Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Hurray! The Madeleine McCann Case is Near to being Solved!

"[We are] seeking to bring closure to the case," Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood told the BBC. "I am satisfied that the systems and processes that we are bringing to this set of circumstances will give us the best opportunity to find those investigative opportunities that we can then present to our colleagues in Portugal."

And, clearly, those 195 new leads culled from a years worth of work by the MET's 37-man team should indeed inspire the Portuguese police to reopen the case and get to work following up these valuable clues (provided to me by an unnamed unreliable source) which surely will result in the recovery of a living Madeleine McCann who can then be united with her long-suffering parents whose own five-year-long investigation using private detectives and reportedly spending millions in donated money has been a miserable failure.

But, now it is hoped that 195 new clues unearthed by the stellar British law enforcement agency previously overlooked by the bumbling Portuguese police will now be further investigated by this incompetent bunch of tossers.

A Sampling of the  New Clues (provided to me by an unnamed unreliable source)

1. A Spanish woman saw a blonde child
2. An Italian woman saw a blond child
3. A Portuguese man saw a blond child
4. A British couple saw a blond child
5. A French couple saw a blond child
6. A Spanish woman heard a rumor
7. An Italian woman heard a rumor
8. A Portuguese man heard a rumor
9. A British couple heard a rumor
10. A French couple heard a rumor
11. A Spanish woman saw a creepy man
12. An Italian woman saw a creepy man
13. A Portuguese man saw a creepy man
14. A British couple saw a creepy man
15. A French couple saw a creepy man
16. A Spanish woman saw a creepy woman
17. An Italian woman saw a creepy woman
18. A Portuguese man saw a creepy woman
19. A British couple saw a creepy woman
20. A French couple saw a creepy woman

I am hoping the readers of this blog will see that there is much hope now that the case of missing Madeleine McCann will be reopened, quickly solved, and the child returned home to her family.

Cost of finding 185 totally useless clues? 3.2 million dollars of UK taxpayer money

Worth to the McCann media spin? Priceless 

 Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


SteelMagnolia said...

Hello Pat , amusing but sadly true.

The simulated crime as we all know played out through the media we also now know it is Murdoch who runs the MET and all of the British corrupt politicians are in his pocket. I have just witnessed Tory Mensch ass crawling up the backside of Murdoch . Murdoch runs England and the Conservatives have now now placed themselves in the position of supporting a criminal organizationa.

I was surprised when the McCanns had your book removed from Amazon, they do not have that power nor Carter Ruck. BUT then I googled the connection of Kindle Amazon with Murdoch and then it all became very clear. News International are running the largest missing person fraud the world has ever seen. The media fest the last week will have bumped up sales threefold.Everyone is making money from Madeleine she is also very useful to cover bad news days..everyone is on a winner.

A recap of how it all began.

Here's a reminder of the News International connections.

Sir Clement Freud, grandson of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, had a holiday home in Praia da Luz, in Portugal.

In July 2007, Clement Freud helped the parents of missing child Madeleine McCann by cooking them dinners in Praia da Luz and offering them drinks.

Initially when he wrote to them offering assistance they thought it was a hoax. (Clement Freud – Wikipedia)

Sir Clement Freud’s son Matthew Freud is married to Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupert Murdoch.

Matthew Freud is head of Freud Communications, an international public relations firm in the United Kingdom.

Matthew Freud is a member of the ‘Chipping Norton set’ along with David Cameron, Christopher Shale (recently found dead) and Rebekah Brooks.

David Wilson, the chairman of the public relations agency Bell Pottinger, handles Rebekah Brook’s press inquiries.
David Wilson was on the PR team aiding Madeleine McCann’s parents.

On Saturday 2 July, “Rebekah Brooks was a guest at an all-night party hosted by PR boss Matthew Freud and his wife, Murdoch’s daughter Elisabeth, at their Cotswolds mansion, Burford Priory.”

