Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: More Facts: Beebe, Henslee, and Howarth Criminal Records


NOTE: James Henslee and Junior Lee Beebe were both arrested on 11/24/96 and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance -delivery/manufacture of marijuana

Junior Lee Beebe Jr Criminal Record

6/05/95: Arrest – Felony Larceny.

Charge – Misdemeanor Larceny

Judicial – Cnt 1 Misdemeanor attempted larceny in a building - plead guilty

11/24/96: Arrest – Felony – Dangerous Drugs.

Charge – Cnt 1 of felony delivery/manufacture of marijuana

Judicial – Cnt 1 Misdemeanor possession of marijuana – plead guilty

07/06/97: Arrest – Felony weapons charge

Charge – Misdemeanor use of a self-defense spray

Judicial – Cnt 1 Misdemeanor attempted use of a self-defense spray -plead guilty

08/05/01: Arrest – Misdemeanor assault.

Charge – Misdemeanor domestic violence

Judicial – Cnt 1 Misdemeanor disturbing of the peace – plead guilty

08/05/01: Arrest – Misdemeanor traffic offense.

Charge – Misdemeanor operating under the influence

Judicial – Cnt 1 Misdemeanor driving while ability impaired – pled guilty

04/11/04: Arrest – Misdemeanor traffic offense.

Charge – Misdemeanor operating under the influence second offense

Judicial – Cnt 1 Misdemeanor operating while impaired – plead guilty

09/15/05: Arrest – Misdemeanor damage to property.

Charge – Misdemeanor malicious destruction of personal property

Judicial – Cnt 1 Misdemeanor – plead guilty

James Henslee Criminal Record

09/02/92: Arrest – Felony Arson

Charge – Felony Breaking and Entering a Building with Intent

Judicial – Cnt 1 - Felony B&E a building with intent – juv adjudication

Cnt 2 –Felony B&E occupied dwelling with intent – juv adjucation

08/08/95: Arrest – Misdemeanor Larceny

Charge – Misdemeanor Retail Fraud

Judicial – Cnt 1 – Misdemeanor Retail Fraud Second Degree – Plead Guilty

11/24/96: Arrest – 1 Cnt Felony Dangerous Drugs

Charge – 1 Cnt Felony Controlled Substance – Delivery/Manufacture of


Judicial – 1 Cnt Misdemeanor –Controlled Substance-Possession of

marijuana – Plead Guilty

Tonya Howarth Criminal Record

06/22/95: Arrest – Felony fraudulent activities.

Charge – Felony Fraud – Welfare – over $500

Judicial – Cnt 1 Misdemeanor $500 or less – plead guilty

02/06/02: Arrest – Misdemeanor dangerous drugs.

Charge – Misdemeanor controlled substance – possession of marijuana

Judicial – Cnt 1 Misdemeanor controlled substance – possession of marijuana

plead guilty-

08/28/03: Arrest – Misdemeanor traffic offense.

Charge – Misdemeanor license suspension

Judicial – Cnt 1 Misdemeanor license suspension – plead guilty

10/20/05: Arrest – Felony fraudulent activities.

Charge – Misdemeanor check – non-sufficient funds – less than $100

Judicial – Cnt 1 Misdemeanor check – non-sufficient funds – less than $100–

plead guilty

Amy Henslee Criminal Record



rhymeandreason said...


Anonymous said...

I think that there is a lot more going on here than we know. These are just the things that they have been caught doing. Wonder what else there is?

Anonymous said...

Well well well! Even though I don't think James is guilty of any murder, I had the idea that he was hiding something! Now it is going to start getting interesting-it's only a matter of time before all heck breaks loose. I live here in Hartford, but I don't know any of the players in this drama. Here we go!

Anonymous said...

Noticed that James didn't get into anymore trouble after he met Amy and they had babies. Beebe kept on getting in trouble...hmmmmm

Pat Brown said...

