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"Looking for Madeleine" by Summers and Swan: A Book Review by Pat Brown - Part Three

Today I have finished  reading Looking for Madeleine by Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan and I sadly find I was right about my prediction that this book would be well-written enough to satisfy the masses that the McCanns are innocent of any involvement in their child's disappearance. As I read the narrative, I could feel myself starting to question their guilt and feeling my own guilt rising for ever thinking these two wonderful parents did anything questionable. Bravo, Summers and Swan, mission accomplished.

But, I know what they doing because I have experienced similar responses when I read well-constructed critical reviews of two of my own books, Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann and The Murder of Cleopatra, reviews written cleverly enough that I started doubting my own theories and wondering how I came up with them at all. I had to go back and reread my books to see what I really had said and then I could see exactly how these critics had deceived me with their reviews, using magician's tricks to obscure the truth. And, when you have an audience who is never going to read the source material (either because it is too much work or the reviewer doesn't bother to footnote where he gets his material or have a bibliography at the back of his book), the critic can blatantly lie as well and the reader will simply accept what he says. For example, a number of my detractors of The Murder of Cleopatra blithely stated I had done little research on her life and death, completely ignoring the extensive bibliography I included in the book (along with many footnotes). I have a wall of books on Cleopatra and Roman and Greek history, architecture, geography, seafaring, poisons, etc (which I read from beginning to end with notes in all the margins) and I have massive numbers of web searches on my computers where I looked for each and every reference I could find on issues related to analyzing the Pharaonic queen's history. Never mind the two trips I made to Egypt. But, "I did little research;" I just made up a theory out of thin air. Likewise, with Madeleine McCann. I read so many attacks taken totally out of context that I had to go and read exactly what I did say and why I said it and when I said it and what I said before and after I said it.Cherry-picking  bits of info and then cleverly creating a narrative around them is the way readers can be deceived into believing what they are reading is factual and honest.

And this is what Summers and Swan do and do well. They cherry-pick facts which will support their narrative that the McCanns are innocent of any wrongdoing. Then, they weave an emotional story around them and find all the supports they can to bolster the "validity" of what they are saying. Any facts that are damning or that would raise questions are simple left out of the book. Glaringly so, to people who have followed this case and read the police files, but to those that know little except what they have seen in the media, they won't have a clue they aren't getting the whole story.

The other technique used by the detractors of the my two books and used heavily by Summers and Swan is the ad hominem attack. Those who attacked my Madeleine book spend a good deal of time trashing my professionalism. Attackers of Cleopatra book claim I can't properly analyze her life because I am not a historian. Summers and Swan infers that all those who question the McCanns are but haters or publicity seekers or incompetent morons.

Finally, Summers and Swan set themselves up, without any previous training, as better detectives and profilers than anyone else who has looked at the case. I have no problem with people who have not been trained analyzing something and then presenting good evidence to support their theory; in fact, I have been sometimes surprised by the good deductive reasoning of some lay people which is why I don't knock people who don't have a degree in a field for making a hypothesis. Sometimes experts are wrong and nonexperts are right. I don't object to Summers and Swan giving their opinion at some point (although for investigative journalists I should think this should be kept to a dull roar) but I do take issue with their incredibly arrogant stance that their deductions are clearly the right ones and those who question the McCanns in any way are one hundred percent wrong.

I won't bother to go into detail on all the inaccuracies in the book, the deceptions, the glaring omissions...I will leave that to other reviewers.  My final thought on this book is simply that it has achieved its purpose; to create a final narrative in favor of the McCanns and abduction. I don't think it matters how well it sells or if it has a bunch of one-star reviews on Amazon because this book isn't about sales but propaganda. I do believe this book was commissioned and the publisher had no issue with putting the book out there because it wasn't going to be Carter-Rucked and might sell well enough for a profit (as long as they didn't have to spend money on publicity which clearly they did not). I find it extremely odd that the publishers did not send out copies prior to publication for reviews - an extremely common practice and one you would think would be done with authors with a name - and I have to wonder if part of the deal was actually an agreement to not encourage major reviews that might put a negative spin on the book. "Haters" on Amazon are not taken so seriously as are book reviewers with major newspapers and magazines. It will be interesting to see if anyone does dare to write a less than favorable review of this book, but there was a deafening silence in reviewland when this book hit the stands and one has to wonder why.

As I stated a few posts back, I will not be doing any more running commentary on the McCann case. I feel this book is the final spin to the public of the McCann's innocence, the trial will finish up (and I doubt in a very positive way, but I hope I am wrong), and Scotland Yard will wind down with either a dead suspect or a statement that they have a good idea of who kidnapped and killed Maddie but they can't get enough cooperation with Portugal or enough evidence to pursue the evildoers to prosecution.   Whether the truth will ever out remains to be seen.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

September 19, 2014

Cover for 'Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann'

Published: July 27, 2011
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What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann in Praia da Luz, Portugal in 2007? Was she abducted as the Gerry and Kate have claimed or did something happen to Madeleine on May 3 in the vacation apartment and the incident covered up? Criminal Profiler Pat Brown analyzes the evidence and takes the readers through the steps of profiling, developing a theory that is intriguing and controversial.


Anonymous said...

@ PAT, There is something realy ugly about their book i find disgusting, and very belittling to any memory of this child, we have incompetence on a scale never seen before, we have the very odd detectives with criminal pasts, we then have redwood with a gallery of barry georges, and a host of no forensics again to prove a abduction?
Another line of unsafe convictions, and then two of the worst pr authors spouting claims that are not concrete?
Kate was aware of your book to have it carter rucked, previous to that the letter you sent them?
With a certainty never invited to comment in their presence, because of searching questions you may have put to them?
More strange these authors claim they havent interviewd the maccanns either?
On that observasion being a author yourself, in what research did they find evidence the mccanns are innocent without any prior test in any of their unfounded claims, when the experts havent concluded this at all?
Further interesting i was trying to find a photo of madeleine with a plaster on her graise, as kate stated?
Carnt find one to confirm that lie if the photo was the last one, photos dont lie, a photo never been shown to back up kates claim, odd what kate dosent want the public to see when lying to the public, its often the little things that catch people out?
And some times things are not what they seem.

Anonymous said...

