Tuesday, March 25, 2014

No, Andy Redwood and Scotland Yard are not Trying to Solve the Madeleine McCann Case

Today I want to address some of the questions I have received about what is going on with Scotland Yard's handling of the Madeleine McCann review and DCI Andy Redwood's public appearances sharing the Met's progress on the case, his disemination of information, and his outreach to the public for help.

Q) Is Redwood being a very clever fellow, eliminating all other possibilities one by one (thereby leaving what is left to be the real scenario) and then swooping in on the McCanns? Is he also trying to unnerve them in the process, part of his plan to get them to break down and confess?

A) I wish, but no. I find such investigative strategy hard to swallow or believe, especially since it is so public, so drawn out, and so expensive. First of all, presenting a myriad of possibilities that you actually cannot eliminate means you have not proved that one of them couldn't have happened. It could have been gypsies, it could have been a lone sex predator, it could have been a burglary gone bad with the accidental killing of a child, it could have been a sex ring posing as charity workers, it could have been some insane rich couple hiring a kidnapper to bring them a child of their choice, it could have been an Arab Sheik wishing to add a blonde child to his growing little girl harem, it could have been a psychotic man who thought Maddie was he beloved dead child come to life...and on and on. The only way you can really eliminate certain scenarios is to have absolute ones that can be disproved with evidence and even then, it doesn't prove that the most likely one left is in fact the correct one, it just that maybe you should spend more time focusing on that likelihood.

     Secondly, all this does is actually give the McCann's support for their theory that someone abducted Madeleine. Think about it: every time Redwood opens his mouth, he is proclaiming that abduction is the theory he is basing all his investigative  efforts on; he is reaffirming that the McCann's are not involved in the crime and there is no need to go back and reinvestigate any of the Tapas 9.

    And, finally, it makes no sense to spend millions to investigate pointless avenues when you simply can go straight to the evidence and put your efforts into reanalyzing  what is right in front of your face.

Q) Could the Algarve serial predator have taken Maddie?

A) Sure. I have always believed that if the McCanns were not involved in the disappearance of their daughter, then it was most likely, 99% most likely, that a lone local child sex predator grabbed her, sexually assaulted her, and murdered her within hours. Murat was not a bad suspect due to his somewhat odd behavior, his familiarity with the area, and the location of his mother's home just down the street. He was a great red herring and the police were not unreasonable in making him a suspect in the early days. And, no, Madeleine is not buried on his property.

Q) Since Andy Redwood just recently admitted that Madeleine might have died in the apartment, isn't  he giving credence to cadaver and blood dogs?

A) Not at all. He simply is "admitting" that Madeleine might not be alive, that she may have been killed during the commission of a crime - during sexual assault, abduction, or just to prevent her from screaming because she saw someone in the process of burglarizing the apartment. She would have been only dead for seconds or minutes in those scenarios and have left nothing for the dogs to hit on. Admitting this can eliminate the need to search for Maddie endlessly throughout the world and respond to the many future sightings that will surely pop up from time to time; one can lay blame on a tolerably believable dead or incarcerated suspect and put the case to rest because Maddie can no longer be rescued.

Q) What is the motive of Scotland Yard and Andy Redwood then? If Redwood does not have some brilliant plan to finally bring down the McCanns nor is he really going to catch a predator who abducted Maddie, what is this whole charade about?

A) Well, we are back to some bizarre political issues which I am unable to address. What is clear to me is the evidence still points to the McCanns, the "review" is a sham because even if Scotland Yard leaned away from the McCanns as being involved in the disappearance of their daughter, their incredible refusal to even review the physical and behavioral evidence from the crime scene and days following is astounding and unprofessional and is a standard procedure if to do no more than to clear the parents and search for overlooked clues. Likewise, their astonishing expenditures chasing foolish leads also makes little sense. Redwood's Crimewatch fabrication and his recent outreach to the public for more information on a suspect that already has been investigated by the PJ lead me to believe he is simply playing a part in the drama to which he has been assigned and, being a bit of a ham, he is actually enjoying the role.

