Monday, November 21, 2016

Is Todd Kohlhepp REALLY the Superbike Killer?

Let me start out with this simple statement: I can accept that Todd Kohlhepp is the Superbike killer, a freaky anomaly whom I never suspected committed the crime, I am okay with that...if it is really him. If it is really him, four families can have closure after thirteen years and finally see some justice in the murders of their loved ones. If my profile of the case, my analysis of the evidence, did not point to Kohlhepp, I apologize to the Spartanburg Country Sheriff's Office (SCSO) for having been less than useful in my service to them. I can admit to not always being right, not 100%; I never expect detectives to always be right or 100% perfect either. We are just humans trying to do our best. This is one reason I am very particular about criminal profiling being considered a tool in aiding focus and decisions in investigation, not some kind of psychic vision of exactly what happened. I make sure when I turn in my profiles to police departments that I explain each and every one of my conclusions and what evidence supports those conclusions. I hope that my analysis and clear explanations allow the detectives to use their own skills in deciding if my conclusions make sense and if they should follow through on my thoughts and suggestions.

The Superbike case was a mess from Day One. It has been made public that the investigation appears to have gone the wrong direction when DNA results were screwed up and Melissa Brackman (then married to Scott Ponder) became the main suspect. Even now with the claim by the SCSO that Kohlhepp is the Superbike killer, they have admitted they never even interviewed him in spite of his name supposedly being on a Superbike customer list and having such a horrific criminal record.

I was brought in in 2009 to review the case. I spent a week inside the SCSO reviewing all the files and developing my analysis. I did note that the strongest lead was not followed up on properly and there were a number of errors made in double checking information and unlikely theories were pursued that may have badly effected the investigation. I have seen this quite often with cold cases, so I don't get that upset with detectives; they are doing their best with the training they have and I do believe they wish to solve their cases.

However, in the Superbike case, there was an overfocus on the unknown customer in the shop and Sheriff Wright kept saying over and over that this was the guy who committed the crime. Yet, there was not one shred of evidence to support this person's involvement while much evidence pointed to another individual. When I questioned Wright as to why he thought it was this guy, he told me that the individual never came forward to the SCSO and let them know it was him. I laughed and said, "I don't think I, myself, would come forward! I would think I would be accused of the crime!" Wright told me the citizens of Spartanburg were of a stellar type and would definitely come forward. I asked him if he thought someone with a concerning criminal record would be willing to put his neck in the noose and he said he believed that even someone with a criminal record would come forward. I was not sure what world Sheriff Wright lived in but I found it rather rose-colored-glasses-ish to think this way.

But, I didn't belabor the point. I gave my final analysis to the SCSO and left town. I never contacted media and I never told the family what my profile included. I kept quiet until Sheriff Wright made this statement three years later:

In March of 2012, Sheriff Chuck Wright said on the killings were, "probably one of the most gruesome, horrific crimes committed in our county."
With a new sketch released, Wright said they wanted national media attention because someone out there had to know the person. He said that because the customer was never identified and never came forward as a witness, deputies believed he knew what happened.
"This fellow will tell us exactly what happened in the shop that day," said Wright.