Just read that the McCanns are suing another newspaper for libel.
They are made of teflon - nothing sticks - so why are they bothering?
haven't read the book by Summers and swan but always felt it was going to be "poor McCanns" eulogy and I dont buy into that sort of guff.

AnneGuedes said...

I also thought that BK could be behind that certificate of innocence. By insisting on this topic people will start wonder whether the are finally as innocent as S&S hammer it. In fact it could be Mr BK who needs a certificate of sanity. Making a fool of oneself never was good for business.

Anonymous said...


I agree with what you say regarding the objectives and timing of the book ...the question has it achieved its goal.

This is where I differ, for me it is a resounding no!

why do I think that you may ask, well because the audiences of this case vary, so when we generalise the masses we must remember that amongst them are differing levels of knowledge of the case.

The proportion of the masses that have not looked closer into this case - still view it negatively because of the neglect aspect - the book does nothing to right that fundamental wrong.
Most of that proportion of the masses realise that they would have not been treated the way the Mccanns have been.

The proportion of the masses who have looked closer at the case, realise its just more of the same cover up action plan, to hide something much more sinister at the root of the case.

It goes without saying that this case is BIG, HUGE in breaking something else that binds them....the players involved span the pillars of society in the UK.

The support is not natural full stop.

I agree the court case will be yet another travesty of justice and giving them a legal route to claim all their legal expenditure back....just to add insult to imjury to Goncalo Amaral.

We the people/cattle/sheep/flock/masses/Great unwashed can let out a few expletives - shout from the treetops the injustice of it all then carry on as normal....Oh well we will mutter, cant put the world to right, you win some lose some.

Bollox.....there is an innocent child and this case is solvable - the Governments have made this political they have the means to expose the truth, they have consciously decided to deceive - it like water off a ducks back to them.

The satanic forces behind such downright deceitful corruption - will continue to laugh in the face of such impotence from us the People....democracy ....Bollox.

Lets all just remember at the root of this case, was a innocent 3y/o CHILD named Madeleine Beth McCann.

The fight will never end to expose the truth and neither should it.

no surrender.


Anonymous said...

@ PAT, I carnt help thinking the police have been manipulated by very misleading red herrings, its still as weird as it started, its also obvious these red herrings havent come from any stranger, but have been put out by propaganda by pr and spin.
I can see how dangerous this is, when thinking about what amaral said about pc thinking going too far from suspect evidence, and allowing a band of corrupt people the mccanns enlist to cause chaos over that evidence as deeply concerning to derail them from thinking about the evidence, without being threatend by carter ruck?
More odd, one carnt defame them either, since they have no proof of abduction, the police have no evidence to convict any stranger without identity to who the intruder is gerry didnt find?
One cannot convict anyone for being out side the apartment, without that including them closest to them children and apparently out side also?
This isnt about hate at all, yet the mccanns do discriminate over evidence they havent produced for a safe conviction, just stories about a fictional person looking after their daughter?
Delusional tripe if you think about the way they hope to pin it on a dead man?
So the police havent noticed the mccanns have stated the abductor is still at large?
So in reality does that mean the dead susect is innocent, and the smith sighting has been contradicted if a intruder is at large?
How would gerry know the intruder is alive, if the smith sighting wasnt him?
Both gerry and kate seem to know alot about intruders than the strangers being accused?

Anonymous said...

I think it is time for people to face reality - we are all getting caught up in the movie.

We need to elevate ourselves from the confusion.

Look it is clear to anybody with any sprinkling of consciousness that the case is not right - it is blatant.

while we discuss "aspects" the bigger picture becomes nulled.

It is clear to anybody these simple facts.

1. The story been told does not fit the evidences found.

2. The media has gone out of its way to lie and manipulate the public.

3. The support the Mccanns have received is strange and most definitely not afforded to other people.

From these simple yet stark points should some huge questions ensue...a crucial one been.


you crack the Why you crack the case ... its that simple folks.

oh and should you do that - you will open the gates to something most people do not have the capacity at this point in time to even imagine....what binds these people.

Think of me as you wish, I don't mean to talk in riddles but let me say this.

slow down your world ..right down.. and look closely at people.

not all you see is what it seems at first sight.

I will leave it there.


guerra said...

It seems to me that those who are aware of the evidence that points to this not being an abduction have duped themselves into believing that they represent the majority. We are a small minority, the greater majority believes the McCanns were exonerated and that the Portuguese police bungled the investigation. Mr. Summers' book was not written to convince the minority but to reinforce the belief of the majority, who likely won't even purchase the book but will be informed of its contents by the media.

I'm also surprised that certain people have let their emotions get the better of them and as a result have resorted to contorted logic to convince themselves and others that Scotland yard is conducting a proper investigation that will result in criminal charges being laid.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that we continue to run around in circles - playing forcast the next move to be made, so we can all discuss the blatancy of the cover up.

The case has become about prediction for many of the observers, you know what I mean when you watch a movie and are all one step ahead of the plot - figuring out the twists and turns before they happen, brainstorming all the different angles to cover options available.....trying to spoil the end of the movie and annoying the hell out your friends....okay maybe that's just me.

But yet none of this gets deep enough into the real questions behind it all.


What connects, and facilitates for the full might of the Government and its quango Institutions giving unprecedented support to the family and to the extent where they have broken laws, ruined lives, deceived and acted criminally over the death of a CHILD an innocent 3y/o child.

These are the questions needing focus.

What ties these peoples...I have said before that there is a society within a society and that is the most neutral way I can put my point across.

Many people have spoken of masonic connections in this case, myself been is much more obvious if people look closely and trust their senses to find what binds such organisations.

Most people are full of fear to even go near areas that can be regarded as conspiracy crackpots.
The associated stigma with such subjects keep them hidden and no go areas for the weak.

Esotericism is at the foot of this case and I don't think people are ready for what I think connects them.

Caduceus seems appropriate choice of profession.

Sometimes, I find the present as well as the future.. become clearer when you understand the past.

slowing down your observations can help to see what you subliminally miss initially in people, sometimes answers can be right in front of your eyes....

There is none so blind as those who refuse to see.

just you ask Ziusudra if you don't believe me.



guerra said...

