Friday, June 13, 2014

Thank You, Scotland Yard

As the week of digging up Portugal for no discernibly good reason comes came to a close, Kate and Gerry McCann told the press how pleased they were that Scotland Yard had put forth such effort but not found a dead Maddie. As they fly to Portugal on Sunday to testify against Gonçalo Amaral, their argument that he has caused them great emotional pain and damaged the search for Madeleine has not, in the end, been weakened by Scotland Yard's recent activities. In fact, Scotland Yard's Praia da Luz digging and subsequent statements have actually strengthened their case.

The massive money and time spent over the last three years and in the recent spectacle at the Snail go to show how difficult the struggle is to find Madeleine or at least what happened to Madeleine. Even Scotland Yard with their millions of pounds of taxpayer money haven't yet been able to solve the mystery, a mystery that wouldn't exist if the PJ hadn't failed so dismally in their investigation when the case was fresh and if Gonçalo Amaral hadn't wasted early opportunities to follow good leads to locate Maddie instead of being hellbent on convicting the McCanns. If even Scotland Yard can't seem to clean up the mess and bring this case to closure with so much money and manpower, the damage to the case by the Portuguese police's incompetence  and Amaral's refusal to consider any other theory than the McCann's involvement is quite obviously tremendous. And, if Scotland Yard with all their seemingly unlimited budget and detectives has not yet found Maddie, who can blame the McCanns for failing to find her, in spite of all the cash they have collected through their fund?

On top of all this, Scotland Yard has just issued this incredible statement:  "This recent work is part of ensuring that all lines of inquiry are progressed in a systematic manner and covers just the one hypothesis that she was killed and buried locally."

Two things jump out at me: the first thing is that the statement does not include the words "in the vacation flat" which means, at this point, Scotland Yard is not necessarily giving any credibility to the cadaver and blood evidence in the apartment. And this means their analysis does not support Amaral's conclusion, and in fact, indicates that he came to such a conclusion without reliable evidence; hence, he harmed the McCanns by claiming Maddie was dead, that she died in the apartment, and that her body was removed by the McCanns. The second thing that jumped out at me is that this is "just one hypothesis, " which opens the door for Maddie being alive which validates the McCanns' search, which in turn supports the McCanns' assertion that Gonçalo Amaral's claims in his book are libelous and damaging.

Thank you, Scotland Yard, for conducting this charade of an investigation which has worked out perfectly for the McCanns and been timed just right so that they can now enter the courtroom with their heads held high with just the added ammo they need to possibly win this outrageous and ridiculous lawsuit.

God help, Gonçalo.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

June 13, 2014 

 Cover for 'Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann'

Published: July 27, 2011
By Pat Brown
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What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann in Praia da Luz, Portugal in 2007? Was she abducted as the Gerry and Kate have claimed or did something happen to Madeleine on May 3 in the vacation apartment and the incident covered up? Criminal Profiler Pat Brown analyzes the evidence and takes the readers through the steps of profiling, developing a theory that is intriguing and controversial.


Anonymous said...

I do hope you are wrong but you make valid points. Please read textusa today however.

Pat Brown said...

Anon 5:21

Textusa is, in my opinion, making a mistake I have seen lots of people make recently; they are looking through the eyes of people in the know. For those who know this case intimately, these things Textusa claims will be understood by the masses, in fact, will not. The majority of the world will see it the way I stated it in the post.

Now, the next question is, how will the Portuguese court see it? It seems a no brainer that they should see it in Textusa's view; after all, it is Portugal and they know this case. So, you would think. But, this is the legal system that allowed Amaral's book to be pulled off the market and Amaral's life to be screwed to the extent it has been. It is true that the court recently reversed that decision but, still, there is much in this libel case that concerns me (in spite of the recent win by Amaral over the ward of the court thing). Count me skeptical when it comes to anything to do with a court system; I always find it a bad roll of the dice as to outcome. One can get screwed through politics, attorneys, or judges. I don't get a good feeling as to the outcome and, god knows, I want the outcome to go in Goncalo's favor.

I am holding my breath that Portugal will go tell both Scotland Yard and the McCanns to stuff it.

Pat Brown said...