In other words, he said he was the killer. And this was a blatant lie since there was no evidence at that point in time to support such a claim. I, therefore, made a public statement that there was no proof that the man in the composite was the killer. Sheriff Wright then spoke out on television and claimed I had no inside knowledge of the case and only knew what I had "read on the Internet." I followed that up with some posts concerning the case which indicated I did indeed know more than what I read on the Internet. It was my hope at this time to encourage the families and citizens not to accept lies from their public servants and get Sheriff Wright removed from office. I had hoped a new sheriff might move the case forward based on evidence and there might finally be some progress.
However, nothing came of my stand and I said no more until recently in 2016 when Todd Kohlhepp suddenly came out of the blue and "confessed" to the Superbike crime.
I was stunned, to say the least. And confused. A serial killer that is also a mass murderer? That would be one for the history books. It isn't the way serial killers behave. An angry customer? There were no known angry customers except for a slightly peeved final customer that tragic day but that man wasn't Kohlhepp. There had been no angry phone calls or angry visitors to the establishment in the days or weeks or even months leading up to the mass murder. Todd Kohlhepp made no sense except that Sheriff Wright was up for re-election in the next few days and the Superbike case had been an albatross around his neck; could Todd Kohlhepp simply be a convenient patsy? 
And what would be his motive to kill four people in cold blood? Eventually, the story came out - or should I say two stories came out (both obviously from Kolhepp or the police but not from true witnesses). One, that he bought a bike from the store and the people there laughed at him when he fell over while learning to ride and, two, that he bought the bike, it was stolen, and they laughed at him when he came back to buy another. Both stories are pretty unimpressive as a motive for murder but add to that six months passing between the time he bought the bike to when he supposedly gunned everyone down and it is even more shaky. I guess one could conjecture that he came back six months later to buy another bike and he was the man in the composite and he was laughed at once more but it still seems quite unlikely that one joke would inspired Kohlhepp to come back an hour later and mow everyone down who worked in the shop. Yes, he is a psychopath and a killer but it is still a pretty lousy motive.
But, where is the evidence that it is him? So far, there is no physical evidence but it has been claimed by the SPSO that Todd Kohlhepp knew things only the killer could know. I found that odd since pretty much everything about the crime had been on the Internet - on Geraldo, on Ameria's Most Wanted, on Crime Watch Daily and on my blogs and other's blogs. But, then 48 Hours had Melissa Brackman (Ponder) receiving a call from Detective LaChica of the SCSO in which it is said he stated that Todd Kohlhepp knew something only the killer would know, that ALL THE VICTIMS WERE SHOT ONCE IN THE FOREHEAD.
FOREHEAD? I was stunned again. True, THAT piece of information had never been made public. 
Lead investigator, detective William Gary with the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s
Office, said the caliber of gun used was a 9 millimeter and that a number of shots
were fired with few misses.
“The person that did this was very accurate in their shooting. They had at least two
moving targets, possibly three,” Gary said.
One theory is a “disgruntled customer” murdered the four people out of revenge. The
show said there was speculation the shooter was a professional hit man. After the
victims were shot, investigators say that the murderer circled around and shot each
of the victims in the head, execution-style.

Okay, so the SCSO did say they were all shot in the head execution style but never mentioned there were shot in the forehead. So, if it was true that all the victims were shot in the forehead and Kohlhepp knew this, then, indeed, he knew something that had not been made public.
The only problem with this is "it is NOT true." NONE of the victims were shot in the forehead. So why is Kohlhepp saying this (unless he just guessed and guessed wrong and, therefore, is NOT the killer) or the SCSO is making this up to get the public to believe that Todd Kohlhepp really is the killer?
If this case is plead out, if Todd Kohlhepp admits guilt and the case never goes to court (saving Kohlhepp, perhaps, from the death penalty, and saving the families from the trauma of reliving the crimes), then no evidence will ever have to be publicly presented to prove Kohlhepp is the Superbike killer.
Something is very wrong in Spartanburg and the citizens need to find out exactly what it is.
Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
November 21, 2016


Lydia Scott said...

While I desperately want to believe my family's killer has been found, nothing about this has smelled right from the start. It's just so damned convenient and with no real proof. Nothing adds up except a way to keep Wright in the sheriff's sest.

Crystal Bowen said...

I have questioned this from the start. This man seems to want fame no matter how he has to go about getting it. I pray if they are correct then he pays for this, and if it's just a move to keep Wright in then the info will come out and he will be removed.

Anonymous said...

If he murdered the ones that were "trying to teach him how to ride a motorcycle"....who taught him to the ride the one he paid taxes on past 3 years.

Mark Boles said...

Spartanburg is one of the biggest drug hubs in the state so I don't believe all of them to be "stellar". It's a beautiful town with a lot of good people but to make a comment like that about any town shows me he lives in a different world than the rest of us. Every town has a bad side. It's just a fact. Except maybe Mayberry

Anonymous said...

Chuck Wright was going to win the election no matter what. Look at the numbers. What did Kohlhepp have to gain by admitting it ?? He IS that crazy of a killer. He has killed 3 others in Spartanburg County and who knows were else. If he is a serial killer, why do you find it hard to believe that he killed 4 at one time ??

Anonymous said...

