talk by presenting the bad Portuguese police and their ridiculous theory, tear it down and dismiss it with lies, then bring on the good-hearted Scotland Yard to search for an abductor - clearly the only reasonable theory - and then have the new PJ back up the Scotland Yard theory. When the viewer finishes watching the documentary, no matter what facts he hears that support the McCanns' involvement, it won't matter because he as already learned that those facts were incorrect and have been proven wrong. The viewer knows BOTH present police forces view the McCanns as innocent and anyone who says differently is deranged (as was shown of Amaral in the film). The documentary ends with a woman representing British law enforcement expressing that for all the efforts put out and the desire to find Maddie, "Enough is enough." And so the case will be closed down soon with the entire ten year debacle of lies and deception wrapped up in pretty pink paper and a bow.

Anonymous said...

HI PAT, the pj were not inhumane towards kate and gerry at all, if gerry was exspecting the police to suspect them at some point? Kate used her right to silence, which is perculiar if the police carnt eliminate what happend in the events prior to the child being missing? All kate had to say shes probaly wonderd off? Because there is no way kate could of known the child was possibly drugged, in such a answer, and gerry wouldnt of referd to anything being a disaster, if he knew nothing, about the child being drugged or harmed? Those contradictions, puzzled the police, and graham mckenzie? Kate had no evidence of a abduction prior to janes story? This puzzled amaral to think what he did, and not out of malice as the mccanns want people to beleive? So its reasonable to detect deception, that dosent add up? There is no evidence to suggest the mccanns were being framed, if they agree its normal to suspect them? Thats not inhumane in a missing child case, in trying to eliminate them from being suspect?

Anonymous said...

HI PAT, the other problem with the changed story about unlocked doors, this suggests the child could of been dead, at a time they were left unlocked, to look for her parents? In the accident suggested by amaral, because doors are only locked if a child has behavior problems sleeping, and are not drugged to be left at risk of wondering off. This explains the lie about a jemmied shutter, and kates lack of thought about what the smiths saw in that time line, but made a fatal error, of trying to create a stranger that was already hiding in the apartment, via unlocked doors? And one can see why kate set out her aim to destroye amaral over plausible theory, about contradictions?

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat, Just want to say: Thank You. And to say that your Website is a beacon of light in this tragic case. Keep up the good work,
Your readers' brilliant comments are absolutely the best evidence of the massive cover-up that's being thrust upon people worldwide looking for the truth.
As Lincoln said: "You can't fool all of the people all of the time".

Anonymous said...

HI PAT, I seem to recall the private detective being threatend by the mccanns, over information that wasnt fully shared with the police? This was before scotland yard became involved, and did that information mislead the case, because the same happend with e fits? Something very wrong about the company gerry and kate set up, befor being made suspects, and why that fund has been abused to manipulate evidence, and used as a defence to smear investigations? This abuse of power has never been seen before in any abduction theory, that has never given the police anything concrete, since the people they hired are criminals and not fit for purpose? So one asks kate why did they hamper the case like they did? Isnt it a total lie then the people they hire were ever independent over any evidence they were paid to follow by the mccanns not the police. And wasnt it irresponsible this bs fell into the press paid by the mccanns? One thing about evidence, it dosent discriminate where it points?

Anonymous said...

Pat, exactly my thoughts about the so-called "documentary" on the BBC the other night.I had to restrain myself from putting a foot through my television. Did you notice the shutter was already slightly open when it was demonstrated it could be opened from the outside? That for me was the deceit of all the deceits in the programme.Followed closely by the representation of the McCanns leaving Portugal two days after they were made arguidos. Not mentioning that the Portuguese Government acquiesced to a British Government request to allow them to leave. This for me was the defining moment in this sickening cover-up. The moment the investigation was well and truly sabotaged.Why the hell have the Portuguese authorities allowed themselves and their country to be humiliated like this for the last ten years? As you infer it will all be wrapped up in a pretty bow - probably in September.

Anonymous said...

HI PAT, I think it is flaky, there isnt a credible independent witness to the mccanns story about abduction that isnt a freind, that thinks independently? And honestly its never been strong enough, to be upheld as fact either, and people are not nutters or deranged, to look at why either? Since gerry stated it carnt be proved either way, means his own theory is also fiction? So we can establish he carnt prove he is innocent by that statement either, meaning it is not liable to question this, if he has no proof to back up a liable comment either way, otherwise hes the liar and nutter? Because the police cannot clear them of involvement? Shutting down other theories, is not evidence of being innocent? It simply questions why the mccanns distant themselves over their daughter like they do? Its not about things that favor them, its getting to the truth, and weeding out the bs from the facts, and making sure this isnt pinned on a innocent target they have no forensic proof in targgetting?

Anonymous said...

Anyone had a look through the 'disappearance of Madeleine McCann ' page in Wikipedia?

I was shocked by its bias. Another source of info controlled by the McCann camp I suspect. I was interested in the claim that Amaral was Arguido in the Cipriano case. Officers had apparently assaulted the mother and Amaral had 'covered' fir them. The officers were later acquitted but 'Amaral was convicted of perjury in May 2009 and received an 18-month suspended sentence.' Is this correct? I am having difficulty verifying this info. It all seems a little bit useful too in terms of what he stands for.