Yes, and it should be noted that the last offense for Beebe was four years ago. Of course, this fact does not prove there are no criminal behaviors going on in the recent months or years, but it does show the fact of last arrest for each person and what illegal activities they were found guilty of.

Anonymous said...

SO WHAT...James made a few bad choices as a kid 15 years ago ..and a lot of us have made bad choices as teens...What does any of that have to do with the case....Not a thing. You are grasping at straws....

Pat Brown said...

I am simply reporting the facts as I have been told I should do instead of using any of my professional profiling skills in analyzing the evidence. I have not made any conclusions about what this criminal record information means. I do want to point out that quite a number of people made a big issue of Beebe's criminal record. The facts simply show he isn't the only one of the group with a criminal record and the facts also show that Beebe and Henslee both were arrested on charges of being involved in selling drugs on the same day. Due to the fact I can't prove that they were arrested at the exact same time of day in the exact same place, I cannot say they were partners in crime.

BTW, many people go through lives without ever getting a criminal record; they are people who believe in being law-abiding, don't steal, and don't do or sell drugs.

Anonymous said...

Just as there are many who go through life killing, and committing various other crimes who never get caught because of their criminal sophistication and intelligence; these same people, to others, are law abiding citizens who would quote unquote "never do such a thing" according to the biased opinions of their family members. The truth is you dont KNOW what lurks within a person, its a chaotic crapshoot and anyone can be a deviant guised in nobility.

Anonymous said...

and has there been any mention of whether or not mrs henslee had a life insurance policy on her? and if so how long has it been taken out?

Pat Brown said...

No info on life insurance policies. I think I will take a step out of the "fact" area I have been told to stay in to state that from what I know of the crime scene so far, I do not believe the murders were premeditated.

Anonymous said...

maybe BeBe wasnt lying, it would be a surprising ending, but not impossible. I wish they would release information on what kind of shotgun it was...and how many shells it held. Because the victims were reported as suffering multiple gunshot wounds; IF howarth first shot mrs henslee multiple times, then tried going at bebe before he somehow managed to wrestle the gun from seems in such a scenario the shotgun would have to hold at least 4 shots. Thank you Ms. Brown.

Anonymous said...

I understand the necessity of staying well within the realm of fact, considering your position...but I just don't buy his version of events (BeBe).

Pat Brown said...

I think we will have to learn much more (as the jury will) about the crime scene and the autopsies and the possible behaviors of those connected to the crime (as possible perps or victims). This is why it is so important to root out the truth about all the people and the forensics. I have worked enough cases to know how a few missing piece can radically change a determination of what happened. I had a case that the victims' behavioral history and a piece of evidence via autopsy exonerated the husband who the family insisted murdered her (it was a suicide).

Beebe COULD be telling the truth or he COULD be lying like a dog. Obviously, he had some involvement (well, if I followed the strict rules of those angered that I analyze the facts at all one could say we don't know yet that Beebe was even present when the women were shot or if he buried the bodies because he could be lying under some blackmail scheme and taking the full rap for someone else who shot and buried them). I do believe Beebe was there at the time of the killings, but I am not yet sure of exactly what went down and how much of Beebe's story has any truth in it.

As more evidence comes out, the truth of what occurred hopefully will come to light and justice properly applied.

Tana said...

Pat--I sure wish you could use your professional profiling skills, without being attacked..I always look forward to hearing your views & conclusions, & am amazed at how logical and accurate they end up being

Anonymous said...

I am going to go ahead and say 'maybe I was wrong.' Don't get me change of heart is not because of your posting of the criminal records, but there are some things going on in the case that have now made me go 'Hmmmm' I will continue to sit back and watch the facts as they come in, but I am beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, there is something else going on here.

Tana said...

Good for you anonymous...wish everybody had your attitude, and kept an open mind

Linda said...

Pat - Thx for the update. Wow is right. Beebe's story just doesn't pass the smell test in my book. Looking forward to future updates:-)

Anonymous said...

