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Gore And Slasher Films Are No Laughing Matter To Victims Of Violent Crime

Last Thanksgiving Day, families throughout the United States gathered around the dining table holding hands in prayer giving thanks that they had the blessing to come together once more to celebrate this special day.

Some families, however, had to stretch their arms across a gap in the circle where one chair sat empty. That empty seat had once held a daughter, a son, a husband, a wife…..until an act of violence took them away. For their loved ones left behind, Thanksgiving Day gatherings would never again be quite so joyous.

On this same Thanksgiving Day, a behind-the-scenes battle of morals and ethics broke out among the contributors of In Cold Blog, a crime blog hosted by Corey Mitchell, a true crime author who has written a number of successful books on rape and murder. One can only imagine Corey Mitchell's moment of sadness as he sat at his Thanksgiving table remembering his first wife, Lisa Collete Popp Mitchell, who had been brutally raped by two men at the tender age of seventeen and then died unexpectedly before she reached the age of forty.

Or did he? On this particular holiday, Mitchell took time out of his family day to post Eli Roth’s short fake slasher film trailer "Thanksgiving" from the movie, Grindhouse released earlier this year. This misogynous, vile piece of work depicts a cheerleader stripping off her clothes as she jumps on a trampoline, doing a split in the air and coming down on a knife shoved up through the material; a woman performing oral sex on a bloody, headless corpse; and the bottom half of a naked woman, roasted and served on a plate in the shape of a turkey. I later discovered that Mitchell had directed a gore music video called “Blowtorch Lobotomy”, a repulsive depiction of a killing spree, for a death metal group called “Divine Pustulence,” a group Mr. Mitchell says, “Gives death a good name.”

Mike Stinski of Divine Pustulence: “Criminal profiler Pat Brown (notoriously Anti-slasher film), about In Cold Blog and our video Blowtorch Lobotomy. She claims a FICTIONAL gore music video brings pain to victims of violent true crime. We had fun making it, so it brought joy, not pain.”

A number of female contributors to the blog, all highly respected true crime authors and criminal justice professionals, were horrified, sickened, and offended that this video clip was posted as Mitchell labeled it, as a “Thanksgiving treat.” We knew that some readers, especially victims of violent crime and their families, would be highly upset that this video clip was included on a blog with a number of well respected and high profile contributors.

We asked Mr. Mitchell to remove the video clip explaining our concerns and positions. He refused. In an email to me, he said, “I am sorry you have no sense of humor whatsoever.” Then, he challenged me to contact victims’ organizations to prove that I was out of line and overly sensitive.

“As for victims' rights advocacy, feel free to call up the Parents of Murdered Children group and ask them why they invited me to be a guest speaker this past summer --- only the second true crime author ever asked to be a part of the annual conventions, the other being Anne Rule. Also, feel free to contact the following organizations that I donate a portion of my books' proceeds to including: Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network (RAINN), the Doris Tatefoundation, Parents of Murdered Children-Houston Chapter, parents of Murdered Children - Heights Chapter, Crimestoppers, SAJE (Sarah/Amy/Jennifer/Eliza), and the charities which receive donations from ICB.”

An excellent suggestion! I called Parents of Murdered Children (POMC) and left a message inquiring if they were aware of Mr.Mitchell’s predilections for gore and slasher films when he was asked to be a presenter at their last conference. Office manager, Beverly Warnock called back on behalf of executive director Nancy Ruhe-Munch and told me that POMC had not been aware of any such thing. To be entirely clear on the matter, POMC issued the following statement:

"The National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children (POMC) strongly objects to any gratuitous violence that is used as a form of entertainment and/or for profit. There are approximately 3000 people murdered each week in the United States. Each murder, whether in a shopping mall, or on a playground is seen as a tragedy. But when a murder is reenacted in film or for the internet it is called entertainment. What degree of acceptability would society put on these crimes if their loved one had become a victim of murder?

POMC established its
Murder Is Not Entertainment (MINE) program to help instill the same empathy for murder victims and their families as we afford to other types of tragedies; to prevent the re-victimization of survivors of homicide victims, and to heighten the awareness of the marketing of such products, internet videos, etc. that are based on violence and murder and the effects they have on today’s youth.”