The something wrong in spartanburg SC is Chuck wright. Also I don't think that the lab made any mistakes in the DNA testing done on the ponders baby. I think that the police and detectives thought if they told her that it wasn't his baby then maybe she would confess to it but it didn't work and it backfired on them so they said that there was a mistake made. That's not a mistake, that's a major screw up.

Anonymous said...

The sketch looks a lot like the man they found buried in his property

Anonymous said...

he didnt but my brother known who did. been trying to get police dept to work deal for information he has.
im his sister julie williams

Pat Brown said...

Anon 2:49

It may well be possible that Chuck Wright already was confident in being elected once again, but the Superbike case has been a thorn in his side for a long time; he could well want it done and to enhance his reputation. As to Kohlhepp, yes, he is a psychopath and he could indeed claim he committed the mass murder for the fame and fun of it. However, as to WOULD he actually commit such a mass murder, it would be a rarity for a serial killer, far outside of known behaviors for such a psychopath. However, as I said, he could be that anomaly, but to accept that we must have evidence and, so far, the only evidence given is a straight up lie and that is where I have the biggest issue.

P. Orr said...

I live in Spartanburg and you would think Chuck Wright hangs the sun in our county every morning. When he holds press conferences promoting Christianity his remaining words go unquestioned by so many in our community. It feels more like a political strategy than Godly witnessing to me. (And yes, I am a Christian). He appears to love being in front of the camera speaking in absolutes without regard for any possible consequence. I certainly pray he is right about this case. If not, he'll have to answer to more than just Spartanburg!

Tammy Fletcher said...

Because predators, sex offenders, do not change their style or habits. They don't go and kill 4 people all at once. They would kill someone in the way of getting to their object of sexual desire but not four people out-of the blue. This has sounded wrong to me and evidently others from the time he supposedly confessed.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Brown - I've known Todd for nearly twelve years, first meeting sometime in 2005. I was aware that Todd was a registered sex offender but did not know the crime was violent in nature, or his 15-year stint in prison. I knew he had a vast arsenal of weapons, too, and was highly trained in their use. In my opinion, the Arizona criminal justice system failed society and failed Todd.

From what I know of Todd, and what I've learned recently, I have little doubt that he is the one who committed the Superbike murders. While he doesn't fit a pattern of most serial killers, there is, in my view, a common element between Superbike and the latest murders, anger or rage.

Both stories about his motorcycle are correct: Todd purchased a motorcycle without knowing how to ride (15 years in prison since age 15) and felt teased in the process; his motorcycle was later stolen and he believed that the bike shop was selling addresses to thieves. I learned both of these things through a mutual friend, who had known Todd at the time of the crime. Todd didn't have much income at the time and I can see how the loss of the motorcycle, his first major post prison purchase could have driven up his anger.

With Kala Brown and Charlie Carver, Todd had been struggling to find reliable help for work on his land and at the same time (about late July) I remember him complaining about someone "running their mouth about things they know nothing about." Many things irritated Todd, increasingly over the last two years, so the question is what eroded his filter? All manner of real estate dealings could infuriated him but he managed to hold his anger in check. I know he was proud of his business and he was quite good at it. I also know that when he purchased the property, business began to decline. Some would read into this that he was now occupied by murder, but I've seen the amount of labor that he put into the land and for a period the land was a stress reliever.

Todd was an unlikable person but at the same time he drew sympathy from me. He desired friends but didn't seem to understand how he drove people away. I always felt he was stunted in his social development. After his arrest when I learned that he had spent fifteen years in prison, many things about him made sense. His vast knowledge of minute details related to aircraft being one. I always wondered when he'd had the time to learn so much about planes--in prison. For years I had resisted a deeper friendship, choosing to remain simply an employee. I know that hurt him, and I'll probably feel guilt for awhile, questioning whether he really did just need a friend. But I keep telling myself, "he was already a murderer when you met him."

If you have any questions about Todd, I would be happy to answer them as best as I can. I might can help you reconcile your views on this case. It can be unsettling to not match what you see to what you believe...I spent hundreds of hours conversing with a murder. Even today, I was driving past his house and wanted to stop in and vent to him about an irritating real estate deal. It was an odd feeling.

Tammy Fletcher said...

I have said from the first ,that Kolhepp isn't the one who murdered them. A sexual predator may kill someone in his way but not 4 random people, especially without leaving some kind of evidence.

