Thursday, October 5, 2017

Determining Motive in the Las Vegas Mass Murder

Note: This post will not include names or photos or links in order to not give more fame to the killer.

Definition: The TRUE "Motive" in the case of mass murder is always the same; revenge, power and control, and recognition. Media attention is one of the top reasons for mass murder as the perpetrators love the massive infamy that they are given for their crimes. However, there is a SECONDARY "Motive" which I am looking at here and that is what excuse/justification has this particular mass murderer used for his particular crime. There IS an importance to knowing this as is true with other heinous crimes - gang killings and terrorism - because there can be a promoted ideology that inspires the psychopath to act out and choose specific crimes. This is why we worry about radicalization connected to religious or political organizations and to gangs. Psychopaths will still be psychopaths and may be violent without outside encouragement, but radical ideology - as is true with our excessive sensationalistic media - can be a strong factor in a psychopath choosing a particular road to go down. Just like advertising has an effect on prospective buyers (that is why companies spend so much money and time promoting a product), ideology can also permeate the thinking of an individual when it is very excessive and persuasive.


Many people are wondering why there is no motive yet discovered for the recent horrific mass murder and this is inspiring many theories, some fairly logical, some pretty off-the-wall. Mostly, they fall into these groups:

1) Crazy gun-toting white alt-right male proving that white males are the Number One terrorists in the world
2) Typical suicidal mass murderer with some recent disaster in his life who is getting back at society which he feels is responsible for his failure
3) Leftist/Antifa radical setting off the revolution 
4) False flag patsy designed to tear apart the country
5) Isis terrorist who was radicalized through his companion and the Philippines
6) Normal guy who went nuts due to a brain tumor or recent use of Valium

Okay, lots of possibilities. Let me knock out the ones that make no sense.

6) This guy has all the hallmarks of lifelong psychopathy and he wasn't just a normal guy until a few days before he slaughtered five dozen people. He planned this mass murder for a long time. No brain tumor or drugs made him lose his mind.

5) Isis radicalization. First of all, his companion is a Catholic, not a Muslim. Secondly, there is nothing that rings of any Isis connection in his past behaviors or communications. Yes, he dropped into the Philippines, but his girlfriend was from there, so big deal. I have photos of me wearing hijab in Egypt but that doesn't make me connected to a terrorist organization. I would be very surprised if radical Islamic links are found.

4). Just no. I am not even going to argue this because there is no evidence of some Deep State stuff going on here.


Which leaves us with 1), 2), and 3). 

Either he is just a typical mass murderer whose life was going down the toilet so he decided to get his  big revenge and have his day in the sun and all the infamy from the media that goes with it....

....or he had a political motive...

...or both.

So, we need to look at his life and what has been happening.

A) We know he is a psychopath and has always been one. Psychopaths can make up reasons for doing things for their own amusement, so he could simply commit the mass murder for the fun and thrill or he could do develop a political motive for the crime (a la McVeigh) to justify his actions. McVeigh really WASN'T very political, but he found a cool story in a book about attacking the government and he decided this would be exciting to act out. Psychopaths don't actually give THAT much of a shit about politics but they may use it for their own peculiar ideation to gain power and control.

B) So far, there is little in this psychopath's life that show any big change as far as monetary loss or girlfriend loss. The ONLY change we see, so far, is a stockpiling of weapons that began one year ago. 
What set him off one year ago?

C) Venue. He chose to target a largely white, conservative, Republican group of people. This was not a spur of the moment choice. He could have chosen many other venues to annihilate a large number of people. Interestingly, the media is not discussing his choice of victims. But, he chose those victims for one of two reasons, 1) convenience and familiarity - this is common for mass murderers, or 2) political reasons. Actually, it is possibly he could have chosen the venue for both those reasons. At this point in time we do not know the answer.

D) His politics. We have not heard that he has any political interest. In some sense, this could be true. He is a psychopath who only gives a crap about himself, so it is not unbelievable that he could care less about politics. It is true that his family members, from what I can determine from interviews and their Facebook pages, are pretty bland about politics. There are NO strong political comments from anyone which is pretty amazing in these times. If you look at my Facebook friends, you will see many people outspoken about politics of all sorts. The only little bit of politics I see in the relatives is a slight lean to the left with a pussy hat on the girlfriend of the nephew. Now, what is a bit more interesting is that the killer's girlfriend was married for over two decades to a fellow who was quite  to the left. This, of course, doesn't mean she is, but it is interesting. We will have to wait to see if the shooter has any political leanings at all. One other thing which possibly supports a political ideation is the age of this mass murderer. Most killers of this kind are either really young (school shooters) or middle age (lost job/wife shooters), but almost none are in their sixties. Sometimes, older people get crotchety about politics (go sit in a senior center and you will see what I mean) and even psychopaths can get adamant in their later years about what is wrong with our country. If there is any political motive behind this crime, I would find it hard to believe that the shooter didn't at least grumble to people at some point in time.

E) But, there are three things put together which might mean something. He started collecting a huge  amount of weapons at election time last year, he shot conservative white people, and it is the 100-year anniversary of the October Revolution of the Bolsheviks, know as Red October. Coincidence? Perhaps.

So, where are we with motive? I am not sure I can answer that. This is what the investigation will at some point determine, I certainly hope. It would be very unlikely there are zero clues although we are seeming to be told that today. Most of the time it doesn't really matter what the so-called motive of a murdering psychopath is because it is usually only really important to him, but with the festering civil war in this country and increasing hatred and intolerance, I would like to know if this massacre is another blow to a civil society. If it is, it is a call to all citizens and to the media that we need to start behaving like intelligent adults, able to respect differences of opinions, and to not see everything in black and white when it comes to race and politics. We need to grow up and start acting like civilized human beings and not savage idiots. While attacking each other with words is probably sufficient for many people, adding violence can become the method of communication for those with sicker mentalities. If we don't want to be like some countries in this world with terrorist acts being a hazard of daily life, we need to get our act together.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
October 5, 2017

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Warren Buffett: the Don of White Collar Crime

Hullo, Dad!

