Thursday, October 25, 2007

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Why Does Kate McCann not make a Plea to Maddie's Captor?

In the recent interview with the parents of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann states she believes Madeleine is alive, essentially unharmed, and being cared for in someone's home. If Kate really believes this, then there is a glaring omission in her use of the media.

It is extremely abnormal for a mother who thinks her child has simply been taken by some lonely person and being cared for in a nice, little house to not reach out to that person with a message, over and over again. After all, this would be one way to get your child back. Here is how that kind of message usually goes:

“If you have Madeleine, please return her to her family. I know you may love having Madeleine with you but her Mommy, her Daddy, and her sister and brother are in great pain being separated from her. Please, please, let us have her back. Please take her to a public location where there are lots of people around like a McDonalds or a library or a hospital and drop her off. You can do this anonymously so you do not have to worry about being noticed. We are not interested in having any action taking against you; we just want our little girl at home with us. Thank you for taking good care of her and please send Madeleine back to us.”

But, instead, no plea to her captor? Very, very bizarre.

Which remind me: I have never heard of an expert telling parents to be unemotional in a plea to a kidnapper so as not to amuse them. Personally, I have to say most pleas are a waste of time and will have no effect on a psychopathic kidnapper. But, if one wanted to make a plea because one really believed the abducted child was not already dead or being tortured in a dungeon, that the child was with some nutty woman who just had to have the pretty little thing, then an emotional plea would be just the thing to try to jog the woman’s conscience to return the child.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


Anonymous said...

Please try and get interviewed in the British media!

Anja said...

Oh God, I just realized you where even worse than I thought yesterday after reading your bullsh*t, you actually have this as a hobby, to sit on the MacCann family back and spread as much hate as possible. You are clearly in deep need of medication, call a doctor fast, before it's to late dear.

transfattyacid said...

What puzzled me was when Kate said, that they had not seen Madeleine since she was four.

On one level straight foward, on another a denial.

Since the story is that the body was in the car some time after.

Anonymous said...

Agree Pat.

I wonder if the poster using the name of anja actually has anything constructive to say, instead of resorting to personal insults. Why is this person so offended that you should make sound observations? Unfortunately many people have been sadly manipulated by the McCanns into believing they are beyond criticism.

I agree with your point. It makes no sense that this was an appeal without an appeal.

Look at where Kate McCann's eyes were going. She reminds me of a six year old in a school play who can't help but check the faces in the audience for approval that her performance is getting the right reaction. She is not at all appearing absorbed in any emotion that she is trying to convey and she is unable to answer a straight question with a straight answer. Clearly this interview shows that the McCanns have something to hide.

elle said...

Fascinating article and I'm impressed at how well Pat Brown describes why many of us have doubts as to the authenticity of Kate McCann.

Kate appears very rehearsed and stiff in the Spanish interview. Gerry the same, only he seemed more nervous. Maybe that was due to anticipating how Kate would do during the interview.

Speaking of McCann plea's:

I remember Gerry claiming an attacker nabbed his wallet on one of his returns to the UK. He pleaded to the attacker to return the wallet. Voila! The wallet was returned (minus some silver according to Gerry). The wallet nabber was widely reported in UK media to have been sympathetic to Gerry thus, mailed the wallet back to him.
That was quite a publicity stunt, in my opinion. But it did seal my growing suspicions about the McCanns. I do not believe anything they say and I really have a hard time believing their main objective (or "wider agenda" as Gerry puts it) is finding Madeleine . Incidentally, who, if attacked on the street and had their wallet nabbed, would not call the police immediately? There is NO record of Gerry reporting the alleged crime to the UK police. Did the UK media report that little bit of information? No. Why?

What I find most disturbing is the deafening silence from professionals and experts in criminology regarding the many abnormal behaviors and actions displayed by Gerry and Kate McCann. I want to thank Pat Brown for stepping up and giving her analysis. She's used simple logic which too often is overlooked in this case due to the flood of McCann material (much of it originating from the official suspects themselves with the help of their various hired teams.)

I expect Pat Brown will be attacked for publicizing her professional views on anything related to the McCanns if those views don't match the extreme UK media pro-McCann propaganda.

I hope other professionals in the field of criminology become involved in the McCann case and don't feel intimidated by these two people who are obviously attempting to subvert and divert attention away from the teams of law enforcement both in Portugal and now the UK.