Anon 5:21

It is like the Kay Burley article about McCann haters. I couldn't believe how many think it is a clever article exposing the McCanns. I saw not a bit of that: just a journalist who wrote a diatribe in support of the McCanns who did little research and thought little about the things she was saying. But, if one wants to believe that there is hope - for Scotland Yard to actually be after the McCanns or for the world to see the truth about this case - you can read a lot of positive things into actions that, quite frankly, are pretty damned lousy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply, Pat. Like you, I pray the outcome will be in Goncalo Amaral's favour, but share your concerns that it may not. However, if it does, what a slap in the face to SY, pulling out so sharpish to time with the scheduling of the court hearing!

Pat Brown said...

BTW, someone just posted on Facebook that they thought this was a great post, that all along they have thought the McCanns were innocent and that Maddie is alive. Goes to show how people who haven't read the files will view the actions and statements by Scotland Yard (and. in this case, completely miss my point and sarcasm).

Pat Brown said...

Iin a just world, this case would have been concluded in three days and Amaral would have walked away victorious. Where there is even libel is the question. The fact that the McCanns have the right to testify to the damage done already seems to presume that what Amaral did was libelous and wrong. This worries me. This was a simple case and yet it has turned into a nightmare (and people can tell me that the court system in Portugal must work this way, but like all court systems in the world they benefit lawyers more than justice). I think there is a great chance it is going to come out in the McCanns' favor because it will be considered wrong, that without absolute proof that the McCanns were guilty, Amaral wrote his theories which then damaged two possibly very innocent people and the search for their child. It all depends how you spin the facts and if the spin goes that way, Goncalo is screwed.

Pat Brown said...

I think the court case involves this issue: just because you believe something to be true is not protection against libel. I was very careful to say in my book that I was only purporting a theory based on evidence. And from there it gets very tricky. For example, if someone says that Pat Brown is a drug addict, this is straight up libel because there is zero evidence I touch drugs. If they say they believe I am a drug addict, this can also be to an extent libelous because they are stating something to the public based on no evidence which might have damaged me greatly. If they say, I am a fraud, this is libelous because they have to prove this is so. But, let's say they say think I am an idiot or I can't profile to say my life, now we go into the realm of opinion and that is not libel. So, the question will be, did Goncalo libel the McCanns when he said he believed they were responsible for their daughter's death and disappearance? His belief IS based on evidence but if that evidence is considered faulty, his belief may not save him. Hence, the Scotland Yard faux investigation and search can clearly impact the court proceedings.

Artbyphil said...

I think their all just taking it in turns to get a free holiday to Portugal on the Tax payer.

Anonymous said...

You understand about police procedures and indeed police corruption. You also are familiar with how courts and lawyers operate, and all through your professional life.You have been kind enough to share your knowledge and thoughts with us on this blog. The problem with facebook and twitter is that many people are persuaded by posts that are opinion, and because they choose to believe these points, opinion transforms into "fact".

Robert said...

Hi Pat,

If the money begins to roll in again for the fund, are you worried that the McCanns may use some of it in an attempt to sue you because of your own book about the case? It wouldn't surprise me if they start legal proceedings against numerous people in the future after this SY charade.

Simon Philogene said...

One thing that amazes me is why do the mccanns never express relief at the twins not being taken by the abductor too?
Very strange

AnneGuedes said...

Hi Pat !
The Supreme Court judged that Gonçalo Amaral was entitled to the interpretation he made of facts that had been established by his team in the last police report before he left. As this can't be libel the book had to be back on shelves.
Nevertheless the MC protest they were (subliminarly) cruelly suspected of concealing the corpse and staging an abduction and that moreover GA put in people's minds that the girl was dead. The effects were a family life ruined and a search stopped by allegation of death.
They have to prove 1) that their family life was ruined by the book (which introduces a delicate qualitative comparison with the pain generated by the loss of their daughter) and that people stopped looking at every little girl like at a potential McCann one and 2) that malice was involved (facts are true but were revealed to hurt people, not in the interest of the public).

Pat Brown said...

Hi Anne!