It is my belief that Scotland Yard was set out on a mission, not one to find out what happened to Madeleine McCann but to rewrite the history of the case in such a way that the majority of the public simply forgets the past. We can see quite clearly that this plan is working for the media has overwhelmingly presented all the new theories and "developments' with enthusiasm. I have been around long enough to see this kind of game played out before, albeit in a bit milder form, and it works. Eventually, the truth gets buried and those that fight to keep it alive are labeled conspiracy theorists and nuts.

My only hope is that at least Gonçalo Amaral will win his day in court, that Portugal will somehow stand by the law and keep this avalanche of revisionist history from crushing truth and justice. I feel less then confident that the outcome will be what I wish and this whole episode will simply be sealed and delivered into history as the victors desire, but I still keep my fingers crossed for the smallest chance of a miracle.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

March 25, 2014

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Anonymous said...

Yes it is a sham/cover up to white wash the McCanns non washable reputations. They didn't even search for their child on the night she went missing (You tube video with Jane hill - McCANN DID NOT PHYSICALLY SEARCH) Millions of pounds of tax payers money spent on a pair of lying Dr's. All that's came out of it is how corrupt the UK is and if you are a Dr or some other professional you can walk away from your crimes, make money sit on tv sofas tell more lies and get a pat on the back for it. New Scotland Yard are a joke.

Anonymous said...

I think that's the perfect summary of what is being planned.

Thanks for all your input on this Pat.

Like yourself I maintain some feint hope that things might change. The Portuguese might ultimately tire of being so obviously demeaned by SY. The sheer crassness of Redwood's recent comments might conceivably be a measure of the uncertainty and fear that SY feels in relation to what the PJ are doing.

But it's a very very feint hope.

It has all become theatre. No process.

Thanks again Pat.

Anonymous said...

Pat, the press are just selling papers and advertising, and are behaving themselves at the moment because the press regulation issue remains unresolved. They also won't rock the boat while there is an active police investigation, but it's anyone's guess what they'll do after that if there's still no resolution of the case.

They won't forget that's for certain (it's the biggest story of their careers).

Pat Brown said...

Anonymous 1:48, it has nothing to due with any restrictions. I have worked enough cases to see that the media will overwhelmingly jump on investigative stories GENERATED (and this is the point) BY the police department. Why? For one, because this means there will be ongoing news stories and, two, because they rarely like to question police departments and kill the golden goose. Finally, the public wants closure and to trust their law enforcement so only on rare occasions does the press question what the law enforcement says unless it becomes a racial issue and the group doing the questioning has a lot of power. I have seen many cases closed with fall guys and although evidence is strong that the case closure is a sham, reporters don't want to touch it and the whole issue just is swept away.

Worldwide, people tend to believe the McCanns are innocent and now that Scotland Yard has perpetuated this farce, no media outlet is going to question them. Amaral is now the fall guy, whether he wins or not. I just wish Portugal would stand up for him and against this mockery, but since politics already brought this case down, my guess is politics will triumph in the end and, forever. I believe we will get an official "determination" as to who did it and that Maddie is undoubtedly dead, the McCanns will be sad and thank the authorities, Scotland Yard - not the PJ, for bringing closure to them. No arrest, no body, but a "comfortable" sad conclusion the public can accept and one that will exonerate the McCanns enough to allow them to carry on without further penalty.

guerra said...

I think that the final story will have the child dying in the apartment to try to give some credence to the cadaver dogs. Obviously, in this scenario, of a dead body being present in the apartment for such a short time, it is highly unlikely that the body would leave any detectable traces of death, however, I believe Mr. Redwood would like to leave that for public debate. He doesn't have to prove anything.

Anonymous said...

Pat and guerra, if the Metropolitan Police do do that it is I think better for us than if they follow the Portuguese and do not make any conclusions.

At the moment we can't prove the McCanns know what happened to their daughter anymore than Mr Amaral could. Books that claim they know are libelous (at least they are considered so in London).

But if the Metropolitan Police do attempt a political resolution books can be written disproving their conclusions, books that will not be libelous.

At the moment we can't solve the case but if the police do act politically that provides an opportunity to demonstrate exactly what they have done, and suggest why.

At that moment (if they do it) it becomes politics, and we may find allies who at the moment just don't want to get involved in what is seen as an unsolvable missing child case.

It would be a beginning, not the end.

MRSFeeX said...