MINE states on their website:

POMC strongly objects to any product, promotion, film or print media which features one or more of the following:
• Graphic photos of crime scenes and dead bodies of victims
• Graphic illustrations of actual murders and victims, such as in comic books and trading cards
• Unauthorized photos of grieving family members and friends of victims

• Material solely focused on murder for purposes of entertainment, instruction, promotion or profit
• Content focused on murder, violence or stalking in materials intended for children
• Products which seek to entertain by featuring facts and stories about the lives of infamous killers
• Any media or product which depicts murderers as heroes, or elevates murderers to celebrity status
• Any product distributed as entertainment which causes further pain and grief to victims'families and friends

It seems that had POMC known of Mitchell's interest in gore, rape, and violence for entertainment purposes, he likely would not be invited to speak about the weather, let alone the tragic, devastating impact of this same type of violence on victims of horrific crimes. If you were a parent experiencing the utter horror and grief of a murdered child, how would you feel about the director of Blowtorch Lobotomy, getting up on stage professing to care about you, your child, and your loss?

I then contacted the Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network (RAINN). Lynn Parrish, VP of Communication for RAINN stated:

“We do not have a relationship with Corey Mitchell. We do not condone films which feature gratuitous violence against women, men, or children - as they may desensitize viewers to the harsh reality of sexual assault: One in six women,and one in thirty-three men are victims of sexual assault in America today."

In February of 2007, RAINN released the following statement when The Central Connecticut State University ran an article that was said to be a satire about rape and this “satire” led to protests on campus and in the local community.

"The newspaper's decision to publish the column is appalling and irresponsible. The FBI ranks rape as the second most violent crime that exists, trailing only murder. The trauma of sexual assault is far too devastating to be a suitable subject for ridicule.”

I guess that means videos that depict woman being knifed through the vagina and served on a plate for dinner wouldn’t qualify as suitable subject for ridicule either.

Christine Ward, executive director of The Doris Tate Foundation, founded in 1992 as a California-based crime victims organization focusing on victims rights and criminal legislation and one of the charities Mitchell claims to donate a portion of his proceeds stated:

“Our response to this claim of Mr. Corey Mitchell supporting our foundation is that we are unaware of any financial contributions that he has made to our organization; as a matter of fact we had never heard of him until you wrote to us. Donations made to and accepted by the DTCVF are used to assist victims of violent crimes – accepting a donation does not by any means stand as an endorsement of any other individual, organization or agency.

We do not condone violence of any kind. Our agency is based on assisting victims of violent crime and families of those who have lost loved ones to violence.”

Crimestoppers disseminated my email on listserve and other victims’ organizations have been equally appalled by Mr. Mitchell’s cavalier attitude toward the portrayal of rape, violence, and murder as a form of entertainment. Karen Tronsgard-Scott, director of the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence wrote me:

“While Mr. Mitchell's donations to organizations that serve victims is admirable, those donations do nothing to negate or absolve him from the lurid contribution he is clearly making to misogyny and the oppression of women - the roots of violence against women. And while he might be considered to be "a good guy" by the organizations to which he donates, his response to you was shockingly unsophisticated and was representative of his belief system - a belief system that is in opposition to the end of violence against women. I might be wrong about my understanding of Mr. Mitchell's beliefs - and he could certainly prove me wrong by critically thinking about your comments, learning more about violence against women and the reinforcing role that media plays in these acts and the institutional oppression of women, and walking his talk instead of using donations as a smoke screen for his nefarious activities.”

But, wait, maybe we are just a bunch of thin-skinned females who are misinterpreting slasher and gore films as misogynous and vile works when in reality most people think these films are simply slightly scary, not at all gory or repulsive, and just silly.

Why not take the words of the avid watchers of these films for fair and equal commentary?

“Despite its failings, Murder Set Pieces is shocking, sickening, misogynistic, brutal, and gory. Every horror fan should see it at least once.”

Hmm….this horror fan says he likes the stuff because it IS misogynistic, brutal and gory. I guess that means I am not unfair if I say this slasher film is misogynistic, brutal and gory, am I?