Thank you for that clarification. The court ruling that at last Goncalo is entitled to his interpretation of the facts is very helpful. I think where the problem lies is the in the point that the McCanns are making, that Goncalo went to far and, in spite that his interpretation could be flawed, pushed the theory for the intention of bettering himself monetarily and for a personal vendetta.

All of that is always wrapped up in libel issues which makes what "libel" what it actually means rather expansive. Hence, it all depends on the attorneys, the judge, and the game playing. In one court, you could win, then next lose. If it was a different day or judge, the opposite can be true (which is why so much is overturned...quite a matter of opinion by whomever has more power).

With Scotland Yard's efforts, I believe their "sincerity" in their search for Maddie, their efforts to find an abductor with all the same information that Goncalo had, can indeed be swaying in a court of law. Just as people question my audacity to claim the great Scotland Yard is less than credible, likewise for this rogue we believe him or the yard?

Again, I am not talking about what SHOULD happen, but what can happen. I think it is a coin toss which just got a little better in the favor of the McCanns, thank you, Scotland Yard. And, of course, politics still plays a part in any oh-so-fair-and-unbiased system of justice!

Thanks again, Anne, for the clarification on the court ruling which gives some hope in which direction the thinking of the court is heading and, hopefully, Scotland Yard hasn't rerouted it.

Pat Brown said...


Personally, I am not worried about the McCanns suing me. First, they have to do it in the US and it is more difficult to prove libel here than in the UK. Secondly, I would welcome the chance to confront them in court. Third, I won't hire a lawyer; I will represent myself, so it won't cost me anything. Finally, good luck to them collecting anything from me because I have been careful to lawsuit protect myself.

Anonymous said...

The evidence presented on behalf of Mcs o far in Lisbon is flaky at best. I suspect the judge is only allowing them to speak because it gives them less chance to cry 'unfair' afterward. Also my understanding is that the judge can question them and they will have to answer and if they incriminate themselves that can be used later. It is very risky for them.

Pat Brown said...

Anon 11:20

I totally agree that the McCann case is weak and Amaral and the PJ evidence strong. However, at each twist and turn of the seven years of this case, both criminal and civil, it has hardly been the evidence or facts that have won the day. If so, the case wouldn't have been shelves, the McCanns wouldn't have such support, Scotland Yard wouldn't be digging where they did and saying what they did, the court wouldn't ever have pulled the book off the market. So, what may happen may or may not go in Amaral's direction depending on the whims of politics.

Anonymous said...

Anne, Pat...the impression I got from Anne's transcripts (for which so much gratitude btw) was that the judge was authoritative and precise.
In this instance I remain hopeful. Amaral himself has said that he feels confident entrusting this to PT law.

it's also interesting to think about how the PJ might have responded to SY's "search" (and the graffiti), but didn't!
There was no statement of endorsement or even of appreciation of the Met's efforts. The graffiti too was met with silence - no appeal for calm/understanding. Nothing.

Had the Portuguese authorities wanted to see Amaral hung out to dry we might have heard some kind of endorsement of SY's presence in PdL?

Anonymous said...

This judge strikes me as 'not for turning'. Keep the faith Pat!

AnneGuedes said...

If I were the judge I would certainly not like that my decision not to hear the parties (because I didn't need it to judge) was contested.
I think that this appeal was a psychological mistake and I'm glad that Gonçalo respected the judge's point of view.
I've a feeling that the WOC episode will not have been in favour of the McCanns who knew perfectly well that they couldn't represent their WOC daughter without being authorized by the Hight Court, since they had needed Justice Hogg to request access to the LC Files (access finally refused to Hogg).
But unexpected sentences happen..

Anonymous said...

Do you mean that Goncalo is not speaking in court?

AnneGuedes said...

Pat, Mr Justice Saunders, in the Hacking trial, advised the jury to concentrate only on the evidence brought to the Court during the hearings. I don't think the SY operation in PDL (and I agree with you that they're genuinely working on abduction as they've been requested to) will have an impact on the judgement in any way. Also I don't see what the darling and primary argument of Isabel Duarte (the McCanns want their money back) has to do with suffering and search obstruction.
A long time and many Duarte's requests have been dedicated to invoices and bills. But she produced no credible witness on the topic of KMC's suicidal thoughts.

