Monday, December 21, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: "Ho! Ho! Ho! Is it Santa or Tiger?

CJ, a very funny and fun columnist writing for the Minneapolis Star Tribune called me the other day and quizzed me on my thoughts about Tiger Woods and his off-course etiquette (pictured left). What I told her can be read here. But, I still have a thought about men, marriage, and monogamy; do these go together any more? Do women even have a hope and a prayer their man will believe that marriage and monogamy are entwined? Do they just roll their eyes when their husband-to-be promises to be faithful to her in front of the minister, family, community, and God? I have to admit I tend to snicker these days in a very cynical manner when I hear the vows of marriage uttered (or muttered) at the weddings I attend. I wondered how long it will be before the happy couple gets lawyers and the family gets torn asunder.

No man has to get married. If he wants to be a confirmed bachelor, bully for him. Let him state his desired lifestyle and leave marriage to those who really believe in the institution. Tiger didn't have to marry anyone. Well, I guess he might have had to if he wanted to improve his image and make billions and billions. Most of us probably think that much money was hardly necessary as the man was already raking in the cash and the babes. I can only guess he is so greedy that he made a calculated business move and sold Elin a phony bill of goods. He committed fraud and he should be held accountable.

Sadly, Elin and two innocent children have to pay for Tiger's repulsive and disrepectful behavior. Money doesn't buy everything. It won't buy his daughter and son pride in their father. It won't buy back Elin's humiliation and devastation. Tiger can't even buy self-respect because any man who has to purchase pussy to feel powerful is nothing but an alley cat no decent woman wants to bring home.

Good luck, Elin. I hope the next man in your life is a monogomous goose and not a two-timing Tiger.


California Girl said...

I think two more things will happen. He will pick up with mistress #1 again. At some point, she will dump him and give us "I don't understand, I was his only one" story. I also think he will end up at some point like Tyson - bankrupt.

Pat Brown said...

I think you may be right about the mistress, but, in spite of his moneyspending, I have a feeling he will remain above the waterline with his cash flow. He likely has better financial counselors whereas Tyson was hooked up with Don King and not much good happens to your bank account when you are messing around with that man.

Preraphazon said...

I think a lot of men now view him as a hero but most won't speak out about it, for obvious reasons. He will keep making money.

To a lot of men, having it all is having a wife, family, and a variety of mistresses. If they refrain from it, it's because they've made that decision, not because it isn't tempting to them. Some women I know, including myself, "feel" naturally faithful when in love. I've never heard a man say that. Many times faithfulness is something they make up their mind to do, for moral or practical reasons, such as feeling they better hang on to the one they have. When you think of it that way, it's harder for them, so they should at least get credit (if we know) they are faithful. A lot start out committed but once boredom sets in, look for any way to rationalize abandoning it. We're different animals.

What bugs me most is that so many men, including TW, don't seem to mind in the least buying sex in one form or another. I think they like the control of it.