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Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Did Kate McCann read my Letter to her ?

Kate McCann has a new book out, Madeleine, an incredible self-serving propaganda piece which leads me to believe she must have read my letter (below from October 4, 2007). But, as can happen to people who may have a narcissistic personality disorder, they just don't know when to SHUT UP. For, in the book, Kate's explanations further lead me to doubt the McCanns' claims of innocence in the disappearance of their daughter. One simple example is the most peculiar speculation of Kate that all her children may have been drugged by Madeleine's 'abductor' both the night she went missing and the previous night. First of all, Kate, this would serve no purpose to the 'abductor' except to waste time and it would be difficult to accomplish. You must know that. So the only rational reason you are claiming the children might have been drugged would be to explain away the fact that, indeed, if it ever is proven they were, you have covered that issue by explaining you were concerned about the children's lethargy and someone else is responsible. However, the only ones likely to have given the children drugs would be you and Gerry.

Any good lawyer will tell you to SHUT UP, but, no, you keep talking, Kate, and we thank you for it.


Yes, Kate,

It isn’t your breast size or weight that is causing your problems. It is you and your narcissist evaluation of the situation and your PR team’s equally stupid assessment of the situation that is making you look so bad in the public eye.

I am a criminal profiler with years of experience dealing with parents of murder victims and missing relatives. Your behavior and the behavior of your husband fall far outside or the norm for grieving parents. Now, this may be because you are just terribly narcisstic folks who had nothing to do with your child going missing (outside of neglecting your children and putting your needs to party before their needs for comfort and safety, a narcissistic behavior if I have ever seen one). You and Gerry may simply be so narcissistic you have no understanding of how other people view your behaviors and your PR team may share your narcissism so that no one on your team has a clue to normal human behavior.

But, SHUT UP! Every time you open your mouths you do more damage to yourselves. You seem guiltier by the day. Your attempt at “damage control” is so obvious and so very much a day late and a dollar short, everything you do or say seems a cover up and a transparent attempt at proving your innocence.

Let me make clear what I think is weird about what you say and do:

You choose words about Madeleine’s disappearance which make it appear you know there is no abductor and that Madeleine is dead.

Both you and Gerry state your only guilt in the matter is not being their when Madeleine “was taken.” This statement makes no sense for abduction as Madeleine could not be taken if either of you were with Maddie when an abductor would have shown up. It makes more sense in the context that Maddie died while you were not in the apartment.

Your statements and attitude about Madeleine being alive do not square with parents who really believe their daughter is in the hands of a pedophile or pedophiles who are brutally raping and torturing her daily.

Your attempts at “finding” Madeleine do not represent the manner most parents would choose if they were actively searching for a live child but appear more to be the actions of parents trying to prove after the fact of a child’s death that they “cared” (not care) about her.

Your behaviors of “keeping a normal routine” and “keeping up one’s appearance” is admirable, but extremely bizarre. I don’t know any other parents of missing children who can appear so together and cheery. When my daughter cooked our kittens by accident in the dryer, I cancelled Christmas.

Gerry’s blog creeps people out. It is too upbeat. Terrified and distraught parents of missing children are rarely able to jog and play tennis and go to park with their other kids and have a fun time. Over a long period of time, maybe, but this is usually years after the nightmare begins. Some parents never recover from the trauma and it is common for marriages to fail and the brothers and sisters to feel their parents went absent after their sibling went missing.

Your ability to sleep at night after the first five days, Kate, is beyond belief. It is the behavior of one who already knows the answer and even then, is quite a narcissistic trait. If you believed your daughter was being raped as you lay in bed at night, sleep would be very hard to come by. I guess you finally realize this and your mother is saying that NOW you can’t sleep and Madeleine comes to visit you in the night. What changed, Kate?

Your PR team coming up with an answer to every accusation, answers that are ludicrous in themselves, makes you seem awfully defensive, and, if there is no way you or Gerry had anything to do with Maddie’s disappearance, you have nothing to defend. Furthermore, if all you care about is finding Maddie, you shouldn’t be wasting your time on such silliness. After all, as Gerry said, Maddie is the only important thing, right?