In Europe the most people learn English.
But I dont know if it is the most spoken language in Europe.
England.. Well..Do have certain traditions..
A wigg ( wig?) in court.
Was a tradition 300 years ago?
Well I dont hate old habbits. but..
It have to serve the standards today, in a way.
I do believe the sun goes up and down anyway..
It was before I was born, and will after I died, but nor for me to see.

I was raised in the same religion Kate have.
My believe is not in God.
Religion is all about horror in life.
Reading the bible..
Well not such a nice bedtime story, anyway.

In a group, you feel more secure.
Football or protestmars.
It is..

Madeleine her family album was not needing to"get in the media".
Her siblings also needed protection then.. and now.
The mentioning of their name or picture was not helping to identify their sister.
Made Massie ours
Even in The Natalee H White woman missing case.

Both probaly mentioned in missing top 3 Europe.
I only saw the mother...
Walking on the beach after 5 years, first time where she her daughter went missing on the same beach .
You know..

Children need parents
Parents also need their children to..
To be a parent anyway.

Gerry says: "If we could turn back the clock we would. Of course we wouldn't do something like leave the twins alone like that now."

MRSFeeX said...

Kate says: "If your child is killed in a traffic accident, or died of cancer, parents are at peace. But Madeleine is still missing and she needs us to do something."

Well, Even then..
Most parents dont move on.
Or blaming theiself not preventing.
God blames You,sic religion

Or.. you blame yourself
They left, unharmed the last time you saw them
And what did you do when..or not even aware when..the horror strike..

The binman raped children when parents sleeping nearby??
The children never made a sound???
The parents??
Saw him walking away??'
No 15 minuts fame
Maddie and me?

guerra said...

Anonymous March 25 5:17 PM

The reason Mr. Amaral wrote the book was to defend his reputation which has and continues to be besmirched. In reality he is the one who has been libeled.

The book is based on the facts found in the case files and the conclusions are based on solid deductive reasoning. Three appellate judges ruled as much. In fact the intermediary conclusions found in the case files are more damning.

Don't forget that members of Leicester police joined the investigation 4 days after Madeleine was reported missing, members of Scotland Yard joined a couple of weeks later they also suspected the parents and concluded that the child died in the apartment.

Of course the case was political so when the McCanns were allowed to flee Portugal the English police went with them.

The FSS laboratory who initially had said that bodily fluids found in the apartment and vehicle were Madeleine McCann's later retracted their conclusion. Their reasoning is quite comical, they stated that Madeleine's DNA could be made up of other people's DNA. In other words let's say you took a strand of my DNA and a strand of yours and perhaps Pat's who knows we might also be able to build Madeleine's DNA.

"But if the Metropolitan Police do attempt a political resolution books can be written disproving their conclusions, books that will not be libelous."

And how exactly are they going to disprove SY's conclusions? Surely they, like Mr. Amaral, will have to refer to facts in the case file. I guess, especially if they intend to sell the book in England, these authors will have to tip toe around the evidence making sure they don't infer the McCann's guilt. In any language other than English it doesn't matter, unless you're Mr. Amaral the former lead coordinator of the investigation.

I'm of the belief that SY knows how the child died but of course they were brought in to lend credibility to the story that they and the Portuguese police will offer up for public consumption.

Anonymous said...

Guerra, absolutely right.

The 'political solution' will, first and foremost, ensure that the case will never again be subject to a police investigation. Case closed.
Nothing will have been proven, but lines will have been drawn. The media and every other official body in the UK will have a 'definitive' position to take (the SY outcome) and everyone else is a "hater" or "conspiracy nut". Even more so than now.

Of course this doesn't mean to say that the controversy dies along with the closure. As you say, SY almost certainly know what happened to the child, as do a great many journalists and editors.

Whilst officially cowering behind the SY 'review' they will still find ways of deliberately provoking Internet dissent. It's a line that sells.

(And who knows, there might even be a gradual rowing back for the sake of the "Fund". Must Team McCann really accept that she's dead?)

But what the UK authorities regard as essential will have been achieved: The McCanns will never be called to account for their actions, and they will know it.

Anonymous said...

