Friday, December 23, 2011

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: The TRUTH about the so-called "Happy Ending" of the Aisha Khan saga:

I don't see any happy ending here. I see a selfish narcissist who staged an abduction (this IS a crime) terrifying her family and community, possibly getting an innocent person in trouble and investigated, wasting tons of tax money, police manpower (which should have been spent helping real victims), wasting citizen's time that they took off of work and away from their families to help search, and she gives a black eye to true missing women and the Muslim community. The family now has to deal with the humiliation of being fools who claimed up and down Aisha was truly abducted and they have to live with the fact Aisha is not the girl they thought she was, but a user and abuser. That family I sure is shedding tears but not of true joy because there is something seriously not right with Aisha Khan. Khan should be arrested for staging a crime and required to pay back the money wasted on her search. The family needs to apologize to the community (after all, they claimed Aisha wouldn't fake her disappearance and they should have known their own relative better or not lied about the kind of girl she was) and they should donate equal time helping true victims of crime until they pay back all the time the community wasted on Aisha. They can give the $10,000 reward money they offered to the police or to a victims' organization. Then maybe there would be an acceptable ending.

A truly happy ending would have been the recovery of a truly abducted person before she had been harmed. If my daughter had committed an elaborate hoax (and this was an elaborate hoax) on me, my family, and the community, I would be madder than hell. What kind of person does that? I can tell you. Jennifer Wilbanks, Audrey Sieler, Emily Rose, and Bethany Storros. These are not nice women; they are selfish and cruel and the families cannot be "happy" that their daughters committed these vile acts, maybe relieved they are not dead (in the cases of the women who faked abductions) but not "happy." Let's not sugarcoat this rotten attention seeking act. If Aisha Khan really just wanted to escape an undesirable situation, she would have simply taken off, left a note, and gone on to live her life. She choose instead to abuse others and that is not acceptable.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


Anonymous said...

hmmm I got cut off.
Anyway, Aisha is spoiled and self-serving and needs to "work off her time" or pay back the cash! It would be horrible to have a dughter like her.

Hey, I so hope that you would find out more about Jodi Arias. People on a blog want to know who her family is, and why they are never mentioned. That monster is as evil and Caylee's killer!

You look so good! Really trim and fit looking!

Happy Christmas!
Mary Beth Haguewood

Anonymous said...

I meant to say that she is AS evil as Caylee's killer!

Anonymous said...

How do you know she is Muslim? Because she is wearing a pashmina?

joan said...

You were so on the money right!
Thank you
joan and the crew

Anonymous said...

She should be charged with the crime of filing a false report, be made to pay restitution to Law Enforcement and do community service hours equal to the time spent on searching for her. She should also be made to pay the individuals who took time off for nothing more than an attention seeking stunt. The truth hurts but anyone who does this should be held morally and fiscaly responsible.
Beckey Girard ~ Bail and Fugitive Recovery Agent

NancyB said...

Very well said. I am so disappointed that the family has not made a public apology followed with the rightful actions that you wrote of. That would signify that they honor the societal obligation that they have now incurred to pay law enforcement and the community back for the high cost of resources that were devoted to the wild goose chase that their daughter was responsible for. I think that it should be a crime - it is a crime isn't it to lie to law enforcement?

Just read Beckey's above comment and I totally agree.

Hey Pat, I recently read a post that you did on Dec 11, 2008, the day that Caylee's bones were found. Wow. I was amazed because you knew the eventual outcome and very disappointing verdict way back then. How did you know? Did it have anything to do with Baez's multiple pressers early on and the tabloid atmosphere that he brought to the case from the beginning? Oh and Casey's lies? Very impressed that you so accurately forecasted what's come to be.

Lastly, you have a lot more patience than I do - Dr Drew had been appearing more and more obtuse to me in his steadfast determination that Casey could "heal" and that she had a brain defect blah blah blah. You told him multiple times that she was a cold blooded psychopath. (sighs)

I am so glad that Dr. Drew finally stopped spouting that “frontal lobe disorder” nonsense! He had Michelle Ward,who has a Ph.D. in Clinical Neuroscience on the other night. She's a criminal psychologist and told him that Casey is a classic female psychopath.

Dr Drew also claimed that Joran Van Der Sloot is a dangerous killer while Casey is not. Baloney. As far as I'm concerned, Casey is just as heinous a murderer as Joran Van Der Sloot. Sure, she didn’t beat anyone to death, but the thing is that both of them killed someone who was physically no match for them and who had absolutely no chance of defending themselves.

Caylee was especially defenseless. The moment Casey decided to kill her, she had no chance. Casey is a monster - who could kill a toddler if they weren't.

By the end of the segment though Dr Drew flip flopped again and said that it's either a brain disorder or sociopathy! :)