I don't personally know Mr. Redwood; I don't personally know Mr. Cameron; I don't personally know the UK journalists who have written about the case; I don't live in the UK and of course I'm not privy to private conversations among these people; therefore I find it pointless in delving into why these people have behaved the way they have with regard to this case. Engaging in such never ending speculation, coming up with all sorts of theories, which I have no means of proving will only cause others to doubt my sanity. What I have done is made observations, i.e. the majority of people believe what they are told by the mainstream media and the actions of Scotland Yard are unorthodox to say the least.

Anonymous said...

@ Its abit like area 51, and the alien shy factor, and some very strange abduction stories, with this one, it would appear to be a multiple task to acheive the same shy factor, this time being human, and leaving no forensic evidence, with no scientific explanation?
Since there isnt a identical case, surrounding checks ect!
The portugal police have something very odd that hasnt happend before, also note the diferences in the mo of them being accused, dont exactly fit this case at all, plus its suspect to find too many contradictions in a group of people?
So then comes the heading odd, diferent from all other genuine cases, and the dilemma about a profile to find a suspect to fit this strange story that defies logic, and any human behavior, hence the many theories, around the most perculiar parents at the center of this illogical story?
Now when people are accused of being nutters?
One does ask which nutters put out this story in the first place, and thats where it ends or begins!
If one sticks with the file evidence, the story isnt what the media put out, only when things get carter rucked does it start to become distorted, which has never happend in any other case like this, so one asks why did the mccanns do this, instead of going to court to prove their innocense, and to stop the speculation about their involvement?
This case is arse backwards because of interference, and the soft touch approach to get to the truth, and experts doubted the parents odd contradictions?
Since the mccanns used the media for their odd fund to pay for even more odd people to take out law suits against people that find flaws in their stories, then normaly its time for a reconstruction to look at these flaws, and contradictions instead of manipulating the information they put out via pr and other odd people that have no buisness in changing the evidence for their own ends and status other than money and fame, ,it becomes obvious this isnt about justice, its having a stake in what makes money for a fraudulant fund to scam the public that feeds their suppressive law suits over their contradictions?
Im sure if any other suspect had behaved like this in portugal, the hypercritical backers here would show their true colors?

Anonymous said...

@ The most valid issues to put to kate, is why would anyone have to write a book about her daughter, when it wouldnt of cost a penny to explain all this to the police in the questions asked?
How can kate justify this deceit, where it was offerd previously without any contempt to give information at critical levels of a investigation.
Kate then goes on to state she felt like a criminal?
This must have been before she became a suspect then, because she never answerd any questions to varify any innocent information to eliminate herself from being suspect.
Since then kates behavior became a focus towards that contempt she has used, and why people dont buy anything she says, because she shows the same contempt towards public opinions about avoidence, its not normal to write a book that deceived the police from information that was vital in finding her daughter very quick?
Its called obstruction of justice, and since become a ironic tale kate uses to pass the buck in blame, pity summers and swan carnt see the contradiction in that logic?

Anonymous said...

I am of the opinion that Kate and Gerry are following instructions.

The cover up action plan is been orchestrated for them and they have a "official line" to stick to.
This was alluded to when he lost his temper in an interview and was prompted by Justine McGuiness with kate adding okay he's hot ..let him cool down.

As I have said if the bigger question of ...why?.. is not cracked ...then the case will not be ...full stop.

I believe these people involved in the cover up and throughout the positions of power within the establishment have a connection that goes beyond what most people are ready to accept.

Sometimes in life you have to stand up and be counted when what you speak you know to be true.

sanity is best served in a Just world ordered with Truth and Justice.
Without you are already on the road to insanity.


Anonymous said...

Pat, why can't you sue them for libel? You should! Give the Mccann team a taste of their own medicine.

AnneGuedes said...

Let's be a bit cynical for a change! Does it really matter that the MCs are blamed for something we can't be 100% sure they did ? I watched the CW reconsficction and observed that KMC was about to cry when she whooshed the air : though this was the nth version of the episode, she believes it.
I find S&S much more despicable, they don't have the reality denial excuse of a mother who (likely) unintentionnally caused the death of her child. I bet they were paid by BK, worried about his reputation. Guerra is right, their target wasn't to "convince the minority but to reinforce the belief of the majority", though I think that the majority doesn't give a dam for the MC case, mainly because nobody thinks that the child is yet alive.
She was sweet, but all children are, some suffer horribly and lastingly in their flesh and mind like the Palestinian children. Madeleine at least didn't.

Anonymous said...


If the "majority" don't give a damn and think Madeleine is dead.

why does that equate to the Majority believe the abduction story ....heavily expressing alive.

Anyway who cares....Justice is based on truth ...not a vote.

Justice has/is not been done - you know it, I know it, most who have taken any interest know it.

The Palestinian children are been murdered while the sane world watches.. and are just as powerless has this case to do anything....everyone just keep kissing the backsides of Israel.
Another topic that clams people up in the free world of free speech.
But the sane just keep on killing don't would be insane to question such acts though ..I don't know any of them ...its just my observation but it certainly seems unorthodox.

The whole Madeleine case saga has been insane and that's a FACT.

Goncalo Amaral did a good job and has been treated in a way that he will never fully recover from - most people it would have tipped over the edge...the man has a family who has had to watch the vendetta played out with the support of celebrities, prime ministers, pope ... you have witnessed it all.

The man should walk tall and proud for standing up for principles that create a world worth living in.

To crack case need to crack the why.

That's the truth and everyone knows it - but its political isn't it?
The case is not about justice is it, never has been has it.

Goncalo thought it was ...thought that was his job to investigate truth....but no politics rule don't they, we all know that's the truth, anyone gets in the way of the political agenda become collateral damage or worse.

The whole case stinks

an English man.

Anonymous said...

