Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Black Panther: Wakanda Mess is This?

When Black Panther came out, I was in India. I almost saw it there, but I really wanted to wait until I got home to see it with my son, Jeremy, as he is my Marvel/superhero fan who also happens to be black (and age 35) and so I thought he might relate to this kind of macho black man superhero movie. I mean, I knew there was going to some political stuff I might not be overly fond of (since I had read this was kind of a very liberal/black power/ bash white people movie, but it was getting crazy great reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and everyone was gushing about it being the best movie ever made. So, I thought, I have to see this, ignore my personal conservative political biases, and enjoy maybe a really cool movie. I asked Jeremy to wait till I got home to see it and he agreed.

So we went to see it. When the movie ended, I looked over at Jeremy and he looked back at me and said, "God, that was boring as fuck. I couldn't wait for it to end." I was shocked! Of all people, I thought he would like this flick. Yes, I was really bored as well, but I am not a big superhero movie person and what do I know of superhero films. But, Jeremy bored to death? Wow. We left the theater and he just huffed and puffed on the way to the car about how Marvel could make such a bad film, the worst of any of their productions. I didn't get into too much of what I thought of the film because I was still trying to process the convoluted mess that this movie was and how it could possibly be considered a good movie and how anyone could have liked the messages in it, even if they were strong liberals or Black Lives Matter supporters.


Let me break Black Panther without referring to all the actors and actresses names and all because I don't feel like going back and researching all that. All I can say is there were good actors and actresses in this film, but they had such a crappy script that I can't blame them for the wooden and dull acting that was exhibited throughout the movie. Now, let me go to the bizarre plot, plot holes,  and bizarre ideation.

Wakanda is this place in Africa, a kind of Brigadoon, which has kept itself secret from the rest of the continent and the world for a couple thousand years by a lucky landing of a metal in their land called Vibranium which is such an amazing compound that it jettisons this country into far superior technology than anyone else has on the planet. Hence, they have space age like cities and spaceships and superior science and medicine. However, there is no explanation how they survived the early years shut off from the world when they are a landlocked nation with no ports and clearly no transport in and out of products from other places. Oh, wait, yeah, they didn't need anything from the outside world because Vibranium somehow solves all problems. But, where did they develop the educational levels to develop the Vibranium without any input from the outside? I guess they were just a genius people and didn't get ruined by white colonizers.

Yet, wait, how come such highly advanced people still have a monarchy which the leader can only become king if no one kills him in a battle to death with spears on the edge of a cliff? How, if this is how you stay in power, in all those couple thousand years, no despot took over and completely screwed up the country? And, why, oh, why are black men fighting to the death in a fight that looks like it was set up by slave masters from Django? Why isn't this embarrassing for the black community?

And speaking of spears, why is the all female guard force using spears as their main weapon? Haven't they got anything better considering they have Vibranium to make weapons with? And why are they using rhinos in battle?

Before I go on, let's talk about what Wakanda is. Why are a bunch of black Americans pretending to be Africans in a fake African country? Aren't they kind of appropriating the hell out of African culture? And why do Wakandans speak Xhosa, a language of South Africa, thousands of miles away? Why don't they have their own language? Why are the people wearing tribal costumes from around Africa when Wakanda has shut themselves away from all the rest of Africa? Why has Wakanda allowed the rest of Africa to be colonized by evil whites and carried off as slaves to America all without lifting a finger to help them? Why don't they have their own culture and art?

Why does Wakanda look like a postapocolyptic city with huts welded onto the skyscrapers? Why do we not see beautiful neighborhoods, universities, and shopping malls that make us drool to want to live there? Why do we only see huts on the outskirts (this is supposed to fool people into thinking they are a third world country so no one will bother with them; so why not use a hologram instead of making people live in huts and use wooden toilets? Or are those happy rural farmers a nod to the beauty of rural African life?), an ugly city from the air, and one shopping street selling colorful African handbags that looks exactly like a crowded tourist marketplace in a present day African city?

Why is neighboring gorilla worshiping tribe up in mountains that look like the Himalayas when they are supposed to be located relatively near Wakanda in the imagined area of Rwanda or Uganda? Why the heck aren't blacks upset that this this tribe worships a gorilla and goes around making gorilla sounds? Isn't that racist as heck? And, WHY, is the gorilla god called Hanuman, the real name of the revered Indian monkey god? Speak of cultural appropriation! Was the writer so lazy he couldn't make up a name and just googled "monkey" and "god" and came up with Hanuman and so, yeah, whatever.

Now, let me go to the start of the movie where for twenty minutes I could barely see the black actors on the screen due to horribly low lighting used in the filming. Then we find our heros in Oakland, California. It appears the brother of the then king was sent as a spy to the United States (Why? We have no damned idea) and, although Wakanda is extraordinarily wealthy, the king's brother is forced to live in a ghetto, which we know is a terrrible ghetto because his apartment is crappy and his son is outside playing basketball with a hoop made of a plastic crate. No wonder this guy is pissed off. Anyway, he marries a local woman and has a son (who she is and what happened to her we have no idea because she is not around) and he gets angry at the way black people are treated in California and so he plots to get the Vibranium and use it to help save all the oppressed blacks in the world. Mind you, it is insulting as heck to represent the entire black population of the United States as a ghetto with no successful blacks anywhere around. If I were a black American, I would be pretty offended that Wakanda and the film producers did not think blacks in this country have achieved a damn thing; no doctors, no lawyers, no politicians, no famous people, no great educators, no well-renowned achievers of any sort, no black colleges, black actors and actresses, no great sportsmen, nada ... blacks in America are total failures (albeit due to white oppression).

Now, the king of Wakanda finds out what his brother is up to and kills him and then takes off, leaving the orphaned kid to fend for himself. Why he does this is never explained as more than a careless mistake. What, was the kid not a full Wakandan, so he wasn't welcome in Wakanda and worth caring about? So, poor halfbreed Killmonger, who learned of this mystical kingdom of Wakanda from his daddy, finds a book in Wakandan that explains everything. Killmonger somehow gets highly educated, joins the military special forces, becomes a killer and decides to go to Wakanda and become king and use the Vibranium to give it to all the black people on the planet to fight their white oppressors. So, speaking fluent Wakandan or Xhosa, whatever, he returns to the kindom and fight the present king, T'Challa for rulership. He wins in the brutal fight and T'Challa is supposed to be dead. I don't think it is necessary to get into all the other silly stuff - the bizarre Korean segment or the drinking of  blue juice to get power and see your ancestors and the whole actual Black Panther suit thing  and how T'Challa somehow survives what should have killed him and is brought back to life to fight against for the kingdom - but what IS interesting is that T'Challa represents Trump and Killmonger represents Obama!

