Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: My New Amazon eBook! Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

I have received a lot of requests to analyze what happened to Maddie four years ago in Portugal and out today on Amazon is my new Kindle ebook, Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann. It is already the #1 Kindle eBook in True Crime on Amazon UK and is moving up rapidly at Amazon in the US. If you don't have a Kindle, no fear. You can download Kindle to your PC or Mac and read it that way.

If you want a preview as to what this profile is about, read my new post on Women in Crime Ink: Madeleine: Wherein lies the Truth.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


SteelMagnolia said...

Paulo Sargento, a criminal psychologist at Lusófona University in Libson, has produced a 3D reconstruction of events at the Ocean Club on the evening Madeleine disappeared.

He used minute-by-minute breakdowns of events published in The Times, the respected Portuguese newspapers Público and Sol and the BBC to test all hypotheses put forward by the Portuguese authorities.

Dr Sargento cross-checked times and events from the moment that Kate and Gerry McCann went to pick up their children from the resort’s kindergarten at 4pm, until 10pm, when Mrs McCann reported that Madeleine was missing from their apartment.

He found that from the moment when the McCanns arrived at the tapas restaurant at 8pm, seven people in their party got up a total of 14 times in two hours.

Dr Sargento told SIC television: “There were people passing almost every five minutes. The question is how, in that time, could it be possible with so many people coming and going that no one saw someone coming in through the window without being seen? We have concluded this theory is very inconsistent.”

SteelMagnolia said...

The cancelled reconstruction.

Anonymous said...

“Yeah, I don’t know, they, again, a feeling, is they probably did a bit more checking than the girls did.

Erm, I couldn’t, you know, I couldn’t be more specific about that.

Erm, you know, there was, I’m trying to think if anyone was ill on the Sunday night actually, because we had a bit of illness in the group as well and there were nights, I think, every night there was somebody who was sick actually.

And I think Matt might have been ill on, it was either Sunday or the Monday, erm, and, you know, one of those nights he wasn’t there for dinner.

And then Rachael, erm, wasn’t there, I think that was the Wednesday night, she was ill, Tuesday or Wednesday. So there were night when, yeah, there was only eight of us at the table .

From the Rogatory interview with Fiona Payne.

They had a babysitter, one missing each night from the table, they also claim their checks were 15-20 minutes which would have been impossible.

Anonymous said...

Link may help to above post.

Fiona seems very concerned with Sunday the officer has to keep dragging her back to that day but she does not want to go there..any thoughts anyone ?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Pat, have purchased several copies and thought it only fair to also purchase a Kindle due to the kindness of Amazons free offer.

If I may just correct you, Dr.McCann is not a surgeon he is a heart consultant vital in your account as he is not in the position to have to make life or death decisions. I realise you picked this up from the report which makes me wonder if in fact Dr.McCann did tell the PJ that he was in fact a surgeon , would not surprise me in the least. But if you can change this it would be in your interest otherwise you will be accused of not knowing your stuff from certain quarters.

For me you ticked all the boxes.

Cheers. xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Pat, now you have opened the floodgates I am posting links for your readers.

The McCanns via Mitchell have full control over the British media.Casey Anthony trial has not been reported in England for the simple fact the case concerns cadaver dogs ' powerful indicators'

Here is a screenshot of Gerry McCanns reasons for the PJ FIles NOT being published in the British media
accodrding to him this would have 'cost lives' too right his when the public find out the truth about his 'fund'

Anonymous said...

I think possibly different countries use the word surgeon differently from the British - where it specifically means someone who is Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons (or studying for the qualification. Also, the PJ files (for the British witnesses) have had a number of layers of translation - which can result in 'lost in translation'.

I think your book is excellent and that the development towards your theory was compelling. I would strongly recommend anyone who has an interest in this case (however 'fleeting') to read your book.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about mailing you ' A boy named Sue'...I think you may be on their hit list.

Dear God Pat when will this stop?

Anonymous said...

The British press banned from reporting anything 'cadaverish'on the Anthony trial but could not hold back on the amazing discovery today of the 50 year old possible remains of Ramona, cadaver dogs have found a place of interest. Let it be her and her family find peace.

Anonymous said...

Money that is expected to come from future donations has given the McCanns a further boost in their spending spree. They are suing more and more individuals who seem to disagree with their plot. I wonder what will happen when the public come to realize the scam, and stop funding them! will be a glorious day indeed!!!

Anonymous said...

No doubt their house in Rothley will be put up for sale at a below reasonable price as property prices are at their lowest. Someone can make a killing in this acquisition...

Anonymous said...

I believe Pat is correct, Madeleine is back in England and hidden in plain sight.

Anonymous said...

U Tube starts 0.20 'There is nothing to implicate us in her DEATH'. Thats as close as we will ever get to the truth.

Pat Brown said...

Hi Anonymous and Steel! Sorry to take so long to jump in here. Thanks, Anon, for your purchases and support. Steel, that reconstruction is fascinating. As I wrote in my Profile, this wasn't exactly an ideal target with the traffic. Of course, as I stated, it IS possible for an obsessed pedophile to watch and watch until he gets a lucky moment and go for it, but not probable.

SteelMagnolia said...

Hi Pat,

Information just in from Portugal and yes it would appear they have taken your advice . Have linked you to Portuguese blog for the 'story'. We now have a Gerry lookalike lets see where they take this .

camille said...

Pat, I wish you would blog more often! I love reading your insight on cases.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Brown,

Rev. Carol Daniels was murdered in her church August 23, 2009 in Anadarko, OK. By all accounts it was a gruesome murder. I was wondering if you could do a profile this case. I am very interested in your opinion of who the killer might be.

Robin said...

Just finished your book. Excellent job, very clearly presented. You nailed it.

Nicole Laurent said...

Just finished your book--a very compelling read--and have to say your theory rings very true to me.

On a side note, among the countless reasons Jane Tanner's 'sighting' is utterly unbelieveable (to me) is this: She's a mother going to do a check-in on the safety and well-being of her children. She passes a strange man who appears to have just left THEIR BUILDING, holding a child similar in age--and presumably stature--to her own daughter Ella. He's supposedly holding her in an unnatural manner, like a corpse ... and she doesn't give THAT a passing thought? She wasn't thinking, "Hey, my kids and my friends' kids are alone in the apartment building that man could have just come from ... call me paranoid, but perhaps I should fake-ask the time or directions and make sure he doesn't have one of our helpless and unattended kids in his arms?"

Then again, you said people don't really change so perhaps fake Jane in her fake sighting is consistant. Fake Jane was really only doing a fake 'listening check' and is not really concerned about unconscious children being spirited from the direction of their building at night... No one's screaming, so it's all good.

Well done on the book and thanks so much for sharing your fascinating insight. Look forward to reading more from you!