Saturday, September 8, 2012

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Update on Free Speech and the Madeleine McCann Case

As Gonçalo Amaral heads to court to do battle with Madeleine McCann's parents, Kate and Gerry, over the issue of libel and free speech concerning the Portuguese publication of his book, The Truth of the Lie, many have been wondering what is happening over here in the United States with my own battle with the McCanns over the same issue.

Well, it has been a frustrating road to fight the legalities and jurisdictions of the legal system when it comes to libel and the UK. It took me a long time to find an attorney with a desire to support free speech (even the ACLU didn't show interest) because of public sympathy over an open missing child case and the spectacle of grieving parents. Most attorneys, because they didn't see easy money and worried about the media backlash from standing up to the McCanns, wouldn't touch the case. But, I feel very lucky that Anne Bremner was willing to take the case on and represent me. Unfortunately, after much research over the jurisdictional issues, it became clear that there was not much that could be done to fight the McCanns because of their residency in the UK and the libel laws at play over there. I will explain.

First of all, it isn't about Amazon, so even though they are an American company and are located in Seattle, Washington (right in Anne's home territory), it doesn't matter, because they are not the one's who are claiming my book, Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, is libelous. They are simply refusing to sell it which is their right as a bookstore. They don't want to run the risk of being sued by the McCanns. Therefore, it is only the McCanns that can be the focus of a lawsuit. And they live in the UK which mucks things up.

Why? Two reasons. One, the UK libel laws are ridiculously anti-free speech and the case would be far more difficult to win there than in the US where a successful verdict in my favor would likely occur. Two, it costs a blazing fortune to sue someone in another country; one has to bring in attorneys that work there and pay for travel costs and all the likely charges for all the motions and delays, you name it... and I don't have the bucks for that. So, Anne did what was manageable under the circumstances with the letter to the McCanns emphasizing the lack of libel in the book and the right of free speech that should have them cease and desist in their threat to Amazon and myself. Their refusal to allow the book back on the Amazon market speaks volumes and that alone is worth illuminating. Interestingly, my book continues to sell at Barnes and Noble and Smashwords and the McCanns have not gotten it taken down from these venues nor have they sued me in the United States. It is likely they won't because they know they have a poor chance of winning here.

After a goodly period of time trying to decide what to do, it seemed best to force the McCanns' hand in the US rather than the UK. I decided that a book published in the United States with an American publisher puts the ball in my court. My literary agent and I are working to secure a publisher for a book which would be a collaboration between myself and Dr. Amaral bringing in all the issues of the case before a larger audience without the stranglehold the British press and Carter Ruck. I want the public worldwide to understand the truth about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and the impact this case has had on the world of missing children.

Some of my detractors post commentary on my work on the McCann case, about my book really being libelous, and my fight against the McCanns is wrong. They mock my professional ability to analyze the case and deride my assertion that the Scotland Yard "review" is both cover-up and a fiasco and that the McCann's fund is nothing but a rip-off. If I pursue the case and speak out, I am an attention seeker and trying to make money off of Madeleine. If I am quiet for a while, they claim I have turned tail and run off, no longer finding enough monetary value in the case to continue bothering with it.

I quite frankly could care less what certain persons have to say about me, but I do think it is important to clarify certain points for people validly concerned with the case and how the world of profiling, investigation, and legal matters work. In a word, slowly. Agonizingly slowly. Legal matter take years, sometimes decades for actions to be taken. Sometimes they seem to be moving along quickly in the right direction and then it all comes to an abrupt halt and nothing is done for years. Very, very frustrating. Likewise, with investigations. Everything seems to be moving forward and then all goes quiet. The media? Everyone jumps on board, there is a flurry of articles and TV stories, and then, suddenly, no one gives a damn anymore. An election is now the headliner or a hurricane. Getting the media to pay attention to the deeper issues and spending real time on an area of concern, like the Madeleine McCann case, is near to impossible.

