Wednesday, May 3, 2017

FOX News Joins the Lying Media Brigade on the McCann Case

Yesterday, I received a phone call from a FOX NEWS journalist, Christina Corbin, who know absolutely nothing about the McCann case. After I discussed the main issues with her, she thanked me and asked me to send her a succinct statement that they could use in their article.

I thought they would follow through with facts because just a month ago they allowed me to speak out. 

"Madeleine McCann was Never Abducted, Expert Following the Case Says."

This is what I sent her:

As a profiler, the most important investigative technique is to focus on the actual evidence and not create theories that have no origination in the facts. Scotland Yard has spent six years carrying out a remit that required them to view this case as a stranger abduction which clearly has tied their hands and forced them to ignore any evidence that supports Kate and Gerry McCann as having any involvement in the disappearance of their daughter. Rather than explore the findings of the blood and cadaver dogs who hit on the McCanns' vacation apartment and car, rather than examining the conflicting and changing statements of the McCanns and their friends, rather than questioning why the McCanns showed little interest in the sighting of the Smith family who saw a man carrying off a small blond girl toward the beach on the evening of Madeleine going missing...they are pursuing wild theories of child sex trafficking gangs, burglaries gone wrong, and, now on the 10th anniversary, a woman in the area wearing a purple coat. While none of the evidence at this point proves the McCanns' guilt in the disappearance of their daughter, the evidence does prove that they should be the top suspects and, if they are not, the Scotland Yard investigation is a sham.

Apparently, that didn't appeal to the editors of this FOX article and the journalist who called me. They went searching for another profiler who would give them what they wanted; they found retired FBI profiler, Mary Ann O'Toole who clearly had little familiarity with the facts of the case. This is what she said:

To Mary Ellen O'Toole, a former FBI agent, the case is "solvable" a decade later. 
O'Toole, who is not involved in the investigation, said authorities must carry out two actions: re-examine old forensic evidence using new technology and re-interview key invidivuals at the resort on the night Madeleine disappeared.
"I would have a group of forensic scientists look at the evidence to see if we could re-evalute it using current technology," said O'Toole, who is currently the director of forensic sciences at George Mason University.
O'Toole said she would also re-interview all who were questioned at the resort, as well as interview individuals who might have been overlooked at the time.
"I would want to be looking at everyone: employees of the resort, delivery people, guests, customers, vendors there providing music and other services," O'Toole told Fox News.
"It’s often not the straggly-haired, off-putting individual, but someone who looks regular, quite normal," she said. "You would not rule out anybody."
The passage of time, O'Toole said, can sometimes be key in cracking open an unsolved missing persons case.
"Ten years can do a lot to people and they may now feel they can come forward with information they weren’t comfortable coming forward with at the time," she said.
O'Toole noted that stranger abductions are rare, but cited such cases in the U.S. -- including those in which the kidnap victims were later found alive -- like Elizabeth Smart, who was 14 when she was abducted from the bedroom of her parents Salt Lake City, Utah, home in 2002 and found alive nine months later.
"We’ve certainly seen cases here in the United States where children have been taken and returned, so we know there’s a possibility," she said. "That is one of the possible outcomes and we can hope for that."
Another theory that police say has not been ruled out is a "burglary gone wrong," but O'Toole and others say -- though not impossible -- it's highly unlikely.
"It’s much more likely that Madeleine was the target," said O'Toole. "People don’t morph from a jewel thief into a child abductor."
"If a stranger went into that room, that is really high-risk behavior for an offender," she said.
Unless Ms. O'Toole comes forward and states that she was misreprented by FOX News than I guess she joins the many who don't bother with the facts.

Thanks, Christina Corbin, for allowing the public to learn, once again, that fake news is what the media is promoting these days and it is time they demand that they turn off worthless media outlets (which might be most of them) and tell them that they are not media outlets they trust. If the media cannot do true research and spend time working on factual news articles, they should close their doors and stop peddling this crap.  If you have no understanding of a complicated case, you should not be reporting on it without diligent investigative effort and your bosses should not be telling you to just come up with anything within a few hours if they have any desire to be considered a reputable news source. And they should not telling you to follow some agenda rather than the truth.

As I have been trying to tell people for a long time, the news media is now about ratings and money and doesn't even attempt to provide facts to the citizens of their country. 

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
May 3, 2017

A Decade of Deception: The Tenth Anniversary of the Madeleine McCann Case

Ten years of lies.

Lies of the parents.
Lies of their friends.
Lies of the politicians.
Lies of the police.
Lies of the media.

Behind the lies are the agendas.
Recognize those and you will find the truth.

How do you recognize agendas?

Ignore words and pay attention to behavior.

The behavior of the parents always showed they cared more for their own welfare than Madeleine's.
The behavior of their friends always showed that they cared more for distancing themselves from the case rather than involving themselves in it.
The behavior of the politicians always showed they were more interested in protecting their country more than providing assistance and cooperation.
The behavior of the police always showed they were more interested in serving the people in power rather than the ideals of justice and public safety.
The behavior of the media always showed they were more interested in ratings and earnings rather than presenting the facts and illuminating the truth.

Actions speaks louder than words but many ignore what they see - covering their eyes because to see would require them to confront the truth which would lead to a loss of faith in the things we wish to believe.

But you SHOULD lose faith. It is only by losing faith that we as a society can start to make change. We can't fix the Madeleine McCann case - it is never going to see the inside of a court of law (and the actions of the PJ and Portugal also prove this; they have done nothing of worth in this case since 2007; since then they have allowed a foreign power to run the show and make a mockery of their investigation) - but the Madeleine McCann case should be a wake-up call that we need to work to change.

We need fix what is wrong with how cases are handled by law enforcement and how we fund them.
We need to get vote better people into office and hold them accountable.
We need to strike back against false news and misrepresentation of the facts in the media.

This is what the tenth annivesary of the Madeleine McCann case is all about. Maddie has been dead for a decade, but we are not.

Will we allow the deception to continue for another decade?

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
May 3, 2017