Pat..please do what you do best and keep on Profiling...
Let the naysayers rant and rave,,stick and stones you know...

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me why it is necessary to put information out on someone that has never even been called a suspect and on a dead victim?

Is Amy Henslee on trial here too along with her husband? Somehow I missed that big Breaking News Alert.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone so defensive? Is someone afaid of the wrong info getting out? The innocent don't have anything to be afaid of.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Why is everyone so defensive? Is someone afaid of the wrong info getting out? The innocent don't have anything to be afaid of.

March 7, 2011 12:28 AM
How self centered so many in our society have become. Has this become just a game? Wrong information doesn't matter? WTH?

It is nothing about being 'afraid of' anything and everything about being falsely accused on the internet where millions can see the reprehensible posts being made based on rank speculation.

So you just think it ok to grind someone into the ground on the internet as a pastime and if the people are innocent they can just suck it up and endure?

You dont think innocent people have feelings or feel deep pain seeing their names tied to crimes they did not commit?

Perhaps you should talk to those that were innocent and endured the torturous steady diet of internet accusation chatter.... like Mark Lunsford, Ruth Lunsford, Steve Greone, Dan Horowitz,Mary Beth Smith's husband, Jennifer Wilbanks fiancee, Richard Ricci (RIP) and so many more.

I think the reckless and baseless internet chatter hurts them more than we will ever comprehend. Because to comprehend we have to care about what we say and other human beings.

But hey....what the heck.....if they are innocent they can just live with it, right? So what if so many were wrong. The only ones it means nothing to is the ones doing the accusing.

Anonymous said...

It makes one wonder what the true intent of this blog is for....more press time, maybe??? That's my opinion as a profiler, but I'm confident this comment will be removed because Pat doesn't like being challenged. It makes for bad press when others are questioning her methods, even though professionals do that all the time and actually welcome the challenge because it gives them a chance to substantiate their claims.

Pat Brown said...

I actually will not delete this last comment because I want to address it.

I often disagree with other professionals' opinions and, also, nonprofessionals' opinions. I argue the points; what I don't do is attack their credentials or tell them they can't have an opinion because they are not trained professionals. I do not find this necessary because I can address what is being said.

What has happened here is people are having difficulty arguing the issues, so they do ad hominom attacks on me. Discuss the actual issues and I will respond back.

As for claims, I have made only a couple. I have said that I find James' behavior odd and think he comes across as deceptive in some statements. He appears to be holding back the truth. Why he is doing that is what the evidence will eventually, hopefully, bring out. James may be protecting his wife's image, or he may feel badly about his response to her disappearance. He may be more involved. I don't know which it is at this point. I think the answer would shed more light on what actually happened over at Beebe's. Beebe is clearly guilty of a crime but what exactly he is guilty of will have to be proven in court. No one has the right to lie in matters like this; not Beebe, not Henslee, not any other family or friends. The truth is necessary for justice to be administered properly.

Anonymous said...

What statements and behavior do you find or believe are most deceptive?

Anonymous said...

I think Pat is having an affair with Bebee.

Pat Brown said...

::laughs::"I think Pat is having an affair with Bebee (sic)."

Now, this is NOT libel because it is simply your belief (even if it is just in jest). You do not have to defend you belief, but, if you want to convince people that Pat Brown should be looked at more in depth because you believe there is something concerning about my behavior, you can then point out the facts that back your thinking that maybe something is up here. I, then, can come back with:

1) I have never met or conversed with Junior Lee Beebe, Jr. My cell phone records and travel records will back this up. Also, I have an alibi for my recent days and weeks that prove I was in Egypt three weeks in January and then in Washington DC since then.

2) If this became a real issue for me, I would take a polygraph because I know there is no way I can fail.

Now, to anonymous above, as I stated in previous posts, I find it odd that James did states he went cruising around looking for Amy when he knew Beebe had come to his house and, unless he is really in massive denial, Amy left with Beebe

Now, when Amy did not come home and he called 911, he did not mention Beebe coming to his house or Beebe lying to him (if in fact he did) that Amy was not home when he came by.