AnneGuedes said...

Gonçalo Amaral made afaik no appeal (to a higher Court) to be granted the right to make a statement. So he will not speak (unless the judge changes her mind last minute, I suppose).

Pat Brown said...

Anon 11:36 and Anne,

I DO hope the PJ silence, actually disparagement of Scotland Yard, means something as well as this judge's handling of the case thus far. I have always believed the only hope for justice for Maddie and justice for Goncalo lies in Portugal. While my hope is dim, it is stronger at the moment for the civil case, and, if nothing else good happens, I hope that Goncalo triumphs and doesn't end up the sacrificial lamb for some political alliance that none of us seem to be able to comprehend at this moment.

Anonymous said...

"And if nothing else good happens, I hope that Goncalo triumphs.."
Amen to that!!

Cat said...

As a British citizen I have followed Maddie's " disappearance" from day one.. in the first couple of days hoping upon hope like many people she would be found alive and well.. but thinking deep down that she was already dead... like many people the info I read and absorbed information regarding the case was from the media. Then we saw the MCCann's flying all over... and somehow it felt "wrong". As a mother you think "How on earth could two intelligent people leave children that age" .... I then saw a documentary filmed in PDL when it became clear the distance from the apartment to the infamous Tapas bar... that one entrance went out onto the street!!.... since then I have watched the McCanns on tv programmes and they seem to only talk about themselves.... now having spent days reading the real details of the case .... not the ones The McCanns have put out I find it amazing that they haven't been investigated officially more closely... I am also appalled that they have not only ingored the offer of Pat Browns expertise but they have denied her her freedom of speak. I have read with both tears and with utter amazement at Pat's theories. ... the fact that Kate Mcgann didnt answer questions that could have helped find Maddie's... if indeed she had been abducted. so many descrepensies ... so many unexplained things pointing to their involvement. My voice is now added to people who say "why have they not been questioned further". Why have Scotland yard not asked for Pat Browns assistance... (or the McCanns.. if they believe Maddie's is alive)???. Let's find her and put her to rest.. poor child.

cat said...

I hope Goncalo triumphs and the truth may come out..... for little Maddie's

Anonymous said...

all the luck in the world mr amaral hope for a good outcome for you Ireland is behind you all the way

Anonymous said...

The Political alliance in my view is through the backdoor plan to create a federal Europe.
I also believe eventually it is planned to merge with the USA to create a huge economic powerhouse to challenge the BRIC nations which are fast becoming power houses that per capita are unrivalled.

read into that what you wish ...its been attempted by stealth and failing hugely at present.

I say this because eventually Power will change hands from those keeping the case whitewashed...keep everything logged ...Truth will win out in the end.


Anonymous said...

my brother is a la policeman he can not understand how Scotland yard have not taken mc cans in for questions and thinks its all a huge shame I myself can not understand how david Cameron and andy redwood can put the mcs before a child god bless maddie

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that in Dec when Amaral and Gerry asked to be able to participate in the court hearings the judge turned down their requests. Have I missed something or are you saying that the Mccans are going to be able to defend themselves come Monday??? That is not fair.
I have been following the Maddie story for years and to think that the outcome will be based on the interpretation of the facts by the one judge is frightening. What with Redwood's circus closing down just days before the opening of the court case and all sorts of dirty tricks, pressure and hidden agendas that we don't know about I really feel for the poor detective. Good luck Amaral!! I don't have Twitter nor do I have facebook but perhaps people who have been following this story could send out messages of support for a fair end to this case. Pressure from the people who want the truth. It is so important that Amaral does not end up being the patsy. Just for Madeleine's sake if anything. It is blatantly clear that nobody( of those who know) wants justice for Madeleine. They want everything whitewashed put in a cupboard and forgotten so that they can get on with their lives.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Alan, very funny. Cheered me up mate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alan.

Can you explain why Mr Grime a respected professional in his field, who will have worked alongside SY, would prompt the dogs to give false alerts? WHY?

Then explain the fss fiasco.

my opinion is YOU have been cued to churn out lies...and your barking.