"Wes Craven's Last House on the Left has been praised as "disgusting and depraved." Whether viewed as a case study in horror-film misogyny or as a "fun" sadistic gorefest, it pushed the envelope in its day, & it would still upset anyone who'd never seen at least a samurai film disemboweling.. It's a disgusting film worth watching in order to be disgusted. I would also praise it for its ability to disturb even fans of splatter films.”

Yes, this gore freak critic says, “Last House on the Left” is a misogynist, sadist, gorefest and disgusting! And this is a fan!

And, now what about, Eli Roth, the maker of the “Halloween Treat” Corey Mitchell claims is just funny, not sick.

Eli Roth - him again! - packs a host of sex and gore into his three-minute trailer for a potential film called Thanksgiving, including an image of a cheerleader peeling off her clothes while bouncing on a trampoline, before apparently being impaled with a large, gleaming knife - through the vagina, no less. Unsurprisingly, the cheerleader scene in Grindhouse attracted some attention from the Motion Picture Association of America, the US ratings board, and Roth was forced to change it to make the imagery much more suggestive than explicit. Addressing this at the American press junket for Grindhouse, he commented that "when I shot that trailer for Thanksgiving, I really thought there was no problem with anything - it just shows you how genuinely out of touch I am! I was like ... a full frontal labial shot, to camera, of a girl landing on a knife seemed like no problem to me ..."

You are right, Mr. Mitchell. Eli Roth thinks it is “bloody” funny too! Except those annoying MPAA folks had a smidgen of sensitivity left because at least the scene made them wince and think perhaps that was just a bit beyond the pale.

Let me end with a clear statement from one very concerned criminal profiler:

Our country is suffering from a huge problem with violent crime, much of it coming from male teenagers: School massacres, serial rapes and homicides, brutal beatings of the homeless as group entertainment, and eradication of one’s family or one’s girlfriend’s family simply because they annoy the killer or killers. Gore videos, slasher films, brutal rape web sites, and violent video games all contribute to a negative, sadistic, cruel mentality toward all human beings. There is nothing admirable about liking, making or promoting depictions of torture, death and destruction. You, Corey Mitchell, may write a readable true crime book, but you have no business calling yourself a victims’ advocate when you represent the very evil they are struggling to eradicate.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

December 8, 2007

If you are a victim of violent crime and need assistance, or if you wish to show your support for the work done on behalf of crime victims, please contact:

The National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children (POMC)
Contact info
National Office:
(888) 818-POMC (toll free)
(513) 721-5683 (phone)
(513) 345-4489 (fax) (e-mail)

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
National Sexual Assault Hotline
1.800.656.HOPE (4673)

Membership Inquiries
Chelsea Bowers

For More Information or to Volunteer
Candice Sample

To volunteer on the National Sexual Assault Hotlines, please visit

Interviews and Media Inquiries
Katherine Hull
Communications Manager

National Sexual Assault Online Hotline
Penelope Hughes
Director of Online Hotline

Business Office
Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
2000 L Street NW
Suite 406
Washington, DC 20036

800.656.4673, extension 3
202.544.3556 FAX

The Doris Tate Crime Victims Bureau
Contact Information
(916) 273-3603 phone
(888) 235-7067 toll free/fax
1809 S Street, Suite 101316, Sacramento, CA 95814 (mailing address)
email us at -

Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

Domestic Violence
24-hour Hotline

Sexual Violence
24-hour Hotline



preraphazon said...

Great post! Donating to organizations opposed to your "work" is a standard and long-standing tactic to, basically, bribe organizations not to squawk too loudly and risk cutting off their donations.

I am not normally a proponent of censorship, and this is a subject I could elaborate on in depth, but there are limits, and once you are laughing in the face of victims, I have no defense ready for you. It saddens me that recent generations have become so inured to senseless violence that they support such projects. I remember I was shocked at the "comedy" Fargo, because it was taken from a true story, and I could not stop thinking about how this movie was making light of all the characters and how any survivors must feel.