James' behavior on the 911 call was not as panicked as one would expect and his lack of insistence on going to Beebe's house to check for Amy was rather strange. His seven minute interview where he spoke glowingly of Amy but did not cry and chuckled is odd for someone who just found out their beloved wife had been murdered (even for one in shock). His return to daily activities is unusual (birthday parties and ski trips) even for someone wanting to keep their sons busy (and I am not saying he might not be one strong dad).

All of these behaviors may have reasons behind them that have nothing to do with any criminal mischief, but I do find them odd and I do find the lack of informing the police right away about Amy going with Beebe to be deceptive, whatever the reason might be (and it could be denial).

I am sure we will find out there is more background to this story as time goes on and that will hopefully lead to the true story of what happened to Amy and Tony and who is responsible for their deaths.

Please remember, Junior Lee Beebe, Jr has not been found guilty of any crime as of yet. He has been charged with two murders and that is what we actually know so far. We do NOT now if Beebe lied about what happened. He may be lying, but until this is proven in a court of law, we do not know that he is or isn't telling the truth. If he WERE telling the truth, then he could only be found guilty of disposing of bodies illegally and impeding an investigation. He could also be telling a half-truth, that he did not kill Amy but, in a rage, killed Tonya (if self-defense could not be proven). Then, it would be up to the jury to decide what sentence he should get for shooting someone who just murdered Amy.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your plea for Beebe is quite interesting to say the least. Turning over a new leaf? I dont ever remember you saying to "PLEASE REMEMBER" (such drama) about any defendant. In fact you havent even commented that much on Beebe. Most of your time is concentrated on your favorite subject, James Henslee.

We are to remember poor Beebe yet you are not to take into consideration that James Henslee is not a suspect and never has been a suspect? Talk about double standards.

I think you are so far away from being right you have gone off the deep end for some unknown reason.

I know who I believe. The ones who have the actual evidence and are handling THE case.

So you just keep on thinking poor Mr. Beebe is telling the truth when he is actually a bald face liar. I say stay tuned and once again you are going to see how wrong you really were on this one too.

If this keeps up you may want to consider a new profession.

Of course you will probably delete my post Pat because I have come to notice you have thin skin when it comes to others who are not in agreement with you.

You say childishly that they are attacks well imo you incite the anger when you recklessly throw out things backed up by nothing. We have seen too many innocent people endure false allegations before.

Whether James meets your expectations and what YOU expect him to do is totally irrelevant and the fact remains this man has never been considered a suspect. In fact he testified in the last hearing for the State.

And WTH was your point bringing up records on Henslee when he was just a young teen? This is 2011 ya know.

Pat Brown said...

I never said Beebe was telling the truth and there is also no evidence he is a bald-faced liar. At this point, we do not know what is the truth and what is not. I certainly do not feel one way or the other as far as Beebe is concerned.

I brought up the records simply because there were those saying there was proof that Beebe was lowlife scum because of his criminal record and I was showing that James Henslee had some of the same charges on his own record. Neither of them has been arrested in recent years. So if one uses Beebe's criminal record to prove he is a creep, then James' criminal record would prove the same thing.

The simple fact is they all knew each other, they hung out together, and at the time the crime went down, there is no evidence that they didn't get along. Whether drugs fueled this crime or jealousy or other bad behaviors, we simply do not know at this point.

Anonymous said...

So you have done absolutely no profiling on Beebe? No opinion on Beebe, huh? Hmm eash time I come here I am more amazed at what I read. It is as if you believe his nonsensical tale and have moved on to the one you have profiled from day one of your blog.

I could see you putting up criminal records if they ever showed JH as committing violent crimes. But marijuana when he was a teen? Please, give your posters a little more credit for at least having one or two brain cells of their own.