@ There is nothing romantic about neglect, even more of a nightmare, their allowed to do more damage to anyone who might question this behavior?
Some people have started to question this abuse, personaly i carnt understand the obssesion the mccanns have with amarals book?
No matter how summer and swan dress up the mccann mess, it becomes more undefendable, and offensive towards them who have found hundreds of errors being ignored?
Summer and swan know they carnt be objective because of being carter rucked, and not able to think about file evidence?
Are we to beleive this book wasnt to aid their crumbling court case?
Strange the mccanns havent convinced everyone with kates own book, and paralle agression and arrogance within its contents summer and swan arrogantly dont touch upon in its own threats towards them kate hates!
It starts to look like a appeasers book towards neglect, which one would question the authors morality about who is to blame?
Even more odd, there isnt no mental tests to offer along side of this defence?
It seems kate had no depression to aid any damage?
More so normaly a reason for social workers to be involved, yet they couldnt find any evidence of this, which is missing in her abduction story.
I do agree with amaral how kate had so much confidence, if a stranger had taken her daughter?
If kate was feeling suicidle, then why was the children not removed for their safety?
This shows a calulated lie to emotionaly black mail anyone from thinking about the evidence of being involved?
Totaly fake when one considers how she has manipulated the press, and not forgetting she is the main ring leader putting out horror stories about her daughter, and people she dosent even know are accused without any evidence, just like the dream in her sick mind, had this come from anyone else, they would of been sectioned, for being a pathalogical liar, and most people can see how fake she has become, this alone proves it, she never sufferd a suspension in her job, she left without a explanation?
She has never been in prison, or her children taken from her?
There is no evidence of damage in connection with amarals book at all, plus he was not allowed to continue with any investigation, so the case against him is very weak since his book wasnt permitted to be published in the uk, and this isolated many readers learning anything about the case and the process of any investigation?
More damaging the chaos was devised by the mccanns obstructing anything to do with their daughters investigation, and now appear to be no longer open about evidence they cherry pick that dosent fit at all.

trustmeigetit said...

It really is true…. most people pay little attention. They will read an article here and there or half listen to the news. A blog with kitty photos gets more hits and comments than real issues and real injustice.
It’s sad really.
Society as a whole no longer cares.
People in general lack real true common sense.
Our word is not heading for a better place. We are not smarter. We don’t pay more attention. People now days spend more time staring at the random photos on social media than really investing in life or getting to know the facts.
Some causes get attention. But often it’s not the causes that really matter or in some cases should not matter at all.
Take gay marriage… I have seen photos of protests against this. Millions of people world wide who will make an effort to go outside and march in the streets. Not even touching on the fact that this includes blacks and women who once had no rights (you would think they would more likely to stand for gay rights than against) but to go out of your way because 2 people wish to be married.
But real issues…. No one cares.
We have churches hiding child abuse. Do you see anyone marching in the streets about this. NOPE.
We have celebrities abusing children, yet people defend them.
And like with the Mccanns, people jump on that 2 minute headline and think they have some idea what is going on. And just like Pat said, they don’t take the time to research. They just jump on to what they think is the truth.
Simple because they just don’t really care. The majority that is.

I also agree with Guerra on her point that the “majority of people believe what they are told by the mainstream media”.
It’s true.
At the end of the day, one thing that I absolutely believe aside from their guilt in Madeliene’s death is that some people will always be able to “get away with murder” while in many other cases innocent are found guilty.
Someday I hope the world smartens up and it becomes the majority that seek the truth. But sadly I fear that may never happen.
Until then, its blogs like statement analysis and people like Pat Brown that I can find some comfort that not everyone is so hopeless.

trustmeigetit said...

So these authors have been getting some criticism….. One quote I read that they made in regards to this was very interesting….
AUTHORS “We were open - and still are - to anywhere the evidence might lead us.”
What really stands out about this is that there is evidence that does lead to Madeline dying in that room…... The cadaver dog.
The dog hit on the scent of a dead human.
I would like to know what their thoughts are. There are ONLY 3 options here that would allow that to NOT be Madeline’s dead cadaver.

1. The hotel AND the rental car company LIED that there was a death in the room AND the vehicle.
2. We have a murder in both the hotel room AND the car. Because a person does not simply pass away in a small closet and the truck of a car AND the simple fact that it was not reported would suggest foul play
3. Or the dog was wrong. Which, no… they were not wrong.

So I would like to know what they think about that.
Do they think 2 separate companies LIED for no reason. That there just happened to be a murder in 2 random unrelated vacation spots….. Or the dogs were wrong?
I do recall that Gerry tried to discredit the dogs…. But here is a fact… Just because the body is not found does not mean it was not there at some point.
So, I would like to know which of those these “authors” thinks was the case in the evidence of the cadaver dog.
Otherwise they are ignoring one of the most crucial FACTS.

Anonymous said...

@ Here is something that has always been missing about this group, note only the times of checks were ever present?
According to their statements only gerry used a toilet?
Are we to beleive kate never went to the toilet in everything she has said, and it might of slipped her mind nobody else used a toilet either in this odd story, that time line is missing, which could exspose less oppurtunity for any abduction, a unpredictable error in their statements?

trustmeigetit said...

So I am still reading their response to the criticism. 2 pieces I just took out that are pretty clear their motive.
They start by saying they only notified the Mccanns and the MET.
First off, you know dam well the Mccans will sue you if you if there is any hint you think they are involved.
SECOND….. The MET has no true authority since this crime occurred in another county. I still don’t understand why they keep taking over.
So below are their statements.
“The authors are adamant they have not been influenced at any stage or in any way by the McCann family or anyone close to the investigation. “As you will see in the Notes section of Looking for Madeleine, we felt at the outset that it was only right to advise Madeleine’s parents and London’s Metropolitan police that we planned to investigate with a view to a book.

“We had a single meeting with the McCanns and one with the Met – both of them early in our research. The parents, and then the police, made only one request of us – a fair one given the parents’ hope and the Met’s working thesis that Madeleine may still be alive – that we do nothing that might hinder or interfere with the ongoing investigation. We have been careful to abide by that request.”

I they just proved that this book was not written as an investigation the case without prejudice….but they wrote this book based on a “theory that she is still alive”.

Anonymous said...

Heres is some real life experience, I have spoken to many people in shops as well as friends and I can hand on heart say - that everyone regarding of their knowledge ..think the McCann's have something to do with it.

I have phoned local MPs, councillors and it is clear they are to have nothing to do with the case - they are been controlled.

I have spoken to policeman in the street and they know its bs.

As for people not caring - you are wrong - there is a huge difference between caring and been disenfranchised because nobody in the establishment listens.

The people have been let down by the establishment in all areas of life - to keep blaming the people is WRONG and telling them to smarten up is insulting.

Society is shaped by its governance children are by their parents.

If you create a society so lopsided and corrupt as we have in the uk - then the people become a product of it.

crack the why - crack the case.