Yes, T'Challa wants to protect the borders and culture of Wakanda and Killmonger wants to go global. Yet, Killmonger is the bad guy and T'Challa is the good guy. Umm...isn't that kind of opposite of what one would expect for the political message? But, no worries, because T'Challa does become more enlightened and decides, even if he doesn't arm all blacks to wipe out the white people, he is going to help blacks with Wakandan technology. So, he lands his spaceship back in the same Oakland ghetto that Killmonger played basketball in and leaves his sister there to build...get this...a community center. And, you know that they are going to live up to helping those poor, completely helpless blacks of Oakland because we already see that they have a REAL basketball hoop instead of a crate. Thanks, Wakandans! Black Americans have no hope unless they get help from Africa and these special Wakandan Africans who have no clue what they have experienced and are dealing in the present with because Wakandans have lived in  isolation all their lives, never been colonized, never been slaves, and never dealt with oppression.

I could go on and on; there is so much more nonsense in this movie it is just unbelievable. It was a failure in every aspect. Not even the good-looking men gave me enough eye candy moments; where is Tyler Perry when you need him to spice things up a little?

Why was this not a really awesome film with a great script, superb acting, an amazing secret country, fascinating visuals, and a great message?

I have no problem with an all-black film. I love a good Bollywood movie from India and many of them have not a white person in them. I love being immersed in another world, another culture. Same for my love of Colombian and Mexican telenovelas. I am happy to see a whole other culture doing their thing. Wakanda could have been a superb place with a strong, unique black people and I could have rooted for them, even rooted for their specifically black culture. And, I would have loved an amazing new superhero in Black Panther that I could have been as drawn in with the character as I was with Blade.

But, sadly, Black Panther was "Wakanda Llight" and for all those shouting "Wakanda, forever!", all I can say is I hope, if there is a Black Panther Returns, Wakanda will get a full makeover with a new director, new videographer, and, for god's sake, new scriptwriters.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
April 19, 2018 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Racism lurking behind Every Rock and Tree: Starbucks and Liberal Hypersensitivity

In the early 80s, when I thought race relations were getting better in the USA

I saw an interesting bit between W. Kamau Bell and Don Lemon on CNN today. Bell, in a most pleasant and friendly manner, spoke about an incident he had in Berkeley, California at a place called the Elmwood Cafe back in 2015. He gave an example of unconcious bias and unintential racism that he believes is similar to the recent Starbucks arrest of two black men. Actually, the two incidents are quite different. The men in Starbucks incident broke the rules of a private establishment when they refused to make a purchase or leave when asked and Bell did not break any rules at all; he was truly an innocent in what occurred at the Elmwood Cafe.

But, I still will argue with Bell that what happened to him was NOT racism (any more than the Starbucks incident was racism) and it is this ultra liberal mentality of making everything about victimization and a perfect utopia that is causing massive damage to our country. One can't get so sensitive about each moment of human behavior (and ignore our own behaviors that contribute to things happening) and think that you are going to make us all better friends in the long run. In reality, you are making too much ado over too little and making enemies and pushing people into opposite corners.

Here is what happened at the Elmwood Cafe. This is a cafe Bell's wife has loved dining at for many years and they have dined together there without any problems numerous times. So, right up front we have Bell admitting the Elmwood Cafe has never acted in any racist manner against him in the past. Well, on this particular day his white wife (so he is no blatant racist himself, only super liberal and a community organizer and race commentator) was sitting with a few white girlfriends at a table outside. Bell was down the street at a bookstore, bought a children's book, refused the bag and walked out with the book in hand. He walks down to the restaurant and onto the patio area of the cafe and is standing at the table where his wife and friends are sitting and he shows them the book. While he is exhibiting this book to the ladies at the table, he hears a knock on the window behind the table and some guy who works there gives him a glare and mouths "Out!" or "Go away!"

Bell, says he felt the guy was treating him like a dog and doing so because he was a black man. He spoke with management and his wife told them he was her husband and they apologized and said they thought he was trying to sell them something. They denied it was anything racial. Bell thinks otherwise. He believes that it was because he was a black man talking to a group of white woman that they pegged him as harassing them. He refuses to take his wife back to her favorite restaurant and demanded a community conversation with Elmwood Cafe about racism.

Oh, for fuck's sake, Kamau, you are going to have some long and difficult decades ahead being married to a white woman and raising biracial kids. You do realize that sometime in the future someone is going to ask if those kids are yours when you are out and about with them. Are you going to get all enraged and racism about it? There have been white men at the local playground who have had people call the police on them because they saw them approaching children which turned out to be their own. Why? Because we are hypersensitive about pedophiles and child abductors. It isn't always personal or about race.

So, what happened at the Elmwood Cafe? If your book had been in a bag and you had been chatting with some white women, probably nothing would have happened. Problem was, you really DID look like some guy trying to sell something on their property. If a white male had been holding out a book to a group of black women, the same thing might have happened. Then is it racism? Or can it not be racist the other way around? What about if a white guy was standing there showing a book to a table of white women and it still look like he was trying to sell them something and it turns out to be one of the women's husbands? What then?

The simple fact is, Bell, you had zero evidence of racism here except in your own head. And, EVEN if it were true that because you were of a different race it seemed more likely to someone working at the cafe you were not connected to the group and this is so-called unconcious bias, good lord, are you going to make a federal case out of every individual's level of ability to perfectly access a situation and have the perfect reaction? Oh, yeah, right, you actually DID make a federal case out of nothing.

Before I get the stupid white privilege crap slung at me here or you telling me I am a racist or that I also need to attend those stupid Starbucks classes, I was married to a black man for twenty-five years and I have two biracial children and one black son. My family has experienced very little racism (well, it is getting worse now because everyone is becoming so hostile about politics and race) in our time together. One, my ex and my kids always respected other people, dressed properly, and behaved well. No one has had problems driving while black or getting the police called on them. This doesn't mean we haven't had a few moments where we could have gotten all offended like Bell, but having compassion for others -their innocence, their stupidity, or their upbringing - and a sense of humor has always done us well. I am sure my kids may have had a few times when they did experience some level or racism but they clearly have learned to keep things in perspective and not make themselves victims. And, if there was true discrimination that was of the clear breaking-the-law kind of thing, my ex and I did stand up to that and I am sure my kids would as well. We are not for blinding ourselves to serious problems; we are just not willing to make things worse in our country and tear everything apart that has been built to make some false political statement. Below I will list every race issue I have dealt with in my life in a interracial marriage and mixed-race family and you can decide if I handled things well or if I overreacted or underreacted to racism in America.