@PAT, I think many hoped some form of justice would of prevailed from the amount of evidence, as you put it, they have come up against a brick wall, the evidence was right in front of them, sadly its become as you said pat, the focus of the investigation was lost amongst political pressures, and that's why it was archived, amaral got too close for comfort, at least he did expose the problems about this case, would of been better to review what is already obvious, like I said pat, they knew they were running into trouble trying to find the perfect patsy, and after the threat of being sued by tractor mans widow, and the outrage this caused, redwood does admit there was insuficent evidence.
It shows this was crumbling, because it was too easy to debunk the stories, yes murat was the fall guy from the start, the media sucked it all up, until they had to pay out, when it was discovered there wasn't no link with madeleines alleged abduction.
Had the police got secured identification who was in that apartment on that night, amaral would of at least had some proof to work on with the maccanns?
Without real evidence, no conviction could be secured, one thing will always stick in my mind, did the dogs lie as Gerry mocked?

askingthedogs said...


"And how exactly are they going to disprove SY's conclusions?"

That would be a far easier task than trying to prove what happened to Madeleine.

If London does what yourself and Pat fear, that makes the case political (and that will interest more people in the case than are interested now: people with a voice in the media and politics).

It wouldn't be a disaster imo

Anonymous said...

Pat said:
"...we will get an official determination" as to who did it and that Maddie is undoubtedly dead..."

...if this happens, they - at least - will have to close down the fund!!!!

Anonymous said...

The problem here is that Mr Redwood and Scotland Yard do not have complete autonomy. They are being steered by the Home Office. The Home Office have instructed Scotland Yard to gather evidence in an ABDUCTION and nothing but an ABDUCTION. You can Google this and find the Home Office remit given to SY. The main mystery of this case is WHY has the Home Office given such a narrow remit? This is a bigger mystery then the actual disappearance of Maddie itself.

Anonymous said...

...couldn´t find this on google. Do you have a link?

Anonymous said...

Anon @12.06
If you google "Operation Grange Remit" you get there.
It seems ambiguous to me. The first reference is to a 'disappearance' but then becomes explicitly: investigated..."as if the *abduction* had occurred in the UK."
If memory serves me there was also a political caveat expressed by the HO that the Met would present their "findings" to Downing Street. Decisions would then be taken about any further actions. Although the remit expresses the desire for openess, there was never any guarantee of outcomes being released to the public.

This was a political remit. And as far as I know - unprecedented.

Whether conditions have now changed (from review to investigation) I don't know. To my knowledge nothing has been spelt out, and since Portugal retains primacy I think it likely that these circumstances remain.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right! Not sure it's that ambiguous. The remit is premised upon the fact that an 'Abduction' has taken place.

The remit can be found as a WORD document on the following link: http://content.met.police.uk/Article/Operation-Grange/1400005508791/35434

Anonymous said...

This is going to be the greatest farce!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha yes.! I was trying to be generous...it really isn't so ambiguous is it! Compromised from the very outset.

guerra said...

Askingthedogs, I believe there is enough evidence to prove that the people involved in this tragedy lied, however that is not going to assure a conviction in Portugal perhaps it would in other countries where the findings of the dogs are admissible.

Madeleine died in the apartment. How she died no one knows. Mr. Amaral has never claimed he knows how the child died; he has suggested it was a tragic accident. It could have been due to a drug overdose, being struck by one of the parents which is not uncommon or something more sinister.

The case can be solved it would have been solved if the English authorities had not stopped cooperating with the Portuguese authorities. Mr. Amaral in his recent interview on Canal Porto TV, (probably the reason why we are being inundated by stories of abductors at the moment) said that what is required is political courage.

"If London does what yourself and Pat fear, that makes the case political (and that will interest more people in the case than are interested now: people with a voice in the media and politics)."

I'm no longer surprised that there are still people that doubt that this case is political. And I've learned that it won't matter if I list all the incidents that point to a political case, so I won't bother. For the sake of interest I will just mention one surprising thing that Mr. Amaral said when he was asked if he thought that he was removed from the case because he was getting close to the truth. He replied No. He said there was a lot of investigative work still to be done. He believed that he was removed from the case because he opposed it being archived. The police directors were already talking about the case being archived as early as back then. The directors told him that the case had ended and that he should do as little as possible. So I tend to believe that what followed after Mr. Amaral left was a mere formality, they just couldn't archive the case after 6 months, they had to give it some time.