The only time I was ever completely disgusted and ready to pull an album cover was one that put old photos of autopsies on the cover. I just don't know what these people are thinking. What they're not thinking about is victims. And it's easy to say "Then don't watch it," but media is all-pervasive these days and it's very difficult to avoid it.

Levi said...

Pat, I agree with you 100% anyone who gets a kick out of watching a woman getting her vaginal area stabbed and cut is a sadistic, freak.

Afterall isn't a sadist someone who likes to see others in pain either; physically, mentally or emotionally?

I think that Corey Mitchell is disgusting and he exposed himself by posting such an evil thing like that on THANKSGIVING of all days!

I am a male, and I've never been into seeing a woman get her genital area mutilated... If Corey Mitchell thinks that is normal behaviors of males or behaviors of someone who has a family member raped/murdered, I want to know what the dude is smoking?

Pat, my respect for you went WAY up for posting this, I'm glad you have the guts to speak out against this! I could say more but I've been on the soap box long enough. Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

It's sad, IMO, that you started your "career in profiling" by stalking. It's sad that you continue your "stalker" persona by doing so to Corey Mitchell.

Eyes said...

I love when anonymous people jab at you from behind a curtain. It says so much about their personality!

I am VERY GLAD that I did not see the post on In Cold Blog because I would have been disturbed.

For a true crime blog author to write about victims and then call something like that a "Thanksgiving Treat" is sick and twisted.

It shows a complete lack of respect for the people he writes about.

Very sad.

Levi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Levi said...

anonymous, That was a personal attack that wasn't directed at Pat's opinions on Gore/slasher films.

Try to stay on topic.

You sound like a Brent Turvey groupie. LOL

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown said...

Well, eyes, Anonymous is a woman named Melissa who has been inundating the blog comments with a pretty high level of nastyness (which is why the comments have been deleted). She is clearly a loyal fan of Corey Mitchell and is very angry at my stand against his treatment of victims.

She is presently mounting a campaign in retaliation in order to discredit my raising awareness of Corey Mitchell's anti victim behavior.

So, for all out there, here is what she is claiming.

1)I am a "fraud" because when I entered my work in the business, I was a private investigator who self-trained herself as a profiler through a massive amount of study. I have always been truthful about this and proud of my unusual start (heck I was a over forty female without a law enforcement background). I did so because I had a burning desire to change the state of serial homicide methodology and I have spent a tremendous amount of time and energy working toward this goal and I am still working toward this goal.

2) That I am "uneducated." I hold a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University.

3) That I am a "stalker" because I investigated a man as a suspect in a brutal sexual homicide and worked for six years to get the case reopened. Melissa also claims there was "no evidence" pointing to the man which is patently untrue. There was enogh strong to bring the man in (both physical and cicumstantial)for interrogation, to get a polygraph (which he failed) and to get DNA tests (which sadly were inconclusive because the DNA material from the crime was inconclsive). The man remains the one and only suspect of the crime, and, behind closed doors the police admit, "He's the guy."

There you have it. This is the unvarnished truth about me. Now, there are those who think only FBI agents can be profilers but I am no different in credentials than other independent profilers out in the world.

One thing makes life easier and that is to always have been up front and truthful. Melissa may not like me (and she won't be the first one or the last) but I have never misrepresented myself. I am a renegade, a strong victims' advocate, and outspoken. So, while you may be a Pat Brown fan or a Pat Brown hater, I will still be the same Pat Brown as always, standing up for what I believe is right.

Levi said...

Pat, I remember posting something good about your book on another message board and about 4 people came in and were REALLY upset and they were saying the same things Melissa is saying. And they kept talking about another profiler Truvey being better.

As for Corey Mitchell, I've read one of his books and I thought it was a good book, but I will not defend someone or be a "fan" of someone who gets a kick out of a woman getting her vaginal area mutilated... Speaks volumes about the morals of this Melissa.

Diane Fanning said...