I am not sure what wool multi-billionaire Warren Buffett has pulled over so many people's eyes that they cannot see what he really is - a criminal of the nth degree.

Why do so many folks think Buffet is nice guy? Is it that he lives in a modest house and not a mansion? That he looks dumpy? That he doesn't appear to live a fancy life? All of that is meaningless and I know because I am pretty much the same way; I don't CARE for certain things that my money COULD buy. I just don't and if I had a billion more dollars, I still would be unlikely to spend the money in any kind of ostentatious way. I don't like fancy hotels (I find them cold and sterile), I don't like partying (I find it boring), I don't want to live in a mansion (I feel like I am in a sterile decorator's museum, rattling around in too big a place). I like small, simple, colorful, etc. 

Oh, wait! Doesn't Buffett have a private jet, in fact, a fleet of them? You bet! Why? He claims it is a necessity in order to get around more efficiently.

In fact, if I were a rich bitch, I would own one of those, too! Why? Because flying commercial is hell and, if I had a boatload of money, I don't see why I shouldn't spend some of it making my life less hellish. 

So, Buffett and I have a lot in common in that we use money in the way that works for us with little interest in spending it just to impress folks or impress ourselves.

But, just because that is the way he likes to lives has nothing to do with who he REALLY is. And what he REALLY is looks to me to be a pretty evil person, a massive manipulator who gets his kicks out of making money (not spending it). And he sells his down-to-earth image...a humble, sweet guy who is "just like us" for a purpose; it is his cover and it seems many people are buying it. Sure, he is a philanthropist, he gives money to some great causes and to the needy, only he robs the poor to give to other poor, just like narco dons a la Pablo Escobar and "El Chapo" Joaquin Guzman. Sometimes people are so impressed by the good they do that they completely ignore that they are bad, bad people. Some would say the whole lot are psychopaths and I would have a hard time disagreeing with that, so if this is the label we can give such men (and women), we can be sure that any good they do has nothing to do with empathy but serves some purpose of their own; good publicity, ego, protection, etc. 

My friends, Warren Buffett is the head of a massive criminal empire; he makes his money from ripping off all of us in more ways than can be counted. He is a bankster, a supporter of a corporate system of thievery, and he could care less about the people he harms. In fact, he seems to have zero compassion for the pawns on his chessboard; they are all expendable in the thrill of winning the game. Check what Buffett just said about the Wells Fargo scandel. 

But Buffett has also made it clear that Berkshire Hathaway wouldn't abandon the bank. In a CNN interview last year, Buffett said that Wells Fargo's now-former CEO John Stumpf is a "very decent man" who "made a hell of a mistake" in not dealing with the scandal more  aggressively. Buffett went on to say that Wells Fargo is an "incredible institution" and that he wasn't planning on selling a single share of it.

Yeah, and now with news coming out that the thievery was even worse than previously reported, Buffett continues to simply say Wells Fargo has "misbehaved" and done some things that were "very wrong," but, hey, he was going to stick with them because......::drum roll::......In spite of (or because) they have robbed their customers blind, they are still making me a shitload of money!" Okay, he didn't say that last bit, but I will guess that this is exactly what he thought because everything he says indicates that he is all about his own profits and not a bit about ethics and decency.

He actually has the gall to claim that he isn't actually running the bank himself, so I guess that is supposed to mean he isn't one of the "cockroaches" he says did those bad things and he is the hapless homeowner who was invaded by vermin. I say that no boss has that level of vermin unless he keeps a very dirty house and does not care to clean it.

Personally, I think he is the granddaddy of all cockroaches and while Buffett is claiming he is interested in exterminating this pestilence who has hidden in all the cracks of the banking industry, he  doesn't seem to want the exterminator to come to his own door. In fact, I am sure it is just a one-time removal of the token cockroaches that he is interested in so that business can go on as usual and Wells Fargo can continue to bilk its customers with impunity.

Once the extermination of those underling cockroaches has been accomplished (with our money, not his), the new cockroaches can move in and do the bidding of the head cockroach for the next decade without much interfence because, unless you have drank the Buffett Kool-Aid and are living in a fantasy world, you should realize that the banksters own our government along with the pharmaceutical industry and other powerful corporations. 

Stop worrying about Russian mobsters running our country and start focusing on our own corporate mobsters because they are the power behind just about everything US.

And that definitely includes Warren Buffett.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

August 31, 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Media is the Biggest Hate Group in America

When I thought Things were Getting Better
I know you will be surprised that I am calling out the media to this extent; after all, haven't I spent almost two decades on television doing crime commentary? And don't I still do media interviews and have friends in the media? Yes, all true, but I have also been willing to admit where we in the media are doing the wrong thing like when I took my stance against doing any interviews in which the name and face of a mass murderer was used in a breaking news story as it is my belief that media attention encourages this particular type of crime.

And now I see another pattern in the media; the fomenting of hate and racism and demonization of the president of our country, running with a story that stirs up outrage from the public by carefully selecting facts to support an agenda that they believe will excite the viewers and readers. And when it comes to political issues, since the media is heavily left-leaning, they have allowed their subjective viewpoint to color their stories, encouraged them to cherry pick the facts and misrepresent what actually happened. Many in the media do not even recognize what they are doing (some do and do so on purpose and with a vengeance) but others are caught up in the frenzy that is the life of 24/7 cable television and the 24/7 internet response. Some are just incompetent and are poor journalists following the dictates of the media higher-ups and their audience.

