Friday, February 15, 2008

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Another School Shooting ::Yawn::

Gosh, whiz, a bunch of kids got shot down again while trying to get an education. That sucks. Wonder what the gunman's problem was. There will be a vigil tonight. Then we will bring in some grief counselors and the healing will begin for those lucky enough not to get shot. I guess a memorial wall will be constructed for the students that weren't so lucky. The sports events will go on because we can't let this get us down. There will be, of course, a moment of silence for the victims. Go, team! WHERE OR WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE AND THE DEMAND FOR THAT KILLINGS BE STOPPED?

WAKE UP AMERICA! Six more innocent students have lost their lives forever. Their familes have had their lives destroyed forever. This is not a couple of bad days for the college because a bunch of kids are came down with the flu. The only thing this most recent mass murder has in common with a virus is that it is sickness. This is a truth that we in the United States are ignoring over and over again.

Imagine this:

A man opens his mailbox and dies of anthrax. We are curious and worried.
A week later a woman opens her mailbox and dies of anthrax. We are very worried.
Another week goes by a third person opens up his mailbox and dies of anthrax. The country goes into a panic.

Now imagine this:

A armed youth walks into a school and opens fire killing twenty students. We shake our heads.
A week later a youth walks into a school and opens fire killing ten students. We shake our heads.
Another week later a youth walks into a school and opens fire killing fifteen students. We shake our heads.


The petri dishes are our disfuntional families and our irresponsible society. The contaminants are anti-life ideations with various presentations: death metal music, gore films, violent video games, and a constant stream of violence though the Internet and television. Add in negligent parents, cowed teachers, drugs, easily accessible guns, and a lack of morals and ethics, and it should be clear that our country is cultivating antisocial spores who are growing into full blown hateful sociopathic individuals who want to destroy the society who made them.

This is not the usual disease created in poverty and need, at least not the kind of poverty and need we associate with gang violence, drug crimes and prostitution. This new disease is being created in middle class, well-fed, well educated America because the poverty is one of morals and the need is one of decency, parenting, and responsibility.

This plague of homegrown terrorists is a far greater threat to our society than any terrorist from oversease. While we worry about far off madrassas creating suicide bombers, we are ignoring the mulitude of "MegaDeath Madrassas" we have created right here in the United States, right under our own eyes and in our own children's bedrooms.

WAKE UP AMERICA! The terrorist you need to fear lives next door and he is a twenty-year old white boy named Timmy.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


Levi said...

Good point that could be the problem. I just don't see this case going into the knee jerk "revenge of the nerds" theory that a lot of people want to turn these shootings into.

He had many friends, good grades, professors complemented him saying he was engaging and respectful and a regular "middle class, clean cut, college guy."

Not an outsider, or a loaner like Cho.

Preraphazon said...

I get so mad when I see the headlines: Best Precautions Can't Stop School Shootings. In Cho's case, they had PLENTY of warning and a stalking law on the books to pick him up under, and they did NOTHING. And then when their people speak to the press, they disavow all responsibility by saying these things are unpredictable. Enforce a few laws, people, and you MIGHT prevent a few tragedies!

Pat, like you, I'm angry --appalled -- and not just at the system but at the complacency of our citizens, who prefer to have blind faith that the system is doing all it can to prevent these things when it isn't.

By the way, if anyone wants to read a book that will give you really good understanding of how a culture of sociopaths is born, pick up "Infidel" by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It is not crime-related exactly, but it is an insider's look at how degenerated a society can become from generations of complacency, abuse and negligence and should be a warning to us all.

Pat Brown said...

Well, Levi, he was a sick puppy and not a "boy next door." He spent oodles of time playing the ultra violent game "CounterStrike" and he had a tattoo of a character from the movie, "Saw." Just as I said on CNN on Friday night, "I would bet my life we will find out this guy has a history of being obsessed with gore and violence." Sure enough he did. Nothing comes from nothing and just because you are depressed and angry doesn't mean you have the ideation to commit mass murder. The ideation is something we have spawned in our sick society and we are drowning our children in.

Peraphazon, than you for the suggestion. I will pick up that book. It is true that some societies are more sociopathic than others because sociopathy is a learned condition and some places in the world the minds of the people have become seriously damaged and they pass this on to the children they live around.
So sad and so important to know when a society is losing its way and to steer it back on course.

Levi said...

Oh Pat, I agree he was a sick puppy and what you said was correct. I was talking about some commentator I heard blaming this on bullying etc. From what I am reading he had many friends, so I don't see this case fitting in that stereotypical "revenge of the nerds" shootings.

And Pat, I wonder what his parents, friends and even his girlfriend thought about his taste in video games, and movies? Did they think it was "normal" ?

I think that violence has become so mainstream now-a-days that people don't see anything wrong with an obsession with violence. I think attitudes need to change.

And you are correct about Cho Preraphazon! There were so many warning signs.

And another thing I don't understand is why so many politicians want to blame this on guns and call for more gun control. Those same politicians would be freaking out if laws were made which took guns away from their security guards and protection PAID BY THE TAX PAYERS. These stuck up, snobby politicians would be crying, if that happened. What is the average Joe supposed to do? We don't have our own personal security team paid for via the tax payers.

I'd like to see politicians keep their nose out of this if they don't know what they are talking about. I am about sick and tired of their knee jerk reactions.

Anonymous said...

And each one of the shooters had been on psychiatric medication.
Now they can stop selling a certain herb because someone happened to have kidney failure after taking it (not counting the bottle of tequila at the same time).
I think those pharmas should have the pants sued off them once and for all.
Unless you want the shootings to keep on happening.

Preraphazon said...

Obviously if those people were on psychotropics it was because they already needed them. I think it would be a huge stretch to blame the medications. The problem is that 85% of people who are prescribed psychotropic medication will not take them as prescribed, for various reasons. And that is what is dangerous.

And Levi, I agree with you. I think maybe we should worry less about the guns than who is carrying them. Maybe we need to be licensing parents instead. At least have some parenting classes in high school and at least plant the seed that there's more to it than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid it's the price we gotta pay to live in a society where guns are easily available. Don't see the same thing happening in other countries and I don't think, for example, european kids are any less exposed to your litany of societal woes. No, give these sociopaths easy deadly weapon access and the outcome is inevitable. It's the price you gotta pay - and the ticket's getting bigger....

preraphazon said...

School shootings may not be as prevalent elsewhere, but I was surprised to learn that Scotland a couple of years ago was deemed more violent than Texas, so don't believe everything you hear. It's almost more frightening to know people manage to off each other the slow painful way.