I was on the original version of IN COLD BLOG formed by Corey Mitchell. I and another writer were tossed out of the group when we raised questions, in personal emails to Corey, about his inclusion of graphic photographs on the site.
The new, improved IN COLD BLOG was a stellar group of writers and professionals. I was not allowed to be a part of that, but that was okay with me since I was a bit leary about what might pop up on the blog. For months, my fears appeared groundless. Then, Thanksgiving came.
What I had complained about previously was tame compared to that video. I could not even watch the whole thing because it was so sickening. Many people find that hard to believe I would react that way since in writing true crime, I interview serial killers, study crime scene photos and read autopsy reports.
But the thought that anyone--not behind bars--would find that video titillating or entertaining is very disturbing to me. The explanation that watching a woman-mutilating video is cathartic for many people makes me wonder what kind of dark thoughts inhabit a mind that needs that kind of release.
I strongly appreciate Pat Brown's stand against misogynistic, anti-victim "entertainment" especially since I know it has opened her up to vicious, unwarranted attack. To do so requires courage and a firm commitment to principle. Thank you, Pat.
Diane Fanning

Kathryn Casey said...

Really good post, Pat. As one of those who left ICB over the Thanksgiving slasher video, I am more than interested in all you've uncovered.

The frightening difference in much of what we see today is that these videos, games, etc. glorify violence, ignoring the consequences. It's one thing to write about violent crime, it's another to pass it off as funny.

I am sorry you've become a target because of your opposition. I'm glad it didn't silence you!

Pubtv said...

Good Post Pat! I can't believe that this guy would think that filming a woman who is being brutally attacked is 'ok', especially if they have a family member who is a crime victim. HOW DARE HE!

Melissa said...

FWIW Pat, anonymous up above was not me, though I completely agree with the stalking aspect of his/her comments.

Why dont you tell everyone WHEN you got your masters degree, because according to YOU, you did not have one in 2004, so it must have been fairly recently. But you have been posing as an expert for far longer than that. And since you live in MN, we can assume you did this through an online correspondence course?

Was this nasty? How soon before it gets deleted?

As for my "morals" levi, I told Corey I didnt like the vid either, but he explains it very well in his apology for posting it (and his apology was directed at Pat and Co in particular). He does like slasher films, and he did intend it to be funny. To me it speaks volumes about Pat's morals that she search out information on Corey including asking questions about the truthfullness of his first wife's rape.

Levi said...

"He did intend it to be funny." Well if seeing a woman have oral sex with a dead body and seeing a woman taking off her clothes and falling on a knife is funny, Ha Ha I forgot to laugh.

I have one word: SADISM.

He didn't explain it well, he went on some liberal rant about free speech blah blah blah. He obviously has an anything goes and there is no boundaries and no limits attitude.

He may have a right to post it, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't.

Melissa said...

And he said he wouldnt anymore. His apology and saying he wouldnt post that kind of thing anymore was good enough for me.

Is Pat's stalking of him ok with YOU levi? Do you think its ok that she contacted business associates and whatnot inquiring about his wife ok?

She wont let me post her original CV on here which was posted in 2004, in which she defended the fact that she had NO formal criminal education. But in it she talks about how she stalked a renter of hers, who has NOT been arrested btw.

Levi said...

Most of us would have the common decency not to post that vile crap on the internet without someone complaining or being offended about it.

And as for "stalking" since when it posting the truth about someone called "stalking" ???

As far as education it is my understanding that there is no formal education required to be a criminal profiler. And since Pat had no training but learned and studied criminal behavior and has got as far as she has, I think that is honorable. It is something she has a right to be proud of. It shows her dedication and hard work.

But Pat does have a masters degree in Criminal Justice now, so that argument doesn't have any merit anymore.

And as far as someone not being arrested, I don't know the specifics of the case, but I'm sure there are a lot of killers out there who haven't been arrested, that doesn't mean they are innocent.

Drew Peterson's 3rd wife died, she allegedly drowned in a DRY bathtub and there was evidence she was beaten. He was never arrested for that and now his 4th wife is missing. That doesn't mean he is innocent, just because he hasn't been arrested.

Melissa said...

Ok, since you think stalking is ok.

How about accepting an apology like a grown woman without egging this stuff on?

That she has one now DOES bother me. She has been on TV for YEARS claiming to be one.

Hell, I can claim the same thing, I have seen her positions, and anybody who knows ANYTHING about crime could come up with the same thing.