What has been lost is accurate, measured reporting.  The media is no longer a watchdog; it is a rabid pitbull.

No sadder proof than this is to see the decline of race relations in America since the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012 in Sanford, Florida.

Let me backtrack to 1979. This was the year I married Uzzeal Brown, an immigrant from Jamaica; a legal immigrant from Jamaica whose family had worked hard to bring each family member over through the long and arduous process required by US law. Uzzeal and I lived in Maryland for a year after our marriage, then moved to California for a while, and when we returned to Maryland, we brought our one-year-old baby daughter with us. We moved into a house in Berwyn Heights, Maryland, a house I fell in love with because it was a 250-year-old historic colonial. I forgot to check out the demographics of the neighborhood, but it looked nice driving through and was just one mile from the University of Maryland.

Just after we moved in, we went to Berwyn Heights Day to socialize with our new neighbors. They were all white, ALL white, white with pickup trucks, white blue collar, white guys who liked country and rock music, white guys with white wives and white children. All except my husband and one other divorced black woman who lived with her two black children near the town office. The whole town council was white. The police force was white. The fire department was white. The whole town of over 2000 people was white....except now for four blacks and one biracial baby. Our move to Berwyn Heights almost doubled the black population.

My husband rather broke into a sweat. "I hope we don't find a cross burning on our lawn," he muttered. We had already been through the interracial dating thing which was not that common back in the late 70s but we were fortunate not to have suffered too much from it. Both our families came to the wedding and were nice to each other. My parents liked him; his parents liked me. All was pretty good. Race relations were improving in America since the time I was little.

No one burned a cross on our lawn. In fact, my husband was a pretty popular guy in town and everyone liked our kids. He became the coach for the town soccer team. In fact, he ran for mayor in the town. He didn't win but it wasn't because he was black. He just lost because the other candidate was more seasoned in politics and town management. In fact, that other black adult in town, the divorced woman, DID became mayor and remained mayor for a long time.

My children grew up without encountering much racism or racial problems. All three of my children, two biracial children that I birthed and one black son whom we adopted when he was age six, grew up with many white friends from the neighborhood, sports, and homeschooling. Of course, they had friends who were also black, biracial, Hispanic, Asian and multiracial. And during those years, I saw races mixing more and more, sharing each other's music and speech and traditions (now known as cultural appropriation) and I was very happy to see the direction the country was going. For a parent of nonwhite children, this was very important to me. I wanted to see my children live happy lives in a less racially divided country.

Then Trayvon Martin happened and the Black Lives Matter movement and now Charlottesville and I wonder if we aren't heading into a disasterous future and a civil war that is dividing our country person by person, if not state by state.

I remember, as a profiler, that my commentary on the Trayvon Martin case provoked anger. Black Lives Matter had been born and the media pushed the incident as a hate crime. White racist kills innocent black child. Then President Obama didn't help matters when he encouraged the racism dialogue with "Trayvon could have been my son." Well, Mr. Obama, since you are biracial, if you had married a white woman, George Zimmerman could have been your son as well. For that matter, if you and Michelle had been open to it, either Zimmerman or Martin could have been your son if you had adopted a child.

George Zimmerman was a psychopathic wannabe cop who escalated a situation he should have let the police handle when he thought a possibly criminal teen in the neighborhood was about to commit a crime. He shouldn't have confronted Trayvon. Trayvon shouldn't have assaulted Zimmerman. Trayvon thought he would be in a fistfight; he didn't know Zimmerman had brought a gun along. Zimmerman fought back with the stronger weapon. Zimmerman won the fight. The whole thing was bad, but the jury, rightly so, saw this as a self-defense issue regardless of what kind of character Zimmerman was or what kind of character Trayvon was. I, personally, do not find either of them people I would have invited to my house. But this doesn't make it a hate crime. What made it a hate crime was a special interest group and the media.

Fast forward to 2014 and Michael Brown and Ferguson. Violent thug attacks police officer who defends himself and Black Lives Matter and the media make it about race yet again, claim it is another hate crime; white police officers hate blacks and use the badge to murder them. Then, drug dealer and repeat offender Freddie Gray dies seemingly accidentally in a police van in Baltimore in 2015 and six police officers are claimed to be criminally responsible. Didn't matter now that three of the six cops where actually black, it was STILL a hate crime shouted Black Lives Matter and the media.

Then we had the 2016 elections and because Donald Trump won the presidency, suddenly everyone who voted for him is labeled a white male homophobic racist even if they are black, female, and gay...oh, yeah, and all folks who voted for Trump are also Russian loving, Nazi loving, fascists. This is what the media keeps pushing. The media, on a daily basis, on an hourly bases, on a minute-to-minute basis, is on a massive hate campaign to destroy the Trump presidency and to push a specific agenda - not to report facts and  remain the rational voice of journalism. They have created a maelstrom of hate against the duly elected President of our country and against everyone who voted for him or doesn't speak out against him. Whether one likes President Trump or not, whether one liked Barack Obama or not, the answer is to work on changing the situation legally and honestly, not to instigate hate campaigns across the country; we are starting to look like India at the time of partition when politicians and self-interest groups turned Muslims against Hindus and Hindus against Muslims until they murdered each other on the streets and turned trains into moving cars of corpses.

Now, we have Charlottesville. I can just see this new Broadway show with that name...mark my words. Here is what should have happened. A bunch of weird looking, mostly white dudes circle around the park with some tiki torches and shields from Monty Python. No one is bussed into Charlottesville to protest against these guys. These alt-right folk had a permit and some possibly legitimate points and although some of them are scumbags, Nazi sympathizers, and very right white supremacists, their small number is hardly something to be terrified of as a huge threat to our country. And, some of them, gasp, are not any of them; they are just people with a different point of view from the MSM.