In attendance were the BBC director general, Mark Thompson, BBC reporter Robert Peston, Peter Mandelson, former Foreign Secretary David Miliband, and the education secretary, Michael Gove. (Rebekah Brooks’s arrest came as a surprise despite fortnight of bad press)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pat I'm having a chill from twitter on the subject of M for the month of May. I wonder 195 pieces of what information, out of how many originally? How many were investigated worldwide fully. How many with too little detail.
Then how many of these are from the McCanns own detectives (ask yourself, where are they now) and just how many blanks did they draw.
Whether the 195 dates for the duration of five years or not, just how many have the MET acutally investigated, even if as a sample for validity.
The MET should have left the speaking in public to their PR advisers as so many had bleated on about to the Leveson inquiry.
Since the information is worthless, other than 195 sounds a large number, CEOP viral message by Gamble, could have generated this number in five minutes, yet, even then, a need to know basis; NOTHING. They told us nothing.
I'm not impressed by 195 but I would be impressed with ONE with more meat on the bone.
Do the MET think we are bloody stupid or something.
What is the total number of sightings? What is the total number followed up & what type of result?

Anonymous said...

The world is making fun of the British and we are many watching, and we are shocked by some British media's shameless take on the Mcann story. Mr Amaral, you have our support, and so have you Mrs Brown. Greetings from Sweden

Anonymous said...

195 is a standalone nothing, for the amount of publicity over five years.
It might represent a drop in the ocean of the total.

Yes, it might be speculated that one of the 195 might be THE ONE.

But why is this most publicised case, so surrounded with secrecy of ACTUAL FACTS.

As example. How many sightings do the McCanns have in their possession, how many have they actually investigated over five years.

Yet alone, the PJ, British police (LP & MET) and every other police force throughout the world.

What does 195 mean?

Yet no one asks questions.

And on the subject of Q's what happened to the NoTW £1m REWARD money, was that merely transferred into the search FUND limited.

more puddled than duck ;) !

Anonymous said...

Pat please could you repost this comment on here where it is more relevant -
Just found this on the Uk Daily Express website regarding the 195 clues supposedly overlooked by the PJ - 'an elderly British woman living in Praia da Luz saw a Portuguese-looking woman hanging around outside the McCanns’ apartment about an hour before the abduction'. Well if this is so, it is quite incredible she wasn't seen by DP and family on their way to the Tapas at 8.50pm; by Matthew at 9pm; by Gerry and Jez at 9.10pm and by Jane at 9.15pm isn't it. I know I shouldn't be sarcastic but perhaps there is a convenient tree right outside the apartment.

Anonymous said...

Nothing more has come to light since madeleine disappeared and her parents and their friends REFUSED to take part in a reconstruction. Of course a reconstruction would have immediately shown the discrepancies in each and every story recounted time to the Portuguese. The McCanns are classic examples of protesting too much - in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

All the lies are there in black and white re the mccanns and tapas ,so why the hell is someone NOT INVESTIGATING THEM LIKE THEY SHOULD,ARE ALL BRITISH COPS AND GOV CORRUPT.
or is it a case of sod Madeleine, were alright jack.

Anonymous said...

Re 195 clues, I'm wondering if the Portuguese-looking woman seen outside the apartment was actually Jane Tanner.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know whether the McCanns have ever asked Max Clifford for his support? Seems he would have been good for them ..but if they asked him and he said no? That would be interesting......

Pericles Pinto said...

Funny and well written!

Johanna said...

The 195 leads revealed!!!!


Anonymous said...

Re 195 clues - a taxi driver apparently gave a lift to 4 adults and a child resembling Madeleine on the night after she disappeared. If I were Madeleine's parent, I think I would've gone to speak to this driver the minute I heard this news.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the portuguese looking woman could have been Tanner! Jeremy Wilkins said he did not see Tanner pass by him and Gerry when they were talking on the street outside the apartment (you know, when Gerry did his check around 9.05pm, and met Wilkins on the street and stayed there chatting for a while, and at the same time Tanner walked up the street and saw the "abductor", but neither Gerry nor Wilkins saw her!), but he had seen her earlier that night, wearing some purple outfit.
I believe that Wilkins said he had been out with his child since 8/8.30pm, strolling around the streets to make the child sleep.

Anonymous said...

Here's a flagrant example of all the spinning and distortion. of how credible those 195 new leads really are:

A Taxi Driver Story and The Rogatory Letter Saga - published in this blog on 28 February 2008 http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2008/02/taxi-driver-story-and-rogatory-letter.html

«(...)A taxi-driver of Vila Real de Santo Antonio, in the Algarve, guarantees to have transported Maddie, Kate McCann and three men – one of them similar to Murat – in the night of the disappearance of the English girl, in the 3rd of May of last year.