Not only that she comes across as judgmental, and frankly, nasty in some cases.

She hasnt posted the truth in any case, she has posted her OPINION.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for people like Pat Brown....not only for the important work she does, but she's also the person on the various talking head shows that one can always trust to keep a level head and speak the truth. Keep up the good work,Pat!

Levi said...

1) I never said stalking was ok.
2) I am a man.
3) There is no formal education required to call yourself a profiler and to be a profiler.

You think the sun comes up just to hear you crow.

You harp on and on about Pat, but the discussion is about GORE AND SLASHER FILMS. Try to stay on topic.

Melissa said...

No, I disagree, the topic is about her stalking Corey Mitchell.

That said I am a profiler according to you and I think that Pat Brown is a judgmental sociopath.

Just called myself a profiler and according to you thats ok.

Levi said...

You are trying to change the topic. The topic is the anti victim, behavior of glamorizing murder by Corey Mitchell.

How is this stalking? You are delusional.

Melissa said...

No, I am not. Did she tell you that she went through back doors? Asking about the validity of his dead wife's rape?

SHE posted specifically about Corey Mitchell so this is completely ON topic. Her creds have come into question to ME because she keeps on deleting the ones she posted before she got her degree, yet she was a talking head on tv claiming to be an expert, rather than a paranoid stay at home mom at that point.

Go yourself, seek out her creds on wayback.

I myself, tend to agree with LE in the original creds, that she is a crazy woman.

Not only THAT, but the general public will assume that someone they see on tv actually HAS some crediblity, and they are assuming wrong in this case.

Melissa said...

In any case, this whole discusion will be deleted from this blog when Pat sees it, so it is being recorded, and will be sent to MSM that she is a talking head on.

Done here. Pat Brownosers carry on.

Profiler(noun): One Who Profiles said...

Melissa, don't you imagine everyone knows that the web owner is able to determine who Anonymous is because she can compare the IPs?

You are certainly using the term "stalking" loosely. Stalking is following someone to harass them. Ms. Brown is writing on her own site. That is called "blogging." If she has had to go to defend herself on another site where she is being lied about, that is called "self defense," not stalking. I think most readers here know the difference. People who establish a pattern whereby they seek out and harass another person, such as posting things they hope will disparage them at their own site, THAT is stalking. My mother used to say Don't go where you're not wanted. I think that is a good rule to live by.

The mystery to me is why you think that posting something she herself wrote will somehow convince someone she is bad or has misled anyone! You don't have to agree with her, but she has a right to her opinion and to develop her gift.

What qualifications and by whose authority are you the person who decides who is an accredited profiler and who isn't? Ms. Brown profiles; therefore, she is a profiler. I suppose Robert Ressler and John Douglas also aren't profilers since they didn't go to the Melissa-approved Acme School of Profiling.

Investigator Donna Weaver said...

I'd like to address the use of the word "stalking" as it is used in this discussion.

What Pat Brown did was "investigate". It is how we verify facts and evidence. It is how we uncover the truth. In my own experience, I have assisted in a murder investigation that went unsolved for 24 years before an arrest was made. The victim was horrifically tortured before being thrown overboard, never to be found. The suspect was indicted and stands trial in March. Last year, information I uncovered, simply by re-interviewing witnesses a few times, led to opening a homicide investigation in the deaths of 2 people in 1988 that was originally ruled accidental. In another case, it took me over 20 years to identify the correct suspect in the disappearance and murder of at least 2 people. I stuck with these cases for decades for the victims and their families who need and deserve the truth. It is always about that, and only that- not about pride, ambition, or being proven right-no matter how many people stand in your way or try to knock you down. Persistence and dedication to one’s work is not stalking.

That, Melissa, is what Pat Brown did, does, and will continue to do-seek the truth on behalf of those who can no longer do it for themselves. "Stalking" is a ridiculously inappropriate word to use for what she does. I am proud to know her, as well as women like Kathryn Casey, Vanessa Legette, Andrea Campbell, and Diane Fanning who have long acted upon the courage of their convictions.