Incident One: I was moving into my new apartment in a mixed race apartment building. I had three white friends helping bring up boxes. My husband was not with us. An elderly Jewish lady who was going to be my future next-door-neighbor came up to me and said, "So glad you are not black!" To which I replied, mimicking Groucho Marx with his cigar, "You're only going to be half-glad when you see my husband!" The woman actually looked stricken and went on to explain she was only worried about loud music which her previous black neighbors had played night after night. I told her that my husband did like to play his reggae too loud but, if he did, she should knock on our door and we would be sure to turn it down. She turned out to be a most sweet neighbor, inviting us to dinner and bringing us home baked goodies.

Incident Two: I worked for Berlitz teaching English. I went through the training and then the probationary period at a horribly low wage (a number of months) and was just about to get to permanent employment and a decent wage. I had received accommodations for my work and even one from a high level embassy person. One day, my husband picked me up from work and the next day I was fired. This was my first experience with what I thought was clear racism. I filed with the EOCC and they ruled in favor of Berlitz! Why? They told me it wasn't a racism issue but that Berlitz was a shitty company and they fired everyone when they finished the probabationary period so they didn't have to pay them a decent salary. So, it was just the timing that made it look racist and, it goes to show, not everything is racist; sometimes it is just assholeness. (Comment to Berlitz; you were jerks back in 1979, so you may be an okay company now).

Incident Three: My husband worked for a German company and they told him if he went to electronics school he could move out of the mechanical section and up into a better job. He did that, graduated, and when a job opened up he was now qualified for, the manager of that division told him to apply. They hired a white guy with no skills for the position. When a second job opened up, THAT manager told him to apply (these managers knew him and like him and his work ethic) and he applied again. Another lesser skilled white guy was hired. I told him to file with the EOCC. He won. the EOCC found there was clear racial discrimination. My husband continued on with the company after they settled (it was a poor settlement, actually, in that my husband had to accept a lesser salary than he should have) but he got the job he wanted. He didn't hold a grudge (because he knew it wasn't everyone in the company, just some dick at the top) and he went on to work there for three decades and had a great career.

Incident Four: My husband and I had just moved into an all white neighborhood and he went running. As he was walking back up the hill to our house, some middle-aged white guy in a pickup drove by him and yelled at him to get out of the neighborhood. Okay, this was probably a bit racist, but it was also probably some guy thinking a sketchy guy (in sweats wandering around in an area he probably didn't live in) might be up to no good. Luckily, this didn't and wouldn't have turned into a Zimmerman and Trevon Martin thing because they guy didn't approach my husband on foot and, even if he did, my husband wouldn't have gotten into a fight with him. My husband went on to living in the very white community for the next 20 years and became the soccer coach and ran for mayor and never had another incident (and this was kind of a working class white community with people with guns and pickup trucks). Which lead to the next incident (a little out of order of our lives), but so much like this one I have to put it next.

Incident Five: Just three years ago when I moved into Bowie, Maryland, the wealthiest black community in the US (and the largest where whites are a minority), my cat went missing and I made up fliers and was distributing them in the area. I went into a cul-de-sac on foot and was closing in on one of the mailboxes when a black woman in a Mercedes pulled into her driveway, stopped, rolled down her window, and asked what I was doing there. Racist! Hah! Yeah, white woman in sweats wandering around in rich black area...shades of what happened to my husband 35 years ago. But, again no Zimmerman/Martin scenario. I showed her my flier, told her I lived down the road, and was searching for my missing cat. The lady was very nice and wished me well.

Incident Six: I was returning from Canada with my three kids (my husband wasn't with me) and when I reached the border, the guard looked into my car, saw my kids in the back and asked if they were mine. I looked back at them and then in mock horror said, "Oh, my god, I always thought they were!" The guard cracked up and, with a big grin on his face, passed me on through.

Incident Seven: One year when my sons were about eight and my daughter ten, they attended a summer church bible school. They had a rule, for safety of the children, that a child could only leave at the end of the program day in the company of a parent. So, my black son, Jeremy, looked out the door and saw me coming up the walk. He said to the church lady, "There's my mom!" and tried to go out the door and the woman looked out the door and said, "No, she's not here" and held him back. My son said, "Yes, she is!" and the woman said, "No, she's not," and held on to him. I came in the door and my son said, "Here she is!" and I put my arm around him and the white church lady said, "Oh." We laughed about it all the way home. We sat at the dinner table and said, "Yes, she is!" "No, she's not!" We thought it was hilarious. We realized that a black church lady might have done the same thing. If the world gets to the point where interracial adoptions are as prevalent as biological births then maybe the woman wouldn't have thought I wasn't his mother. We see a lot less questions these days with white people who have adopted Chinese babies because it is getting more common.

Okay, those are truly ALL the big racial moments of our lives as a family for three and a half decades. Wow...horrible, right? We are all so damaged! ::sigh:: We are all just fine because we didn't jump to the racist conclusion every time some little thing happened, we gave people a break, and we had a sense of humor. We also act right and don't break rules and don't make sudden moves around the police, run from them, and point shiny objects at them. We certainly would never resist arrest if that would ever happen. We respect others and so they respect us.

And we don't make racist mountains out of tiny minor misunderstanding molehills and we never played the race card except TWO times when it seemed truly warranted over three decades ago when discrimination against blacks was far worse than today and, then, we just went through the proper governmental channels.

Our country is being pushed into a race war by ultra-liberal white Social Justice Warriors and far left black power groups like Black Lives Matter. Their angry protests and boycotts and their ranting to the media are tearing us all apart instead of bringing us together by focusing on being friends, making friends, sharing culture, improving our own communities - black, white, Hispanic, Asian, mixed - by fixing our educational system, our families, our drug use, our criminality, and by supporting the police that protect our communities and put their lives on the line every day. These groups are flaming the tiniest of little embers to make a racist problem where there isn't one and sometimes just throwing a Molotov cocktail at our society when they riot and accuse police of murder when the police where only acting in self-defense against a thug acting in a criminal manner. There ARE true incidents of racial discrimination and police brutality but all this nitpicking and straight up lying is destroying all the racial progress that has been made in this country.

So, sad, how we have come to this. It is a plague that is spreading and I just hope it can be killed before our country implodes.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

April 20, 2018


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Starbucks: Guilty of Racial Profiling or Unfairly Targeted?

First of all, I boycott Starbucks all the time, not because of their treatment of customers but because I won't drink their overpriced burnt coffee and nothing else there is worth forking out the cash at the ridiculous prices they charge.

But, if you are actually a regular patron of Starbucks, should you get all boycotty over the Philly incident?

::sigh::I am so tired of the over-the-top reactions to local issues which blow-up into national race crises demanding us all to enter the race war so provoked by the media and certain political groups. And, before I go on to profile the Starbucks incident, let me state for the record that, yes, of course, any minority group suffers some level of discrimination and ostrasization because they simply are less integrated culturally into the larger group of people. As a minority in the area I live in, I can attest to some of those same problems myself (although, to a more recent degree and not over such an large expanse of time) and, sometimes one does indeed feel less welcome or left out or misunderstood. It is the way society works and one must deal with it and both groups, the majority and the minority, should do their best to make life good.  I love where I live, even though I am a minority (white in a heavily black county) and I take my status in stride and do my best to be a good citizen and not overreact to certain situations or attitudes.

