Monday, June 19, 2017

More on the False Confession Of Todd Kohlhepp

Before I go on to yet more oddities with Todd Kohlhepp's confession, let me recap what I wrote in my last post that strongly suggests his confession to committing the Superbike murders is false.

1) He claims he shot all the victims in the forehead; NONE of the victims were shot in the forehead.

2) He claims he used the brass magazine first and, then, after shooting seven bullets from his weapon, he made a "tactical reload" with the nickel magazine. If the nickel magazine was not the first magazine in his weapon - brought in to the shop with one cartridge loaded into the chamber and that one replaced in the magazine (10 + 1), how did he use 11 nickel cartridges in the shooting when he could have only have ten in the magazine when he reloaded? In order to shoot those 11 nickel bullets, he would have had to load the nickel magazine first and the brass second.

3) He claims he shot Chris Sherbert, the mechanic, first. He claims he shot him twice in the lungs with the brass ammo and then came back around and shot him in the forehead with the nickel ammo. However, Sherbert was shot three times with brass ammo; once in the back, once in the chest, and once in the top of the head. There were also two brass bullets shot into the wall that missed Sherbert.

4) He claims he shot Beverly Guy two or three times in the chest. She was only shot once in the chest.

5) He claims he reloaded his gun inside the store and only shot Scott Ponder with nickel ammo and shot both Ponder and Brian Lucas in the forehead with nickel ammo. They were shot in the head (not the forehead) with brass ammo and there were brass casings on the outside of the store. This is impossible if he reloaded inside.

And don't you wonder why if Kohlhepp thought the brass ammo was crap (in his confession), he would have loaded one of his magazines with it? He is an ammo nut and this was supposed to be a premeditated crime. Wouldn't he load his magazines with his best ammo? In fact, because there WERE two different kinds used, it is more likely this was a last minute rage crime where the killer just grabbed his gun and an extra mag or two and didn't have time to think about what ammo he was using.

Okay, so now we are caught up. But is there more questionable stuff coming out of his confessions? Yes.

6) He claims he left his college - Greenville Technical College - on the day of the murder around 2 pm....uh....maybe 1:30 pm...umm..."we" are kind of hazy about that. He sure is. First of all, who is "we"? Did he have an accomplice or is he talking about how he and someone were trying to figure out what time he should give in his confession to make it all work? Regardless, NEITHER of those times work! The drive time from his college to Superbike is around 50 minutes without any traffic holdup. Then, one has to include more time for him to pull off the road into the parking lot at CVS to put on his shoulder holster and pull back out again. Now, "we" are close to an hour. IF Kohlhepp left at 2 pm, he would have missed the murders entirely. IF he left at 1:30 pm, he would have been too late to be the guy that Kelly Sisk saw on the motorcycle because Sisk left the store with his child at 2:10 pm.

7) He claims he waited around because he didn't want to shoot customers. In his full confession, he states only customers (in general); he does not mention Kelly Sisk and his child being there nor does he seem to have any clue about the waste truck that pulls up after Sisk leaves with two more men who enter the building nor does he seem to know about Lonnie Rogers, the TRUE last customer who arrived at the bottom of the hour, had his credit card run at 2:30 pm, had to move his truck because he blocked the waste truck and they couldn't leave the parking lot, got together with Chris Sherbert and Brian Lucas (when he arrived) and had a baffle put on his motorcycle. It is odd that it is only during a later portion of the interviews  (after he had given his rendition, and is reviewing and signing the papers) when the detectives then asked some clarifying questions that Kohlhepp says "I know a guy came in with a kid looking for a go-cart and left." Why would he say he "knows"? If he was present that day, he should simply say, "There was a man and a child there." To say "I know" sounds more like he got the information from someone else, a someone else who wants to make him the guy in the composite, the guy Sisk saw (but never identified as Kohlhepp), the guy on the motorcycle who seemed to be buying a bike for the first time and whom Scott Ponder had never seen before. It is also odd that after the detectives ask him if he pistol whipped anyone, he says he did not and wouldn't do that....but, then he seems to get curious and asks, "Who got pistol whipped?" Why would he even ask that if he was there and nobody was pistol whipped? At the least he should ask, "What made you think anyone got pistol whipped? But, he didn't ask that.

8) He claims not to remember any of the victims' names, quite odd for a man who had dealings with these people, accused them of stealing his motorcycle (three days or fourteen days after he bought it; he can't seem to keep that story straight), and that he went specifically back to the store to murder. In fact, even though his victims have been ALL OVER the news for years and it seems he likes to keep up with the news, he has never learned their names. Yet, he knew MY name! Yes, that is right! He discussed Miss Brown (Todd's confession 11/5) with the detectives! He said she came to town and was running her mouth and her profile was completely wrong on all points and that she was a criminal because she was driving fast on the roads trying to do a time check on one of the suspects, that she was wrong about the guy who found the bodies being the killer  (which I never claimed; I just said he should be further investigated) - just because he went into the store to make the 911 call - (he assumes he  didn't have his cell phone which is not true)  - Kohlhepp says that isn't proof of anything but that he's a "dumbass."