So, SHUT UP, Kate. SHUT UP, GERRY. Fire your PR team as they are totally worthless. If both of you really are innocent and your think Maddie is alive, return to Portugal. Start searching for real (and it took six months to set up a hotline?). Cooperate with the police. Take the polygraphs as you have zero to hide and, with competent polygraph examiners, the questions are so simple you can’t screw them up. I will even give you the four questions that should be asked:

“Did Madeleine die while you were present?”
“Did you return to the apartment and find Madeleine dying or dead?”
“Did you move Madeleine’s body at any time?”
“Did your spouse move Madeleine’s body at any time?"

These are simple questions. The answer to all of them should be “No.” There is no ambiguity in these questions (unlike a question such as “Do you feel responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine?” which you could if you acknowledge leaving her without an adult caretaker is irresponsible; an affirmative answer to such a question would be useless to the detectives as it could falsely indicate that you had something to do with Maddie going missing when you are only feeling guilty over leaving her unattended. Also, an affirmative answer could mean you simply do not feel responsible for what happened to Maddie no matter what happened to her as a total narcissist might).

The above four questions are simple and unambiguous and even a narcissist can’t misconstrue the meaning of the questions. The answers will be a simple “Yes” or “No.” Have the polygraph session videotaped so the police will be unable to do any underhanded scare tactics or interrogation that might distort the results of the tests.

Quite frankly, Kate, you and Gerry had everything going for you as parents of a missing child if you hadn’t left your children unattended night after night to go out partying. THIS is what made people dislike you. It was to your advantage that you are both relatively attractive people because IF you had big breasts and a porky physique and were not well-heeled professionals, you would have become suspects right off the bat and you would have not had the incredible monetary support you have been blessed with nor all those kindly letters. You would have been viewed as just a pair of slobs who probably abused their children as well as neglected them and you wouldn’t have gotten the phenomenal amount of publicity worldwide concerning Maddie’s disappearance. Other parents have gone public, run campaigns, and had web sites, but your fortune with publicity and support has been unprecedented. And, you complain, Kate, that people are treating you badly because you are fit! It was being fit and professional and well-off that got you so much attention. It was you and Gerry’s fitness as parents and your peculiar behaviors that got you the negative attention.

I have a final suggestion. Ask the PJ if I can come analyze the case. My organization will send me pro bono. As a criminal profiler I can analyze the actual evidence to advise the investigators as to the best investigate strategy. I have no problem determining this crime as an abduction and finding the creep that took Madeleine if the evidence points that way. I don’t have to like you and Gerry as people to view the evidence in an objective and professional manner. No one should be convicted of a crime simply because of personality and because people don’t like the individual’s personality. Solid physical and circumstantial evidence must exist to the point where there is no question as to who committed the crime. I would work very diligently to assist the PJ with the evidence and the facts and do a thorough crime scene analysis that would move the case forward.

Furthermore, if you and Gerry get charged in Madeleine’s disappearance and must truly defend yourselves, my services are available to you and your lawyers. I will be more than happy to analyze the evidence and, if you are innocent, do all I can to serve in your defense.

Good luck, Kate. May the truth be brought to light soon and you and Gerry get the justice you deserve in the case of your missing daughter.

All the best,

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Note: Some people have misinterpreted sarcasm as seriousness in some of my wording in the post. My reference to Kate having written the book" because she read my letter" is just a general nod to her reason for writing this book; to do damage control and "clear up" the questions people have asked about them and the things they have said about them. I am not actually saying that letter specifically was the reason for her book. Also, my offer to come profile the case, while something I would be happy to do, was more in jest than a serious request to be brought in. Obviously, Kate and Gerry are unlikely to be calling me anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Kate's behavior in the first three days of this ordeal gave away her guilt.

Tania Cadogan said...

Guilty as heck and digging a deeper hole day by day in an attempt to avoid justice.

Zodiac said...

Thanks for that excellent new read and reread. I have never believed that MBM was abducted.

A question, Pat. What do you think about the comment KM has written for the whole to read on pg 129? This comment from the person who claims she was told not show any emotion just in case the abductor got off on it!