One day I was walking around in a posh area of town, putting fliers in mailboxes in an attempt to find my lost cat. A black woman in a BMW pulled up next to me and asked what I was doing in the area! Why? Because I was a sloppily dressed white woman wandering about in a wealthy black part of town. I told her why and she took a flier and wished me good luck in finding my cat. I could have been all "you are a racist" about the incident but I figured she was concerned that I didn't look like a local resident and was only protecting her neighborhood from harm. Suppose she was right and I was casing the area for future burglaries and I jumped her and started punching her and she pulled a gun out and shot me,  hmmm, would we see a national news story here about racial profiling?

Anyway, to Starbucks. There are three possible versions of what happened here and we have to wait and see what the truth is. We need to find out who the three men involved actually were; the two black men sitting at the tables and the white man who claims to be the friend they were waiting for.

Version One: The most innocent/concerning version would be that two black actual real estate brokers were waiting for a third real estate broker in order to discuss business. They hadn't ordered because they were waiting for their party to arrive before their got their refreshments. While waiting, one needed to use the bathroom and when he attempted to do so, was stopped by the Starbucks' employee and told he could not due to the fact he was not a paying customer at that point. Returning to his seat, he continued to sit without purchasing any drink or snack and he and his friend were asked to leave if they were not going to buy anything. Maybe they said they were waiting for a friend or maybe they didn't, but Starbucks obviously felt they were just loitering which is against policy and asked them to leave. They refused. The police were called. The police asked them to leave. They refused. The police arrested them for trespassing. A white man then stepped in and said he was there and was going to buy them coffee but it was too late.

Was Starbucks wrong? I tend not to think so. First of all, we have no idea what that particular Starbucks has to deal with on a daily basis, how often they have drug users and dealers and homeless guys loitering in their restaurant, bothering people, shooting up drugs in the bathroom, selling drugs in the bathroom and even having sex in the bathroom. If you have to keep your establishment clean and safe, you HAVE to have rules and you HAVE to profile. The rules are simple at Starbucks and meant to prevent problems: one, you must be a paying customer if you want to use the toilets and you must be a paying customer if you want to hand around for any length of time.

These two men knew these rules and they did not abide by either of them. If the "friend they were meeting" was late, they could have gone ahead and ordered some coffee and drank it while they waited and then they also would have had the right to use the bathroom. After all, if they were really real estate brokers, they could have afforded the drinks. Also, they could have simply left the establishment and waited outside for their friend if they were unwilling to make a purchase while they were waiting.

You might say, yeah, but white guys don't get so scrutinized. We don't know that is true. A lot would depend on their behavior as well as how they were dressed. Sorry, but those two guys did not look like real estate brokers to me. Their hair and dress makes me question that. Maybe they are real estate brokers but they kind of looked a bit like bums so that could certainly have influenced the viewpoint of the Starbucks employees. Also, did they speak like professional men or like troublemakers?

If these really were two real estate brokers meeting another real estate broker, then it is my suggestion they follow the rules of the establishment and dress and act better. Believe me, when I have entered an establishment looking less-than-spiffy, I have gotten profiled as well. Once when I was in Costa Rica, I went to a local Taco Bell at midnight after an all-day long grueling drive involving floods, landslides, and mountain fog. Being a vegetarian, that Taco Bell (in a businessman's district, not a tourist area) had only a Cheesy Potato Taco (not even a bean burrito) as a vegetarian choice. I gave the guy a couple dollars and bought two of the little tacos and he told me to wait a minute. Then he came back and pushed a bag toward me and whispered "Here is a little extra food for you." Hah! He thought I was a homeless druggie because why else would a disheveled white woman show up in that area at midnight buying so little food? He may have misprofiled me but I could hardly blame him for his analysis. Likewise, Starbucks MAY have misprofiled these guys but I don't think, if that was the case, they are entirely to blame.

Version Two: The two guys aren't real estate brokers at all. They really were loitering and when they were getting arrested, some white guy decided to fight the fight against racism  and claimed he was coming to meet them and was going to buy them coffee.

Version Three: It is a setup. These guys ARE real estate brokers but planned with a white colleague to set Starbucks up. They dressed down, loitered, tried to use the bathroom, refused to leave, and when the police arrived, signaled the friend to show up. The plan? To prove racism and maybe make a big lawsuit payday.

Which version will turn out to be true? I don't know. We have to wait until all the evidence is in.

All I can say now is that I do not see this as a big racial discrimination moment for Starbucks and I find it rather frustrating that they are apologizing for standing up for their store policy when it was clear there was a store policy and these two men violated it. The police also have nothing to apologize for as they were doing their job and were quite polite about it.

As I keep saying, I am all for pointing out true racial discrimination and true police misconduct but if the country keeps using poor examples as race problems, they are only fanning the flames and causing a race war and this is NOT how to make things better.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
April 15, 2018 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Meek Mill: An Entitled Rapper, Not a Poster Boy for Unfair Treatment by the Criminal Justice System

So, I read this today.


 This month, Meek Mill, a 30-year-old rapper, was sentenced to two to four years in prison for violating the terms of his probation — probation he’s been on since he was a teenager, all stemming from charges of gun and drug possession. What did he do wrong? He popped a wheelie on a motorcycle.

Prosecution is much easier in drug charges brought against Meek Mill, and it’s even easier when the criminal defendant is a young black man. Juries aren’t sympathetic, and there’s no “he said, she said.” As much as we like to think justice is blind, our criminal justice system replicates the same bigotries at play everywhere else in the United States, including racism and sexism. Conviction rates for black men are higher than they are for white men.

The wealthy and powerful in America — i.e. the overwhelmingly white and male — are playing a different game. They have the resources to pay teams of lawyers, not just to defend them in court but to intimidate anyone who might challenge them.


Mill appeared in court last Monday after a pair of arrests this year -- one for popping wheelies on a dirt bike and another for getting into a fight -- that violated his probation from a 2008 gun and drug case. He was sentenced to another five months in prison in 2014 after he violated his probation by performing out of state. 
He received to two to four years in state prison last week by Judge Genece Brinkley, who cited a failed drug test and the rapper's noncompliance with a court order restricting his travel.
Okay, so far, I am thinking, well, the court's decision by Judge Brinkley seems a bit over the top. Maybe this IS really a case where a white judge in our criminal justice system is being unfair to someone just because of his color. But, having been around the media agenda-driven reporting for enough decades to question the story being pushed to the public, I did two things: went to YouTube to see to Meek Mill's rap videos and I went through enough pages of Google to find the actual detailed history of Mill's criminal past (and it wasn't part of any major media story...what a surprise). First of all, I kind of like his rap...I thought he had a unique style. Still depressing stuff about gangs and shootings and going to jail, but I can see why he is popular. So this tells me he has some talent and he had a real future in the music world. This means he should have valued that more than breaking the law, regardless of how "small" the infraction. I haven't been arrested in my entire life and neither have any of my nonwhite children, so I do not understand when people say breaking the law, well, you know, it happens. No, it doesn't unless you really work at it.