(...) Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the McCanns, reacted yesterday with amazement at the declarations of the taxi-driver. “The declarations of Mr. Castela are false. They are a perfect nonsense. He can only be mistaken when he says that at that time he transported Kate and Madeleine with three men”, he said, underlining the fact of being several independent witnesses who place Madeleine's parents in a completely different place. “How is that possible, if at 20h35 several witnesses say that Kate and Gerry were sitting down on a table of the Tapas restaurant”, he questioned. Clarence doubts of the intentions of the taxi-driver. “It astonishes me that only now, ten months later, he talks about this. These are declarations that only cause pain to Kate and Gerry", he said, advancing that that the McCann's daughter has no facial twitches. “The only sign to report is the one she has in the eye.” (....)»

Today, May 02, 2012, Team McCann spin two different versions of this story:

Madeleine McCann was in my taxi, man claims - Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1580173/Madeleine-McCann-was-in-my-taxi-man-claims.html

«The claims have shocked Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, who have rejected them for being incompatible with the known chain of events that night(...) Mr Cardoso said he had informed the police of the apparent encounter but as well as Metodo 3, the private detective agency hired by the McCanns.But the McCanns spokesman Clarence Mitchell told the newspaper: "We are dismissing this primarily because the timings are entirely wrong."»

Kate and Gerry McCann reveal their twins want to join search for missing Maddie as they speak of hope after new Scotland Yard photofit - Daily Mail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2138286/Madeleine-McCann-latest-news-Parents-speak-new-hope-thanks-Scotland-Yard-review.html

«A taxi driver who believes he picked up Madeleine McCann the night after she vanished has claimed Portuguese police ignored his report.

The McCanns' spokesman said it was 'deeply shocking' that detectives never interviewed Antonio Castela, above right, about his possible sighting of the missing child.

Mr Castela, 72, went to the Policia Judiciaria (PJ), Portugal's CID, after three men, a woman and a young girl resembling Madeleine got into his cab on the evening of May 4, 2007 in the Algarve, about an hour's drive from Praia da Luz, where Maddie had vanished the night before.

The taxi driver drove the group two miles to the Hotel Apolo in Vila Real de Santo Antonio, where they drove away in a blue jeep.

Mr Castela told the Evening Standard: 'After I went to the police, I never heard anything from them again.

'They did not seem to take me seriously.

'I am amazed that it has been five years and nobody has ever asked me what I saw that night. I am absolutely certain it was her.'

McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: 'Mr Castela did absolutely the right thing at the time by reporting his sighting to the PJ.

'It is clearly deeply shocking that he now tells us he has not been interviewed once by a detective in five years.'»

Anonymous said...

A short(er)account of the taxi driver saga:
Back in 2007, Mr. Castela (the cabbie) said he took some men and a woman in his taxi, with a small blond girl, dressed in pijamas, on the night of the 3rd May, from place A to place B, near the portuguese-spanish border. The interesting think of his account is that he said the woman was a Kate McCann lookalike and one of the man looked like Murat.
This was fiercely dismissed by the McCanns and Mitchell, and also not accepted by the police, because at that time, Kate and Murat's whereabouts could be accounted for by several witnesses who placed them in Luz.
What is different now, in 2012? What makes Mr. Castela's story acceptable for Mitchell and the Mccanns now and is being used as another hit at the "incompetent" portuguese police, who failled to question a potential witness? Just this little detail: now, the story completely leaves out Mr. Castela saying the woman could have been Kate and the man, Murat. This is not mentioned at all!
They re-invented the same whole story, in a way that serves their purposes best...it's like making the same old recipe of soup for diner, but telling the family it's an entire new one, never tasted before, just because you've left out one ingredient...a very important ingredient, but hoping no one will remember to mention it...

Anonymous said...

