Thursday, July 3, 2008

Criminal Profiling Post of the Day: Murder of Cop Killer is not "Tragic".

"We all understand that the death of this kid is tragic," said Vince Canales, president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 89.

I beg to differ. The correctional center homicide of the scumbag that murdered Corporal Richard Findley of the Prince George's Police Department (Maryland) by mowing him down with the vehicle he had carjacked, was wrong, not tragic. The brutal murder of a police officer, the father of two little girls, the beloved husband of a wife who always worried when her husband left the house to do his job protecting the citizens of the county, THAT was tragic, evil, and indefensible.

This piece of garbage, name not worth mentioning nor picture worth displaying, has a record of drug and gun violations and is the member of a vicious gang that preys upon innocent black citizens. But, because this worthless criminal happens to be black and the police officer happens to be white, the family is calling this a civil rights violation. Jack Johnson, Country Executive, while saying the police are not suspected in the death, says vigilante justice may be the cause of the death of the cop-killer.

I would say he is correct. Our criminal justice system allows the murderers of police officers to get far too many appeals and deals and the frustration and anger those in law enforcement feel when a murder of their own is taken lightly most likely boiled over, at least in some manner, within the correctional institution. The inmate was strangled and, while this was obviously wrong and whoever dispatched him must pay the legal price, I doubt the crime was racially motivated.

The family, of course, is upset, outraged, and indignant. Sorry, family of cop-killer, gangbanger, gun toting, drug dealing blight on our community. I don't feel for you. Do you want to know why? Because you never felt for the community when your son was out there abusing the citizens, terrorizing them, and destroying them. My guess is you posted bail for him, picked him up from jail, brought him home, and served him dinner. You didn't leave his butt in the slammer and go speak to the newspapers about the atrocities your son had committed and how he deserved a long prison sentence.

Now, you are upset. Well, too bad.I am upset too. I am upset that a good police officer was killed by your son. I am upset that my daughter, who works on the police force with him, is upset. I am upset my daughter will be going out tonight and may end up in the same condition as Corporal Findley when the next car gets jacked in PG County, Maryland.

God bless Corporal Findley for his dedication and my prayers go out to his family. I hope that your service and brutal homicide will not be overshadowed by the death of your murderer and that you, not the deviant that took your life, will be remember in the years to come.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

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Waxing eloquent, Ms. Brown.