If we had People like Pat Brown sharing her academic and more importantly real life experience and expertise in the field coupled with her integrity and her soul for fighting for the vulnerable ...we would have a great Police force again.

so my only words to you my friend do one.


Anonymous said...

Re mr ravenswood post,just like to remind you that we are all entitled to our opinion but you need to consider that others who read pats blog like myself are possibly more educated and intelligent than you.Your immature attack on Pats credentials speaks to me your lack of brain matter.Martin Luther king once said a lie cannot live,that's what's happening in this case.

Anonymous said...

What has harmed the ' Search for Madeleine' ironicaly is the not searching for Madeleine which has occurred from the shelving of the case in Portugal.

Making appeals on TV or via the media is not really a search at all is it?

It is basically - Have you seen this missing girl? That's all.

It does take a great deal of front to mislay a child ( for any reason ) and then blame the people really looking for that child because you as a parent were rightly looked at first.

If the couple had have answered every question asked of them and
in order to get these " bunch of lunatic theories " out of the way in
order to find the real perpetrators of the crime then I'm
sure that the net would be not full of speculation.

Action speaks louder than millions of words and it is the actions of many of the people involved in this mystery that is
perturbing to say the least.

The fact is that the idea that there is no evidence is not a fact at all. What is missing is
evidence which could have got the alleged lunatic theories out of the way. That I'm afraid was in the hands of the so called Tapas 9.
They refused for various reasons to add anymore evidence to the Portuguese case files. Read the Attorney Generals Summary as a reference.

p.s. re: Cadaver dogs.

What are we to make of SY bringing in their particular Cadaver dogs? Are these as bad as the other British dogs? If for instance these UK dogs indicate to Cadaver scent that led to an alleged abductor - what would you say then about their abilities?

AnneGuedes said...

Mr Grime was called to PDL with his two dogs on the suggestion of Prof Marc Harrison MBA, the head of missing person service at the then NPIA who advised to search first the last place where the child had been seen. Prof Harrison was with Mr Grime when Eddie changed his behaviour as soon as the door was open, nose up.
Enough saying.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

There is a video of kate mc cann on youtube where she is interviewed by her friend Jon corner.This was filmed only 3 months after madeliene had been "taken".Kate appears happy and relaxed and her speech is fast throughout the interview.there are no hesitations and slow speech which is usually seen in all other media interviews.So is this the real kate we are seeing in this video?I find this video astonishing given the fact it's only 12 weeks from may 3rd.Seems to me there has been a lot of acting going on .

Pat Brown said...

Thank you all for your intelligent responses to the guy who felt a née to be insulting to offer a differing opinion. His comment has been removed for abusive behavior.

Anonymous said...

Something which seems to have fallen by the way side and like so many areas of this case was left up in the air (pun intended) is Satellite Imagery....specific military.

We are told this technology is so good that it can zoom in to show the colours of eyes.

was an official request made to the USA for the images?
If refused why? and where is the audible trail of request and refusal ?

I have read nowadays their are also "private" satellites that the super rich can hire space on ..does George Clooney not do something along those lines because of political interests...was their any of those private ones over Portugal?

It is my opinion that the refused phone records and any satellite imagery would have concluded the case immediately.
these areas need to be delved into much more.

In my opinion Governments have conspired to shut up shop regardless of justice for a child named Madeleine....its in your face.


Anonymous said...

old article


although such imagery is not given out to private organisations ...It should have a mechanism for either the BRITISH or PORTUGUESE sovereign countries to obtain.

It seems that nobody other than Goncalo Amaral had any intention of solving this case fact it seems the powers that be deliberately prevented it been solved.

it also demonstrates that given he was obstructed/thwarted at every significant turn, that Goncalo Amaral did a fantastic job against such demonic forces.

we the people need to stand up, be counted and claim our countries and dignity back from the regimes in place.

They are criminals on the loose in my opinion...very dangerous ones.


Carina Gerken Christiansen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
catherine said...