Imo, you did it trying to dirty up JH. Where are JHs records for assaults and other violent acts? Oh thats right, that IS Mr. truthteller himself, Beebe.

I was very impressed with the DA in the probable cause hearing. He seems to really have his chit together. Brining in a diagram of the tiny trailer was priceless and it put it all in presceptive that these murders couldnt have happened the way that Beebe wants guliable people to believe.

Oh we do know he is a liar, Pat. He had the gall to lie to James and tell him he knocked on the door and no one answered. He lied when he called back asking if Amy had come home yet all the while knowing she had been murdered. Sounds like a pretty cold sick b*stard to me. He had two murdered women in his tiny trailer and what did he do with BOTH of those women? He buried them both together. Both were shot by the same shotgun HE owned. Both were shot twice. No truthteller does all these COG acts and tries to cover it up trying not to get caught.

Tom D said...

I doub't in this case, we will ever
know the complete truth. I also
don't buy self defense, but Beebe
has confessed and the jury will
accept that

Anonymous said...

Tom D,

I dont believe the jury will accept Beebe's confession as truth any more than they do with any other defendant. Often times in confessions the suspect tries to lessen his/her culpabilities. Such as if the victim was raped and murdered, the suspect will say the sex was consensual. Or the death(s) were unintentional. Confessions are often filled with lies and deceptions.

What confessions do however is give the state a tool so they can refute things the suspect has uttered.. backed up with hard evidence in court.

Pat Brown said...

That was an excellent explanation of what happens with confessions in court, Anonymous; I agree completely. I had a case where a man a man accused of raping a baby confessed to "touching a baby" (and I am underdescribing what he did) and then he said he made it up out of fear and he didn't do anything, I believed that he was doing just as you said, knocking down what he actually did do. This confession to his own attorney showed me that he likely did more because "touching" a baby is so abhorrent that no man would admit to doing that unless they did more.

In the Beebe case, without actually having a chance to yet analyze all the evidence, the self-defense explanation could well be an attempt of the lessening of culpability. If he killed Tonya in a rage, saying it was self-defense sounds better. This kind of thing can backfire in court though if there is ample evidence to prove it couldn't happen the way he said. I just wrote about a teen who blamed the women he had raped for actually being the rapists since he was underage. However, he had a gun to their heads at the time, so I don't think it flew in court!

Anonymous said...

I was curious so I did a little research on different kind of explanations a defendant has given for the crimes they committed. I was shocked that a lot of them were beyond bizarre. Some made the twinky defense look mild.

It isn't uncommon for them to blame the victim though whether they were left alive or were murdered by them. I remember one case a long time ago where a man murdered his wife and son. He tried to say he walked in and the mother was beating their son to death so he killed her trying to save his son's life. That didn't fly with a jury either.

Another thing confessions do is it locks in the defendant's story and if one card falls the entire house of cards will fall.

Jurors tend to look at confessions with a jaundice eye anyway.

So that 7X11 tiny box holds the key. I get a feeling Beebe was so cocky that he didn't think he was going to get caught, and was sloppy trying to clean up the inside crime scene. Just like he was sloppy outside when he buried both of them and left blood on a tree and on the ground.

But then that is another part of his story I tend to discount. He said he buried them the next day. By then they would have long bled out and blood begins to dry in as little as 6 hours so I dont understand the blood pools found outside on the property unless he is lying and buried them the day he murdered them.

In a way I hope he did leave them lying there in the trailer until the next day because that would be more blood that could be forensically found there.

I see no crime of passion in this case. The day he killed them he just left them there..discarded like trash. Sounds like a man with no attachment to either woman, imo. It was also said he was posting pictures on Facebook either the same day he murdered these women or the day after. That takes a very cold aloof person to be able to go on with life as if nothing had happened.

I'd like to know if he just went about business as usual that day after he killed them on Monday. Did his uncle see him all day? Did his mother see him? If not, was that unusual? Lots of unanswered questions I have about Beebe.