Thursday, December 18, 2008

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: The Mysterious Meter Reader and Caylee Anthony

I have to say this odd bit of breaking news on the Caylee Anthony case is rather bizarre! Apparently the man who found the likely remains of the little girl called the tip line three times back in August to report a suspicious bag on the side of the road near that location.

Now speculation is flying! Did the police screw up when the meter reader first reported what he thought was possibly evidence linked to the Caylee Anthony case and did not follow up properly? Or is it too bizarre that back in August the man claims to have seen a gray bag that concerned him, never actually checked it out, and when the police did finally do a more thorough check of the area found nothing? Then this same man "rediscovered" the bag months later? Did the man help Casey dispose of the body? Or could he be the one to have done Caylee in?

Well, first let us take a deep breath. We do not really know exactly what the meter reader said when he called in August and why the police didn't locate the bag. Supposed he was involved with Casey, helped her dump the body and then felt guilty about it. So he calls the police to find the body but moves it before they arrive? Not likely.

So, Scenario Two. He killed Caylee and felt guilty about it, called the police, got scared, then moved the body, and felt guilty again and called the police again. Again, not very likely.

Scenario Three. The meter reader saw a strange bag, got creeped out and called the police. Officer doesn't bother to check it out or cruises by and misses the bag. However, one of the Anthony's sees the police car and moves the body into the woods. The area floods, body goes under water, but when it recedes, that curious meter reader goes back and this time finds the remains. Maybe but not likely.

Scenario Four. Meter Reader sees a bag on the side of the road and jumps to the conclusion it could be Caylee. Calls police a few times to get them to really check it out. By the time they do, the bag has been picked up and moved as all it contained was trash. Months later, when the water recedes i the area, curious meter reader, one of those obsessed with searching everywhere for Caylee, finds another bag with Caylee in it. He lucks out. Possible? Yes.

But we need to get a lot more information before we label the man of being a killer, an accessory after the fact, or a hero. Poor guy might just have been trying to be a good citizen and now he is being looked at mighty suspiciously. I will look forward to finding out more about the situation and seeing how this story ends up. It is an interesting one.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Profiling Topic of the Day: Duct Tape Damning Evidence for Casey Anthony?

Sometimes you just have to wonder whether in one hundred years, people will look back and think that we have one ignorant court system in 2009. Today there is possible "damning evidence" in the missing Caylee Anthony case. A small skeleton was found near the Anthony house and there was duct taped supposedly associated with finding of the remains.

But, say the attorneys, this doesn't mean that Casey Anthony, that poor excuse of a mother that Caylee got sicced with in the fickle finger of birth parent fate dice roll, still won't have a defense. It is pointed out there still may still not be enough evidence to prove Casey killed her daughter. It may not be clear if it was homicide or an accident. Even if it is proven Casey was involved in the death of her daughter, the defense may be able to "prove" that Casey was not in her right mind when she did it.

Is this another OJ Simpson case in the making? Another dog-and-pony show that will end up with a not-guilty verdict? Will our idiotic crap shoot of a jury system fail again to provide justice to the victims of murder and put a killer back on the streets? Will some well-meaning, but untrained jury going to be suckered by yet another bunch of lying, justice obstructing, snake oil salesmen attorneys? Why is it if we are seeking justice in our court system do we allow attorneys to "defend" their clients by lying for them and about them?

Why is it that a woman who "loses her child" for a month, parties hardy without a concern about that innocent little girl, lies about leaving Caylee with a babysitter, and abandons the family car with a corpse-like smell in the trunk given the luxury of an entire overpaid staff of lawyers to bail her out of her crimes?

Why is it that when this women commits obstruction of justice over and over, she is still handled with kid gloves and not charged with those crimes as well?

Why when all Casey's actions add up to homicide can't we just put this evil woman away with a short, sweet, and logical professional jury system that knows what they are doing?

I am disgusted when I see how much money goes to garbage like this, how much money is wasted on a simple case, how much money and time is spent on what should be an open-and-shut case. There are hundreds of open cases, missing and murdered children and adults who deserve their share of the attention and funding.

Our criminal justice system is corrupt and worthless and it is about time we admit it is nothing but a moneymaking scheme for attorneys and court experts.

I say make everything above board, require video cameras during all discussions between attorneys and their "innocent" clients, and send defense lawyers to jail for obstructing justice if they gain information from their client that proves them guilty. Let them defend innocent people and miscarriages of justice, not violent criminals they know are guilty.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Monday, December 8, 2008

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: The REAL Reason the Obama Birth Certificate Issue Won't Go Away

Hundreds of articles and blogs are missing the point, perhaps purposely. The reason so many people are questioning Obama's birth issue is not only because they don't want him to be President of the United States (they don't) and it isn't only because they are searching desperately for some legal mechanism to kick him out of the office (they are), but because they actually may have caught him in a technicality which could prevent him from being President and they may have caught him lying about it.