I think SY first wanted to find proof for burgler theory, just in time before libel verdict because that could have strengthen mccann side. When nothing was found, diggiing same time as libel trial would have weakened the mccannside. At least in media. So SY were told to pack up their shovels and leave quickly. Conspiracy? Depend highly on what that word means. In other criminal cases involving alleged crimes abroad, there seem to exist an almost instinctive national reaction to first and foremost protect a fellow citizen who is accused in a foreign country. We have seen it many times before, such as in the Canadian/US case with Canadian Conrad Black accused of share holder fraud in US. Suddenly in the the normally very proffessional Canadian media, Conrad Black was so innocent and the US prosecuters all corrupt. It has happened in Sweden some years ago wiith a young guy arrested for murder abroad. In Swedish media he was of course set up to be guilty by unproffessional and corrupt foreign police. Even with blood on his t-shirt.
The mcccanns and their pr-people understood this national "instinct", used it on all levels, and made huge spin on it. Today, as not proven guilty, journalists can not possibly put any blame om them. Journalists just want to make a readable and printable story before they day is over. Nobody should over analyze the daily reports. I don't think there is any mysterious hidden agenda in the reporting. Except from the "instinct" to protect fellow citizens abroad.

MRSFeeX said...

The Mccann left their children on their own, and so did their friends.
They didnt want to spend money to a Nanny in the evenings.
Every parent knows children need care and can get hurt.
Medicals should be smart people.
So in this week many of this group went sick.
Even one of the children did vomit that night.
AS A PARENT (like Gerry love to say)
You should take care of your children.
Not leave them in their bath,(?) or in the apartment on their own.

So when it come to blame someone..
To leave them, like that, without any concern.. every night, looks like a habit to me..
Or careless.
You should not expect it from such fine high educated people to be so careless.
So they all choose.. no nightcreche or other childservice that evening.
It is wierd to me..
A mistake?
I think mistake is not the right word..
To leave your children (ALONE) every night, because your friends come first.
No supervision hired?.
Cheap or rude..
Mabye both..
Still.. if the door 'didnt slammed' Kate never looked..she said in a you tube..
(Yeah, right)

The Tapasgroup are not disable people.
But they do behave wierd.
Not what you can expect from high medical trained people..
It is what I think..

In this case is making the UK a fool of themself.
Whatever the reason..

Only fact is she went missing, while in the care of her parents.
At that time who went out with their friends.
They choose not to pay for childcare..turned it down.

Amaral and Tony paid for this..
But not the one who is responsible for the (lack of)care of the children.

Anonymous said...


I do not agree ....there are scores of people arrested abroad - they never get this type of support unless they are VIP of some kind.

Its a nonsense to try and explain what most certainly is a case of huge political intervention as a norm or instinct of the nation to side with their citizens.

I am also of the belief that in situations as this (children involved) that peoples instinct is for the welfare of the child and not a flag.

one thing that I feel people here have got totally wrong is what they think the average person thinks of this case.
Nearly everyone I speak to are positive the Mccanns are involved and the government is covering up.

Protest need to be organised should the governments continue to support the lies.....across the world.....I think releasing balloons would be a start.

we could call it.

"its never too late to do the right thing day"


Anonymous said...


Catherine not Carina


Anonymous said...

@ Mojo at 2.47

They can't find a 747.... so I doubt there is much chance of them finding a small child.

Anonymous said...

a4lornhope...very true

you raise another peculiar case !

do you believe they actually lost the plane.

we are living in strange times and we all need to awaken.


Anonymous said...

@PAT, A case for child services to serve justice on behalf of madeleine?
Its absurd two neglectors have the power to sue anyone?
It insults the integrity of law surrounding unfit parents, amaral was working on that neglect, and the times those children were left alone, and the chance of a accident happening in that time, and going by the information available that contradicts any abduction.
The imediate scene was the flat, which kate gave too much attention to, and the window.
Anyone can understand why amaral found it odd, the parents simulated abduction without the police doing a entire search to source such a idea before hand?
When such a allegation arises so quick without evidence, then one thinks the parents know alot more about the missing child?
Abduction dosent fit a child being alive, a lost child is usualy returned, burglars dont normaly kill children who are not a threat either, and since nothing was stolen there is nothing to suggest that apartment was target, since none of their freinds apartments were not targetted either?
The maCcanns changed their story about the window, based on the fact the twins were first in line, and madeleine was the furthest away from the window?
One minute the doors are locked, which incriminated kate about her fingerprints being on a alleged open window, then contradicted this being a red herring by the abductor, and then saying the doors were not locked?
So this lie wasnt perpetrated by amaral, but by the maCcanns them selves from the start, it was amaral who mentioned the patio door, and no force used to open any door that was alleged to be locked?
If anyone told this story in the event of a insurance scam, there would be a prosecution for a fraudulant claim, gaining money under false information, which brings me to their fund set up under false information of a abduction.
Im sure amaral can bring a civil action over misleading information the maCcanns used in their statements?
When two neglectors can use libel over their own lies, justice becomes bent out of shape in more lies.

