Thursday, July 19, 2007

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Blaming the Victim Does Not Solve Cases

Anonymous posted a comment to Pat Brown’s Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Yes, Paige Birgfeld, Missing Mom, is a Hooker,

“You disgust me. I hope you NEVER have to suffer through what Paige's family and friends are going through right now."

We usually don't answer comments like this, but I am going to answer this one.

My family and I know exactly what Paige Birgfeld’s family and friends are going through right now. Our loved one has been missing for more than 23 years. I hope Paige's family and friends won’t have to suffer like that. No one should suffer like that. But unfortunately, the loved ones of more than 100,000 missing adults and children in this country alone do live with that kind of pain.

Pat's article emphasized the importance of a complete victim profile because it significantly increases investigative avenues and the list of possible suspects. The less that is known about any missing person, the less chance there is of finding him or her. No one is doing Paige any good by denying the truth about her behavior and possible associates. While it is important to understand the relationship between high-risk behavior and victims of crime, it doesn’t mean someone deserves to be a victim, or that the perpetrator of the crime is any less guilty. Blaming the victim is wrong, and is one of the reasons why many cases go unsolved. We believe in solving cases here.

Apparently, my loved one was no angel either, but I didn't get close to the truth of what may have happened to him until I learned the truth about his activities and the persons associated with those activities. I didn't know about these things or people when he was alive, and as painful as it was when I finally did find out, I wish it had been much sooner. Although I was hurt and angry, it did not affect my resolve to find him and bring his killer to justice. Bringing attention to what Paige was involved in may generate important leads for investigators, and just could mean the difference between finding her or not.

To learn what you can do to help missing persons, please visit The Doe Network- International Center for Unidentified and Missing Persons , The North American Missing Persons Network, and Missing Pieces Radio.

Donna Weaver

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Anonymous said...

The only thing that CBS did was prove that Paige was a whore. There is not saint here, she is getting what she deserves. She cared nothing about her children or her family. She did not deserve to die. Live in hell for the rest of her life, without a doubt.