Politics and nothing more is preventing justice for a Innocent child.

Well done the UK ..Well done Portugal.
Hope you feel proud.


trustmeigetit said...

Go read comments on a lot of blog sites about them.

Lots of people think they are innocent.

Eyes for lies blog for one. Any articles that allow comments will have supports by the hundreds.

I stand by my comments.

Anonymous said...

@ When the prosecutor said there wasnt enough evidence to bring the mccanns to court?
Was this based on the questions kate wouldnt answer during her police interview?
Normaly the uk police associate no comment with hiding some thing?
So do the public, its very odd to find this contempt in a mother that wouldnt help to find her own daughter, and what exactly made her distant before that interview took place?
I think kate knew her daughter wasnt alive, otherwise she would of been able to give the police a explanation over any real memory of events that night?
Kate has relied on statements made by others and hidden herself behind pr?
It seems unlikely a innocent woman would write a book to attack them she failed to give information to?
Since these contacts the mccanns used, who obviously didnt question kate over her avoidence towards the police, why have they defended that neglect kate was warned about?
Not once has this been mentioned in the summers book?
It does show they are trying to leap over some very big holes in their bs.

Anonymous said...


It is your opinion not mine and many others.

Look at the response to the summers and swan book.
People are fed up of the BS regarding this case - and the sales and comments reflect that.

I will accept that not everyone has looked closely at this case and are not so wise to the blatant lies been told in the press etc.

Its hard for people to be smart when they are lied to from every institution supporting this case.

What would smarten people up would be a government that cares for its people and invests in them instead of treating them as commodities.
You get out what you put in.

That been said ..the majority know this case is skewed - I have not met one person who has said they are innocent.....the ones who don't know what to think say the case is weird.

You only have to read at the uk justice forum to see they have trolls out in force - been vindictive, nasty and trying there upmost to confuse.

Some are the same people in my opinion with multiple id's - its hilarious they have full blown conversations with themselves lol.


Fortunately their are some incredibly clever people there who are easily making them crawl back under the stones they slither from.

The case has been fantastic for highlighting the connections to Government and the propaganda stooges they roll out for crisis management.

However it does not change the fact that it is politics stopping the case been solved.

I stick by my comments.


Anonymous said...

have not read the book and don;t intend to. The authors seem to be adamant in their hypothesis that the parents are innocent of any involvement which defies logic and reason. Any real and in depth look at this case will not and has not been done by someone writing a book intended to propogate the "parents are innocent" tag. A real investigation would have nvolved questioning of the parents and would have included them answering the questions the PJ put to them.
They refused to answer questions and are well aware - as they were then - that their refusal to answer could hinder the search for their daughter.
More garbage in support of people whose professional qualifications mean they are not subject to the usual criteria of knowledge as aplied to "the man on the Clapham omnibus".
A child disappeared and not a single trace of her has been found. NOT A SINGLE TRACE. What are the chances of that?

Anonymous said...

@ From the out set, the mccanns were dictating to who can comment, and who carnt?
I do find it shocking, their appeasers have lots of money, and include untouchable powerful contacts?
What happens it starts to look like their suing themselves for misleading information they put out?
More interesting how can one bring any court case against a detective, in its own contradictive state?
And why did the mccanns suggest a abductor could of drugged the children if amaral was wrong about that idea?
Had the police been given better evidence to a real identity of a intruder, why then did the mccanns blame the police, when they had nothing to go on, just a woosh of curtains without ever being seen going in or comming out?
Logical sense shows this cannot be possible, and to add insult to injury, the police have been chasing lucy in the sky with diamonds for over seven years?
Mean while back at the company of cloak and dagger and shady goings on in the huge amount of money to fight off anyone with powerful freinds, this abuse of power has become illogical, towards evidence of serious neglect?
Its strange to find a abduction between checks, where it is evident there is no evidence of any intruder, apart from them doing the checks?
More perculiar there isnt no witness to state she wonderd off either, so if everything is a red herring, the abduction would of taken too long to set up these evasive traps the mccanns allege?
In reality the eyes fall back onto the group and the mccanns themselves on that error and their time lines start to faulter much further in all these red herrings along with their alibis?

Anonymous said...

You will all be glad to know this is my last comment for a while.

The truth is that the establishments have gone to far to right the wrongs and that means that Justice will not be done.

The case could have been solved in days, yes days ...I honestly believe, that the requested but DENIED phone records and satellite imagery, would have given undisputable evidence and forced the truth from all parties involved.. and that is many more than people can imagine... thus adding to the cover up necessity.

We are all caught up in the many different aspects to this case, that we lose ourselves from the simple truths, before getting drowned in all the peculiarities of the whole sorry saga.

It is so blatantly obvious to me that the whole case is a cover up and the truth is known, but is been held back deliberately - to protect other people who are involved, not just the family and tapas, infact some of the "others" are even better connected to Government than the family.

It is without a shadow of a doubt Political, but aye we all know that anyway don't we ?

This case is huge in what it would reveal, without doubt the case is much more than the poor child's death - there is something not right about the extent of the support and the immediate government intervention at the highest levels.

You all know the word Conspiracy exists for a reason right ?

You all know that Conspiracies have happened throughout history right ?

Does everybody think they no longer exist become extinct ? they have become extinct such as the dragons or dinosaurs.

anyway I digress..

Did it ever get confirmed that Madeleine had a coloboma of the eye ?

That was significant early on and used on all the posters to help market the search for her wasn't it ?
It most definitely would be something classed as a significant feature for helping with any identification.

Has anyone seen the medical records ?

I don't think she had one, I think that poster was highlighting something else.

I mean come on that would be one of the things requested immediately wouldn't it Madeleine's medical records and really easy to provide.
I mean the UK government who so quickly jumped to Portugal's aid would have had those at the ready for them wouldn't they ?...they would be regarded as fundamental to any investigation for a missing child surely!


before I get labelled insane - take a walk back through memory lane looking at all the "aspects" of this case and you tell me if any of it is sane ?

I have no doubt masonry is involved and its integral - I have learned in my research that symbolic forms are a way the enlightened can share information and ultimately talk to one another while the world at large are not conscious to such messages.
A hidden language you could say creating a society within a society over religion but more esoterical in its make up.