Anonymous said...

Earlier Pat said, '.. BTW, someone just posted on Facebook that they thought this was a great post, that all along they have thought the McCanns were innocent and that Maddie is alive. Goes to show how people who haven't read the files will view the actions and statements by Scotland Yard (and. in this case, completely miss my point and sarcasm)...' I was just thinking before I read your comment, I think Amaral could best be helped in this instance by a more straightforward article Pat, unfortunately this one is just wide open to misinterpretation

Pat Brown said...

Anion 1:07

If you think this blog post will have the slightest impact on what is happening to Goncalo, you are sadly mistaken. His fate is in the hands of the justice system, politics, and the major media, not necessarily in that order.

My blog post was also not about Gocalo, ii was about Scotland Yard and the impact of political machinations behind the scene.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I understand that, but I think we do need to do what we can to assist him, and an article which shows clearly how you see the case IMO cannot do any harm. Those of us who follow the case regularly know what you mean by your latest article, but, I suggest, it's confusing for those who don't.

trustmeigetit said...

I had not connected the dots of this "faux" investigation to the trial but the timing sure seems to really make it look
That way.

I too hope he wins. To me as a cop, his job is to come to a conclusion. And the fact that the book just summarized the police files it makes me angry it's considered libel.
And why is portugal such a bunch of doormats to let Scotland Yard act like they are in charge. The crime happened there and they should have never been given an ounce of information or access to anything.

trustmeigetit said...

I would LOVE for you to get a chance to confront them. What ever way it happens.

I almost feel like they wouldn't go there. Not in the US and especially not with you,

But if they did.. I would love to be in that court room.

trustmeigetit said...

Interesting. We can only then hope this is a smart judge who will ask some good questions.

One I would ask would be "if you never bothered to even search for your child, why are you concerned about others not searching". Cause they have some nerve.

Oh I hope this in some way backfires against them.

trustmeigetit said...

There's also a video that they are all sad faced. The camera stayed on...but based on the fact that as soon as they were done.....they went from sober to laughing and smiling. The video is hard to find as it was removed from what I understand but I saw it once. I have the screen shots before and after on my blog. It was instant. Like the said cut and sad faces turned into smiles.
Also a dozen laughing smiling pics a couple days after she went missing at what was Madeleines birthday. Should have been heart wrenching but Gerry and Kate were smiling and laughing. A blog that defends all their BS said balloons flew into them when the doors opened. Well sorry, the devestation of that day would not have made anything funny.

Anonymous said...

I hope I'm not mis-representing Pat here but in my opinion the post is about how the presentation of the case will be presented to the public via the media. It will be used in the Libel Case by ID as de facto back up when in actuality it is not a fact that because SY have not found a body or indications from materials discovered and therefore Madeleine MUST still be alive. The dogs are there for a reason. They are I believe Cadaver dogs. So what is their purpose for being there? The answer must be that even SY felt that they might have a reason to use them. If
they did utilise the dogs then that in itself is an indication that they were expecting or hoping to find something for them to sniff. Yet again though unllike Duarte the fact that they were there at all on its own does not prove either way that Madeleine is alive or dead.

I do think that once more in this tortuous case that a Judge is being put on the spot due to the cowardice of the upper echelons of the Portuguese Judiciary. Ribeiro was the one who called off the dogs ( literally and metaphorically ) by taking Mr Amaral off the case and it
is easier to attempt to sue an individual rather than a whole Judicial tier of the Portuguese Justice system with all its back up.Simple as that for me I think.