Anonymous said...

Really interesting - it is intriguing to have a professional opinion which reinforces what a lot of people think, but are generally not permitted to say (the UK is in a terrible state re. freedom of speech - the US laws are much more admirable in that regard).

Pat Brown said...


It is possible the police did say something like that although it is rubbish. What does it matter anyone what the perp feels? How is that really going to affect how he treats the child? Actually, it would be BETTER for the parents to be emotional because it might distract him from abusing the child, that he is getting his jollies instead from the parent's suffering and goad the kid about it. In fact, pleading for the child's return is the worst thing to do because a psychopath DOESN'T care how the parent feels and might be most abused to "return" the kid in a body bag.

My problems with the McCanns' behavior were less about how much emotion they displayed on air but their often flippant attitudes and misplaced emotions and peculiar behaviors.

Zodiac said...

Hi Pat,

Thanks for the reply. What do you make of her writing the description she wrote on pg 129 in her book?

Given the McCanns say they were told to show no emotion. I cannot understand why she would write such sickening graphic detail in her book. Especially as it has been stated in the press that the McCanns hope MBM and her abductor will read the book! Surely those thoughts (if she really did have them) should have remained deeply private and not for public consumption? Imo those words are meaningless. As imo she knows her child will never read them and neither will the abductor. As imo the abductor doesn't exist and the child was not abducted. What would be the reason for the writing of those words?

Pat Brown said...

Zodiac, EXCELLENT site to read up on what the book says (and not give money to the McCanns) and get an interesting analysis. Thanks for that.

As to why now? Kate and Gerry are trying to repair their images. She is trying to prove she HAD the proper emotions at the time, but she apparently does not actually know what the proper emotions are. She has placed herself in a drama of her own writing and it is a fictionalized account, in my opinion, of the events.

When people tell the truth, it feels like the truth. The facts don't change and get twisted around. This book does not feel like the truth because it likely isn't. And for those who think that maybe someone has come to believe what they say is truth, this in fact is pretty much a myth. What they are is COMFORTABLE with the story they have created and COMFORTABLE with the expected reaction. Therefore, they are now an actor in their play and can seem to be totally in the role. Works for actors on screen, works in real life.

Zodiac said...

Thanks for the insight Pat.

Imo they are ham actors appearing in a badly self-written soap opera. I echo your words Pat:

Any good lawyer will tell you to SHUT UP, but, no, you keep talking, Kate, and we thank you for it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms.Pat Brown, you wrote:
"I have a final suggestion. Ask the PJ if I can come analyze the case. My organization will send me pro bono."

I'm afraid there was/is no point in pleading with Kate, she just isn't interested in any actions that could help this investigation in any way, it does not suit her "agenda". Instead, may I suggest, even now, you should try to get in contact with Gonçalo Amaral or his lawyer, Dr. António Cabrita or Mr. Amaral's friend, Dr. Paulo Sargento, a forensic psychologist who has analysed the case.
Sorry, I do not have their contacts, but I'm sure that Joana Morais could help. She has a blog dedicated to finding the truth and justice for Madeleine:

Thank you,

Pat Brown said...

Anon, I was really only joking when I wrote that to Kate three years ago. I was rather tongue-in-cheek, not something I actually expected her to do. But, hey, I would be more than happy to review the case for the police or for the McCanns. What I determined from the evidence would be whatever the evidence showed me. Most of it actually is on the table, and, in reality, I can no longer do pro bono on a case that would require so much time, but I would be willing to do it if circumstances were worked out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat a very interesting read you said:

"She is trying to prove she HAD the proper emotions at the time, but she apparently does not actually know what the proper emotions are."

Would this be the reason we were given such a graphic account of what she imagined the 'abductor' was doing to her child?


Lez said...

Great reading this. I fear though that you have hit the nail on the head - narcissistic through and through and I doubt anyone will make them see that their own actions since the 'disappearance' have made them out to be the monsters. No1 else managed to do that - not even the PJ!!

texazranches11 said...

i have fun reading your post it was truly wonderful.. keep posting and we will admire and read your post.. keep it up..
Land in Texas

Anonymous said...