Yes, local folks could have had Happy Hour "Roll Your Eyes" events at local bars. They could have had a special discussion session at the library and invited the press to hear the varying viewpoints on confederate statues. If they wanted to counterprotest, they could have come nicely dressed and sat quietly on the ground with politely-worded signs. We could have had a good intercourse over free speech, how we want to represent history in the present, how far we have come since the Civil War...and the media could have reported how America responded well to a particular point of view that was expressed by a small group of people that day in Charlottesville.

But, no. Many of the counterprotesters came dressed as clownishly as the protesters, wearing masks, carrying bats and other weapons of war, and they weren't peaceful; they were violent and obnoxious. Some of the original protesters also became violent and one total psychopath gunned his car down the street and someone died. And I am with the president who I believe correctly originally stated that there was bad behavior on all sides and we need to all handle ourselves better, that no hate group is acceptable. He was right. He didn't single out a specific condemnation of white supremacists or nazis because in doing so, he would have to condemn Black Lives Matter and Antifa and he would have been annihilated by the media for doing that. Didn't matter though; they went ballistic on him anyway. Then, when he made a new statement in which he did try to "follow the rules" and speak out against white hate groups, it was now "too late." Then, when he reiterated that both sides did contribute to the melee, he was excoriated again. The media, who claims to be against hate, hates on and on and on and on.

I am saddened and exhausted. After living many years in the very white Berwyn Heights, I now live in the heavily black Bowie, Maryland, one of the largest and richest black communities in the US. I love it here and yet I wonder if our disintegrating race relations will change that. Where I used to worry about whites being racist against blacks, my worry has now turned around to a fear of blacks being racist against whites  Even sadder, I now  have to worry about whites become more racist against blacks because blacks are getting more racist against whites. And, sadder still, I have to worry about whites being racist against whites because they don't belong to the same political party or support certain hashtags or because they might not want to agree to change the name of my town of Bowie because it is named after a slave owner or that they don't agree to change the name of the capital because Washington was also a slave owner. And I even have to worry about blacks getting more racist against blacks who don't support certain ideologies because, heaven forbid, they actually voted for Trump or are police officers or are married to one of those white "racists."

Oh, and worst of all,  now, not only do I have to worry about my not-white children, but I have to worry about my not-black enough  3/4 white granddaughter as well. When will it end?

We are tearing our country apart with stupidity, stupidity born of hatred for anyone who doesn't agree with us 100%. We are no longer able to even have a fruitful conversation where we bring our experiences, feelings, and ideas to the table to discuss and come up with answers and compromises. For example, I happen to think Milo Yiannopuloulos is a hoot and loved a lot of what he had to say in his book Dangerous (I disagreed with some things, but, guess what? I didn't feel the need to call him names and prevent him from speaking in public venues) and when I had lunch with my son in a popular restaurant and went to give the book to my son to read, I had to hand it over to him in a paper bag because that's how scary this country has become. If I had brought him a copy of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Americanah, which, but the way, I loved, I would have had a bunch of people give me the thumbs up sign and I would have been thought to be the "right kind of person" to be acceptable in this world. If they saw me or my son reading Dangerous, we would be labeled deplorable. What happened to a country which allows for people to have shades of gray with political thinking? All that is gone. You are either one side or the other. What happens to us folks who refuse to pick sides? What happens to folks who understand a variety of cultures and political viewpoints and don't think it is our job to bow down to any of  them? What happens to relatively conservative people who support racial integration, gay marriage, and legal immigration? What happens to liberal folks who support the right to enjoy the company of one's own culture (even if it is white) or to enjoy another's culture that one was not born into, free speech even if it is the alt-right, police who are doing their jobs to protect our communities,  and a concern over unregulated immigration from countries who do not wish to accept the so-called Western Culture after they become residents of America? What has happened to the rational middle ground?

The media is largely responsible for this horrible state of affairs because they have become hitmen for a rising dangerous mob. I can't even read the news stories today or watch television news channels without being horrified by the hate. And, yet, if you actually ignored the agenda of the media and focused on the true issues and not what all these hate groups are saying - left, right, and the media -  the country is doing reasonably well under Trump and there is no big crisis. In other words, if people retained a sense of logic and reason, the citizens could see that our years under the Trump administration might end up being good ones for our country or at least not as bad as the media would have us believe. And if they think that the country would be better served by someone else in the future, they could work on finding an excellent candidate for the next presidential election and work to get that person voted in.

If we believe  in our constitution (even if a bunch of imperfect white men created it) and we believe in free speech (even for Milo and Al Sharpton and everyone in our country - for if we kill free speech for one, we kill free speech for all), then, for God's sake and for our own sake, we need to stop the nonsense and start acting like people who have evolved past caveman status.

But with the media acting as the most dangerous hate group in America, we may not have a chance.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

August 18, 2017


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Media, Money, and the McCanns and Why Other Children Matter

The three M's... it seems they have been married for an entire decade and show no signs of breaking up any time soon. Just today, the Sun ran yet another appalling article on how time and money are running out for the McCanns (oh, really? Will this ever be so?) but there is HOPE that the Scotland Yard (faux) investigation will get another bit of money so that they can continue to carrying on the search for Maddie or her abductors or whatever the hell the investigators do besides laugh in their beer at this whole ridiculous charade.

And THIS is why I wrote Ten Missing and Murdered Children's Cases that have Nothing to do with Madeleine McCann. Because this whole investigation of children's cases is appalling lopsided and not because there is necessarily good reason for one case to get more financial and investigative support than another but because narcissistic and possibly guilty people like the McCanns have hijacked all the resources via very cooperative media and political conspirators.