Judge Brinkley

Now, to the Meek Mill's criminal history and his interaction with the criminal justice system. Let's start with this judge who put him back behind bars. She's black. Yeah, that surprised me, too, because it took me a long time to find a photo of her (guess why) and I just had a picture in my head of a white lady. I bet most people think she is a white and a racist, but, no, she is black and she seemed to actually liked Mill and want him to do well. In fact, she gave him far more breaks than I think she should have.

Here is the rundown of what actually happened (courtesy of Pitchfork):

Meek was first arrested in 2007, when he was 19 and still known as Robert Williams. A year and a half later, Brinkley convicted him of seven charges relating to guns and drugs. She sentenced him to 11-and-a-half to 23 months in county prison, plus seven years of probation. In a court opinion obtained by Pitchfork, the judge wrote that although prosecutors had urged a tougher sentence, she “wanted to give him an opportunity to turn his life around from selling drugs and instead focus on his musical talent.”

Meek was out of county jail less than six months later, paroled to house arrest but ordered to earn his GED and undergo drug treatment. In December 2009, Brinkley ended his house arrest but kept him on probation. Over the next two years, the judge found that Meek tested positive for marijuana and unspecified opiate use more than once, but she didn’t hold him to be in violation of his probation.
In 2011, though, Brinkley did cite him for his first violation—for testing positive, again, for opiate use. His next hearing was postponed several times throughout the next year, while Meek was out ontour. Finally, on November 2, 2012, the judge ordered Meek to take a drug test within three days; he didn’t show.
When Meek returned to court two weeks after that, Judge Brinkley suspended his permission to travel outside of Philadelphia County until after his next court date, two months later. At that time, she barred him from scheduling travel for another nearly four months. Two months in, Brinkley found Meek in violation for leaving the county again. She ordered him to sign up for an etiquette course, “in order to address his inappropriate social media use and crude language in the courtroom,” she later wrote. Multiple Philadelphia lawyers told Pitchfork they had never heard of a judge ordering a defendant to take etiquette classes, though they noted that for better or worse, judges’ sentences are sometimes creative. For the next year, Meek attended court hearings every three months.
Before long, Meek landed a third probation violation, again related to leaving the county. In July 2014, Brinkley sentenced him to three to six months in county jail, plus five years of probation. He served nearly five months in Hoffman Hall prison. In prison, he was ordered to take anger management and parenting classes (he has a young son), as well as undergo drug and alcohol counseling. The next year, the judge did approve Meek’s request to travel as far as Dubai, but she later rescinded earlier permission for him to visit Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.
On December 10, 2015, Meek received his fourth probation violation for not reporting to his probation officer, traveling outside of Philadelphia without permission, and submitting a sample of water instead of urine for a drug test. The judge sentenced Meek to six to 12 months of house arrest plus six years of probation. Brinkley also ordered Meek to perform 90 days of community service, and she barred him from working or traveling while on house arrest. Meek appealed.
On September 8, 2017, Judge Lillian Harris Ransom ultimately denied that appeal. All this serves as the backdrop for Meek’s current situation. Earlier this month, Brinkley found Meek in violation of his probation for a fifth time. She cited a failed drug test, violation of court-ordered travel restrictions, and two misdemeanor arrests: for reckless driving involving a motorcycle in Manhattan and for an alleged altercation at the St. Louis airport. Charges in the New York case are set to be scrubbed from Meek’s record in April if he avoids further violations; the St. Louis charge was reportedly dropped. Regardless, she gave him the two- to four-year sentence.
That sentence went against the recommendations of both the prosecutor and the probation officer in the case. But on November 8, Meek checked in at Camp Hill state prison.

So, clearly Mill is a repeat offender, breaking his parole over and over, doing drugs and trying to cheat on the testing, thumbing his nose at the judge who is trying to give him chance after chance. Seems to me, the judge finally got fed up with him and decided he was unrepentant as to his flouting of the law and threw the book at him. I think he got what he had coming. From where I am sitting, the judge was far TOO lenient, gave him far more breaks than any other offender would have gotten simply because he was a musician. If Mill had been just a drug dealing, gangbanging grocery store stocker, he would have been in prison for a good long time.

But, yet again, we have Colin Kaepernick, Hollywood, and the media making a less-than-deserving idiot a poster boy for racial discrimination instead of someone truly deserving of representing some problems that should be intelligently examined, issues that our country does struggle with. Instead of working together as citizens to improve our communities, these rabblerousers are making things worse, stoking a race war, making people take sides, and worse of all, encouraging everyone to act like uncivilized children instead of mature adults. 

Grow up, everyone. Please. Before our country becomes the poster child for "Lord of the Flies."

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
November 24,2017

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Determining Motive in the Las Vegas Mass Murder

Note: This post will not include names or photos or links in order to not give more fame to the killer.

Definition: The TRUE "Motive" in the case of mass murder is always the same; revenge, power and control, and recognition. Media attention is one of the top reasons for mass murder as the perpetrators love the massive infamy that they are given for their crimes. However, there is a SECONDARY "Motive" which I am looking at here and that is what excuse/justification has this particular mass murderer used for his particular crime. There IS an importance to knowing this as is true with other heinous crimes - gang killings and terrorism - because there can be a promoted ideology that inspires the psychopath to act out and choose specific crimes. This is why we worry about radicalization connected to religious or political organizations and to gangs. Psychopaths will still be psychopaths and may be violent without outside encouragement, but radical ideology - as is true with our excessive sensationalistic media - can be a strong factor in a psychopath choosing a particular road to go down. Just like advertising has an effect on prospective buyers (that is why companies spend so much money and time promoting a product), ideology can also permeate the thinking of an individual when it is very excessive and persuasive.


Many people are wondering why there is no motive yet discovered for the recent horrific mass murder and this is inspiring many theories, some fairly logical, some pretty off-the-wall. Mostly, they fall into these groups:

1) Crazy gun-toting white alt-right male proving that white males are the Number One terrorists in the world
2) Typical suicidal mass murderer with some recent disaster in his life who is getting back at society which he feels is responsible for his failure
3) Leftist/Antifa radical setting off the revolution 
4) False flag patsy designed to tear apart the country
5) Isis terrorist who was radicalized through his companion and the Philippines
6) Normal guy who went nuts due to a brain tumor or recent use of Valium

Okay, lots of possibilities. Let me knock out the ones that make no sense.