Opposing viewpoints are welcome and encouraged here- as long as they address the issue at hand and are expressed appropriately. Generally, this leads to interesting, lively discussion. However, all reader comments that contain vulgar, malicious personal attacks or purposely-misleading information will be deleted. Therefore, only your unacceptable posts were deleted, Melissa. You are free to forward the thread to whomever you wish, although I have no idea what MSM is. Perhaps you are referring to MSNBC. In any case, we appreciate all of our readers who take the time to visit The Daily Profiler and we look forward to reading their comments, thoughts, and ideas.

Levi said...

Great post Donna. MSM = Mainstream media.

Investigator Donna Weaver said...

LMAO-Shows what a rookie I am at all this publishing and media stuff. I'm going to have to learn a whole new set of acronyms I guess. :-) Thanks Levi!

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown said...

Don't feel bad, Donna! I had no idea what MSM meant either and HOW long have I been doing television? Yes, thanks, Levi, now I know as well!

Good points on the stalking issue, Donna. The same would hold true for journalists and researchers of true crime books. Unless you are acting like an overaggressive papparazzi, then you must go out and research and ask questions.

I would assume Mr. Mitchell does the same in the process of writing his books.

Another point brought up was the "apology" issued by Mr.Mitchell. Some of you might not know what Melissa is referring to. Mr. Mitchell wrote a post on his blog profusely apology to the women who left In Cold Blog. Melissa complaims that I am being essentially vengeful and unfair by not accepting his apology and keeping quiet.

First of all, the issue is not about the women who left ICB. It is not about hurt feelings. It is about a person who misrepresents himself as a victims' advocate.

Secondly, the apology was posted after Mr. Mitchell foumd ut I was going public (just as the video was pulled from the site not because the women contributors were offended and left, but because I had sent out information about the video being posted on the blog and the remaining contributors let Mr. Mitchell know it was problematic for him.

Mr Mitchell was doing damage control, not being sensitive. He had that opportunity when all of this was behind the scenes.

Even if the apology were heartfelt, this changes nothing about the promotion of violent sadistic material by Mr. Mitchell or the fact he made claims about his connections and contributions to victims' organizations that are untrue, nor does would an apology negate the fact he does not comprehend the damage he is causing to victims of violent crime and the youth of America.

Preraphazon said...

After reading the relevant posts at Mr. Mitchell's site, which I have just visited for the first time, having been, until now, unacquainted with who he is, my take on it is that he is, as he said, dealing with tragedy in a way that reflects his own personal pathology and which is, unfortunately, countermanding his efforts in the field.

I understand that sometimes people have to get to the point where they can make light of issues before they are truly over them, but the part that worries me is that he doesn't seem to get that the disbursement of sickly violent material, while it isn't perhaps the root of why violent criminals act out, does give an already damaged person a false security in thinking that their sick leanings or violent behavior is amusing or acceptable, and that that alone is a reason why responsible people should not feed extreme violence to the public and why the reaction to it on a crime board full of victims advocates dropped like a bomb. This crowd expects more insight out of a crime author. In my opinion, and I do not mean this to be harsh, handling his issues in this manner is a sign that he really needs to seek therapy and find a healthier way to address his grief. Meanwhile, I hope he listens to these brilliant people he has surrounded himself with until he "gets" it. Finding violence amusing is a personal problem he needs to address, for his own peace of mind. It sounds to me as if he's hidden behind it long enough.

trucrym15 said...

FYI, Melissa has also posted negative comments on Eyes for Lies' website claiming she is a fraud, etc., etc. I get the idea, from reading Melissa's postings on several web sites, that she is an unhappy, negative person and wants everyone else to be also. I enjoy reading both The Daily Profiler AND Eyes for Lies, and if I come upon something I might find hard to believe, instead of attacking, I take it with a grain of salt.

Ronni said...

Pat, when you are out in the "MSM," you are bound to attract a few people who just have to dislike you, whether it's your ideas, your clothes, or the shape of your face.

Just keep on keeping on, which I know you will, and ignore the nay-sayers.

I visit here a lot, and always appreciate your insight, even when I don't agree with your opinion.

You rock.

The Daily Profiler said...

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