Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: The Wife Who Knew Nothing

I know I am supposed to feel sympathy for Joseph Fritzl's wife, but someh0w she revolts me instead. Fritzl, the Austrian monster who imprisoned his daughter, Elizabeth, for twenty-four years in a bunker under his home and fathered seven children with her, supposedly was one terrifying tryant who ruled his family with an iron fist. I guess the wife, Rosemarie, could simply have been scared of him but her sis talks of how she worked very hard to keep the family together. Then she gives some telling information.

Let's stop and look at the "innocence" of Rosemarie, the wife who "knew nothing" of any danger to her children. Joseph Fritzl started abusing the daughter he later imprisoned at age eleven. He was visiting prostitutes and he brought them home to his dungeon. He is put away for a year and a half for rape and and threatening to kill his victim, a nurse who's apartment he broke into. When that happened says her sister, Rosemarie "reacted with "shock" but believed that "everyone makes a mistake" and focused on keeping her family healthy."

A mistake? Oh, please. Rosemarie has her sister snowed. Let's look at Rosemarie's ignorance of her children's nightmare. She has gotten fat (likely on purpose so she wouldn't have to engage in perverted and sadistic sex with her husband) and there is no sexual relationship any longer with him. Knowing his inclinations, she has to have some suspicion he is having sex elsewhere, like with the prostitutes and with his girl children. She knows he is a violent rapist. Yet she stays with him and allows her children to live with a violent sex offender and pervert. She has to know something bizarre is going on when hubby builds the bunker and spends an inordinate amount of time in it and will never let her enter. She has to be suspicious of what is going on down there when her daughter vanishes and three infant children arrived on her doorstep. So why does she stay with this man and endanger her children?

It is not uncommon for some wives who feel they benefit from some aspect of their relationship with her husband to look the other way when they suspect the husband is sexually abusing the daughters. For that matter, they may be relieved the pervert is no longer bothering them! They proclaim they were unaware of any misconduct but later it often comes to light that they were well aware of what was going on and simply looked the other way.

I believe this is likely true of Rosemarie. I hope the police do some very serious questioning of her and find out the truth. I believe Rosemarie knows more than she has admitted and she permitted her husband to abuse her children for her own gain. If this is true, she needs a prison cell of her own.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


Preraphazon said...

I totally agree. I know many women attached to sick men are also victims, but I think many times they are simply staying with him for their own financial wellbeing or whatever. From what I've seen, most people who were abused by their own father have a mother who has basically chosen him over them and pretends not to notice what is going on.

sonias said...

Yes pera, that is true, my mother totally turned a blind eye, even 1 night standing on the doorstep after a huge row between my mum and horrid man, she said to him "i'll be back when you've done what you have to, to make you feel better" she denies it of course, even when i eventually broke my silence to the police, they told me that she knew, of course after i had told them of my suspicions....

so when this story broke in the media, 24years in a cellar and she raised 3 kids there, as well as giving birth to 7....thr mum knew something.....if not everything!! even a friend of the parents heard scratching and noises coming from the basement, he wasn't there long, the mother lived there!!

Superwoman said...

Well, I think everybody is just much wiser after the cat is out of the bag. I do not deny that this woman knew that something odd was going on in the basement, but come on... she was probably thinking about prostitution or something more likely, which should be a ground to abandon a husband but not really illegal in Europe.
I think just the notion of the man having somebody trapped there for his own use is so odd that nobody could really seriously consider it before it was discovered (even knowing that the guy was acting odd all this years).

Pat Brown said...


You certainly have a point that sometimes it is only after the fact that a wife might look back and realized that the odd behaviors of her husband had more significance than she gave them. However, in this case, the wife accepted her husband back into her life AFTER he got out of prison for the violent rape of a stranger. So she has proof he is a sexual predator. I would think that this knowledge should make this wife pretty suspicious of anything this man does, but the fact is, she does not have an issue with the fact he is a rapist, so she probably doesn't have much problem with him sexual assaulting the children or doing other untoward things with or to them.