6) This guy has all the hallmarks of lifelong psychopathy and he wasn't just a normal guy until a few days before he slaughtered five dozen people. He planned this mass murder for a long time. No brain tumor or drugs made him lose his mind.

5) Isis radicalization. First of all, his companion is a Catholic, not a Muslim. Secondly, there is nothing that rings of any Isis connection in his past behaviors or communications. Yes, he dropped into the Philippines, but his girlfriend was from there, so big deal. I have photos of me wearing hijab in Egypt but that doesn't make me connected to a terrorist organization. I would be very surprised if radical Islamic links are found.

4). Just no. I am not even going to argue this because there is no evidence of some Deep State stuff going on here.


Which leaves us with 1), 2), and 3). 

Either he is just a typical mass murderer whose life was going down the toilet so he decided to get his  big revenge and have his day in the sun and all the infamy from the media that goes with it....

....or he had a political motive...

...or both.

So, we need to look at his life and what has been happening.

A) We know he is a psychopath and has always been one. Psychopaths can make up reasons for doing things for their own amusement, so he could simply commit the mass murder for the fun and thrill or he could do develop a political motive for the crime (a la McVeigh) to justify his actions. McVeigh really WASN'T very political, but he found a cool story in a book about attacking the government and he decided this would be exciting to act out. Psychopaths don't actually give THAT much of a shit about politics but they may use it for their own peculiar ideation to gain power and control.

B) So far, there is little in this psychopath's life that show any big change as far as monetary loss or girlfriend loss. The ONLY change we see, so far, is a stockpiling of weapons that began one year ago. 
What set him off one year ago?

C) Venue. He chose to target a largely white, conservative, Republican group of people. This was not a spur of the moment choice. He could have chosen many other venues to annihilate a large number of people. Interestingly, the media is not discussing his choice of victims. But, he chose those victims for one of two reasons, 1) convenience and familiarity - this is common for mass murderers, or 2) political reasons. Actually, it is possibly he could have chosen the venue for both those reasons. At this point in time we do not know the answer.

D) His politics. We have not heard that he has any political interest. In some sense, this could be true. He is a psychopath who only gives a crap about himself, so it is not unbelievable that he could care less about politics. It is true that his family members, from what I can determine from interviews and their Facebook pages, are pretty bland about politics. There are NO strong political comments from anyone which is pretty amazing in these times. If you look at my Facebook friends, you will see many people outspoken about politics of all sorts. The only little bit of politics I see in the relatives is a slight lean to the left with a pussy hat on the girlfriend of the nephew. Now, what is a bit more interesting is that the killer's girlfriend was married for over two decades to a fellow who was quite  to the left. This, of course, doesn't mean she is, but it is interesting. We will have to wait to see if the shooter has any political leanings at all. One other thing which possibly supports a political ideation is the age of this mass murderer. Most killers of this kind are either really young (school shooters) or middle age (lost job/wife shooters), but almost none are in their sixties. Sometimes, older people get crotchety about politics (go sit in a senior center and you will see what I mean) and even psychopaths can get adamant in their later years about what is wrong with our country. If there is any political motive behind this crime, I would find it hard to believe that the shooter didn't at least grumble to people at some point in time.

E) But, there are three things put together which might mean something. He started collecting a huge  amount of weapons at election time last year, he shot conservative white people, and it is the 100-year anniversary of the October Revolution of the Bolsheviks, know as Red October. Coincidence? Perhaps.

So, where are we with motive? I am not sure I can answer that. This is what the investigation will at some point determine, I certainly hope. It would be very unlikely there are zero clues although we are seeming to be told that today. Most of the time it doesn't really matter what the so-called motive of a murdering psychopath is because it is usually only really important to him, but with the festering civil war in this country and increasing hatred and intolerance, I would like to know if this massacre is another blow to a civil society. If it is, it is a call to all citizens and to the media that we need to start behaving like intelligent adults, able to respect differences of opinions, and to not see everything in black and white when it comes to race and politics. We need to grow up and start acting like civilized human beings and not savage idiots. While attacking each other with words is probably sufficient for many people, adding violence can become the method of communication for those with sicker mentalities. If we don't want to be like some countries in this world with terrorist acts being a hazard of daily life, we need to get our act together.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
October 5, 2017

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Warren Buffett: the Don of White Collar Crime

Hullo, Dad!

I am not sure what wool multi-billionaire Warren Buffett has pulled over so many people's eyes that they cannot see what he really is - a criminal of the nth degree.

Why do so many folks think Buffet is nice guy? Is it that he lives in a modest house and not a mansion? That he looks dumpy? That he doesn't appear to live a fancy life? All of that is meaningless and I know because I am pretty much the same way; I don't CARE for certain things that my money COULD buy. I just don't and if I had a billion more dollars, I still would be unlikely to spend the money in any kind of ostentatious way. I don't like fancy hotels (I find them cold and sterile), I don't like partying (I find it boring), I don't want to live in a mansion (I feel like I am in a sterile decorator's museum, rattling around in too big a place). I like small, simple, colorful, etc. 

Oh, wait! Doesn't Buffett have a private jet, in fact, a fleet of them? You bet! Why? He claims it is a necessity in order to get around more efficiently.

In fact, if I were a rich bitch, I would own one of those, too! Why? Because flying commercial is hell and, if I had a boatload of money, I don't see why I shouldn't spend some of it making my life less hellish. 

So, Buffett and I have a lot in common in that we use money in the way that works for us with little interest in spending it just to impress folks or impress ourselves.

But, just because that is the way he likes to lives has nothing to do with who he REALLY is. And what he REALLY is looks to me to be a pretty evil person, a massive manipulator who gets his kicks out of making money (not spending it). And he sells his down-to-earth image...a humble, sweet guy who is "just like us" for a purpose; it is his cover and it seems many people are buying it. Sure, he is a philanthropist, he gives money to some great causes and to the needy, only he robs the poor to give to other poor, just like narco dons a la Pablo Escobar and "El Chapo" Joaquin Guzman. Sometimes people are so impressed by the good they do that they completely ignore that they are bad, bad people. Some would say the whole lot are psychopaths and I would have a hard time disagreeing with that, so if this is the label we can give such men (and women), we can be sure that any good they do has nothing to do with empathy but serves some purpose of their own; good publicity, ego, protection, etc. 

My friends, Warren Buffett is the head of a massive criminal empire; he makes his money from ripping off all of us in more ways than can be counted. He is a bankster, a supporter of a corporate system of thievery, and he could care less about the people he harms. In fact, he seems to have zero compassion for the pawns on his chessboard; they are all expendable in the thrill of winning the game. Check what Buffett just said about the Wells Fargo scandel. 

