Thursday, December 18, 2008

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: The Mysterious Meter Reader and Caylee Anthony

I have to say this odd bit of breaking news on the Caylee Anthony case is rather bizarre! Apparently the man who found the likely remains of the little girl called the tip line three times back in August to report a suspicious bag on the side of the road near that location.

Now speculation is flying! Did the police screw up when the meter reader first reported what he thought was possibly evidence linked to the Caylee Anthony case and did not follow up properly? Or is it too bizarre that back in August the man claims to have seen a gray bag that concerned him, never actually checked it out, and when the police did finally do a more thorough check of the area found nothing? Then this same man "rediscovered" the bag months later? Did the man help Casey dispose of the body? Or could he be the one to have done Caylee in?

Well, first let us take a deep breath. We do not really know exactly what the meter reader said when he called in August and why the police didn't locate the bag. Supposed he was involved with Casey, helped her dump the body and then felt guilty about it. So he calls the police to find the body but moves it before they arrive? Not likely.

So, Scenario Two. He killed Caylee and felt guilty about it, called the police, got scared, then moved the body, and felt guilty again and called the police again. Again, not very likely.

Scenario Three. The meter reader saw a strange bag, got creeped out and called the police. Officer doesn't bother to check it out or cruises by and misses the bag. However, one of the Anthony's sees the police car and moves the body into the woods. The area floods, body goes under water, but when it recedes, that curious meter reader goes back and this time finds the remains. Maybe but not likely.

Scenario Four. Meter Reader sees a bag on the side of the road and jumps to the conclusion it could be Caylee. Calls police a few times to get them to really check it out. By the time they do, the bag has been picked up and moved as all it contained was trash. Months later, when the water recedes i the area, curious meter reader, one of those obsessed with searching everywhere for Caylee, finds another bag with Caylee in it. He lucks out. Possible? Yes.

But we need to get a lot more information before we label the man of being a killer, an accessory after the fact, or a hero. Poor guy might just have been trying to be a good citizen and now he is being looked at mighty suspiciously. I will look forward to finding out more about the situation and seeing how this story ends up. It is an interesting one.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

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