HERE is what should be done:

There should be oversight on ALL missing and murdered children's cases (as well as adult cases) by a public commission of experts who log and monitor how these cases are being handled by the police, the press, and politicians.

They need to pressure all of these agencies for proper handling of cases and push for needed training, resources, and outreach.

Most cases are indeed solved in the first 48 because that is when a correct analysis of the case leads to the correct investigative avenue which leads to the correct suspect and allows for the evidence to still exist and be linked to the suspect and the crime scene. MOST efforts and resources need to be available and used on fresh cases to prevent them from becoming cold. Most money spent on cold cases is usually wasted and unproductive.

Because what happens when they become cold? They almost always become unsolvable because suspects, witnesses, and evidence go missing very quickly and barring a lucky DNA hit that will allow for the case to be prosecuted in a court of law, investigating cold cases is generally a HUGE waste of time, money, and manpower. Cold cases may tug at the heartstrings, but, sadly, they usually stay that way and, for this reason, resources must be very carefully allocated for cases like these and only allocated if there is truly a good reason to do so.

The Madeleine McCann case is the poster child for massive waste and corruption. The huge loss of resources that could be used on fresh missing and murdered children's cases is criminal, absolutely criminal. The McCanns and Scotland Yard and the politicians and the fools who send or support these crooks ought to be ashamed of themselves.


But, who is even talking about them? Certainly not the media. Certainly not the McCanns...even though Kate is some weird figuredhead for a missing children's organization who should be distancing themselves as far from the McCanns as they can....except I am guessing they think they can get them more media attention. Yes, OTHER CHILDREN MATTER but apparently not so much in this world dominated by the McCanns.

Get my book FREE for the next five days and write a review on Amazon in support of OTHER CHILDREN. Let the world and the McCanns and the media and the politicians know that OTHER CHILDREN MATTER.

#FREE until Monday #Amazon #Kindle "Ten Missing & Murdered Chilldren's Cases that Have Nothing to Do with Madeleine #McCann "
Note to Readers: This book is a satirical but truthful look at how the Madeleine McCann case has eclipsed all other missing and murdered children's cases much to their detriment. This is not an in-depth look at these ten cases but a comparison of what has happened to cases like these in the time of Madeleine McCann. Do they get any media? Do they get support? Do they get properly investigated? Or does the Madeleine McCann case always beat them out, stealing away most of the publicity and funding? We, the public, need to stand up for other missing and murdered children because the McCanns and the media and the politicians surely will not make any real effort to right the imbalance.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Profiler Pat Brown's New Book! Ten Cases That Have Nothing To Do With Madeleine McCann

UPDATE: Although I wrote post as a satirical response to recent media stories on the McCanns, I actually HAVE written a book now because I realized that the issue SHOULD be addressed. You can get Ten Missing and Murdered Children's Cases that have Nothing to Do with Madeleine McCann FREE on Amazon (UK, US, Canada, and Australia) for the next five days (Aug 9-13) and then it wil be just 99 cents (about a pound).

Note to Readers: This book is a satirical but truthful look at how the Madeleine McCann case has eclipsed all other missing and murdered children's cases much to their detriment. This is not an in-depth look at these ten cases but a comparison of what has happened to cases like these in the time of Madeleine McCann. Do they get any media? Do they get support? Do they get properly investigated? Or does the Madeleine McCann case always beat them out, stealing away most of the publicity and funding? We, the public, need to stand up for other missing and murdered children because the McCanns and the media and the politicians surely will not make any real effort to right the imbalance.
Coming up just three months after the tenth anniversary to the day Madeleine McCann went missing, Profiler Pat Brown's new book, Ten Cases That Have Nothing To Do With Madeleine McCann is hitting the stands. Check out what fascinating cases that have nothing to do with Madeleine McCann will be included in this amazing new book!

Introduction: Profiler Pat Brown discusses Cases that have Nothing to Do with Madeleine McCann

Chapter One: Another Case in 2007 that has Nothing to Do with Madeleine McCann

Chapter Two: Another Case in Portugal that has Nothing to Do with Madeleine McCann

Chapter Three: Another Case in Europe that has Nothing to Do with Madeleine McCann

Chapter Four: Another Case involving British Parents that has Nothing to Do with Madeleine McCann

Chapter Five: Another Case in the Media that has Nothing to Do with Madeleine McCann

Chapter Six: Another Case with Suffering Parents that has Nothing to Do with Madeleine McCann

Chapter Seven: Another Case of a Missing Child that has Nothing to Do with Madeleine McCann

Chapter Eight: Another Case involving Famous Experts that has Nothing to Do with Madeleine McCann

Chapter Nine: Another Case with Missing Child Sightings that has Nothing to Do with Madeleine McCann

Chapter Ten: Another Case which Little Money was Spent On that has Nothing to Do with Madeleine McCann

Afterword: The Future of Cases that have Nothing to Do with Madeleine McCann

Check out Profiler Pat Brown's new Book, Ten Cases that have Nothing to Do with Madeleine McCann when it hits the books stores next week! You will find the book in the section: True Crimes that Have Nothing to Do with Madeleine McCann.

Note to the Media: When you promote Pat Brown's new book, Ten Cases that Have Nothing to Do with Madeleine McCann, don't forget to mention Madeleine McCann.

PS. Although I wrote this blog as a satire, I then decided it WAS worth a book on the subject! You can buy TEN MISSING AND MURDERED CHILDREN'S CASE THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH MADELEINE MCCANN at Amazon or at or or whatever Amazon is in your country!

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
July 31, 2017 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What Ever Happened to Profiler Pat Brown's Lawsuit against Rahni Sadler and Seven West Media?