But Buffett has also made it clear that Berkshire Hathaway wouldn't abandon the bank. In a CNN interview last year, Buffett said that Wells Fargo's now-former CEO John Stumpf is a "very decent man" who "made a hell of a mistake" in not dealing with the scandal more  aggressively. Buffett went on to say that Wells Fargo is an "incredible institution" and that he wasn't planning on selling a single share of it.

Yeah, and now with news coming out that the thievery was even worse than previously reported, Buffett continues to simply say Wells Fargo has "misbehaved" and done some things that were "very wrong," but, hey, he was going to stick with them because......::drum roll::......In spite of (or because) they have robbed their customers blind, they are still making me a shitload of money!" Okay, he didn't say that last bit, but I will guess that this is exactly what he thought because everything he says indicates that he is all about his own profits and not a bit about ethics and decency.

He actually has the gall to claim that he isn't actually running the bank himself, so I guess that is supposed to mean he isn't one of the "cockroaches" he says did those bad things and he is the hapless homeowner who was invaded by vermin. I say that no boss has that level of vermin unless he keeps a very dirty house and does not care to clean it.

Personally, I think he is the granddaddy of all cockroaches and while Buffett is claiming he is interested in exterminating this pestilence who has hidden in all the cracks of the banking industry, he  doesn't seem to want the exterminator to come to his own door. In fact, I am sure it is just a one-time removal of the token cockroaches that he is interested in so that business can go on as usual and Wells Fargo can continue to bilk its customers with impunity.

Once the extermination of those underling cockroaches has been accomplished (with our money, not his), the new cockroaches can move in and do the bidding of the head cockroach for the next decade without much interfence because, unless you have drank the Buffett Kool-Aid and are living in a fantasy world, you should realize that the banksters own our government along with the pharmaceutical industry and other powerful corporations. 

Stop worrying about Russian mobsters running our country and start focusing on our own corporate mobsters because they are the power behind just about everything US.

And that definitely includes Warren Buffett.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

August 31, 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Media is the Biggest Hate Group in America

When I thought Things were Getting Better
I know you will be surprised that I am calling out the media to this extent; after all, haven't I spent almost two decades on television doing crime commentary? And don't I still do media interviews and have friends in the media? Yes, all true, but I have also been willing to admit where we in the media are doing the wrong thing like when I took my stance against doing any interviews in which the name and face of a mass murderer was used in a breaking news story as it is my belief that media attention encourages this particular type of crime.

And now I see another pattern in the media; the fomenting of hate and racism and demonization of the president of our country, running with a story that stirs up outrage from the public by carefully selecting facts to support an agenda that they believe will excite the viewers and readers. And when it comes to political issues, since the media is heavily left-leaning, they have allowed their subjective viewpoint to color their stories, encouraged them to cherry pick the facts and misrepresent what actually happened. Many in the media do not even recognize what they are doing (some do and do so on purpose and with a vengeance) but others are caught up in the frenzy that is the life of 24/7 cable television and the 24/7 internet response. Some are just incompetent and are poor journalists following the dictates of the media higher-ups and their audience.

What has been lost is accurate, measured reporting.  The media is no longer a watchdog; it is a rabid pitbull.

No sadder proof than this is to see the decline of race relations in America since the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012 in Sanford, Florida.

Let me backtrack to 1979. This was the year I married Uzzeal Brown, an immigrant from Jamaica; a legal immigrant from Jamaica whose family had worked hard to bring each family member over through the long and arduous process required by US law. Uzzeal and I lived in Maryland for a year after our marriage, then moved to California for a while, and when we returned to Maryland, we brought our one-year-old baby daughter with us. We moved into a house in Berwyn Heights, Maryland, a house I fell in love with because it was a 250-year-old historic colonial. I forgot to check out the demographics of the neighborhood, but it looked nice driving through and was just one mile from the University of Maryland.

Just after we moved in, we went to Berwyn Heights Day to socialize with our new neighbors. They were all white, ALL white, white with pickup trucks, white blue collar, white guys who liked country and rock music, white guys with white wives and white children. All except my husband and one other divorced black woman who lived with her two black children near the town office. The whole town council was white. The police force was white. The fire department was white. The whole town of over 2000 people was white....except now for four blacks and one biracial baby. Our move to Berwyn Heights almost doubled the black population.

My husband rather broke into a sweat. "I hope we don't find a cross burning on our lawn," he muttered. We had already been through the interracial dating thing which was not that common back in the late 70s but we were fortunate not to have suffered too much from it. Both our families came to the wedding and were nice to each other. My parents liked him; his parents liked me. All was pretty good. Race relations were improving in America since the time I was little.

No one burned a cross on our lawn. In fact, my husband was a pretty popular guy in town and everyone liked our kids. He became the coach for the town soccer team. In fact, he ran for mayor in the town. He didn't win but it wasn't because he was black. He just lost because the other candidate was more seasoned in politics and town management. In fact, that other black adult in town, the divorced woman, DID became mayor and remained mayor for a long time.

My children grew up without encountering much racism or racial problems. All three of my children, two biracial children that I birthed and one black son whom we adopted when he was age six, grew up with many white friends from the neighborhood, sports, and homeschooling. Of course, they had friends who were also black, biracial, Hispanic, Asian and multiracial. And during those years, I saw races mixing more and more, sharing each other's music and speech and traditions (now known as cultural appropriation) and I was very happy to see the direction the country was going. For a parent of nonwhite children, this was very important to me. I wanted to see my children live happy lives in a less racially divided country.

Then Trayvon Martin happened and the Black Lives Matter movement and now Charlottesville and I wonder if we aren't heading into a disasterous future and a civil war that is dividing our country person by person, if not state by state.

I remember, as a profiler, that my commentary on the Trayvon Martin case provoked anger. Black Lives Matter had been born and the media pushed the incident as a hate crime. White racist kills innocent black child. Then President Obama didn't help matters when he encouraged the racism dialogue with "Trayvon could have been my son." Well, Mr. Obama, since you are biracial, if you had married a white woman, George Zimmerman could have been your son as well. For that matter, if you and Michelle had been open to it, either Zimmerman or Martin could have been your son if you had adopted a child.

George Zimmerman was a psychopathic wannabe cop who escalated a situation he should have let the police handle when he thought a possibly criminal teen in the neighborhood was about to commit a crime. He shouldn't have confronted Trayvon. Trayvon shouldn't have assaulted Zimmerman. Trayvon thought he would be in a fistfight; he didn't know Zimmerman had brought a gun along. Zimmerman fought back with the stronger weapon. Zimmerman won the fight. The whole thing was bad, but the jury, rightly so, saw this as a self-defense issue regardless of what kind of character Zimmerman was or what kind of character Trayvon was. I, personally, do not find either of them people I would have invited to my house. But this doesn't make it a hate crime. What made it a hate crime was a special interest group and the media.