Why does Kohlhepp know my name, know that my profile was "totally wrong" (he clearly said "profile" and not "blog;" it is evident he never read my blog and my actual profile has never been made public). Why is he talking about Noel Lee (the guy who made the 911 call) and why is he saying I was runnning my mouth? What does he even care? Well, his words do not sound a bit like they come from his brain but from a talk he had with someone who WAS annoyed with me and told everyone I was wrong and was running my mouth - Sheriff Chuck Wright. This leads me to believe that even before the first taped interview, Sheriff Wright was talking with Kohlhepp about Superbike.

Almost everything Kohlepp claimed in his confession was wrong. That a Beretta was used in the crime, I do not know is a fact. I was told when I was in Spartanburg that the weapon used was a 9 mm and it was not a Glock, but other than that, they did not know the make of the gun. What Kohlhepp DOES have right - the ONLY thing he seems to have right is the type of ammo - brass and nickel (that was already public knowledge) and the manufacturer of the two kinds of ammo (I don't know that his claim of grain is right because I never was given a ballistics report and it hasn't been released to the public). I find it hard to believe that he knew nothing about the scenario of how the murders went down at Superbike, but knows the ammo (although these are super popular brands and he could have guessed them). Perhaps someone who had a little chat with him about Superbike before any taped interviews might have fed him that information. In fact, it was the Sheriff Wright's version that Sherbert was shot first and isn't it interesting that Kohlhepp says that's what happened even though it is disproven by the brass and nickel evidence.

Todd  Kohlhepp was wrong about the entire scenario: the order of the shooting, the order of the magazines, the number of shots to victims, the kind of headshots, the time, and the people in the store.

Todd Kohlhepp knows nothing about what happened in the Superbike store because he was not there. He "knows what happened" he says. Again, "it is odd to say "I know" which indicates you have information but not necessarily experience. To have committed such an "amazing" crime - cleared the place in 30 seconds as he claims - and not remember one bit of it correctly is quite a stretch and he should never have been convicted. Surely, if the Superbike case had gone to court, a defense attorney would have crushed the prosecution and he would have been found not guilty.

And why do I find all these inconsistencies and incorrect statements in Kohlhepp's "confession" but the investigators don't seem to notice them? Why don't they even bother to interrogate him?  Shouldn't they want to be sure they have the truth from their suspect?

Or maybe they don't care.

The False Confession of Todd Kohlhepp (Part One) 

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
June 19, 2017


Unknown said...

God job Sherlock. Wonderfully done research

brooke cooley said...

Where was he in college? I thought it was upstate ? It doesn't take 50 minutes from upstate to get there it takes 20 unless it was a different campus. I do live here and familiar with the case I'm asking to find out which campus.

Pat Brown said...

Thank you, Brooke, for that question! I accidentally forgot to include the college name - Greenville Technical College; I have added it in to the post. Yes, at first when I heard his confession, it seemed like he said "45 minutes" and I wondered if I hear that right. I thought maybe I heard it wrong as there are colleges closer as you state, but, no, he was going to Greenville Technical College, so he was almost right with 45 minutes if that is what he said. It would have been 10 or 15 minutes more but, regardless, he wouldn't - EVEN if he left at 1:30 pm and it ONLY took 45 minutes - be sitting on that motorcycle when Sisk and his kid were there; he still would have arrived after they left.

Nishad Phatak said...

I like your analysis. Is there any chance you could file a case against TK for falsely claiming SB murders? If yes, brilliant! If not, I would like to know what prevents you? Thanks

CptKD said...

I still can't believe, how inept this Chuck Wright fellow IS & How OBLIVIOUS, he thinks everyone else IS!

Are they actually going to get away with THIS?

Is THIS, going to stay as it is - With TK found 'GUILTY' of such a gross & MASS Murder, all because He & CW say so & Managed to get the Court to BELIEVE IT AS SUCH?
Under some ruse, called a 'PLEA DEAL'?

Tell me it ISN'T so ...

Omelia Harris said...

Pat, I so appreciate you!

Anonymous said...

HI PAT, it seems this problem area about confessions, has been problamatic before in cases about murder, and convictions being rushed to win cases? The problem in the steven avery case raises question about false confessions in murder cases? So i agree with your point pat about this problem of failiure to spot the person in question does not have a clue to what happend, where the police have a diferent agenda to plant their own theory, to bargain guilt?