I think you're assuming that an abductor will do terrible things like rape to the poor child. Have you not considered the possibility that she was abducted by a rich childless couple who wanted a 'pretty girl' to be brought up as their own daughter? She might now be very happy with 'new' parents and have no idea at all of her former name.

Pat Brown said...

Uh, no, Anon. A rich childless couple can simply pay for a child; they don't need to steal one and they certainly don't need to steal a child from tourists and cause a major uproar. It is simply not practical. This also applies to any theory that some sex ring abducted Maddie. They can easily buy a child or grab one from a poor country where there will be little in the way of police investigation. The only two possible theories are Maddie was abducted by a child predator or Maddie was killed by her parents.

Charlotte from Denmark said...

Yes, Madeleine is happy, running in the fields, picking flowers and riding her new pony, while her rich new parents sigh with happiness as they watch her play..

And the easter bunny visits her daily, along with santa claus, pink fairies and Elvis.

guerra said...

I'm afraid the McCann couple can spout all the nonsense they want, because they know they are well protected. They have full support from their government and the media.

The investigation into what happened to Madeleine was never completed because the English authorities failed to provide the information that the Portuguese police requested, i.e. credit records, phone records, Madeleine's medical records, background information on the parents and their friends that were with them when Madeleine disappeared, etc. The final dispatch on the case is ambiguous, probably because the prosecutor was forced to archive the case and lift the McCanns' formal suspect status despite the circumstantial evidence pointing to the death of the child and the parent's involvement.

I've never witnessed anything like this case. I was stunned when British politicians accompanied the McCann couple to the European parliament to promote a child welfare initiative when they were still official suspects. I was shocked when Justice Hogg made a plea to an unknown abductor in her court. By the time Mr. Clarence Mitchell, their spokesperson, admitted that he sat down with the editors of newspapers to "shape the stories," I was no longer shocked or surprised. And now it appears the British government has decided to once again to do some PR work for this couple, by having announced through the Sun newspaper on the eve of Mrs McCann's release of her book, that Scotland Yard will be doing a review of the case. Of course officers from Scotland Yard were on Portuguese soil when this case started and they helped develop the case against the couple. And despite what they tell you, no one from England has made a request to the Portuguese authorities for a review to take place.

It probably wouldn't take much of an effort to prove that their fund is fraudulent, but no one seems to care. The Daily Mail once wrote about the exploits of a Mr. Jimenez in his search for Madeleine in Morocco, a member of the infamous Metodo 3. Mr. Jimenez was soon off the case after being arrested for stealing cocaine from a seized shipment from a Spanish shipyard. Mr. Mitchell soon declared that Mr. Jimenez had nothing to do with the investigation. Then followed who Mr. Mitchell referred to as the "big boys," Oakley International. The big boys turned out to be a one man organization, the man being Mr. Halligen who is now awaiting extradition to the US to face money laundering and fraud charges. I doubt that he will ever be allowed to leave British soil. The latest, so called, detectives provide us with amusing stories and nothing more, stories about a Victoria Beckham lookalike abductor, gypsies and the rugged lawless frontier of the Algarve.

I have to agree, the McCanns do exhibit the traits of people with a narcissistic personality disorder. One of these characteristics is that they attribute their character flaws to those they despise. They are on a mission to destroy Mr. Goncalo Amaral, the original lead investigator in this case, because he exposed to the public who they really are, their true character. You have to wonder about Mrs. McCann's mental state when she deems it appropriate to share in her book that she has thoughts about her daughter's genitalia being harmed by an abductor.

This couple is well connected in British society, I suspect that they are being protected because of something they know.

Anonymous said...

French former inspector Georges Morais comments in the french paper "le Monde"

Anne said...

"Hobnob said...

Guilty as heck and digging a deeper hole day by day in an attempt to avoid justice."

They can't but feel guilty. But, if they're digging a deeper hole day by day (lack of atonement plays its part), is it to avoid justice ?
I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Me Brown! So many people feel something is just OFF.

For me, in the very first week, it was one small little thing the good doctor did.