Pat Brown said...

Anon 8:15

Thank you for your thoughts.

I think you are mistaking a psychopath who can commit horrible crimes (sexual homicides) and general psychopathic behavior (arrogance, easily insulted because after all his ego can't take it, violent tendencies, etc) for linkage to a particular crime. As I stated above, while he COULD have committed such a crime, it would be an anomaly in the history of serial killers. Also, unless he was insulted in just the days before the crime, it is unlikely he would have retaliated months later. As to his stories, those are HIS stories - and he is a pathological liar (by the way, I hear he claimed his bike was stolen because it was actually repo'ed when he couldn't keep up payments) and, therefore, not a trustworthy source.

Finally, I think you have totally missed the point of the article. You think I need to reconcile my views on the case? As in learn to accept that Kohlhepp is the Superbike killer? You are asking for an emotional determination rather than one based on evidence. And, what evidence is there? According to what we have heard, all we have is a claim by the Sheriff's Office that he knew something only the killer could know -- that all the victims were shot in the forehead.

And they were NOT shot in the forehead. How do you reconcile this lie from the Sheriff's Office?

Anonymous said...

First, by reconcile I didn't mean to accept; I meant to gain further understanding to connect with past thinking. Whether you gain new meaning is unknown.

As for the accounts related to the bike shop, I'm not relying on his word after the fact (he never talked to me about it); I'm relying on his words to others before the murder (not his mother, who is unreliable). He was angry toward those at the bike shop for whatever reason. Was this anger enough to kill four people?

I haven't read about the victims being shot in the forehead, so I can't commit to that. However, I think we can agree that the Sheriff's Office did a horrendous job with the investigation from start to finish. Now they are having to confront their mistakes. For instance, why didn't they run all past customers' criminal histories and be certain to question those with violent pasts? Why only attempt to interview Todd twice as Investigator Gary said?

My assumption was that Todd could tell them what type of ammunition was used. He's a military guy, who would use specific ammo.

Pat Brown said...

Anon 9:21

I totally agree that Kohlhepp should have been properly investigated in the past (and I never heard his name or heard he had been even interviewed) and he should be interviewed now. Again, if he is an anomaly, so be it. However, just because he might have had a bad feeling toward someone at the shop doesn't mean he committed the crime. He wasn't the only psychopath to enter that shop over the year. In fact, he could have been in the shop that day and still not be the killer. This is the purpose of investigation and evidence.

So, what evidence are we talking about. You can watch the 48 hours episode or read up on it and it is clearly stated that Kohlhepp said he shot them all in the forehead and this was information only the police and the killer knew. Now, since this is NOT true, WHY would the Sheriff's Office lie about it? Do they not have a decent shred of evidence to connect Kohlhepp to the crime so they are making up stuff to make him look guilty?

Once a police agency starts commits police misconduct (which making up such a lie would be), I hardly think they can be trusted.

Anonymous said...

mrs brown i would really like to speak with you but not here. i will try to find a way to reach you as i really dont want to publish my name ...scso is not someone i would like to upset. i think your right in your beliefs and as much as i would love to speak out im scared too

Pat Brown said...

Anon 10:19

My contact information is on my website:

Anonymous said...

i left you a message in messanger through fb that way youll know who i am and can reach out to me if you wish too

Unknown said...

Is it true that scso allowed Todd to transfer his assets to his mother?

Anonymous said...

I met Todd in 2006 and he was my neighbor in an aparpment complex and thought a lot of him. This news is hard to believe. So sad.

Pat Brown said...

Anon 10:44 I do not see your message in Messenger. Try emailing me at

Pat Brown said...


Well, he was granted three wishes...heh.....I don't know what the genie actually granted.

Pat Brown said...

Anon 11:21

It is always hard to imagine anyone who seems normal (at least to an extent) is busy kidnapping and murdering people. Even detectives have trouble when interviewing some serial killers because they can't believe the "normal" guy in front of them is a killer. However, if you hang around them enough, their psychopathy shows up, but, unfortunately, most people don't really know the signs of psychopathy and put 2 and 2 together. And, even so, most psychopaths are not serial killers although all serial killers are psychopaths.

Sandi Horowitz said...

Would Kohlhepp really go that long after the Superbike murders without killing someone? There have to be other crimes he has committed in the meantime. Also, why was Kohlhepp never checked out from the beginning since he was a Superbike customer (and disgruntled one at that)?

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your assessment of Kohlhepp. Here's my theory.

There are three series of criminal events that everyone agrees he committed, withstanding the Super Bike murders: Rape at age 16, the murders of the drifters, and the kidnapping of the woman and murder of her boyfriend. None of these appear to be that well thought out in retrospect, but he did plan the idea of how he would commit these crimes in advance (and more specifically the adult crimes well in advance) by buying land, alibi's, and fostering relationships. With all three crimes he waited for the opportunity to do things when he felt he could get away with it.

There is no doubt that he is a rapist. He is a murderer. But we don't know that he committed both simultaneously; meaning his motivation for rape and his motivation for killing could be two separate things. Consider this, of the two rapes we know of (I presume he raped the girl they found) both victims are still alive. The people he killed were simply in his way and my theory is that they said things that made him feel inadequate and feel like the psychopath that he is, so he killed them out of rage. The guy wanted badly to fit in and the people that reminded him that he didn't were the ones he killed.

The people at the Super Bike store fit the bill. They made fun of him and made him feel like he didn't fit in. So, after they made him feel that way, I believe he started planning to kill them and waited for the opportunity he needed to get his revenge.

Finally, I know that there are many serial killers that want to gain notoriety for their murders but most of them do so while living an anonymous life. They do so because their reason for murder is the joy of killing and they want to be famous murderers. The anonymity of everyday life is necessary because it serves the purpose of allowing them to kill more people. This man was the complete opposite.

To me, Kohlhepp was doing everything he could to appear successful because he wanted to be normal. His reason for murder wasn't because he loved killing, it was vengeance for people who saw through his persona. If he had not been a rapist, I don't think he would have been a murderer. But because he could not control his sexual desires, he was incapable of being the normal person he desired. He knew it deep down, but he hated more than anything when other people reminded him. However, he killed them at opportunistic times because he knew that if he got caught, everyone would know just how far from normal he actually is.

Pat Brown said...

Anon 10:20

Well, you certainly have developed some theories about Kohlhepp. All I can say is as a criminal profiler who has specialized in serial homcide for two decades, you are putting to much into what he thinks. First of all, rape isn't about controlling sexual desires; it is about power and control and humiliating the victim and society. And, I won't go into all the rest except to say, all serial homicide is about power and control. Kohlhepp wasn't trying to act normal because he wanted to be normal. He wanted to be successful for more power and control. He despises all people, so he would hardly desire to be "normal" lie them.

Regardless of all the psychology people try to understand and then think that proves Kohlhepp committed the Superbike murders, the basic issue is still evidence. I can tell you, more than one psychopath has entered the doors of Superbike over the months before the crime and any of the could have felt slighted. No one should be charged unless there is evidence supporting those charges and no charges should be made based on lies out of the SCSO.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding. I've got no dog in the fight with the SCSO, so I agree with your take that crimes should be prosecuted based upon evidence.

You said that power and control are the reason people commit rape and murder, which makes sense. But, if he was seeking power and the people at the Super Bike store made him feel powerless, wouldn't that be a reason for him to kill them?

In your original article you dismissed that fairly easily as a motive, but if he was so driven for power that he would commit these heinous crimes, why isn't it also possible that he would kill four people who made him feel inadequate?

Anonymous said...

Can I ask the reason for taking down your blogs about the super bike case? They were very interesting to look back at. Also, if they weren't shot in the forehead as you have suggested, where were they shot? It seems like a pretty bold lie to say that they were when they weren't, wouldn't it have been easier to say that Todd told them how they were actually shot?

Pat Brown said...

Anon 8:12

I had a number of reasons for temporarily taking down those blogs, one of which is that people got confused over the "I Read it on the Internet" issue...which served a purpose at the time. I will likely return an edited version of the blogs at a future date.

As to the bold lie, yes, that is what is the stunning point. They COULD, as you pointed out, simply say Todd told them how they were actually shot. But, I think the problem for them is that they wish to strongly convince people that he absolutely is the killer. They started out by just saying he knew things only the killer would know...but that statement is a bit bland and requires that you think he really did. Also, I pointed out publically that there was not much that the wasn't already in the public domain so what could the killer know that all of us didn't? This is when they came out with the forehead claim. Nothing about being shot in the forehead was ever made public, that is for sure. So, not only is this something, if it were true, that only the killer would know, but it is a very strong visual and makes people gasp. So, unless I came forward, why wouldn't everyone now totally believe Todd Kohlhepp is the Superbike killer? It is a very convincing piece of information. Those who haven't read my blog or heard me on radio to state that none of the victims were shot in the forehead, have totally bought this and believe, hands down, that the right guy has been charged with the crime. It is all about public perception and if this case never goes to court and the autopsy reports made public, they can get away with this. What is also very telling about the power of this statement is that, so far, I have not heard of ONE of the victim's families questioning this statement; they seem to be totally buying that Kohlhepp is the guy. The families know I have seen the autopsy reports and I have never lied to them about anything and they know the sheriff has lied about many things, yet, they do not seem to be questioning the veracity of the statement. I may come forward with more specific information on the shooting if I must, but I was actually trying not to give those details out. I may be forced to do so.

Anonymous said...

Hi :) I have a few questions if you don't mind

Pat Brown said...

Anon 5:38 Feel free to ask.

Anonymous said...

Lyndia, has the Sheriff's department told the families that Kohlhepp admitted to shooting the SB victims in the forehead? Was that what they said he knew that was not public knowledge?

Pat Brown said...

Anon 11:51 I can answer that. Yes, the families have been told by SPSO that Kohlhepp admitted shooting the SB victims in the forehead, a detail not known to the public. I have heard from good sources who know the families that they have been told this. It was also on 48 hours two weeks ago. If it was wrongly stated by the host of 48 hours, none of the families have said so nor has the SPSO said so. In other words, there is zero denial that the SPSO claimed that Kohlhepp admitted to shooting the SB victims in the head and that this was a detail known only to the killer. As it is not true, if this was an error on the part of the 48 Hours host or the detective who called Melissa Brackman, the families and the SPSO have been dead silent about this for over two weeks.

Anonymous said...

I live in Spartanburg and have total respect for Chuck Wright. I think he won the election with like 85% of the vote.
A realtor friend I know that has worked with Todd in the past was told, by him, that the sex offender charges were from taking a younger girlfriend across state lines and having sex with her when he lived in AZ. She was shocked to hear about the actual charges and rape at such a young age.
Another customer in the hair salon I go to, that I know works in the coroners office , said in the shop last week that Todd had given them info that had never been released and that no one else would have known, except her office and LE working the case. She didn't give details, but said they were confident they had the right man.
I heard about the 'shot in the forehead' but I didn't know if that was said by LE or just said on the dateline program.
All this is just to say, I do not think our local LE would allow someone to plead to something with no proof that he is the real killer. And I'm afraid that his mother knew or strongly suspected all this time that her son was the killer.
I also dont' think he necessarily plans his crimes, but just acts on impulse anytime something makes him mad. I predict he won't last long in prison.

Pat Brown said...

Anon 11:47 I am not sure why you have total respect for someone who has been proven to not tell the truth to the citizens of Spartanburg. If you read my blogs, he has lied at least three times that I noted and these are facts: one, that he stated the composite was the killer without evidence, that he claimed I had never worked with the SCSO, and his detective (under his watch) has told the families that Todd Kohlhepp admitted to shooting all four victims in the forehead and that this "fact" was something only the killer would know (but, of course, it is not a fact because none of the victims were shot in the forehead per the autopsy report). This has been verified by witnesses and it was on 48 hours where the host clearly had access to the tape of the statement and there has been no retraction in over two weeks of this statement by Chuck Wright or the families. So, you may think he is a good, but I don't trust liars, especially when it comes to lying about someone's guilt in a case. So far, I do not think there is any evidence liking Kohlhepp to the crime. Please read all three blogs and you will see that I know the details of the case and what actually happened at the crime scene. So far, I have heard of the three things that Todd claimed that only the killer would know and none of them match the crime scene. The supposed forehead shots is one example of the false statements coming from the SCSO, so that speaks very loudly to the problem.

As to local law enforcement allowing someone to plead guilty to a crime he didn't commit, this wouldn't be the first time in history this has happened. Sometimes when cases dog police departments, they are happy to put the case to bed with a patsy.

As to the creep Kohlheep, he is a serial killer and that is his MO. Serial killers are not mass murderers and, if he is both, he would be a rare person. As to prison, he will likely get life and he will not at all be killed off in prison. Most serial killers have a dandy time there; they do better than most prisoners, chumming up with the guards and going on prison dating sites; some like Ted Bundy even get married in prison, get to have conjugal sex, and bring some poor child into the world who gets stuck with a serial killer for a father. Furthermore, books and movies will be made about him which he will bask in the fame of. Confessing to the Superbike crimes for fame and to get out of the death penalty is a smart move for him and getting him to "confess" to the crime is a smart move for Sheriff Wright and the SCSO.

Jim k said...

Pat, what makes TK a serial killer and not simply someone who kills on impulse or out of rage. From what I've read he seems like he can't control himself. Aren't serial killers usually very careful?

Pat Brown said...

Jim, Kohlhepp has all the hallmarks of a sadistic serial killer. He is unquestionable a psychopath and unquestionably violent but this could make him "just" a serial rapist or he could be a "normal" mass murderer, etc. But, his history is that of a sexually sadistic serial killer. He has three times kidnapped women for the purposes of rape and torture and he has killed at least three times. That qualifies him as a serial killer. And, yes, he can control himself. Since he got caught as a teenager, he has been fancy free for three decades! And he has built a life as a real estate agent, owns property and has a good income. I would say he was quite controlled. This doesn't mean his psychopathic personality didn't show at times; most serial killers show their rage and such at times. But, as far as crimes went, he has gone undetected until he screwed up with this last victim. Serial killers usually get caught through arrogance and carelessness, not great police work.Ted Bundy was free for many years until he got stopped by a traffic cop. Dennis Rader had a nice little family life and a job until he got stupid. John Gacy did fine until he ran out of crawl space and dumped a victim in the river.

There is zero proof Kohlhepp killed anyone out of uncontrolled rage. Just because Mommy claims she told him some crappy like one of victims got mouthy so he shot him doesn't mean there is a shred of truth in it. Psychopaths always blame the victim.

Could Todd Kohlhepp commit a crime out of character like a mass murder? As I have said, anything is possible, but not probable. When the police arrest someone it should be because there is probable cause and when he is convicted is should be in a court of law with substantial evidence. But, in this case, with the SCSO lying about forehead shots, I have to wonder why they need to do this is they have physical evidence linking him to the crime. And this is what they need to actually prove Kohlhepp is the perpetrator. If they come up with the only thing that would work in a court of law - a gun matching the ballistics - I hope they are required to provide that proof and not simply claim they have it and shut the whole thing down quietly with a plea deal. Too many people are willing to accept Kohlhepp as the Superbike killer without evidence,....and that is what worries me. Even when I brought out the proof that the shots were not to the forehead, the families and citizens are willing to ignore this blatant lie by the SCSO due to their desire to believe Kohlhepp is the killer.

Anonymous said...

I worked with Todd Kohlhepp for several years and know him quite well. It is easy to psychologically evaluate him based solely on his actions and say that he can't be a mass murderer and a serial killer. It is obvious from beginning to end of this blog post and the comments that you have never met him. He is the most narcissistic individual I have ever encountered. You haven't heard his voice, seen his mannerisms, let him creep you out with his body language. Your theory that he is NOT the Superbike killer is based more on Chuck Wright than Todd Kohlhepp. The Superbike murders happened a mile from where I was, to families that I knew. I literally cried my eyes out the night that they announced he was the murderer. I didn't believe it at first, basically because I didn't want to believe that I had spent hours upon hours selling real estate with someone who murdered 4 people in cold blood. Did he do it? I don't know, I wasn't there. But is he capable of flipping a switch and killing people over something so trivial? Absolutely. You said he would be "a rare person" if he was a mass murderer and a serial killer. He is a rare person regardless of his crimes. I can only hope that he learns to feel remorse, that he can repent and be forgiven, and that the families of all of his victims as well as our entire community can rest a little bit easier knowing that he won't hurt anyone else. If you ask me, Chuck Wright did a good thing. It could have been me or my coworkers buried out there. And maybe eventually it would have.