Sorry for keeping coming back with the taxi driver subject, but I forgot to add to my previous comment that I strongly suspect that "they" chose to re-ashed this story, minus the references to Kate's and Murat's lookalikes, in order to validate the recent "sighting" in Spain. A british woman told that she saw Maddie in Nerja, a town near Malaga, in the company of dark-haired/dark-skinned people, and that the girl stood out in the group, because of her fair skin and hair. This was quickly ridiculed and refuted in blogs and by ex-pjs and crime commentators on portuguese tv, because that woamn saw Maddie as she looked like in all the pictures released since 2007, as an almost 4 year old child, not like the 9 year old she would be now. The "sighting" was prior to the age progressed picture that was released days ago, and when one thinks of Madeleine, the images one has in mind is her pictures of her at 4, not the age progressed ones.
They needed something that would give some credibility to the Nerja sighting, and Mr. Castela's story fitted like a glove! He took his passengers to Vila Real de Santo António, which is on the main border between the Algarve and Spain...Málaga and Nerja are not far...they hope it sticks!

SteelMagnolia said...

Jane Tanner was seen outside and near the apartment by Wilkins dressed in purple around 8.30.

But this has got so crazy now that the only conclusion I can come up with is what I thought in the first place, agenda, microchip.

NHS in England has now been privatized, SERCO along with Richard Branson, who if you recall Branson was involved in this from the start between them are gobbling it up.

The Victoria in Barcelona farce, yacht involved owned by Rhonda Whylie , not sure if I have spelt her name correctly, no matter, she is a very good friend of Branson and Murdoch


Take a look at this video , the McCanns were clearly working for the Government to push Amber Alert , BOTH still suspects in the death of their daughter !!!

Evidence was clearly destroyed and they knew they were home and dry.

The latest 'abduction only' from SY ,!!!! and what has the world been looking for ? Maddie or a Maddie lookalike with a defect in her right eye...

Medical records were denied !

The new image, is this to get us accustomed to a Maddie lookalike ? this child is much older around 13 years of age I would say.

Will a substitute Maddie appear and wham bam had she been microchipped all of the money and police time would not have been wasted ?

A couple of cops in England were attacked a month or so ago and wham bam Cameron passed through a bill that ALL puppies must now be chipped at birth ,all now come under the dangerous dogs act !!!

Conspiracy ? maybe, but nothing crazier than what we have witnessed this past week.

Pat check out ObamaCare, there is something about a microchip for 2013 and Cameron was with Obama a couple of months ago.

Anonymous said...

yep - the McCanns choose what to "believe" and when to "believe".
Taxi driver's claim? Dismissed in 2007 now dragged out and revitalised.
Suggestions by psychics and mediums that they may be able to help? Dismissed in 2007/8/9/10/11 now they seem prepared to consider "help" of this nature.
A bit late in the day to actually START leaving "no stone unturned"!!

Anonymous said...

Haha Pat! That is a great post.

Poor Madeleine though.

I would love to hear the parents address the abductor through the media, begging for information or return, rather than trying to convince the public that she was abducted and there's no evidence she is dead. I am tired of the McCanns and have no respect for the British Media with their shocking reporting on it.

Anonymous said...

The strangest parts of this case
Why did the LP withhold the Gaspar statements
Why is there definitive interpretation of the Gaspar statements
Why was the background checks on the T9 not available to the Portuguese authorities
Why was there not medical records or other actual data on Madeleine
From the stance of the submitted & agreed timeline by the T9 and their subsequent pact of silence, remained unchallenged before of their DECLINE to participate in a reconstruction
This leaves O'B rather exposed as a homelone Male, with his only real alibi from his partner, by virtue of the fact she witnessed the abduction PRIOR to his homealone status, really!!
Yet alone the check carried out by the other 'homealone male' MO who never noticed a missing child & two empty beds
Exactly who were the T9?

Shelley Matz said...

These people should have had charges for child endangerment for leaving young children unattended.

But I guess anymore no one cares.

Leave ur BABIES alone. Don't report your "missing" child for days, party the night ur child is reported missing.

Why not.

The Mcanns ... Never charged despite it being a crime to leave young children alone
Lavon ... 2 weeks before daddy calls police
Haileigh Dunn.... Mom and boyfriend party night missing.... and despite child porn found in the home.... No charges

Anonymous said...

Smoke and Mirrors, this whole thing.
The latest theory being investigated (January 15th) re. the burglars who adbucted Maddie, it utter codswallop, and a desperate attempt to divert attention. It's like throwing a rooster into a pigeon shoot.

The McCanns are good at this, but the web of their lies paints a very clear picture.