Thursday, August 31, 2017

Warren Buffett: the Don of White Collar Crime

Hullo, Dad!

I am not sure what wool multi-billionaire Warren Buffett has pulled over so many people's eyes that they cannot see what he really is - a criminal of the nth degree.

Why do so many folks think Buffet is nice guy? Is it that he lives in a modest house and not a mansion? That he looks dumpy? That he doesn't appear to live a fancy life? All of that is meaningless and I know because I am pretty much the same way; I don't CARE for certain things that my money COULD buy. I just don't and if I had a billion more dollars, I still would be unlikely to spend the money in any kind of ostentatious way. I don't like fancy hotels (I find them cold and sterile), I don't like partying (I find it boring), I don't want to live in a mansion (I feel like I am in a sterile decorator's museum, rattling around in too big a place). I like small, simple, colorful, etc. 

Oh, wait! Doesn't Buffett have a private jet, in fact, a fleet of them? You bet! Why? He claims it is a necessity in order to get around more efficiently.

In fact, if I were a rich bitch, I would own one of those, too! Why? Because flying commercial is hell and, if I had a boatload of money, I don't see why I shouldn't spend some of it making my life less hellish. 

So, Buffett and I have a lot in common in that we use money in the way that works for us with little interest in spending it just to impress folks or impress ourselves.

But, just because that is the way he likes to lives has nothing to do with who he REALLY is. And what he REALLY is looks to me to be a pretty evil person, a massive manipulator who gets his kicks out of making money (not spending it). And he sells his down-to-earth image...a humble, sweet guy who is "just like us" for a purpose; it is his cover and it seems many people are buying it. Sure, he is a philanthropist, he gives money to some great causes and to the needy, only he robs the poor to give to other poor, just like narco dons a la Pablo Escobar and "El Chapo" Joaquin Guzman. Sometimes people are so impressed by the good they do that they completely ignore that they are bad, bad people. Some would say the whole lot are psychopaths and I would have a hard time disagreeing with that, so if this is the label we can give such men (and women), we can be sure that any good they do has nothing to do with empathy but serves some purpose of their own; good publicity, ego, protection, etc. 

My friends, Warren Buffett is the head of a massive criminal empire; he makes his money from ripping off all of us in more ways than can be counted. He is a bankster, a supporter of a corporate system of thievery, and he could care less about the people he harms. In fact, he seems to have zero compassion for the pawns on his chessboard; they are all expendable in the thrill of winning the game. Check what Buffett just said about the Wells Fargo scandel. 

But Buffett has also made it clear that Berkshire Hathaway wouldn't abandon the bank. In a CNN interview last year, Buffett said that Wells Fargo's now-former CEO John Stumpf is a "very decent man" who "made a hell of a mistake" in not dealing with the scandal more  aggressively. Buffett went on to say that Wells Fargo is an "incredible institution" and that he wasn't planning on selling a single share of it.

Yeah, and now with news coming out that the thievery was even worse than previously reported, Buffett continues to simply say Wells Fargo has "misbehaved" and done some things that were "very wrong," but, hey, he was going to stick with them because......::drum roll::......In spite of (or because) they have robbed their customers blind, they are still making me a shitload of money!" Okay, he didn't say that last bit, but I will guess that this is exactly what he thought because everything he says indicates that he is all about his own profits and not a bit about ethics and decency.

He actually has the gall to claim that he isn't actually running the bank himself, so I guess that is supposed to mean he isn't one of the "cockroaches" he says did those bad things and he is the hapless homeowner who was invaded by vermin. I say that no boss has that level of vermin unless he keeps a very dirty house and does not care to clean it.

Personally, I think he is the granddaddy of all cockroaches and while Buffett is claiming he is interested in exterminating this pestilence who has hidden in all the cracks of the banking industry, he  doesn't seem to want the exterminator to come to his own door. In fact, I am sure it is just a one-time removal of the token cockroaches that he is interested in so that business can go on as usual and Wells Fargo can continue to bilk its customers with impunity.

Once the extermination of those underling cockroaches has been accomplished (with our money, not his), the new cockroaches can move in and do the bidding of the head cockroach for the next decade without much interfence because, unless you have drank the Buffett Kool-Aid and are living in a fantasy world, you should realize that the banksters own our government along with the pharmaceutical industry and other powerful corporations. 

Stop worrying about Russian mobsters running our country and start focusing on our own corporate mobsters because they are the power behind just about everything US.

And that definitely includes Warren Buffett.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

August 31, 2017


Jen WB said...

agreed. massive narcissist who prides himself on his ability to amass fortunes and look down on the common folk. same as my narc father. couldn't stand him. cruel, selfish and down right evil.

Anonymous said...

HI PAT, i watched what he said about the scandal, and not impressed over his lack of concern to the most serious aspects of fraud, he dresses it up into his own pantomine, as if it is nothing and buisness as usual? Passive investor is the word he used to describe his own interest? This is a obvious lie if he knew nothing about the fraud at this bank, and five years into this scandal hes a passive investor connected to a fraud he finds amusing? So who took the blame, low level staff? So i agree pat about the vermine in his own back yard have not been cleared out, since hes king vermine himself. Corruption condones corruption and contempt over fraud, a senile weasle.

Anonymous said...

HI PAT, i didnt know who this man was pat, pardon my ignorance, until you raised the story, and checked out your brilliant information, about evil narcassitic greed, and how they dont care who they walk all over or cause injury to. Its interesting because you get to see how their minds only focus on their wealth, and discard the injury they cause as not their fault, and the classic blame shifting in his speech from the culprit he supports? And them he looks down on as being nothing, he takes the swag from who lose everything by propping up this fraud, and he hasnt spent a penny in support of this wrong? Fat cat theft fleecing the poor, horrible and the lowest of the low, im sure if it was his money that was taken, every penny, i dont think he would be that smug and arrogant as he is, the mask would drop i think over any support?