And, money. Money runs the media and politics and book publishing. If a book seems too risky, there will be no publication. If the book won't hit the bestseller list in the first week, no interest. If the story doesn't include hot sex scenes or gruesome mutilations, eh, no one will buy it, so no interest in the book. So many things affect trying to get the truth out that most people give up and this is totally understandable.

I have been dealing with the Madeleine McCann case for five years. It has cost me money and sent hate and stalkers my direction. I would let it go, but the case is extremely important to the future of missing children's investigations and how these missing children are represented in the media (and hopefully not just exploited). It is hard to let go because this particular case is one of the most bizarre cases of a missing child in history, far eclipsing any other case I can think of.

I will continue to pursue the truth in this case. I will look for avenues that allow for progress in understanding the issues and, hopefully, one day lead to justice for Maddie. I am not in this alone; so many others have put in tremendous amounts of time over the years and put themselves in the line of fire to see this case solved and prosecuted. I simply am trying to do what I can do. Sometimes I have a good opportunity to make progress; other times I can't make anything happen. And, in the meantime, I need to continue with my other profiling work and make a living, yes, imagine that! When I go quiet, it is because I have nothing to add to the case knowledge at that time or because I am overwhelmed with other matters of life and work.

I pray that Gonçalo Amaral will win his case and that Tony Bennett will also win his day in court. I will meanwhile hope to finally get the time to update my Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann and I hope I can get a new book published by a major publisher (one with some balls) that will illuminate this case to a larger audience. I will continue to watch closely all the other people, the many wonderful people online (too many to mention but I must at least thank Joana, Morais, John Blacksmith, and  Hidedo for their nonstop efforts in the case) with great websites, insights, and information who refuse to let the case of Madeleine McCann fall into obscurity or fantasy. I must thank all who continue to fight the McCanns ongoing abuse of goodhearted people with their Carter-Ruck lawsuits and their siphoning of money from the pockets of naive people who want the best outcome for Madeleine.

Hopefully, justice for will one day prevail.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

September 8, 2012

Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann available at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.

By Pat Brown
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Published: July 27, 2011

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann in Praia da Luz, Portugal in 2007? Was she abducted as the Gerry and Kate have claimed or did something happen to Madeleine on May 3 in the vacation apartment and the incident covered up? Criminal Profiler Pat Brown analyzes the evidence and takes the readers through the steps of profiling, developing a theory that is intriguing and controversial.


Karen Anne RN said...

Push forward, Pat.

Cate said...

I admire your integrity and determination. Yes, such an important case. Thank you for your hard work.

Cate said...

Fascinating how these things work. Thank you for your admirable determination and integrity. So right, so important to get this right.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining all the legal technicalities Pat - makes one realise how the stranglehold on free speech here in UK is tightening. Scarey indeed. Fingers crossed then Pat for finding a ballsy publisher to publish one ballsy lady`s book. All gratitude to you dear Pat.

Anonymous said...

pat. Would a Movie help you. We can write a great script with all the known fact and try to get someone in Hollywood to....
Larwnce in Canada

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pat, all luck and support..

Anonymous said...

A woman who is clever, witty and caring deserves to be treaded with respect, unfortunately Kate and Gerry don't care who they trample on to keep their seedy little show on the road, Money makes their world go around

Anonymous said...

the mills of justice grind slowly, but grind they do

Anonymous said...

Turning tail? Wishful thinking on the part of your detractors! Good luck Pat with everything.

Rosalinda Hutton said...

I am huge admirer of your determination and tenacity, and once the truth of this is established, which I think is not too far away, your work will lauded, as it should be. Best wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Pat and everyone who is seeking truth in this very sad case of missing Madeleine.It is so wrong that the British public can only hear the parents version of events.Anyone who has delved into this case will see the lies fed to the public,starting with 'The shutters were jemmied'.What is worrying is WHY are the parents being protected from facing justice?