While her precious child was gone, from being "taken", Kate managed to wear different trinkets around her neck every single day. What MOTHER would have any inclination to doll up with a selection of cheap bling, every day, while her baby girl is missing ....?????

I guess the same MOTHER that gave cuddle cat way more attention and adoration than she bestowed upon her little girl. I so wish they would SHUT UP and go away!

Thanx again Me Brown, you surely rock!

Anonymous said...

I believe the reason these so-called-parents are not shutting up is because they want some kind of public statement saying that they 'are not guilty' because they DO watch the news and Internet, and they KNOW people don't really believe them, despite what the Gov. might try and do for them. The majority of people look at the case with common sense...they simply do not act like people who are innocent...its NOT just a personality issue...they know that we know and they want somekind of 'official' non-official clearing of their names...which will become far harder to obtain the more they act in this way...they KNOW what happened to Madeleine...and they think we are all stupid...let them continue to dig that hole...sooner or later...they will expose the truth to us and not even realise it! Poor Maddy, poor twins...

Marty said...

I am not shocked at all by her pathetic lies. The book is an easy way to get "THINGS" off her consciousness. Both of the parents are liars and know what happened. Thanks Pat for looking into this

deb said...


Anonymous said...

i know what i think happened , but i would be afraid to put it in here as i would be accusing some people who i have not seen mentioned . but oh how i would like som1 just to go and check it out.

KaOssis said...

Lol, I think the McConn's are pulling the other one with everyone, because they're not narccassistic, that's just an act, they're more psychotic criminals with a tendency for Schizzophrenia, they're continually behaving like they're the innocent victims and not the suposed abducted child of their's, which is a classic paedophiles tactic in using their victims charactor to deliberately divert suspicion from themselves. Kate has a very distinctive right eye droop when she's talking, a clear indication that her right hemisphere of her brain is disagreeing with what she's saying, and therefore lying her butt off! Gerry couldn't act to save his life, his guilty conscience make's him twitch, rubbing his ear, his nose, the back of his head, and anything else he think's at the time will distract from what he's lying about, which is easy to pick up on practically any video he's on. Gerry's nack of dropping himself in it all the time, just prove's he's crap at using reverse psychology and his conscience is terrorising him with guilt, such as his statement "She can't be there!... She can't be there!", shortly after Kate screamed that Madeleine had been taken, and the rest fo the Tapas Crew had shoulted about the Tapas Bar "She must be there!... She must be there!", show's Gerry's rereversing the context of other people's statments without thinking what's coming out of his mouth, so he's totally lacking in conscious coherence, which surgests he's either on cocain or heading towards Parkinson's... maybe this would explain why Kate had her fathers Parkinson's treatment in her bedside dresser draw on the police video of their 2nd holiday home in PdL. Again, Gerry drops a ball in his news appearence outside the court's in Lisbon, he say's: "We want to CREATE information which will lead us into searching for Madeleine"... well, you can deduce that the word "CREATE" mean's to Fabricate or Lie as regards to information, and that's probably due to hireing ex police officers that are Freemason members to help one make up information to keep the funds rolling in cause they're getting paid from the fund for their fairy storys, like fake emails from DS John Shord Metropilitan police to deliberately sabotarge the Portugese investigation, and now a closed review of the case costing the British taxpayers £350 million, the resulst's of which will never be published to the public, only goes to prove the entire case is a money laundering outfit with a pathetic sympathy story to manouver stolen money abroad without paying taxes!

Please do you homework before trying to make pathetic criminals look like they have a mental disease and are innocent of their crimes, because criminal's are just deliberately ignorant and don't give a frig who they rob from, the McCann's are not mental patients, they're just thieve's!

Pat Brown said...

Um, KaOssis, I never said the McCanns have a mental disease. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a just a label for a group of very selfish behaviors and has no chemical or biological origin, just like Psychopathy is simply a label for a group of behaviors which show an individual with zero concern for other human beings. I am not sure where you could possibly read that I am saying the McCanns have mental diseases or that I am making excuses for their behaviors. Read the post again.

Zodiac said...

Hi Pat,

This is incredible! What does the information below say to a criminal profiler?