A number of people have been asking whatever happened to my lawsuit against Rahni Sadler and Seven West Media after they mispresented and libeled me in their Sunday Night "documentary" about the Madeleine McCann case? Some have even asked if I just claimed to be suing them for publicity.

No, I was not seeking publicity. I had every plan of suing them and was working with my attorney, Brian Close, to go after them. He wrote a very excellent summary of charges against Seven West Media and they responded with a bunch of bogus malarkey. This was the necessary first step for an out-of-court settlement which could be admission of guilt with or without any monetary settlement or a monetary settlement with no admission of guilt; it is also part of the entire process to indicate to the court that you tried to settle the issue privately. This attempt of setttlement failed which meant we then had to go to the Australian court system. To begin the next leg of this libel suit, I needed to get an Australian solicitor to pursue the case. I contacted a half dozen attorneys and I learned that pursuing a case in Australia for libel against me was doomed to failure. Apparently, I could only win the case IF my damages occurred to a reasonably high level IN Australia. Since most of the damages were and would be (reputation and financial) in the US and the UK, I had a very weak case. In other words, as long as the producers of television shows to be aired in Australia cleverly pick foreigners to libel the crap out of, they will never be taken to court.

Since a lawsuit in Australia was now out, I pursued another methodology. I contacted two journalist organizations that were supposed to monitor ethics in journalism and investigate and punish those who do not follow the rules (the third organization I didn't bother with because that one was run by Seven West Media itself who had broken off with the others when things didn't go their way in the past!). However, both of those organizations refused to investigate Seven West Media in spite of the fact there was evidence that their standards had been transgressed. I can only guess they are really in league with the media organizations and are not going to bother with a nonAustralian's claims against them.

So, the end result; Australian journalists clearly can commit ethics violations against foreigners with impunity. If YOU are someone who is asked by the Australian media for an interview, think twice about cooperating. I still have one Australian media outlet and journalist who have been honorable with me (Mark Saunokonoko and Nine News) who I will still work with, but I will not be likely to cooperate with any others as it is not worth the risk to one's reputation.

Of course, it isn't only Australia that has a problem with journalistic ethics; the US and UK also have proven to be less than honorable which is why I usually restrict my interviews to live interviews so I cannot be edited, misrepresented, and libeled. All of this lack of integrity in the media is very disheartening because it prevents news from being truthful and factual and keeps people interested in getting the truth out to the public from sticking their necks out if doing so is going to result in getting them chopped off.

UPDATE! Just hours after I wrote this block, a friend I informed me that Rahni Sadler has been let go by Sunday Night! Supposedly, this all happened very quietly without any fanfare; she hasn't appeared since my segment came out...whoosh, gone. Now, I cannot say whether this had anything to do with my very willingness to speak out about her lack off ethics and complete abuse of my interview on the McCann case, but when Mark Saunokonoko wrote his article detailing my plans to sue Rahni Sadler and Sunday Night and then a number of UK papers picked up the story, it might well have been enough that the Sunday Night staff decided Rahni Sadler was getting far too much bad press and they were better off without her. It may just be coincidence but I sure hope that I helped send her on her way. She needs to be out of journalism and at work in some field where truth and honor don't matter.

NOTE: It is not entirely true I wasn't seeking publicity! But, I was not seeking publicity for me, I was seeking publicity to expose Rahni Sadler and Sunday Night. I am sure she thought she could do whatever she wanted without any risk because I would have no way of doing her any damage in return. Almost never can anyone really make enough waves to cause unethical journalists to suffer any consequences for their actions.

This was one of the reasons I had a lawyer draw up the basic legal statement about suing them because I knew I needed that to get the news to write about what Rahni Sadler and Seven West Media had done. Without a legal angle, they would have ignored me. I fully intended to go forth with the lawsuit, but it was even more important that the media cover me doing so in order to publicly put all the media on notice that ethics DO matter and false news and libeling people just to get a story is NOT acceptable.

I can't say my exposure of Rahni Sadler is reason for her removal from Sunday Night but if I am behind her dismissal, I couldn't be happier!

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
June 27, 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017

More on the False Confession Of Todd Kohlhepp

Before I go on to yet more oddities with Todd Kohlhepp's confession, let me recap what I wrote in my last post that strongly suggests his confession to committing the Superbike murders is false.

1) He claims he shot all the victims in the forehead; NONE of the victims were shot in the forehead.

2) He claims he used the brass magazine first and, then, after shooting seven bullets from his weapon, he made a "tactical reload" with the nickel magazine. If the nickel magazine was not the first magazine in his weapon - brought in to the shop with one cartridge loaded into the chamber and that one replaced in the magazine (10 + 1), how did he use 11 nickel cartridges in the shooting when he could have only have ten in the magazine when he reloaded? In order to shoot those 11 nickel bullets, he would have had to load the nickel magazine first and the brass second.

3) He claims he shot Chris Sherbert, the mechanic, first. He claims he shot him twice in the lungs with the brass ammo and then came back around and shot him in the forehead with the nickel ammo. However, Sherbert was shot three times with brass ammo; once in the back, once in the chest, and once in the top of the head. There were also two brass bullets shot into the wall that missed Sherbert.

4) He claims he shot Beverly Guy two or three times in the chest. She was only shot once in the chest.

5) He claims he reloaded his gun inside the store and only shot Scott Ponder with nickel ammo and shot both Ponder and Brian Lucas in the forehead with nickel ammo. They were shot in the head (not the forehead) with brass ammo and there were brass casings on the outside of the store. This is impossible if he reloaded inside.

And don't you wonder why if Kohlhepp thought the brass ammo was crap (in his confession), he would have loaded one of his magazines with it? He is an ammo nut and this was supposed to be a premeditated crime. Wouldn't he load his magazines with his best ammo? In fact, because there WERE two different kinds used, it is more likely this was a last minute rage crime where the killer just grabbed his gun and an extra mag or two and didn't have time to think about what ammo he was using.