Anonymous said...

:) I feel better reading this... for whatever happens next at the Palace of Justice in Lisbon - a "lower" court in spite of the the end, you will be working with G. Amaral in a new book on the Madeleine McCann which will, no doubt, be THE authoritative and definitive work on the case! Hurrah!

That will completely demolish Kate McCann fiction to date. She will not like that. She will feel worst than a cockroach on speed but, like you said, what can Carter-Ruck do? - particularly if Amaral wins in the Appeals Court. I expect him to loose the first round in the lower court though but...I could be wrong. The fact that the McCanns will not be present at the trial is a good omen. The celebrity couple have probably been advised not to because their chances of winning are very small indeed............

PS I look forward to the updated version of the Profile!


herself said...

You are absolutely right. The fact that these two have been allowed to continue the charade & exploit the public, after the many many well documented lies, is the most disturbing aspect of the case. Whatever the secret is that lies at the heart of this & grants this pair immunity must be staggering indeed, & something I do not believe we will ever learn. It also makes me ashamed to be British.

Anonymous said...

In the interests of not being one sided I read an English translation of Amaral's book and also a copy of Kate McCnns book.(bought by one person and being handed round a huge group so that only one purchase of the book has been made).
It is very obvious that McCann has made her book fit her version of events and will do anything to propogate the myths surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine. I maintain that at keast one of them (McCans) knows more than they are telling. That they never seem remotely interested in any claims of sighings is telling in itself. Go for it Pat and keep going. The truth will out.

Marianne said...

I am happy and proud to say I bought your book when it was on Amazon. Good luck to you in this fight.

Anonymous said...


It is hardly surprising that TM have used their clout to have Amazon remove your Book CR know what they are doing and don't waste their time. 

I would love for you to find a publisher for the collaboration with Goncalo Amaral - the more Books that are available the better! The sheer weight of the written word must eventually  hold sway. I can well understand that you have experienced a lot of hassle from pro McCann people and it's good to hear that it will not distract you from your aims.

I think history is peppered with people who stood up and were counted and I believe Goncalo Amaral Tony Bennett and your good self are three of them.

I hope you succeed in getting a publisher and agree that this case is on a whole different level than any others because they appear to have sway amongst the powerful people running our country (UK).

I and many others look forward to reading your update and your new collaboration. 

The libel case McCann v. Amaral I believe has been adjourned until January.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I have recently read your blogs , a translation of Amaral's book and the released police files. It has opened my eyes to what ihas really been going on in this case and the Find Madelaine Fund which, unless the Mccanns release transparent figures to prove otherwise , serves only to fund expensive lawyers to protect themselves and thei theories from scrutiny.

You have my support and I hope your actions help lead to the truth.

Anonymous said...

You are spot on Pat, if the McCanns had nothing to hide, they would not go to such lengths to stop people hearing theories other than their own. Simple.

I have heard nothing of them since Kate was made ambassador for the missing persons charity (guessing they're keeping her out of the limelight since it was a bad decision). No updates on the Scotland Yard review either, so guessing there are no new leads there either that the public can help with. Surprise surprise! I am hoping the McCanns are busy answering questions at the Yard .... doubt it though!

The McCanns will never face justice for their shocking parenting 'mistake' or whatever happened, but will continue to ruin even more lives and raising more money to do so.

imakimou said...

Dear Mrs Pat Brown,

I am so happy you are still at it.
Thank you for that

Anonymous said...

In England this week the Findings of the independent panel into the Hillsborough tragedy , revealing a failed police operation, distortion of the truth by police and an apparent acceptance of their version of events by the government and parts of the media.

although a different scenario , with the Madelaine disappearance it appears Scotland yard may be focussing efforts in the wrong places and there is a seeming. Willingness by the British media and the Government ( See David Cameron's letter to Kate McCann) to accept the mcann's version of events.