In 2007 the world was told this:

Madeleine McCann's mother takes drug test

Excerpt from article:

The McCanns' two-year-old twins, Sean and Amelie, have also been tested to prove they were never given sedatives, after claims that Madeleine may have died of an accidental overdose.
Detectives were said to believe that the McCanns, who are both doctors, may have sedated their children to ensure they slept while they went to dinner with friends at a nearby restaurant.
The drug tests, which were conducted in September, form part of a dossier of evidence compiled by the McCanns' legal team to demolish the police case against them.
Edward Smethurst, the lawyer coordinating the McCanns' defence, said: "Hair grows by about a centimetre a month so if you have eight centimetres of hair, you can test for drugs going back eight months.
"With the appropriate, fully-accredited experts, hair samples were taken from Sean, Amelie and Kate and the conclusion was no evidence of sedatives or drugs were found.

Full article here:

Now in May 2011 the world is told this:

Article heading:

Kate McCann: I believe kidnapper drugged my twins on the night Madeleine was taken

Excerpt from article:

Kate McCann said the kidnapper who seized Madeleine may also have drugged her other two children, as she launched a new appeal in the hunt for her missing girl today.
Mrs McCann said she had to check that twins Sean and Amelie were still breathing because they did not wake as they began a frantic search for the missing three-year-old.
And the mother revealed she believes the man who snatched Maddie may have approached their Portuguese holiday flat the night before - but fled when he was disturbed.

Full article here:

Zodiac said...

I forgot to add this as a second excerpt with the most recent article:

Asked if the twins had been drugged, she said on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour today: 'On the night I just remember the twins lying in the cot and not moving - with lights going on and people moving around.
'There was a lot of noise and they just didn't move and I remember several times checking for chest movements. I did feel it was a bit strange that they were not moving let alone waking up.

New outfit: Kate McCann writes that she admired Madeleine in her new pink outfit - but fears someone else did too
'I did consider with Madeleine perhaps she had been given something too.'

Read more:

megafundline said...

Excellent article, you rock!
May you please look at this?
It is not about the DNA but reveals an enormous lie, in my view, so I'd like to know what you think. It links to "Fantasy Land". I would be honoured if you could comment on my blog. Thank you for this great blogspot and blog!

Anne said...

You are right, Zodiac ! KMC even writes in "Madeleine" : I wandered into the children’s bedroom several times to check on Sean and Amelie. They were both lying on their fronts in a kind of crouch, with their heads turned sideways and their knees tucked under their tummies. In spite of the noise and lights and general pandemonium, they hadn’t stirred. They’d always been sound sleepers, but this seemed unnatural. Scared for them, too, I placed the palms of my hands on their backs to check for chest movement, basically, for some sign of life. Had Madeleine been given some kind of sedative to keep her quiet? Had the twins, too? It was not until about 11.10pm that two policemen arrived from the nearest town, Lagos, about five miles away. To me they seemed bewildered and out of their depth, and I couldn’t shake the images of Tweedledum and Tweedledee out of my head."
She found the twins slept "unnaturally" and was "scared" for them, but mocked both guards of GNR instead of insisting that the Scientific Police should take some sample and analyse it.
Though KMC mentions many times that she suggested sedation to the PJ, there's nothing about this in the files nor in her statement, the following day.
The one and only indication comes from two liaison officers the MCs met on the 5th who, asked whether they noticed something special in the MCs' attitude, observed they insisted in knowing whether the Scientific Police had discovered any trace of sedation in the bedroom.

Anonymous said...

I have just downloaded and read your latest edition via Kindle\Amazon and found myself agreeing and nodding to everything you have written.