I say this because I know that the case will not be cracked with such forces at work - unless people start to open their minds and start to talk about these taboo subjects, there real and have existed for a long time and yes they influence your every day life more so than ever....whether you are aware or not.

I am not afraid of what any of you may think, call me nuts whatever you want.
I mean this from the bottom of my heart ....we all need to wake up.

Finding the connection of these organisations is key ...they are not held together by membership cards but something much more in their biology I feel.. if that's the right word... like a family who stayed connected over generations.

Ey@s can be the windows to the soul.

If anybody has found it within themselves to lend me their ear - then look closer at people - try to slow down your time and focus on all things you see ... trust your senses.

I have said enough.


Anonymous said...


It's politics.

I agree but what are the politcs of this ' investigation?'

What politics stands above the potential death of a child?

Madeleine in my opinion became incidental after Mr Amara was taken off the case,

The bookwriters say they want to follow the evidence where it leads them.

The original PJ investigations first path was to a man who was accused on the basis of no evidence at all apart from allegedly being there that night based on witness testimony from the other path which the PJ focussed on namely the so called Tapas 9.

Until Sept 07 this was the path where the evidence led. There were no other paths.

Since the AG's shelving it has been dusted down and given another airing ( based on what evidence - I don't know ) and SY have been creating new paths of their own supposedly based on mobile phone pings.

The politics is tied in with this revival of the case as there was and still isn't any evidential or added credible evidence which has arisen since the original archiving.

That may be where an answer lies insofar as in my opinion there is/was no credible reason for taking the case of the shelf.

The question the Portuguese Officials need to answer ( not to us but the Portuguese people ) is why they are going along with SY's search for suspects rather than conduct an actual search for Madeleine?

This is what the case was all about wasn't it?

The evidence to follow for our learned scholars has always been in front of their eyes.

I'm not saying that - the AG and the PJ have been saying it prior to shelving and offered the McCanns a chance to keep the case open in order to enhance the further collection of evidence in an effort to get to the bottom of what happened.

The offer was declined.

We don't know what the offer from SY is or will be.

My personal view is that there won't be one and the case will end up back on the shelf due to lack of additional evidence.

Nothing has been added to the case. A big fat zero and no books will change that.

Anonymous said... bewk

trustmeigetit said...

To the anon that said

"And why did the mccanns suggest a abductor could of drugged the children if amaral was wrong about that idea?"

I so think that was really important.

Kate herself admitted in her book that it was off the twins didn't wake (so I have heard - I didn't read her book of explanations to their sketchy behavior) but it's clear that she mentioned that INCASE it was ever somehow proven.

But what's more glaring is why they didn't freak out when they didn't wake. If one child was kidnapped and the remaining kids didn't wake up as a parent, you would have freaked. Period.

Not to mention the fact they they were old enough to have maybe said a word or two to help the case.

The fact they were not trying to force them awake and then didn't panic and have them rushed to a hospital (again, if u think someone drugged your kids u would seek medical care) tells us so much.

That theory is not a theory but fact.

Those twins were drugged.

A kidnapper did not drug 3 kids. They would have woke and been screaming and well... I really think it's clear what happened.

Anonymous said...

@ There is another possible link with the childs toy, there could of been vapour evidence from madeleine, or slobber, evidence to recognise a drug?
Considering she couldnt wake the twins, why then would a doctor not preserve such evidence before kate was made suspect?
This action of cleaning away any evidence, does not relate to any stranger drugging that child at all, because no mother would want to wash away a memory of a child that is supposed to be alive?

Anonymous said...

@ This shows a major flaw in redwoods thinking, if chloroform was used and leaves no traces, why then did he not ask kate why she would wash a toy, if no traces would be present on that toy?
Why also did mrs fenn not hear anything had the child been woken up to alert anyone?
Also if the doors were left unlocked as the mccanns state, how come madeleine couldnt find a unlocked door to escape, or climb out of a opend window to shout?
Now if the mccanns know nothing about what happend to their daughter, how are they able to dismiss so much if it wasnt them?

Anonymous said...

@ Another strange area, why would anyone delete phone calls about their missing child, how perculiar such evidence about madeleine is deleted from their phones after she went missing, these calls should have been submitted to collaberate any theory about a abduction, it seems the mccanns couldnt secure anything for that theory?
Yet again pat has been correct about gerrys phone, and this is strong in the selection to mislead a open investigation in any involvment, to their childs alleged abduction?

Anonymous said...

@anonymous at 7.30.

Chloroform is notoriously unstable in use - which might explain an accidental overdose... however it is also difficult to transport by air.... and had it been obtained in Portugal someone would have said something.

Anonymous said...

@ There is some hair samples not yet examined, it is confirmed it is madeleines blood in the boot of the hire car, because kate mentioned a nose bleed and a graise, and some kind of transference?
Its perculiar how dried blood from a seperate incident got into the boot area?
What is more odd if liquid leaked from a bin in the boot and nappies were put in, was the boot area big enough for a dustbin?
We dont know the capacity of rubbish that was in that boot that was taken to a tip?
Its not beyond possible the extra miles could of been looking for a burial site than a tip?
This is only a theory based on information found by the dogs?
The mccanns state this isnt possible because of the media coverage at the time?
So one has to look at a time, there was no media coverage before the police became involved, and that is exactly in the time line of amarals thoughts about this case?
What they couldnt convince the police about, was a abduction theory where they were suspected of being involved.
What isnt clear is the route the car took, but gerry could of been sighted carrying his daughter before the media became involved, leaving a body hidden in a location pat has suggested, and giving the transport of rubbisih another diversion to confuse the police away from the smith sighting of it being no abductor, but of some one concealing and removing a body?
This does fit amarals ideas, and pats being correct, so the question remaining all red herrings were perputated by them doing the checks, because no evidence supports a abduction theory at all, because they are correct she wasnt transported by car, if gerry is the smith man?
They drive to the location where the body is hidden, and the transference would come from a burial to move the body from its location where there isnt no media?
One defining fact that is dificult to get around, kates behavior has more than hinted at a death, how does she explain this dilemma about blood comming from a injury, and what she said about her dream then a death after the ijurys in her alleged dream?
What are the possibilities of both being found in their apartment before the dogs are supposed to of lied?
Its called predicting what the dogs would find?