Fast forward to 2014 and Michael Brown and Ferguson. Violent thug attacks police officer who defends himself and Black Lives Matter and the media make it about race yet again, claim it is another hate crime; white police officers hate blacks and use the badge to murder them. Then, drug dealer and repeat offender Freddie Gray dies seemingly accidentally in a police van in Baltimore in 2015 and six police officers are claimed to be criminally responsible. Didn't matter now that three of the six cops where actually black, it was STILL a hate crime shouted Black Lives Matter and the media.

Then we had the 2016 elections and because Donald Trump won the presidency, suddenly everyone who voted for him is labeled a white male homophobic racist even if they are black, female, and gay...oh, yeah, and all folks who voted for Trump are also Russian loving, Nazi loving, fascists. This is what the media keeps pushing. The media, on a daily basis, on an hourly bases, on a minute-to-minute basis, is on a massive hate campaign to destroy the Trump presidency and to push a specific agenda - not to report facts and  remain the rational voice of journalism. They have created a maelstrom of hate against the duly elected President of our country and against everyone who voted for him or doesn't speak out against him. Whether one likes President Trump or not, whether one liked Barack Obama or not, the answer is to work on changing the situation legally and honestly, not to instigate hate campaigns across the country; we are starting to look like India at the time of partition when politicians and self-interest groups turned Muslims against Hindus and Hindus against Muslims until they murdered each other on the streets and turned trains into moving cars of corpses.

Now, we have Charlottesville. I can just see this new Broadway show with that name...mark my words. Here is what should have happened. A bunch of weird looking, mostly white dudes circle around the park with some tiki torches and shields from Monty Python. No one is bussed into Charlottesville to protest against these guys. These alt-right folk had a permit and some possibly legitimate points and although some of them are scumbags, Nazi sympathizers, and very right white supremacists, their small number is hardly something to be terrified of as a huge threat to our country. And, some of them, gasp, are not any of them; they are just people with a different point of view from the MSM.

Yes, local folks could have had Happy Hour "Roll Your Eyes" events at local bars. They could have had a special discussion session at the library and invited the press to hear the varying viewpoints on confederate statues. If they wanted to counterprotest, they could have come nicely dressed and sat quietly on the ground with politely-worded signs. We could have had a good intercourse over free speech, how we want to represent history in the present, how far we have come since the Civil War...and the media could have reported how America responded well to a particular point of view that was expressed by a small group of people that day in Charlottesville.

But, no. Many of the counterprotesters came dressed as clownishly as the protesters, wearing masks, carrying bats and other weapons of war, and they weren't peaceful; they were violent and obnoxious. Some of the original protesters also became violent and one total psychopath gunned his car down the street and someone died. And I am with the president who I believe correctly originally stated that there was bad behavior on all sides and we need to all handle ourselves better, that no hate group is acceptable. He was right. He didn't single out a specific condemnation of white supremacists or nazis because in doing so, he would have to condemn Black Lives Matter and Antifa and he would have been annihilated by the media for doing that. Didn't matter though; they went ballistic on him anyway. Then, when he made a new statement in which he did try to "follow the rules" and speak out against white hate groups, it was now "too late." Then, when he reiterated that both sides did contribute to the melee, he was excoriated again. The media, who claims to be against hate, hates on and on and on and on.

I am saddened and exhausted. After living many years in the very white Berwyn Heights, I now live in the heavily black Bowie, Maryland, one of the largest and richest black communities in the US. I love it here and yet I wonder if our disintegrating race relations will change that. Where I used to worry about whites being racist against blacks, my worry has now turned around to a fear of blacks being racist against whites  Even sadder, I now  have to worry about whites become more racist against blacks because blacks are getting more racist against whites. And, sadder still, I have to worry about whites being racist against whites because they don't belong to the same political party or support certain hashtags or because they might not want to agree to change the name of my town of Bowie because it is named after a slave owner or that they don't agree to change the name of the capital because Washington was also a slave owner. And I even have to worry about blacks getting more racist against blacks who don't support certain ideologies because, heaven forbid, they actually voted for Trump or are police officers or are married to one of those white "racists."

Oh, and worst of all,  now, not only do I have to worry about my not-white children, but I have to worry about my not-black enough  3/4 white granddaughter as well. When will it end?

We are tearing our country apart with stupidity, stupidity born of hatred for anyone who doesn't agree with us 100%. We are no longer able to even have a fruitful conversation where we bring our experiences, feelings, and ideas to the table to discuss and come up with answers and compromises. For example, I happen to think Milo Yiannopuloulos is a hoot and loved a lot of what he had to say in his book Dangerous (I disagreed with some things, but, guess what? I didn't feel the need to call him names and prevent him from speaking in public venues) and when I had lunch with my son in a popular restaurant and went to give the book to my son to read, I had to hand it over to him in a paper bag because that's how scary this country has become. If I had brought him a copy of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Americanah, which, but the way, I loved, I would have had a bunch of people give me the thumbs up sign and I would have been thought to be the "right kind of person" to be acceptable in this world. If they saw me or my son reading Dangerous, we would be labeled deplorable. What happened to a country which allows for people to have shades of gray with political thinking? All that is gone. You are either one side or the other. What happens to us folks who refuse to pick sides? What happens to folks who understand a variety of cultures and political viewpoints and don't think it is our job to bow down to any of  them? What happens to relatively conservative people who support racial integration, gay marriage, and legal immigration? What happens to liberal folks who support the right to enjoy the company of one's own culture (even if it is white) or to enjoy another's culture that one was not born into, free speech even if it is the alt-right, police who are doing their jobs to protect our communities,  and a concern over unregulated immigration from countries who do not wish to accept the so-called Western Culture after they become residents of America? What has happened to the rational middle ground?

The media is largely responsible for this horrible state of affairs because they have become hitmen for a rising dangerous mob. I can't even read the news stories today or watch television news channels without being horrified by the hate. And, yet, if you actually ignored the agenda of the media and focused on the true issues and not what all these hate groups are saying - left, right, and the media -  the country is doing reasonably well under Trump and there is no big crisis. In other words, if people retained a sense of logic and reason, the citizens could see that our years under the Trump administration might end up being good ones for our country or at least not as bad as the media would have us believe. And if they think that the country would be better served by someone else in the future, they could work on finding an excellent candidate for the next presidential election and work to get that person voted in.

If we believe  in our constitution (even if a bunch of imperfect white men created it) and we believe in free speech (even for Milo and Al Sharpton and everyone in our country - for if we kill free speech for one, we kill free speech for all), then, for God's sake and for our own sake, we need to stop the nonsense and start acting like people who have evolved past caveman status.

But with the media acting as the most dangerous hate group in America, we may not have a chance.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

August 18, 2017