Monday, July 1, 2013

Fair and Objective Profiling Required, No Emotions Allowed

Crime Scene of Cat Hit-and-Run
I have been accused by some who don't like my profiling conclusions that I am misinterpreting evidence and accusing people of things simply because I don't like them. I have long stated that I do not approach my work in a subjective manner, that I focus on the physical and behavioral evidence and whether I like the suspect or not has no impact on my final viewpoint. I use the scientific method and not some gut feeling or psychic vibes. I may make comment on certain suspect behaviors that I feel are immoral or unethical, narcissistic or psychopathic, but I am not commenting on them as some personal vendetta.

For example, I may comment on George Zimmerman being a cop-wannabe who appears to have a personality disorder of some sort. Trayvon Martin appears to be no angel either. What is important about their personalities and behaviors is how they play out in the crime that occurred, not that I need to like or dislike anyone or want them to be my friends or designate them my enemies. Likewise, with the McCann case. I feel there is no evidence of abduction and the McCanns' behaviors indicate their involvement in Madeleine's disappearance. I find Gerry to have a controlling, narcissistic personality and Kate, although I think her to be quite beautiful, willing to go along with his program in order to save what is left of her life. I find their fund to be extremely unethical and, therefore, both of the McCanns are responsible for any wrongdoing with that moneymaking scheme. I am horrified by the incredible amount of money spent searching for a live child when the investigators (Scotland Yard and the private detectives) ignore the evidence in front of them that indicates a long dead child and no stranger involvement. Other missing children's cases go unfunded and ignored while millions are spent in this bizarre case of likely parental neglect and a likely massive cover-up.

Today, I found my missing cat, Juliette, dead in the driveway. She had been missing since yesterday and I believed she might have gone off into the bushes to die as she was 17-years-old and flies were following her about. However, she was not in the bushes. She had been run over by my renter. It was clearly a case of hit-and-run but, in spite of the fact I actually can't stand my renter (who I think exhibits a personality disorder of his own and is rather creepy and has behaved badly in the past toward my cats), I am not going to blame him for Juliette's death. Why? Because the evidence exonerates him.

Juliette had been acting in a strange manner for the last month. She had taken to sitting in the middle of the driveway and not moving or moving so slowly I questioned how long it would be before my son or I or either of our two renters would run her over. I tried hard to scare her out of the driveway by spraying her with a water bottle and running her off of the gravel. I also saw my renter actually shoo her away from his car, quite surprising to me since he wasn't aware I was watching, and he used to kick at the cats before I read him the riot act. Then, in recent days, Juliette had taken to actually sitting under the cars, under the front tires.

My renter leaves for work at four in the morning and it has been raining heavily over the last few days. The tire tracks show that Juliette was lying behind his left front tire, the left tire angled in. He would not have seen her upon entering his vehicle. With the rain pouring down, he no doubt jumped in the car, started the engine and backed up quickly, then took off down the driveway. Juliette would have been run over when the tire back over her abdomen and rear legs, and I believe she would have died quite quickly. Because of the heavy rains and my renter returning after dark, he wouldn't have seen her when he came back down the drive. That time I don't believe his tires ran over her, but her body remained hidden under the vehicle until today when he left for work. Then I found her lying there.

Believe me, if I felt he was truly wrong and guilty of purposely or even extremely carelessly causing my cat's death, he would have found her body on his pillow tonight a la the Godfather. But, the evidence proves his innocence, so I have to accept a senile cat met her fate and no one is particularly to blame.

My son and I buried Juliette today and no charges will be filed against my renter for feline homicide.


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

What do you make of this. I am convinced that her parents are the guilty ones, and the Scotland Yard is in denial.

Lostribe said...

I am so sorry about your cat. I have a 20-year-old one that is indoor/outdoor.

Anonymous said...

