Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Pig Got More Publicity Than Your Murdered Child: The Demise of Localized Media and Its Effect on Criminal Cases

What About that Dead Child in YOUR town?
Have you been in a 7-Eleven recently and noticed who is at the counter buying a newspaper? It's a geezer....a geezer who actually still reads the Metro section and maybe writes in a Letter to the Editor once in a while barking about some issue they believe is detrimental to their community.   The rest of folks, those not getting senior discounts at the movies, get their news from cable television and online....and I am pretty sure they don't get much local news. Sure, some still tune in at 10 or 11 o'clock and get the quick jolt of "if it bleeds, it leads" adrenaline and shake their heads over how badly some are behaving in their area, but, in reality, there is an extreme lack of local in-depth reporting....because national and global horror stories have eclipsed local news.

If I went around the neighborhood and asked folks about local homicides, I would draw a blank look from most of them. "Who? I don't remember that girl." "Oh, yeah, I remember hearing about that murder. Whatever happened? Did anyone get arrested?" But, if I asked them about JonBenet Ramsey or Caylee Anthony or Natalee Holloway or any victim of murder showcased on Nancy Grace in the past few weeks, I might get a blow-by-blow account of the entire police case. In fact, it is not just the citizens who lack interest in local news, the local news media isn't all that interested either. You can call until you are blue in the face trying to get the local newspaper or television station to cover anything in depth. In all my years of dealing with the media (and that includes 3000 appearances on television and radio and many print interviews), the most success I had getting the media to do an in-depth story on a crime was when the local authorities tried to evict my 20-year-old potbelly pig, Gwendolyn, from my home. I got an big interview with The Washington Post complete with photo and all three local television stations came out to do a story on Gwendolyn. I even had the County Executive's office ask me if the then County Exec, Jack Johnson, could come out and do a photo op with my pig (I declined the offer; I told them only one swine was allowed on my property at a time; Johnson is now serving time in prison).

My Pig Got More Publicity Than Your Murdered Child

But, when I went to the media over any local crime, I had no luck. Sure, they called me up when they wanted me to do commentary on an area homicide (gotta get those gory cases into the news at least for the short emotional impact) but, any real reporting on cases never happened. And because the local cases get so little attention, police departments know they have no citizenry oversight, no media is going to be breathing down their neck; the family is pretty much left to fight on their own and that is almost always a losing battle.

We no longer have many local organizations to fight for victims' rights; we have national organizations that manage money more than make a difference. We have a mass of information with websites full of photos of missing and dead children from all over the country but, locally, those children are ignored.

Talking about a case ad nauseum does little for justice because those talking about the case (online or on television) have no effect on local authorities because they don't give a damn what people think outside of their jurisdiction (unless it becomes a racial issue). And as long as people spend more time focused on matters that are hundreds or thousands of miles away from where they live, they give  local authorities carte blanche to handle local matters any way they please.

Lack of oversight by citizenry is one reason we see so many unsolved cases. Hence the reason that I feel I must work with the detectives inside the department improving how cases are handled because, these days, no one from the outside is paying any mind.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

August 21, 2014 


Anonymous said...


let me ask you this...Do you not find what you are observing as "strange" ?

What you talk of in this post is happening here in the UK too.

People need to wake up and Quick.

I will leave it there.


Pat Brown said...


It is a sad fact that anti-trust laws are not upheld and the consolidation of power in business/politics is eroding freedom and democracy. In spite of the "appearance" of choice, we really are losing options by the day. We are becoming children who think we are getting our way when our parent tells us we can choose (from their pre-approved selection) the red outfit or the blue one.

Surely, there have been many times in the history of the world where people have suffered under political systems, been at the mercy of the wealthy, and had little choice in life. But, here in the US, where we once fought for democracy and against having the power in the hands of a few, we are losing the battle and too few people realize it.

Colin said...

Zuccotti Park is everywhere, Pat.

Anonymous said...

Pat .

I agree totally in what you say - it makes one wonder Why ?

If one looks from the top of a high Mountain ...excuse the expression it looks co-ordinated. It is happening across Europe.

I am observing so many lies in the media in all sorts of areas of reporting - there is something going on that has all our futures under threat - I don't mean to sound alarmist........but I am alarmed.

Things are not as they seem.


Anonymous said...

Just been reading at the Uk Justice Forum.

There is a recent post by a "sadie" ...she gives the impression in her posts that she knows the family.
She has come up with theories on the case - which she cannot share, but tells people on the forum that SY has them - she talks of feeling smug.

Her last post talks of the family Bereavement ?

here is the sentence from that post - before she changes it, its on thread titled "buried by mainstream media"

"Dont you feel it is infra dig ... and very unjust, cruel even .... to keep getting at a bereaved family as you do ... all the time"

very perculiar wording for a "supporter" of what the Mccanns did.


Colin said...

She just means loss, Mojo.

Sadie is one of a kind.

But with your previous post - and Pat's - it's all the same struggle. You're right to be alarmed. Concentration of Power (local media and national) leads to concentration of wealth, and very lucrative wars for the same people

Anonymous said...

Pat I know you are no longer speaking about the case but the case continues to speak about you