The biggest problem lies in Barack Obama's history. He has a rather concerning way of rewriting history for expediency. History is always the most important indicator of likely future behavior especially when one is has decades of ingrained methodologies. One of Obama's patterns is to do whatever it takes to move up, regardless of whether those choices are exactly moral or ethical. This was well exemplified with his association with Reverend Wright, Rezko, and Ayers. Obama found them useful and moved up in the political world with their assistance and, then, when those associations became a threat to his future, he essentially denied they existed or that they existed to the extent anyone claimed. He speaks so well, one tends to believe him even in the face of contradictory information.

So, now, let me offer the scenario that I do not think is born solely of conspiracy theory.

Barack Obama achieves the quite unbelievable! He actually is chosen to run for President of the United States on the Democratic ticket. Although I am sure he always wanted this, he may have had moments of realization that the odds were not in his favor. Even if he weren't dealing with being biracial, only a very few people ever have the opportunity to run for the top job in the country.

So, here is Barack, suddenly achieving his dream! Wonderful! Incredible! And, then it occurs to him. OMG! I am technically not qualified to be President! Just a stupid technicality created by my impulsive and somewhat careless mother. She shouldn't have traveled to Kenya so late in her pregnancy and ended up delivering there. Yes, she did return within a week and was smart enough to register me as a home birth in Hawaii so I could get my birth certificate and be an American. After all, how fair is it to deny me citizenship because my mother went on vacation? So, I do have a Hawaiian birth certificate and if no one decides to run down exactly where I was born and who saw me being born, I am fine. Hopefully, too many years have passed and most of the witnesses are dead. Perhaps, if anyone does question my birth location, they will still not actually be able to prove that I wasn't born in Hawaii. To be on the safe side, however, no sense in having the home birth registration issue come out and open up that can of worms.

I know about the home birth registration issue. My son, David, was born in my home and I just filled out the paperwork later. I didn't even need a witness as it was filed as an "unattended home birth". Essentially I could have had that baby anywhere and claimed he was born in Maryland.

Of course, it is possible that Ann Dunham, Barack's mother, did indeed have a home birth. If so, why not say so? Well, here is where some people who don't always tell the truth or who tend to obfuscate the truth run into problems. IF they perceive that the truth might cause difficulties, they decide not to be quite forthright about the issue, hoping in doing so, the issue will never rear its annoying head. But, in doing so, sometimes they make matters worse. If, however, one is always a truth-teller, then there is no option and the chips just fall where they must fall. Whether one hides the truth or tells the truth, one may suffer unwanted consequences.

Is Barack Obama a naturally born American citizen? I have no idea. At this point, there is not any legitimate evidence to disprove his right to be President of this country. However, the fact he has not shown his original birth certificate is a problem because the questions lingers as to why he had not done so. Some will say it wouldn't matter if there was a video of Obama being born in a Hawaiian hospital with a bunch of big local docs around him (and by "local" I mean true Hawaiian as in really big guys in dull Aloha shirts (as opposed to those flashy exports); the conspiracy folks would say it was digitally faked.

I beg to differ. While I believe one shouldn't have to respond to every naysayer, hater, and conspiracy theorist on the planet, if one particular issue is causing a massive problem and can be easily rebuked, for goodness sake, release the simple document that would end the criticism (or at least actually prove it for all those who are not nutty). If Obama could release the present copy of the birth certificate, why not just go all the way and release a copy of the original. Yes, someone could say that was forged, but Obama would have risen to the highest level of transparency possibly and that would be that.

But, he didn't do this and the question lingers, why not? I had the same issue with Palin and the "Whose the Mommy?" issue. Why not just toss up a copy of the birth certificate and a picture of Sarah and the baby in the hospital bed on the Internet and have done with it? Instead, all we got was a doctor (who was in Palin's employ for years) giving us a vague statement and we are supposed to believe her. Sorry, but this only leads to more curiosity. I know this and anyone who is in the public eye knows this. If there is a simple way to stop a rumor, do it, as it is not worth the battle to be all high and mighty and refuse to set things straight.

When one conducts a police investigation, the approach is no different. When a person-of-interest gives conflicting statements, or he seems to be unwilling to give up information or evidence, then red flags go up for the investigator. Many times the person being looked at will get upset that the police don't believe him and keep hounding him in spite of the fact he is the one that caused the police to be suspicious in the first place. The McCanns leave their tiny children unattended in a hotel room and then wonder why the police don't trust their parenting. Cindy Anthony, mother of suspected child killer, Casey Anthony, whines that the police are hounding her even though she has been less than truthful, destroyed evidence, and mislead the investigators.

Likewise with Obama. In his editing of history, his claims he was unaware of Reverend Wright's belief system for twenty years, that he hardly knew Ayers, and Resko, well....his ability to change his story on a dime, makes some citizens question his veracity.

The birth certificate will indeed not go away, but, I for one, would like to see the original. If it turns out it says "Home Birth" than we either have a President Elect who was not born in the country or a man who was embarrassed to admit his mum was a bohemian and birthed her baby, like an African woman in the bush, without medical attendants at her home in Hawaii. If it were the first issue, then Obama would have lied to become President in violation of the Constitution. If it were the second issue, then Obama would have lied in order to not have questions about whether his mother really did have a home birth in Hawaii or just claimed she did.

If the birth certificate says "Home Birth", Obama has put himself in a bit of a bind and maybe that is why he doesn't want the American public to see it.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown