Friday, June 29, 2007

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Store Customer Called Hero for Shooting Armed Robbers

While we are on the topic of gun ownership and personal protection, I wanted to share this story about a 71-year-old South Florida man who many are calling a hero. John Lovell is a former Marine and pilot who was a member of the helicopter detail for Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. At about 11:15 pm this past Wednesday Lovell had just finished his meal at a Subway sandwich shop when two armed men rushed in and demanded cash from the lone employee behind the counter. The gunmen then tried to rob Lovell and force him into the store’s restroom. Believing his life was in danger, Lovell pulled his .45 caliber handgun from his back and fired seven rounds, hitting Donicio Arrindell and killing him The second gunman, Fredrick Gadson, was shot once and fled the scene, but was soon found nearby by police dogs and arrested.

Under Florida law, individuals have the right of "self-defense without the duty to retreat" meaning that they can use deadly force to prevent death or serious injury. Police say that Lovell, who has had a concealed carry permit since 1990, will likely not face any charges. Florida law also states that anyone who commits a felony such as armed robbery resulting in a death can be charged with murder. Under the law Gadson faces several felony charges, including the murder of Arrindell. Incredibly, the friends and family of the armed robbers have made public statements wanting to know how Lovell "could shoot two people and not go to jail." I suspect these individuals would not feel the same way if the two people shot were the store employee and Lovell.
(photo courtesy of Sun Sentinel)

Donna Weaver


Levi said...

I wonder if anyone tried to stop the armed robbers if they would have killed someone, or if they would have gotten away if they would have hurt or killed someone else?

Thank god someone was there to put a stop to them.

I care more about the safety of the public, than whether or not some dirt bag armed robbers got shot, trying to steal.

I bet the media is showing the families crying & demanding Lovell be charged with someone & pimping what they are going through for ratings...

Ronni said...

Well, aren't we a cynical lot tonight! I thoroughly agree with you, and, when I can get a gun that weighs less than four ounces, I'll probably take the class. My camera is way heavy, I can imagine carrying a gun!

Luckily, I've never been in the vicinity of a crime.

~knocks on wood and glances nervously about~