Thursday, January 31, 2008

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: "Let's Enjoy the Cruise and Talk about Serial Killers!"

Some of you have emailed me and wondered why the Daily Profiler went missing for a month. I really haven't an excuse for the first two weeks of the year but the next two weeks I was cruising the South Caribbean and I decided to give my posting brain a break.

Of course, that didn't mean I actually relaxed for the whole cruise and did nothing but lay about in the sun. I had to work (give lectures) to get that supercheap cruise deal (myself and a friend for free except for the agency booking fee and tips). I have a lot of people now wanting to become my "friend!" (Bribes will be accepted). If you don't make the Pat Brown best friend list by my next cruise date, you can still book straight through Norwegian Cruise Lines for the Alaska trip (July 20 out of Vancouver) or for the South American trip (December 21 out of Valpairaso for 14 days). Then you can join me for a great vacation and still get to learn about serial killers, psychopaths, CSI, and criminal profiling and if you want to discuss topics outside the lecture times, I do accept free drinks....

Some have asked why anyone would want to think about such things while on a cruise to exotic places. All I can say is, I saw lots of people reading mystery and true crime books while sunbathing and, by my last lecture, we had to turn folks away because we ran out of space in the room even for people standing in the back. I guess crime and the criminal mind never cease to be fascinating.

Well, I am back in the real world now, and until my next trip out of my regular life (this should be India in May), I will be back posting at The Daily Profiler.

I hope to see everyone back with me! I have missed your comments!

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
January 31, 2008


Preraphazon said...


Criminal Profiler Pat Brown said...

You bet!

Eyes said...

Now that is interesting. Is it a new twist in cruises?

Welcome back!

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown said...

Hi Eyes!

Well, cruises often have lecturers talking about history, travel, motivational stuff, etc. Serial killers is a little rarer, but, apparently, it is popular! I will be doing those four lectures on my next two cruises with three extra lectures on the South American cruise (on Jack the Ripper, the Death of Cleopatra, and on Dr. H.H. Holmes - Chicago World's Fair serial killer). Then, next year, who knows?