Okay, so now we are caught up. But is there more questionable stuff coming out of his confessions? Yes.

6) He claims he left his college - Greenville Technical College - on the day of the murder around 2 pm....uh....maybe 1:30 pm...umm..."we" are kind of hazy about that. He sure is. First of all, who is "we"? Did he have an accomplice or is he talking about how he and someone were trying to figure out what time he should give in his confession to make it all work? Regardless, NEITHER of those times work! The drive time from his college to Superbike is around 50 minutes without any traffic holdup. Then, one has to include more time for him to pull off the road into the parking lot at CVS to put on his shoulder holster and pull back out again. Now, "we" are close to an hour. IF Kohlhepp left at 2 pm, he would have missed the murders entirely. IF he left at 1:30 pm, he would have been too late to be the guy that Kelly Sisk saw on the motorcycle because Sisk left the store with his child at 2:10 pm.

7) He claims he waited around because he didn't want to shoot customers. In his full confession, he states only customers (in general); he does not mention Kelly Sisk and his child being there nor does he seem to have any clue about the waste truck that pulls up after Sisk leaves with two more men who enter the building nor does he seem to know about Lonnie Rogers, the TRUE last customer who arrived at the bottom of the hour, had his credit card run at 2:30 pm, had to move his truck because he blocked the waste truck and they couldn't leave the parking lot, got together with Chris Sherbert and Brian Lucas (when he arrived) and had a baffle put on his motorcycle. It is odd that it is only during a later portion of the interviews  (after he had given his rendition, and is reviewing and signing the papers) when the detectives then asked some clarifying questions that Kohlhepp says "I know a guy came in with a kid looking for a go-cart and left." Why would he say he "knows"? If he was present that day, he should simply say, "There was a man and a child there." To say "I know" sounds more like he got the information from someone else, a someone else who wants to make him the guy in the composite, the guy Sisk saw (but never identified as Kohlhepp), the guy on the motorcycle who seemed to be buying a bike for the first time and whom Scott Ponder had never seen before. It is also odd that after the detectives ask him if he pistol whipped anyone, he says he did not and wouldn't do that....but, then he seems to get curious and asks, "Who got pistol whipped?" Why would he even ask that if he was there and nobody was pistol whipped? At the least he should ask, "What made you think anyone got pistol whipped? But, he didn't ask that.

8) He claims not to remember any of the victims' names, quite odd for a man who had dealings with these people, accused them of stealing his motorcycle (three days or fourteen days after he bought it; he can't seem to keep that story straight), and that he went specifically back to the store to murder. In fact, even though his victims have been ALL OVER the news for years and it seems he likes to keep up with the news, he has never learned their names. Yet, he knew MY name! Yes, that is right! He discussed Miss Brown (Todd's confession 11/5) with the detectives! He said she came to town and was running her mouth and her profile was completely wrong on all points and that she was a criminal because she was driving fast on the roads trying to do a time check on one of the suspects, that she was wrong about the guy who found the bodies being the killer  (which I never claimed; I just said he should be further investigated) - just because he went into the store to make the 911 call - (he assumes he  didn't have his cell phone which is not true)  - Kohlhepp says that isn't proof of anything but that he's a "dumbass."

Why does Kohlhepp know my name, know that my profile was "totally wrong" (he clearly said "profile" and not "blog;" it is evident he never read my blog and my actual profile has never been made public). Why is he talking about Noel Lee (the guy who made the 911 call) and why is he saying I was runnning my mouth? What does he even care? Well, his words do not sound a bit like they come from his brain but from a talk he had with someone who WAS annoyed with me and told everyone I was wrong and was running my mouth - Sheriff Chuck Wright. This leads me to believe that even before the first taped interview, Sheriff Wright was talking with Kohlhepp about Superbike.

Almost everything Kohlepp claimed in his confession was wrong. That a Beretta was used in the crime, I do not know is a fact. I was told when I was in Spartanburg that the weapon used was a 9 mm and it was not a Glock, but other than that, they did not know the make of the gun. What Kohlhepp DOES have right - the ONLY thing he seems to have right is the type of ammo - brass and nickel (that was already public knowledge) and the manufacturer of the two kinds of ammo (I don't know that his claim of grain is right because I never was given a ballistics report and it hasn't been released to the public). I find it hard to believe that he knew nothing about the scenario of how the murders went down at Superbike, but knows the ammo (although these are super popular brands and he could have guessed them). Perhaps someone who had a little chat with him about Superbike before any taped interviews might have fed him that information. In fact, it was the Sheriff Wright's version that Sherbert was shot first and isn't it interesting that Kohlhepp says that's what happened even though it is disproven by the brass and nickel evidence.

Todd  Kohlhepp was wrong about the entire scenario: the order of the shooting, the order of the magazines, the number of shots to victims, the kind of headshots, the time, and the people in the store.

Todd Kohlhepp knows nothing about what happened in the Superbike store because he was not there. He "knows what happened" he says. Again, "it is odd to say "I know" which indicates you have information but not necessarily experience. To have committed such an "amazing" crime - cleared the place in 30 seconds as he claims - and not remember one bit of it correctly is quite a stretch and he should never have been convicted. Surely, if the Superbike case had gone to court, a defense attorney would have crushed the prosecution and he would have been found not guilty.

And why do I find all these inconsistencies and incorrect statements in Kohlhepp's "confession" but the investigators don't seem to notice them? Why don't they even bother to interrogate him?  Shouldn't they want to be sure they have the truth from their suspect?

Or maybe they don't care.