Jurors are always told before a trial to ignore media stories and hearsay and from whatt I have read about this Judge she will not be easily swayed by the latest pantomime of the season. I read that " emotional " statements may be opined tomorrow from off the top of the parent's heads so no reading from notes. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say under Oath.

As usual we shall wait and see.

Anonymous said...

What we didn't know on June 13 was that GA wouldn't be in court on Monday June 16th to see "McCanns enter the courtroom with their heads held high…" and obviously leaving with their head down with huge feelings of rage, powerless and lack of control!

Maybe the couple need a 12 step recovery, similar with many people use to stop drinking, gambling, lying...

McCanns should admit their powerless in holding the case on their hands, that their life become unmanageable for retaining the whole true about what really has happened on May 3rd afternoon. That would be a good start.

Later they may be able to believe that a Greater Power that themselves, UK Government, the bought media, fake PR's and convenient new friends Could Restore their sanity, perhaps not saving them from misery and public repudiation but from something worse.

Some say that admitting a problem is admitting the faults maybe is about time they also start a moral inventory of their own and consequently making a list of persons they've had harmed and become willing…

As the 12 steps programme is very demanding about make amends, accepting responsibility and understanding what has been wrong with their own life I suggest a STOP here for now.

For the rest of us because we are no saints maybe we should pray out loud to God to remove all our defects of character and protect us from experimenting an afternoon of agony as I believe McCanns had on May 3rd 2007 (although this don't diminuish their fault for the chosen pattern);

Paying for McCanns conversion;

And for last but not the least for GA hope and faith to transcend this last 7 years of probation.

As the program suggests: ONE DAY at a TIME.


Pat Brown said...

Let me address a few things here in response:

1. I do not think the McCanns' response to the court delay was uncalled for. I would have been pissed as hell as well. It is one reason I despise the court system; the tactics permitted should not be. Cases dragging on for years, draining the bank accounts of either plaintiffs or defendants (while enriching the lawyers) as a method to force one side to give in, is wrong and is one reason I believe neither the civil court systems of the world (at least those that allow these kinds of tactics) are not truly about justice.

2. The McCanns obviously likely also used unpleasant tactics via their attorney so I am not saying that Amaral doing so in return is unjustified. Civil cases turn into dirty game playing instead of simply seeking proper settlement.

3. Is this a good tactic by Goncalo if he truly is not having a problem with his attorney or couldn't have informed the court earlier before the McCanns arrived in Portugal? I don't know. IF you believe the McCanns are innocent, I think it makes their case stronger, that this renegade ex-cop is doing all he can to make their lives miserable and suck away their energy simply because he thinks they are guilty (when at this point, Scotland Yard is "proving" he is not justified in thinking do nor should he ever have come to such conclusions from the evidence and the PJ isn't exactly supporting his belief of guilt either).

So, I don't know how the judge will view this because I am not privy to the entire court case nor have I been in the courtroom to see how this is playing out. In the end, I feel it is not unlikely the judge will actually view Goncalo as overzealous in his "vendetta" against the McCanns (especially if she views them as innocent) and find for the McCanns (perhaps with a reduced monetary amount to even out the damage).

Anonymous said...


I have had enough of talking about this case as if it is genuine is not.

Why any of us debate what is nothing more than a scripted movie is beyond me.

enough is enough.

The case is a Lie and the result is already known and was from the day it all I said this is nothing more than theatre and we are all part of its cast.

We need to step outside the Movie and direct it back to a "real" Court with real Truth and Justice.

If we the people allow these types of injustices to continue...then we deserve the corrupt world we are left with.

It would seem that my country the uk and its officialdom involved in this case are all 007.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Pat! Another brilliant post to help us tidy up our thoughts.

I think GA and his British advisers became "hell bent" in pinning down the McCanns because of the dogs' "evidence".

I agree, more should have been done in this area - including checking Kate's assertion that she handled several bodies prior to her visit to Portugal, that she used to take "Cuddle Cat" with her to work, etc. which would have been difficult given the "cooperation" of the British (...)

Did Amaral know about Monte Jose Mestre for example? He certainly must have known about Gerry's mobile pinging in that area (...)