Friday, March 6, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Do You Take This Murdering Felon ...? be your lawfully wedded husband?

I just heard the breaking news about the man who is on the run in Ohio after gunning down his wife (whom he married on Monday...guess THAT honeymoon is already over), her sisters, and four little children and the words, "Oh, for God's sake..." escaped my lips. I then plugged in "Davon Crawford" (the scumbag) and "felon" into Google and, whaddya know, I came up with a hit.

33-year-old Crawford has a major record (and not with a recording company). He was convicted of manslaughter in 1995 and felony assault (for shooting at a child) in 2002. He got out in 2007 and was doing drugs again. So Rose Stevens, the dead wife of Crawford, thinks this will be a great man to have in her kids' lives.

Oh, and enough about this being a "domestic dispute." Arguments between husbands and wives happen all the time. A "domestic dispute" somehow puts the blame on the dead mate for pissing them off. I don't care how bad the argument is, killing everyone in the house is not part of having a disagreement; it is mass murder committed by a psychopath. Anyway, Crawford's own son said his father got nailed for parole violation over drug possession and didn't want to go to jail. Domestic dispute, my ass.

Having said that, I basically feel sorry for those kids (hers and her sister's). There is no excuse to marry a criminal creep like this when you are supposed to be providing a safe home for your children. No excuse. None.

Oh, and here is another idiot: Kathryn Wiley-Motes. She married Richard Wiley who had gunned down his first wife nine years earlier (I guess she believed he had a good reason). Now she and her seventeen-year-old son are dead as well. Thanks, Mom!

Look, I have no objection if you want to have hot sex with a criminal, want to "help" him, or want to have someone to keep you company even if he is a lowlife scumbag. You have the right to do that and, if you are willing to risk your life to have a man in it, be my guest. But you have no right to gamble your children's lives for your own personal needs.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


Preraphazon said...

Oh, but you haven't seen the other side of him. If he can also be charming or sweet at times, that means that my love will cure him.

Pat Brown said...

How narcissitic! Heh! Do they really think they are so powerful that they can erase years of damage and wrongthinking through a cup of tea, a hug, some sex, and a nice chat?

I can't even imagine bringing any man into my life that my ADULT children do like and approve of as I don't want to make their lives uncomfortable. And, yet, these women bring killers into their homes with young children. It is simply disgusting.

Preraphazon said...

I have a friend who has this mindset, though she has more common sense than to bring them into her home at least. She is smart but naive and idealistic, which is the key. Many younger people are very idealistic and now that it's become common knowledge that many criminals' problems began with abuse and neglect, they are just educated enough to be dangerously naive, because they think all that can be undone if only there was sufficient therapy, love, etc. They do not realize the psychology behind it that there's a short window to catch those problems and nip them and that many of them, particlarly the ones rooted in psychosexuality become hard-wired rather early on.

And then there are just those who are wreckless and narcissistic in the extreme...