Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: When you need a Friend to move a Body...

I am feeling quite jealous of Drew Peterson and Bobby Cutts. I can't think of a single friend who would help me dispose of a corpse, especially one that happened to be related to me. Now, we don't know yet why Drew Peterson's alleged helper tried to commit suicide the day after it is claimed he helped Drew move one rather large barrel out of his house the day after his wife, Stacy, went missing. Maybe this alleged incident is unrelated to Stacy's disappearance, but if it does turn out that Drew's wife was in the container, I wanna know why I have no friends that would be this helpful in my time of need? Why would Drew have these friends, and Bobby Cutts have these friends and not me? Is it because Peterson and Cutts are fun guys or because everyone trusts a cop and doesn't ask what is in the barrel or bundle? Is it a male thing to be able to get this very supportive friends?

"Say, Drew, it is awfully kind of you to pack up all these old clothes to give to the poor. Kind of heavy stuff...winter coats? Well, I hope the homeless find the stuff....here's the shovel back, Drew."

"Say, Bobby, this is a beautiful park. Too bad we had to cart along a third party to ruin the mood. Oh, we are leaving her here in this brush? Cool...."

If there are any of you folks out there who know the meaning of being a best friend, send me an email. I just might need your help one day when I decide to take care of business. Thanks!

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


Levi said...


I wonder if it is because scum bags tend to be friends with other scum bags? In the case of Drew Peterson, I think he took advantage of a mentally ill man. It was a relative who had mental problems. Drew choose him, because this isn't someone that people would likely believe if they went to them with information, the police would brush them off as a "nut", because they had mental problems.

If I was going to get someone to dispose of a body, I'd seek help from someone who isn't all there, someone who isn't likely to go to police, and someone that if they did go to police --- the police would be highly skeptical of them.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown said...

Oh, yeah, Drew is a manipulative one and it is also true that gregarious psychopaths can talk some people into doing all kinds of stuff for them.

It is fascinating how a person can ignore the obvious concerning behavior of someone they want attention from or even defend it. Drew's best friend, the bar guy, didn't seem to have a big problem with being around Drew's wives even when he knew Drew was out womanizing and cheating on them, and he didn't seem to bat an eye over Drew tapping the wive's phones. Drew was just being Drew and he was fun guy. The friend accept all Drew's behavior until he realized the guy might really be a killer. THEN, he finally got wise.

And, yes, water does tend to seek its own level, so scumbags can attract scumbags. I would guess those close to Drew may have had quite a few flaws themselves.

Ronni said...

Maybe the "suicide attempt" was assisted a bit...

Drew visited him in the hospital, and THEN the word came down that he had "memory lapses."

At least, that's the word on the CourtTV message boards.

Others close to folks who were close to Drew have experienced unnatural deaths. One who dated an ex of Drew's was murdered, and the case remains unsolved, and another extra-marital fling had a brother who disapproved and was found hanging in his garage. Again, info found in posts at CourtTV. Rumor has it that Old Drew has a whole house of cards that may come a-tumbling down.

Eyes said...


I think Drew assessed people and used them appropriately. He knew his step-brother would do whatever, never question it, and if anything went funny -- he could say the guy had mental issues.

Maybe Drew gave him things in return??

People in healthy relationships don't even consider things like this, and we don't maintain relationships just to use people either.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown said...

I am sure Drew had a line as to why he needed help putting the barrel into the vehicle and his stepbrother just went along with helping him. THEN he finds out Stacy went missing; must have made his heart skip and beat and his stomach turn which is why he attempted suicide. He was now an accomplice.

Now, we have the news Stacy told her minister and friends that Drew had offed wife number three. Drew is about to go down. He was way too arrogant and free with his speech and communications.

preraphazon said...

For every killer, there is usually someone around them that is tacitly or actively letting it go on, wives keeping their blinders on out of weakness and/or fear, buddies who follow the leader for the same reasons. There are lots of people who prefer not to take note of everything that is going on and accept any responsibility.

Levi said...

Seems like Drew has let his mouth over load his tail! LOL