However, much confusion always exists wherever you read about the FRONT DOOR ... the rather somewhat invisible front (main) door, in the book Madeleine. But I think this sums up some of the issues
Roggie interview 8th April 2008
''Reply "And the door, they couldn't get out, we made sure they couldn't, well from the point
of Exxxx you know we made sure she couldn't err not escape, because that sounds
terrible, but you know she, the door was dead locked so she couldn't have, she
couldn't have wandered off so I mean obviously there's harm, you could say she
could have done herself harm in the apartment anyway but from our own view of
knowing Exxxx we thought you know she couldn't, couldn't come to any harm, and
Exx was in her cot so couldn't get out the cot, so." ''

So, now we have various options about the front door, something I felt in your new edition throws up lots of issues. But certainly to obtain the LOCK from the door by the MET would once and for all establish the type of mechanism it was.
As Jane explains above and I assume, same building, same type of door lock. It could be DEADLOCK to prevent exit.
But was it also a slam lock? ... did the McCanns need to turn the key once to lock (entry) and deadlock exit and entry.
The door is not invisible as much as the PLOT of this sad case likes us to think.
But why was it necessary some 18 months later for JT to flagged up this very interesting point. No only locked but DEADLOCKED.

Anonymous said...

I think in the Mcann incident it boiled down to a more classic Money Motive; they staged the kidnapping for attention and for all of the various funds set up to "find justice for maddie" and blah blah.

They're BOTH narcissistic machiavellian types (high machs) and I pity their remaining children.

Suzanne Fox said...

Fantastic profile Pat!! I feel you are totally spot on with what happened. I am a huge forensics nut so I try to educate myself. I worked in medicine, both in the UK and US and I will say that I have met more than my desire of highly intelligent and respected medical professionals who so sedate their kids. The McCanns also had an antihistamine with them as well as other OTC drugs.
I am disgusted to say that those whom others look upon as being above reproach are often the ones that lie, cheat, blame others and display difficulty with taking any personal responsibility.
Here are some questions/comments:
Only a select few drugs can be detected in hair samples-any physician would know this. I think they gave high doses of antihistamines to their kids
I read that Kate had been considering having a relative care for Maddy on a permanent basis because she could no longer cope? This was before the holiday
Lots of questions about the furniture in the apartment having been moved.
When I had to take call I would have a sitter for my dogs because of my concern for their safety and welfare. Please feel free to share this with the McCanns.

Anne in Sedona, AZ said...

Just like Casey Anthony, I have always believed that the McCann's were guilty. Who would EVER leave their child alone in a foreign country hotel room NOT TO MENTION leaving the door unlocked. I believe they drugged all the children and Maddy OD'ed.... possibly intentional first degree murder. Who knows.
Most interesting, one year after this possible use of Choroform as a sedative, Casey Anthony googles Choroform, when she wants to party without a babysitter. We all know what happened next. The only difference is Casey didn't dump Caley in the ocean to become fish food. Maybe Casey didn't have access to a boat. Who knows? But I know in my heart that neither of these children died natural deaths, abductions, drowning, etc. They were murdered by their mothers. So very sad.

Anonymous said...

Pat, is there a possibility that Madeleine was killed by one of Tapas 7, after having made an agreement with the parents? And the agreement was made before they left to Algarve and that is the reason why they didn't want any baby-sitter, even after having known Madeleine had cried for 75 minutes the day before? What was the reason of not having any nanny in the evenings during that week?

cheytacgrl said...

The whole case was creepy from the start. I see they got Pat pretty fired up for trying to help.

Why? Why would any parent NOT want their missing childs name plastered EVERY PLACE! If not for Pat's book, no one would even be talking about Maddie.
If a parent has time to be defensive, they have time to look for their child.

If it was me, I would have had a nervous breakdown by now not knowing where my child was or what happened.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you saw them on crimewatch. There was something about the way she moves her eyes that make me feels she being dishonest, Jerry stared blankly down the camera and i felt like kate was trying to hide her face.

Anonymous said...

I've seen more accurate horoscopes

Anonymous said...

Thank You so much for having courage to stand for truth. I really appreciate you Pat and your awesome. I feel that you deserve best of the wishes from me. May universe protect you. We in uk can't even speak about this case and you have hit nail on head with your book about Madeleine and love the letter you wrote to Kate and Gerry M. Well done. Once again congratulation on you being you. Love you with whole heart Pat.

Anonymous said...

I think she went abroad to sell her daughter and some disagreement over money has led to her claiming someone abducted her Maddy. She knows where she is no doubt and knows she safe, why is no sorrow shown by her?