Indiansummer said...

After the interview, I had two questions:
1) Why is KM everytime so sure,that Madleine is alive and now she is still living in a friendly house with a friendly woman ? If she means: In the holy House of God with the holy woman of Fatima (? I don't know the correct name of the holy woman in Portugal)
Is this only a lie or a daydream ?
Why, if she thinking all the time Maddie is alive, she not ask the abductor to bring Madeleine home for a lot of money ?
Sorry for my english, but I'm a german.
Thanks Pat for Your Site

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown said...

Comes with the territory, but I thank you all for your kind words and support.

Two more red flags concerning the McCanns: Gerry's blog does not even describe Maddie other than to say who she is related to. Most victim websites have long stories and many memories about the missing loved one. And when the McCanns speak about Madeleine it is in a stilted artificial manner. It is if Maddie is a paper cut out doll with no real life to her (pun not really intended).

Also, the McCanns as far as I know (and someone out there can correct ne if I an wrong and missed something), have never gone on TV with a reward offer in exchange for information that leads to Maddie. Yes, OTHERS have done so on Maddie's behalf, but the McCanns themselves have not. I also can't find mention of the reward on Gerry's site. THIS is one huge red flag because the parents of victims almost always want to go on air and offer a reward because the hope their plea and the monetary enticement will get someone to come forward and bring their child home.

Anonymous said...

I think that Kate is not in her right state of mind. Her interviews seem strange and she is avoiding eye contact. I don't believe she is lying but more that she is either medicated or simply distraught where her world makes no sense.

Perhaps she has been ill for some time and now with her Maddie missing, she has slipped into an altered state of "reality."

If someone is giving them advice, it is very bad advice and this person needs to be fired.

transfattyacid said...

What do you make of this?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she has been ill for some time and now with her Maddie missing, she has slipped into an altered state of "reality."

I think, you are right- anonymous-
in this moment, were madleine be done,maybe killed by her, maybe killed accidently, maybe wandered off, or maybe killed by daddy- KM. lives in her own world.And this is the world of a abduction, a world with a little bit of hope. Not really for the rest of the world, but she needs this. Whatever she was doing, I think, she can't remember on this evening.(Maybe Drugs?)

iindiansummer said...

Sorry,this was acomment frm me

Anonymous said...

Pat, I thought you might be interested in something I posted elsewhere about the artist's impression of the "abductor" "seen" by Jane Tanner, friend of the McCanns.

Drawing can be viewed at:

Dear Jane Tanner

I was interested to see the artist's impression of the man you claimed you saw.

What strikes me is that this drawing could be of a man or a woman.

You claim you only saw the man from behind, and based in particular on the slight build shown in this drawing and the long hair, on what basis do you claim it was a man?

If you didn't see the face, how do you know it was a man? I assume you must be very sure it was a man, so sure that the whole world are now supposed to be looking for a man.

Please also explain what happened to the blanket?

The original description provided by police after Gordon Brown intervened to have the information released, was of a man holding something wrapped in a blanket that MAY have been a child.

So where is the blanket in the drawing?

Please also explain how you could remember all these details, yet at the time it was so insignificant you just carried on socialising and said nothing.

I know I couldn't remember the height, age, build. hair style, jacket, trousers, shoes of a random stranger on the street, DAYS LATER?

Are you gifted with a photographic memory?

Please explain how you knew how tall the man was? He was apparently a slightly built man holding a child and you saw him only from behind as he hurried away in dim light. Would you not expect him to be hunched forward to hold her, making it very hard to estimate his height?

Also please explain how you were also able to identify his classical style of shoes from behind?

Lastly, how did you estimate the age of a man seen only from behind?

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown said...

Touche. This is another one of those bizarre PR things coming from out of the McCann camp which is so ill advised. Not only is the picture kind of stupid, it is also pretty obvious to many that it is contrived.

The LAST thing the McCanns should want is an erroneous picture that will eliminate the abductor and bring in a gizzillion false leads.

Oh, wait, maybe this is the VERY thing the McCanns want.

Anonymous said...

What do you make of this end of the interview:

Anonymous said...

What do you make of this end of the interview:
(remove this space, plz)
(remove this space, plz)

Anonymous said...

IMO its so obvious there guilty and have lied , so much evedience against them . It will all come out soon