Forgive me but when you mention "people with a voice in the media" I think you're delusional.

Anonymous said...

I think Pat is right on this one. Redwood never had any intention of investigating this case as it should be. Interesting one on l-azzeri-lies-in-sun which agrees Pat's thoughts too - Crecheman and McCann.

Anonymous said...

I find it outrageous that the EU organizations are not interested in protecting children against whatever political pressures are in play. Human rights and specifically Maddie and her twin sibblings rights should come first: they were put at risk by neglect and at the mercy of criminals - whoever they are or the connections they have. Media are also as responsible as the parents when they choose not to publish the facts but plain fiction. Media can no longer make excuses for not reporting truth, for not question everyone involved, but most of all for not giving the same share to all points of view. "It's a disaster"!

Anonymous said...

The Mccanns have made only one mistake: take on a libel case against GA. Because his book is all facts, not a fairy tale. The mccanns were NEVER cleared by the court or the pj. They simply didn't have ENOUGH evidence to follow through, so the court decided to make Maddie a ward of court to protect her rights in the future and prevent the UK or the parents to kill any possibility of finding the truth. THIS WAS A CLEVER MOVE and the only obstacle the mccanns will NEVER be able to go over or deny. Portuguese police, courts and polititians have the power to make justice and I believe they will SOON. Not SY, not the mccanns. They wish - that's why they spend all their time building a media-nutshell trying to look like victims all the time, for when the time comes when ONE judge or politician stands up for Maddie.

Anonymous said...

I think there will still be a redwood lookalike, if he ever challenges the mccanns! Tanner will surely "remember" him, lurking behind the bushes. He will then become the most uninteresting person of interest EVER. The SY will say he is the man the smiths saw and case closed.

MRSFeeX said...

Redwood should have statistics on murdered abused children.
Clarence did the rapporting on Rose and Fred?
Michelle Dutroux is free..
I do think children need protection.
Security safety.

So we should work together.
Criminals do not have problems moving abroad.
The registration is bad, not checked, etc.
Even in own country the check is bad.

This case shows how the 'safety' is neglected.
How many money is spend, or how many children are safe?
Did they even found 1 peado in the search (to Madeleine) to bring to court?

During the search they must have found some..
Never heard the Mccannclan how many they found, or bring to court.
Why not?

The U.K seems only have the focus on this 'findable' little girl out there..

So.. IF.. there is no proof of any abduction, or 'harming'..
'JUST' missing.
Why S.Y/Interpol etc?
Missing person protocol?

Its not a girl anymore..
Never was.. in my own opinion.
Its about ego..reputation, money.

Anonymous said...

Another dead man being accused of kidnap when his previous mo was predatory.
Would a paedophile really want to be found wandering round PDL with a dead child in his arms?
Another person who floeated into the apartment and left again leaving no dna on anything.
SY can pull the other one, it's time they look at the obvious people FGS and investigate them.

Sandra said...


Thank you Pat for the input. Brilliant as always.

Why is the PJ following the leads that SY has made up instead of picking up the investigation where it was left before the case was closed? Is the PJ also corrupt?

Is there a date set yet for the last day of Court in the libel case against GA?

Anonymous said...

" She would have been only dead for seconds or minutes in those scenarios and have left nothing for the dogs to hit on."

Hi Pat, not if she died earlier in the holiday as I believe.


Anonymous said...

Dear Pat, as you saied "A) Well, we are back to some bizarre political issues which I am unable to address....". Indeed the McCann is a severe reason of state for the UK. You don't wonder why with a look into the deep history of the case: The Foolish Fake and the Pitbull's Pitfall http://tinyurl.com/qfty38a

Anonymous said...

Only last year Gilmour was sent to prison for the murder of Suzanne Pulley. NO BODY just the cadaver dog alerted to his car and office. Yet in the McCann case cadaver was found in THEIR hire car and THEIR apartment and they are walking around Scot free? ? ? ? What's wrong here in this UK? Why are the McCanns NOT in prison? What a farce NSY and a laughing stock. Police corruption UK STYLE

Anonymous said...

It was the McCanns themselves who made their dead daughter a ward of court. I have always believed that this was to stop medical records being made public. I think it is true that Madeleine met her death accidentally, but a post mortum would have revealed sedatives in her system, if not more. I also believe the child had a significant health problem. For the McCann couple to use her death to promote themselves and their finances with such cold calmness suggests there was something about Madeleine's physical outlook in life that enabled them to do this.