Pat Brown said...

Anon 10:15

I have no disagreement that Todd Kohlhepp is a murdering psychopath, a serial killer without question. Do I think he could kill four people because he was annoyed? Maybe. I have never said it was impossible. Unlikely, but not impossible.

You state my theory that he is NOT the Superbike killer is based more on Sheriiff Wrigtht than Todd Kohlhepp. I cannot see where you can get that idea from anything I have written; I can only gather that you are getting this from strong Wright supporters who claim I based my analysis on the Superbike crime on Internet gossip and some supposed hatred of Sheriff Wright. This is as ridiculous as it gets. I hardly know the man and if he lied about me working with the SCSO and made some silly media statement that I was just a television profiler, I a hardly getting all that bruised in the ego! My big concern has always been that he is lying to the public about the evidence.

I have stated clearly that my analysis of the Superbike crime is based on evidence, evidence I have examined and analyzed within the SCSO. The evidence does not point to an annoyed customer; it points to a person connected to the victims. However, this does not mean that Todd Kohlhepp could not be the Superbike killer. Sometimes the evidence is not totally clear. However, there IS no evidence that I know of supporting Todd Kohlhepp as the perpetrator of the is crime.

And that is what concerns me. The ONLY evidence made public so far by the SCSO is that Todd Kohlhepp confessed to the crime and stated that he shot all the victims in the forehead. However, the evidence straight from the autopsy photos and crime scene photos clearly shows that NONE of the victims were shot in the forehead. Therefore, either Todd Kohlhepp wasn't there and made up something that wasn't true or the SCSO made up a lie to convince the public that Todd Kohlhepp is the Superbike killer.

Like me or don't like me, think I am in some kind of pissing match with Sheriff Wright or not, the SCSO lied about the evidence and led the public to believe Todd Kohlhepp knew something - all the victims were shot in the forehead - that only the killer would know. If the SCSO had to lie about this, I have to believe they have no real evidence linking Todd Kohlhepp to the Superbike crime.

BraveInternetGuy said...

I listened to your take on this from a podcast that was posted on youtube.

You continually emphasize that Todd’s story doesn’t add up and that there’s no physical evidence to backup that he did those murders. Kinda how you’re claiming conspiracy with the Sheriff there and how Todd got fed information.

The forehead shots weren’t made public, but you have to admit that when someone shoots somebody in combat like that- especially within 30 seconds, four people nonetheless- forehead or just plain headshot is EXTREMELY ACCURATE when one goes to recount what had happened.

Sure this guy can be a liar, but what makes you think he “felt” like being as detailed and unsloppy as possible when retelling the bikeshop story? Sure he can be just trying to take the credit there, but he knew enough detail and it sounds like he just did a tad of embellishing. “Cleared that place in 30 seconds you would be so proud.” His motivation for telling that story would be none other than to embellish.

He knew enough detail coupled with a clear STRONG link to that shop. I bet there’s physical evidence; maybe documentation of the bike he bought there or possibly something else they failed to uncover originally.

And what makes you think a mass murderer cannot be a serial killer?

Most mass spree killers don’t get away with it! But if they were to they would definitely realize theyre lucky and would find a new “safe” way to kill and vent frustrations.

Or how about you interview him and test his statement with questions of your own?

From the looks of it it may be possible Todd is filling in the blanks to the story while simultaneously being inadvertently “fed” information to support that hes the killer. Thing is I bet he is the exception to the mass spree/serial killer rule. He’s telling the truth and he’s ALSO lying about petty facts from his end.

But 2 types of ammo. Headshots. Sheriff conspiracy or he sure as hell knows too much. Did you see the ballistics report yet?

Pat Brown said...


You clearly have not read ALL my blogs on the case. Todd had very little correct about the shooting. He had the order of the shooting wrong, how the victims were shot wrong, he had the order of the ammo wrong which invalidates completely his version, he did not know who was in the store and he could not have arrived on time. Yes, sometimes psychopaths will embellish but he had almost everything incorrect about the crime and, simply, there is nothing proving he was there and the motive makes no sense.

I paid $800 for a FOIA request (though another person) and the Sherirff's Department committed fraud by agreeing to release specific information on the crime scene and ballistics and evidence and then taking my money and not forwarding the information.