Anonymous said...

I too don't believe the news in the mainstream media and feel we need to sit back more and think about things. I've read the pj files and loads of info over the years regarding this case. I've come to the conclusion there's no concrete evidence either way ,abduction is possible ? What I can't get past is if my daughter had been abducted I too would contacted every media outlet possible,shouted it from the rooftops,used every contact to my advantage for help.The mccanns have continued to be in the media keeping madeleines case ongoing etc.. I don't think this is the actions of guilty people.

AnneGuedes said...

"The mccanns have continued to be in the media keeping madeleines case ongoing etc.. I don't think this is the actions of guilty people."

This is the argument of many, many people (who know the case through the MSM).
You're right, this continuous self promotion for the sake of Madeleine isn't at all what guilty people would do.
There you are.. that's precisely and cleverly why they do it !

Anonymous said...

@ Look at the people that would be crushed by a inevitable confession, all that money, and big name backers, on top of that kate isnt going to be out done by internet nutters, its a pity they couldnt come up with a real intruder that sounds like the truth, but some people will be pulled in by the great show.

Anonymous said...

@ The story has never made any sense since it started, i still want to know how any intruder knew the place was unlocked if the maccanns didnt use the front door?
Previously the place was in lock down, according to the maccanns?
It seems very unlikely the clumsy mos of suspects that have been identified in other alleged incidents wouldnt normaly attempt this at all?
The children in them incidents were assaulted, but not abducted or killed.
Reason being, the abuse isnt attached to them being parents?
Normaly such exaul deviants dont care about the damage they do, not enough to kill the child after?
For some odd reason there is a glaring fact in this perculiar story why a stranger would stop at the twins if they didnt know them?
Even if a sexaul deviant drugged them children, how then would he know how important madeleines toy was before her birthday, only the parents would know this for it to remain, a odd peice of evidence to remain considering the pink blanket wasnt taken to work with kate, our intruder has inside information not known to him to leave such evidence in a fabricated story unknown to him?
It gets better, he came back for the blanket and sports bag to help kate remove any evidence of a intruder?
He even gave kate a helping hand in the red herrings to make sure he gets convicted of a crime that only existed in a dream, does kate realise how stupid this is?
He must of known her well to devise all of this bs.

trustmeigetit said...

I’m a little confused by this latest Mccan lawsuit. Is it not true that they hit the sketches of Gerry or I mean… “Efits” of a stranger….

Kate and Gerry McCann Suing Sunday Times over 'Madeleine Clue' DefamationBy Dominic Gover

September 19, 2014

Kate and Gerry McCann are suing the Sunday Times for defamation over print claimsThe parents of missing Madeleine McCann are suing the Sunday Times newspaper for libel over claims printed in 2013.

Kate and Gerry McCann began legal proceedings against the Rupert Murdoch-owned title after it claimed they had kept secret from police "a crucial piece of evidence" in the investigation.

That alleged evidence was an e-fit of a potential suspect which was created by a former British spy for the McCanns' own probe in to their daughter's disappearance.

Also cited by the McCanns in their complaint were comments posted by readers below the online version of the article, which was pulled down by News UK just under two weeks after publication.

But it caused the couple "severe embarrassment and distress," they claimed in court documents..

Alleging the Sunday Times' article damaged their reputation, the McCann's said that the story implied they had allowed "the trail to go cold," reported Press Gazette.

The Sunday Times later apologised for the article, which had carried the headline "Madeleine clues hidden for 5 years" and "Investigators had E-Fits five years ago."

The McCanns are seeking unspecified damages.

Anonymous said...

@ Its further evident this spy is a fraudster that worked on such evidence for the mccanns, along with other corrupt members that were taking money through deceptions via their fund, stealing money from well whishers who donated in the search, this did hamper the search via that fraud, yet the mccanns defend them fraudsters, who had no experience in abductions?
You couldnt make this up, if one compares this with them with better experience the mccanns ignore, or try to discredit.
Im sure if amaral was bent enough, he could have made a fortune in following their crap stories?
Strange world when hes accused of being a liar by the mccann contradictions that didnt follow police evidence?

Anonymous said...

@ Bursting another bubble in their theory, what doors were left open when kate went back to the bar, and if these people were watching their apartment how come they never returned to remove the blanket and toy that might incriminate them when she left, knowing the twins couldnt be woken up?
Does kate not look at a oppurtunity she handed to them, more odd she didnt lock the place up with a key knowing the doors were not damaged and no reports about the patio door shutter being damaged either, if anyone beleived a shutter was damaged, they would not leave a place in a state of risk until the police arrived, and why did kate not call out a repair man in a emergency to secure the apartment to varify any damage?
Ask anyone thats been burgled normaly have to have that confifrmed prior to any claim, before the police can file a report of any crime?
So why didnt kate use her mobile phone that wasnt stolen to ring for that inspection to bolster any credibility and proof, with such information is missing, there is good reason to doubt such claims to be of any stranger, also note kate did not call any rep from the holiday company to secure the apartment to come and inspect the window!
There is only one explanation left why kate left a unsecured apartment, because the abduction story is fake, and there is no evidence anyone was watching that apartment for kate to leave, he dosent exist in any reality this is why kate couldnt create a genuine story in all her flaws to any reality?
If she didnt create this story, how did she know so much without proof?

Anonymous said...

@ About the fund, gerry has never sued the spy over stealing funds from his daughters search?
Considering both parents are head of this limited company, they are also complicit in any fraud they defend?
A conman who played a major role in abusing funds for a lavish life style is scum, it has often made me think how nasty the mccanns must be to let this shit even breath in what he did, so the damage this did, has been over looked, while donations continue?
So why do people continue to be fleeced in donations by criminals the mccanns hire?
Pat offerd her services for free to the mccanns, and reading everything this decent woman has wrote in fairness, its perculiar to find contempt in any discrediting purpose by them running a company?
How then can they judge anyone that writes articles about corruption linked to the mccanns company, and hopeless idiots they hired?
This dosent discredit what pat states when its blatantly true about facts?
To state otherwise is a distortion about wasted money within that company, by offering pat a tour of that set up in a free service, wouldnt the mccanns agree their search would be better advised with additional help?
This odd fund has never been open to them with better skills of finance to cut down the cost to the tax payer?
Since everybody knows what madeleine looks like, and there is enough photos on their site, why then should anyone donate to something that is now over publicised?
It starts to smack of greed and those they owe money to, than it being spent on any search at all?
More to the point, why would they need any money from amaral if their backers are already rich, and why are they asking for donations if that money is being spent on a search?
Some one is creaming those funds!