I wonder if things have moved on at all in the last 23 years. hopefully, the events of this week instill a will to find and be open about the truth in future, however uncomfortable it may be.

Nightswimmer said...

Hi Pat!
I writing from Portugal, and I haven't been able to read Gonçalo's book yet(it isn't still available at the bookstores), but I have seen him a lot in tv shows. I can tell you for sure that the vast majority of the Portuguese people agree with him. I am looking forward to read (when available) your book too, I would really like to know your opinion on that. I wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...

I have read your book about Maddie and found it astonishing that you got to nearly exact the same conclusions. However, I don not go with you in regards of an "accident". Nope. When you look at the parents closely the days and weeks after the disappearance, it simply can't be. How can you just smile and laugh, and joke and go jogging and travel (without the other two kids)? For me as a parent impossible to think of. No, in regards to this, I sitck to the opinion of other psychologists - it was planned. I don't know if it Borderline or Munchhausen, or Narcissm or whatever. But that was no accident

Anonymous said...

By the way, I cannot believe that a company like amazon is afraid of being sued by an English couple. Where are we? What kind of a power do they have?

Anonymous said...

thank you Pat for all you are doing for truth,god bless.

Anonymous said...

I found your comments and I loved it. It's a shame how these parents fight for justice , because they know how guilty they are.As a Portuguese thank you for helping Goncalo Amaral with his fight to clean his name and the name of our police.

Anonymous said...

I check in on your McCann updates now and again. So happy that you are still fighting your corner Pat.
The evidence against The McCanns seems to be overwhelming (IMO) - just what exactly is the big secret?! What is it that affords them this level of 'protection' from the British Government? I have tried and tried to see an innocent couple but I just can't - nothing adds up! The only thing that fits is a cover up - there is no other explanation. The press / government / McCanns all have something over each other - they must have! I can't see any other explanation.
There is a case coming to light in Britain of sexual abuse allegations against a celebrity named Jimmy Savile, in which the BBC and others APPEAR to have been complicit in a cover up.....I am hoping the findings from these investigations may just give the British public an insight into what really goes on! Open your eyes Britain - it's an insult to our intelligience!

how to climb said...

Thanks for the posts. good stuff.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your wonderful work Pat. can't wait to buy the book!

Anonymous said...

The McCanns' did not wish to negotiate with you but it seems they are now trying to negotiate a settlement with Amaral (18/01/2013). I wonder what that means. You have met Amaral and probably are in touch with him for that ultimate book on the case you promised us. Has anything transpired that you may be authorized to share with us? Just curious. May be the McCanns' are caving in but trying to get away with a minor pay out. This one is going to be massive, I suspect.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't & still don't believe the maccans version of events .
if anyone has caused problems in the hunt for maddie it has been the parents lying from the beginning -
the refusal of a reconstruction -
the tapas 7 statements are a crock of shit they don't add up at all .
maddie fund used to pay crap private detectives with no previous experience in lost children only in money laundering - while only the best Lawyers for K&G -
non disclosure of medical records-
not having lots of photos of maddi on the camera -did she really have an eye issue or was that also a lie ? ( and photoshopped here in the uk )
they haven't sued the Gaspers for their comments about Gerry & David or the social worker David stopped them from talking too -so those comments weren't liable then could they be true ,
The uk media is a disgrace same old info about a could be alive maddie - i believe the parents know what happened to her- they also know she wont be found -
The priest & church do know something - the parents are not religious just using the image to suit their needs -
also as Kate blames everyone else its all about kate never about Maddie - she never helped search for her daughter if she had answered questions put to her it may have helped but even when told be not answering the 48 question you could be putting maddie at risk or worse she still didn't care ( but blames GA & yourselfs for hindering the case )
if we could prove that maddi had an accident the fund they set up would be fundulent ( and also offers a motive )against them .
in the UK there is a lot of support for the truth - not a version of it -
but the whole truth .