My apologies for the cat as well, though I'm curious why at the top it says "Crime scene of Cat hit and Run?" is this a different picture of someone elses cat who was killed by a hit and run? If not then it should technically be "Scene of Death" since by your own admission you don't feel that a Crime was comitted.

I think half the world probably has some type of personality disorder or another in varying degrees of severity. Most simply go unchecked or are well concealed.

I've never really noticed any bias on your part when it comes to your profiling deductions. I think sometimes when it's a bad case that emotionally overwhelms you you use inflammatory words, but anyone who has a conscience would do the same so it shouldn't reflect negatively on your merit as a profiler.

I think the thing with Scotland Yards approach with the McCanns is purely a political one. They don't want the bad PR of being seen as insensitive against the parents of a missing child. (parents who thanks to Good PR have a lot of sympathizers within the media and in turn general public.)
I agree though, they're wasting time and valuable resources pacifying suspects, and in turn other innocent people are suffering because of it.

I despise the bureaucratic nonsense involved in your field (no offense to you) and think if people would put ego, and politicvs aside more cases would be resolved, and the psychopathic monsters running amok would get what they deserve.

Good day Ms. Brown.


Anonymous said...

Will you please give us your take on this, and why on earth is Canada ONLY giving 12 yrs, shouldn't it be more like incaracerated 25 yrs or rather LIFE IN PRISON or does someone in Canada have to die for that to occur?

This is just so wrong, on so many levels and the mother, wtf? you automatically trust who your dating around your child, and the child had HERPES. This story should go international and national, but of course it won't because MURDER and KIDNAPPING aren't involved athough the kidnapping is debatable and is more like IMPRISONMENT of a Child.

Anonymous said...

Hell anonymous...look at the Bernardo/Homolka case. The canadian
legal system is generally naive, and easily duped it seems.

Anonymous said...

Please give us your opinion on Taken... it is on CNN. The family of John Tessier is also arguing it out in the comments section.

Jud said...

17 us a good age. And you sure did a good job with her ( and she enjoyed life.)
Frame a good picture and put it in your living room,Pat, and remember her in her goods days.
God bless you for her life.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about you cat, Pat...I lost my 12 year old Tico to kidney failure last year and it still hurts so much!

I'm just a bit puzzled by this...if you don't like your renter, if, as you put it, he's a bit of a weirdo, why don't you sent him packing?! I would! I wouldn't want that sort of character living in my land, moreover one that is unkind to my pets!



Anonymous said...

My humble opinion...the Madeleine McCann case is much more than a missing child's case...there's something much bigger ans sinister behind it, my feeling...the McCanns are grains of dust in the story...Madeleine was colateral damage in a much bigger event which was taking place in the turistic resort on that week of the late April/early May 2007, a gathering of people from different walks of life but with a common purpose/lifestyle. Some of those people were(are) very important and influential people or are connected to people in powerful places, people who take part in some unsavory practices (even if not illegal ones, still frowned upon by the prudish and hypocrit british society)and who just coul not afford the scandal of being named and shamed!


It's an eye opener, I promise you!

Anonymous said...

so in other words its an "accident" scene, and not really a crime scene.

poor mittens...

Selina said...

So sorry for your baby...perhaps it was less painful that slowly wasting away with less painful for you though... ♥

OldPsychNurse said...

May you be comforted by happy memories of your pet.

My 18-year-old cat squeezed out of a slightly-opened second story window this morning and climbed to the top of our roof today. I'd like to believe that his dangerous climb was on his bucket list.

OldPsychNurse said...

^ I forgot to include that Grandpa Cat was successfully rescued by a kind handyman with a long ladder.

Anonymous said...

Awww poor wee cat!!!

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note... do you still inteend to write/publish the definitive experts' book on the Madeleine McCann case?

I understand you were in conversations with G. Amaral about it.

I will definitely look forward to buying a copy and I am sure many others will...

Best wishes
Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Lol were you in talks with Amaral? my goodness and I had you down as a serious profiler for a minute!