Anonymous said...

@ There is one brutal question about the mystery bogey man, if he couldnt see the toy or blanket that fatal night, how then could he only see madeleine in the dark, and leave evidence he may of touched so close to this missing child, even if he had gloves on, a fiber from his clothing would of been evident or skin sample?
Why did kate not bag these items for forensic examination before her freinds came to the alleged scene, and why didnt our bogey man who has knowlege of forensics remove them items after kate left?
A rarther odd thing to find at any scene of such knowledge and who destroyed that evidence linking any suspect?
If the police do make a arrest, they should look at these contradictions that are alleged by any mccann supporter, its small clues that give away a obvious lie about anyone having forensic knowlege, we have learned a great deal about kates own knowlege on the subject to pause for a long time over what dosent add up about this bogey man in kates faultering dream.
Did she lose all her memory of the scene to that ludicrous idea?
The sheer insanity not to think about anything in what kate claims, is way beyond any logic or common sense, the woman has a bolt missing, because anything significent, no matter how small dosent appear in her ability to establish any evidence at all, like ive said, things are not what they seem if one misses the weak claims in any theory they put out?
Damage limitation is part of this bs, and kates stories do not hold up without pr?
You can make up your own minds about odd evidence, trying to fit a bigger lie.

Anonymous said...

Im back ..well who wouldn't be with this latest tactic to curtail people.

Well done Martin Brunt - your a brave en mate the Lady he stopped seemed lovely - unlike him lol ...does he not realise we the public see him as the wrong un.

I hope the people on facebook, twitter cancel their sky subscription - if the establishment and corporations insist on this vendetta against truth and continue to attack the public, yes the public is who they are lying too and now attacking...I feel that we should stand and be counted.

Cancel sky folks - the bbc needs clearing out too along with the politicians.

The case gets more scandalous by the day - now is the time to stand united ...Don't let them pick anyone off to throw their bile at - keep pushing for truth, they know they have lost.

I guess the police and governments need reminding their job is serve the public - not dictate lies to them so criminals escape justice.

what a bunch we have in the UK eh


Anonymous said...

A little off the topic but people please! "Could HAVE" or "must HAVE". Not "could OF" or "must OF". That does not make sense. Also their, there and they're. Use them correctly. A seemingly intelligent comment suddenly looks unitelligent when incorrect words are used. I'm not referring to typos but poor English. Back to the topic. The latest news is that so-called internet trolls may be traced and action taken against them by the police for doubting the Mccanns. Gets better and better

Anonymous said...


Lol ...doesn't it just lmao


Anonymous said...

The best part of the articles is "Trolls are attacking the Mccanns even though there is not a shred of evidence against them". So the cadavar dogs, witnesses and odd behaviour from the duo is not evidence? In that case, will the media please enlighten us!

Anonymous said...


exactly just more strategy to attack the truth seekers that highlight the lies of the case.

Its possibly one of the most corrupt cases in history - and in your face corruption too....its just all to surreal for words.

The sooner folk realise that the uk officialdom are 100% behind the McCann's the better.

After all they are integral ...the McCann's fall then they will too...its called a vested interest I believe.

There is no mystery to this case, the truth is known.
Its a cover up - that's the truth and they can send me to jail saying it.

the truth is the getting away with that.

Cover Up


Anonymous said...

I'm missing Pat's updates. Pat please come back. We feel better when you post new updates. The Daily Profiler is becoming The Monthly Profiler, lol.

Anonymous said...

@ Any evidence is only as good as the person looking at it, and i havent seen any high quality evidence about any abduction, normaly if a child is still alive and out grown her pjs, then such items have not been found, we also know the sports bag and pink blanket have also not been found, after madeleine went missing?
This does show this was not related to any abductor that has been alleged to watching the mccanns?
The toy, blanket, bag, remained to be photographed, any abductor with any forensic skills did not remove crime scene evidence after kate went back to the bar?
These items remained when they returned, no forensic test could be done on the blanket?
This item wasnt part of kates story, or the bag that couldnt be tested either?
What is important these items relate to gerry, madeleine and kate?
There was no other items listed as missing, apart from the child at the center of this strange picture?
Normaly a present is wrapped and clean, and found amongst other presents from freinds and family?
So why was the toy part of a abduction story if it was a gift?
Was it unwrapped, if this item is that personal to kate, and where are the presents that were not found wrapped?
It certainly does look like there was nothing to indicate a birthday the night before her fourth birthday?
Is it then possible the toy was on the bed as another red herring and not cleaned as a present to fit a lie about a abduction, not the truth about a birthday?
Is it then possible this item was wrapped for the abductor not to of seen this item, or for madeleine not to have taken it before her birthday?

Anonymous said...

Is it then possible this item was wrapped for the abductor not to HAVE seen this item, or for madeleine not to have taken it before her birthday?

Anonymous said...

If I am honest.... it is for the best, that this latest tactic to curtail people who are fighting for Truth and Justice for a Innocent child are pursued.

It is now we will see what people are made of ...we need to stand united and use any court proceedings against people to turn up in force and get the facts out of this case.

Like a stop the war coalition - do not let them tarr All who are on the side of truth.

Stand up be counted - I refuse to be oppressed by threats, lies and corruption whoever commits them, establishments or any other.

IM Spartacus.


Anonymous said...

BUT- You are not Cleopatra Pat! Precisely 'what' kind of bibliography and footnotes do you want people to include about YOU? You are a deluded American housewife, who SELF PUBLISHES HER OWN BOOKS!!!
You have no peer reviews, no actual work history as a criminal profiler, so I think these authors would be hard pressed to 'source' your material, because none of it is relevant to the facts, or even possible 'fiction' around this case. You are SO DELUDED and self obsessed that you think there 'could' be more about you to 'source'??? Like a true narcissist, you went straight to the part about YOU, and that's where your first comments to the public BEGAN- Sure Pat, you really care about Madeleine McCann... No wonder you have such a low-brow audience.