Thursday, December 11, 2008

Profiling Topic of the Day: Duct Tape Damning Evidence for Casey Anthony?

Sometimes you just have to wonder whether in one hundred years, people will look back and think that we have one ignorant court system in 2009. Today there is possible "damning evidence" in the missing Caylee Anthony case. A small skeleton was found near the Anthony house and there was duct taped supposedly associated with finding of the remains.

But, say the attorneys, this doesn't mean that Casey Anthony, that poor excuse of a mother that Caylee got sicced with in the fickle finger of birth parent fate dice roll, still won't have a defense. It is pointed out there still may still not be enough evidence to prove Casey killed her daughter. It may not be clear if it was homicide or an accident. Even if it is proven Casey was involved in the death of her daughter, the defense may be able to "prove" that Casey was not in her right mind when she did it.

Is this another OJ Simpson case in the making? Another dog-and-pony show that will end up with a not-guilty verdict? Will our idiotic crap shoot of a jury system fail again to provide justice to the victims of murder and put a killer back on the streets? Will some well-meaning, but untrained jury going to be suckered by yet another bunch of lying, justice obstructing, snake oil salesmen attorneys? Why is it if we are seeking justice in our court system do we allow attorneys to "defend" their clients by lying for them and about them?

Why is it that a woman who "loses her child" for a month, parties hardy without a concern about that innocent little girl, lies about leaving Caylee with a babysitter, and abandons the family car with a corpse-like smell in the trunk given the luxury of an entire overpaid staff of lawyers to bail her out of her crimes?

Why is it that when this women commits obstruction of justice over and over, she is still handled with kid gloves and not charged with those crimes as well?

Why when all Casey's actions add up to homicide can't we just put this evil woman away with a short, sweet, and logical professional jury system that knows what they are doing?

I am disgusted when I see how much money goes to garbage like this, how much money is wasted on a simple case, how much money and time is spent on what should be an open-and-shut case. There are hundreds of open cases, missing and murdered children and adults who deserve their share of the attention and funding.

Our criminal justice system is corrupt and worthless and it is about time we admit it is nothing but a moneymaking scheme for attorneys and court experts.

I say make everything above board, require video cameras during all discussions between attorneys and their "innocent" clients, and send defense lawyers to jail for obstructing justice if they gain information from their client that proves them guilty. Let them defend innocent people and miscarriages of justice, not violent criminals they know are guilty.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


Anonymous said...

I "totally" agree Pat. This is a simple case and should be tried as such. Casey's not smart enough to concoct anything, except perhaps ether, and was dumb enough to search out how to make it on her own computer. Her lies, thefts, and lifestyle make this an open & shut case, end of story. I am sick of the waste of money this country is spending on this little mommy dearest.

FRG said...

Mrs. Brown,

I always read your blog, love it!

I have a question for you as a criminal profiler, when people say "a liar doesn't make a murderer", what's your take, what are the statistics? Here is a good example that KC's defense will be on "48 Hours Mystery" this Saturday and this is just one of the sneak peeks, well an article on this:

Casey Anthony: WKMG says it has exclusive on evidence 
posted by halboedeker on April, 14 2011 12:45 PM


Kenney Baden turns to the issue of Anthony saying that a nanny had kidnapped the toddler. “She lied. Sure. I think everyone knows that that was a lie,” Kenney Baden tells correspondent Troy Roberts in footage that WKMG aired. “Her actions have been her own worst enemy.”


She had more to say. In a transcript released today, Kenney Baden says of the nanny story: “I think it may come back to haunt her, but it’s part of the lies. She lies. But being a liar does not make you a murderer.”

shyloh's poetry said...

I am so with you on this Pat. It's just not fair. This system need repaired in a big way. Small time drug dealers do get more time than those who rape and kill. What is going on? It's very scary on many levels.


FRG said...

Mrs. Brown,

I was wondering if you watched JB's opening statements in the case against Casey. I wish you could give your own opinion on that story JB made it seems he got it out of "The Twilight Zone" episode. Now, George molested KC, Caylee drowned in the pool, George found Caylee's body, he hid Caylee's body... a big gap in the story then Mr. Kronk took possession of Caylee's body because he was broke wanted the reward money (notice, the reward was for a live Caylee) and Mr. Kronk had money problems in December 12, 2008 (IIRC)... JB explained the 31 days as KC was molested she was raised to lie! W-H-A-T?

Please tell me jurors won't buy into this BS!

These are serious accusations and I wonder how JB will prove all of this.

KC has destroyed her parents, her brother, Mr. Kronk, and her friends will be traumatized for the years to come. When will this insane team of lawyers are going to stop? This is so surreal!

Thank you Mrs. Brown, I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Boy did you ever call this one Pat - amazing foretelling of what actually has just taken place.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Bravo Pat, Bravo