Anonymous said...

@PAT, Why would anyone need a reputation damage limiter from a fighting fund?
Ive had the impression for ages, that wealth comes first, not justice at all, any decent minded person would not leave a country if they believed their daughter to be alive?
A contradiction to the thought kate hates pedos?
Its impossible that any abduction would make anyone neglect the chances of wanting to know more about their theory, than swaning around being useless at any level.
What made the maccanns think people would find it odd if they left too quick?
Why would anyone think that, if they were not involved, a strange thing to mention, considering their alleged to be innocent?
Talk about trying to predict any ideas before they happen?
Also contradictive in the idea being suspect didn't bother them?
Kate wasn't interested in pedos, when she left Portugal, so why the change of mind after so long?

Wasn't it the case she wanted to get back to a normal life?
What was it before madeleine vanished then?
They couldn't agree to who took the photo of madeleine holding the tennis balls?
These are kates friends allegedly?
Even more bizzare, kate was too focused on her own image to remember her daughter was supposed to be abducted by pedos, refusing to answer any questions?
How many points does a person have to score in being neglectful to what she says?
Considering her neighbour was at least kind enough to alert a child crying, wasn't it that same neighbour that alerted kate in what she said?
But again kate wasn't kind enough to put that in her own book after what kate states about what madeleine is to of alleged the following morning?
So why was there contempt towards that neighbour, if madeleine was trying to warn her mother?
I seriously think kate isn't honest in most things according to the way she contradicts other people, and arrogantly dismisses them like their nothing.
Would anyone of known them children were left alone night after night, if the neighbour hadn't of said a word?
Draw your own ideas fom kates behaviors.

It seems

Anonymous said...

kate Gerry are gonna get off scott free its all been sorted by the british government met will say she died in apartment by who ever the want to say its all a whitewash met have to do what there told and british people are paying for it I will never believethe mc cans had nothing to do with it god love madeline nobody to help really find the truth I pray for her every night and live in hope of the truth

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, although the conclusion still applies. It was a big mistake...

Anonymous said...

Hello Pat. An excellent article today on The Blacksmith Bureau concluding that the curtain on the McCann drama/play/farce is falling, sharing the view, not in the metaphorical sense of it's curtains for them, but that the play, fiction as it is, has ended. Vacate our seats and go home. Actors disrobe and continue to pursue lives. One wonders how the McCann twins will view their circumstances in the future.

Anonymous said...

My opinion for what it's worth is that the parents know something.
The father looks so smug it makes me want to slap his silly face. The mother looks fraught and literally tight lipped - Is this not one of the non verbal cues that psychologists look for when trying to assess if someone is lying?
Guilt can do strange things to a person and trying to cope with keeping secrets of some sort can age a person faster than a lot of other types if worry.
My feeling is that Madeleine died in that Luz apartment.

Anonymous said...

@PAT, was this a dysfunctional family heading for trouble, the reason this springs to mind, is they are uncomfortable to explain any problems surrounding the children, ive noted there is a lot of control used, in what they put out about themselves mudane and obsessive in what they do!
Now considering kate likes drama to act the part of victim, why on earth was the book she wrote, not co authored by other family members, and not Gerry, isn't the truth about her daughter from a very narrow perspective, and more to do with her bitter fight with amaral?
In truth the book was a weapon about her control, and not getting her own way, it was a subject they feared the twins could be taken from them?
Where is the evidence to that fact, there is nothing in the cat file to suggest this at all?
This also means Gerry couldn't of got a all clear from a social worker either if that is true?Since the twins have never been taken from them, there is no damage to claim, there is no social reports in the files to back up any damage at all?
These claims have never come from the twins either, more invention of kates mind, not reality again.
There is no proof either, kate has co operated with social workers, look at her book at this missing credence, did she hate amaral that much, that only hob nobs appeared in her book, people she finds important, dosent care to mention the contradictions found in the groups alleged evidence?
Kate has always been very selective, this showed in the deleted phone records, one can see that kate thought by manipulating and predicting outcomes, were all kates ways to invent things that never existed, kate has a uncanny way of making things up, manipulating their minds in order to attack them, if they notice the invention in that void she creates.
If anything kate is the weirdo in this story, you might think im being cruel or nasty, that's far from the truth, im simply saying her behaviour has never made any sense, and have thought for ages she is deeply a disturbed person that has no sense to fairness in any view that has a point to it?
Even when other professionals have thought this also about the alleged dream she had, one questions does a dream count as evidence that abduction existed at all?
Or is it a case kate is struggling with her own mind to tell the truth!

trustmeigetit said...

I was thinking again about the blood splatter on the walls...

Or what was left after the clean up.

I have always thought it was an accident. But I've read theories that Gerry or Kate possible got angry and hit her.

Pat do the fit the profile for abusive parents? I still think sedation was involved. Even if it was just with the twins so they were not awake to witness the clean up.

trustmeigetit said...

Fox, when do you think she died, earlier that day or prior to that day. I have seen speculation that Maddie was not really at the kids center that day despite being signed in. It's possible.

Thomas Baden-Riess said...

Thanks Pat, great post.

I was just reading another aticle where people were talking about the 'clever game' Scotland Yard are playing and I was wondering to myself why people genuinley still have faith in them, when I thought I'd take a look at your blog. And hey presto! the perfect antidote.

MRSFeeX said...

Reward involved for the German and Dutch.
Not for the British?
IF.. your tip will bring the 'binman' to justice..
Mabye the binman also attacted the German /Dutch??
So back to the travel agency?

SY did fail in Saville.
All about dignety or reputation, money?

Anonymous said...

What was wrong with poor poor Madeleine that she had to die and not be mourned by this grotesque couple?? How can the family members condone any of this??

Anonymous said...

What is your nationality?

Anonymous said...

@PAT, The problem I had with this whole story, was the many gaps that are openly left for manipulation, a infinite void for too much invention, I don't know if it is instinct that makes me see countless errors still dragging out the inevitable twists, whatever was in that wine they drank couldn't of made any diference, it was down to services they didn't take, what occupied them from better parental duties than being reliant on others who for some odd reason didn't have their children go missing?
Was there a plan before that holiday ever took place?
One thing about the gaspors statements, that's hard to dismiss, there wasn't any videos taken of madeleine during that holiday, further more how did the maccanns know it was any pedo?
If evidence has been over looked, then surely that means taking information more seriously and exploring what has been ignored, every stone turned up, and every possibility inspected even closer, another thing about the gaspors statements in relation to amarals book, who was it that started a libel case against a detective they hired?
Who was it that dismissed evidence they might of been involved?
Why is the gaspors statements still in the files uninvestigated to this day?
Why hasn't carter ruck advised the maccanns about loose ends in the files?
Why has Gerry got a obsession about pedos taking his daughter?
When there was never evidence to support any abduction!
In seven years, why does evidence still lean in their direction, and is getting more difficult to dismiss loose ends, to facilitate more red herrings that turn up empty routes?
If there was a sexual motive to silence madeleine, then why hasn't sy interviewed the gaspors in relation to a murder in that apartment, to deduce a motive behind any cover ups?
There is enough indicators in a link to why madeleine cannot be found alive, and the reasons for disposal in kates red herrings about a none existent intruder the sy will never find?
One realises the importance of any statement might solve this case beyond that void of inventing red harrings?
And branches that reach out from ignored statements, a route that shows a lot of odd behaviors by the maccanns since its author wasn't taken serious enough.
Yet a mother who claims her child was almost taken from a café is more important than a statement fom some one that actualy was in the maccanns company?
A lot to think about, if any justice does exist at all for that poor child?

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am I right in thinking that the McCanns refused your offers to do what you do for a living to try to help find out what happened to Madeleine?
If so why do yo.u think this could be.

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Redwood needs removed. Someone needs to step in. This is GB 2014. Its brazen..In front of everyone they choose to ignore contradictions & discrepancies in such a high profile case. Its disgusting and it appears anyone with any power chooses to do nothing about it 'Bizarre' Wtf is wrong with everyone.But i really hope the police are just leaving 'No stone unturned' on they're way full circle back to the apartment and the mccanns. People arnt even shouting for the mccanns arrest....Just for them to be re-questioned...Why Not!!