The False Confession of Todd Kohlhepp (Part One) 

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
June 19, 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The False Confession of Todd Kohlhepp

There is no question that Todd Kohlepp is a serial killer, a sadistic one, and very psychopathic. He is also a pathological liar as is a common trait of psychopaths. He got caught red-handed with a girl chained in a container in his backyard. She immediately told the police that he had killed her boyfriend and another couple, all their bodies buried on his property. The police didn't need a confession to convict him; the evidence and live witness could do that job just fine and, if this case went to trial, it was clearly a slam-dunk conviction worthy of the death penalty.

Only the serial homicides didn't go to trial. Todd Kohlhepp took a plea deal that got him out of the death penalty in exchange for....supposedly saving the families from the agony of a long, public trial and saving the state money...but, wait, there is more.....confessing to the 2003 Superbike mass murder that had long dogged the police with their failure to solve the case.

Sheriff Wright, just days from going up for re-election, considered his prayers to be answered when Todd Kohlhepp dropped into his custody and I can't disagree. No sooner than the perfect patsy fell into Wright's hands, genie Wright popped out of the bottle in front of Kohlhepp granting him three wishes....and, lo and behold, Kohlhepp confesses to murdering four people at Superbike. And they prayed together. How sweet.

Fast forward until the beginning of June and a hearing is held, solicitor Barry Barnette lays out a rather short story of how Todd Kohlhepp committed the Superbike murders and Kohlhepp nods and says, "Yes, sir," when asked if what Barnette told the judge is accurate. Kohlepp receives his sentence of life and is shipped off. Everyone goes home happy except for the people that know better and believe in the truth.

The truth is there is no evidence linking Todd Kohlhepp to the Superbike crime and his confession is false.

Let's take a look at what Kohlhepp said about the crime scene and how it went down.

(I am comparing Kohlhepp's statement to the files I reviewed at the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office from August 24-28, 2009)

First, Kohlhepp says he went in and sat around on a cycle until the place cleared of customers. A mighty odd thing to do for anyone about to commit a crime; just sit there and let your face be seen by a bunch of people who then might be able to identify you. Kohlhepp says he didn't want to kill paying customers, only the Superbike people. That is real nice of Mr. Psychopath; he didn't have a problem killing three other people he lured onto his property and raping women, so, somehow I don't think he would blink if he had to take out a few more people to protect his identity. Not to mention, his vehicle would have been sitting out in front of the store for such a long time that someone might just remember what it looked like. In all, if Kelly Sisk (NOT the last customer; that was Lonnie Rogers) actually saw Kohlhepp sitting on a bike (and he never identified that man as Kohlhepp and also stated that he appeared to be a first time buyer and that Scott Ponder did not know him) that means Kohlhepp would have had to be hanging around the shop for almost an hour before the shootings (Kelly Sisk left the building at 2:10 pm); again, odd behavior for a killer who wouldn't want to be recognized, especially one who claims he is known to the employees and has come around quite often to check out the bikes, a local whom anyone might recognize.

Now, he says he waited for the place to clear of customers and for Brian Lucas to return to the property. He says when all four people were finally in the store, it seemed like no one else (customer) was there. This is not so. When Brian Lucas returned, he was coming to bring a baffle to put on Lonnie Rogers bike (the true last customer) and all of this took a bit of time and then Mr. Rogers left.

At any rate, when the store is empty of customers, Kohlhepp says he went into action. He told them he wanted to buy the bike, Sherbert took the bike in the back to prep it, and someone went to work on the paperwork. After a few more minutes hanging around, Kohlhepp then states he went into the back, walked up to Sherbert and shot down at him (he was crouched behind the bike) and shot him twice in the lungs with the brass ammo.

FALSE: Sherbert was the last victim of the Superbike killer. The magazine with the brass shells was the second magazine used. The reason just seven shells were used is because at that point all the victims were dead. Sherbert was shot at twice from the area of the swinging doors as there are two bullets in the wall and it would seem the first one nicked him as he then threw a wrench that had blood on it in the direction of the shooter. The shooter then came up over him shot him once in the back, then once in the chest, and then came around the end of the bike and shot him once in the top of the head. All these five shots were brass.

Kohlhepp then says he came through the swinging doors and all the other three were right there. He had to shoot Beverly Guy - two to three times in the chest - and his says the pattern was terrible. The two to three shots would be brass casings.

FALSE: Beverly Guy was shot only once in the chest. It was a nickel casing. She was also shot once in the head (nickel casing) which means she was shot in the head and chest with no time in between, most likely in the head first, and then the chest. The killer likely likely pointed the gun at her face and she turned away causing the shot to hit her in the right side of her head. Then the killer shot her once in the chest.

Next Kohlhepp says the two men were running toward the door and he hit one of them (Brian Lucas) two or three times in the back with the brass causing him to collapse in the doorway, the other leaping over him to get out of the building.

FALSE: Both men sustained all body shots with the nickel casings. Brian Lucas only sustained one body shot.

At this point, Kohlhepp says he made a "tactical reload." Even though he has guys escaping and still should have another three shots in the magazine and one extra one in the chamber, he decides to lose time and change magazines. This would mean he then loaded his ten round nickel magazine with no time to chamber any round and add an extra to the magazine. So, how does he end up shooting 11 shots if it is the second magazine in the gun are the nickel shots? He would only have 10 nickel shots loaded in the magazine.

FALSE: The reason there were eleven nickel shots is because it was the FIRST magazine that was already loaded into the gun with the ten in the mag and one in the chamber. The SECOND magazine was the brass and the killer used up seven and then didn't need to use the rest. If he made a tactical reload while still inside the shop after shooting Lucas in the doorway, why are their brass shell casings on the outside of the store by Scott Ponder's body?

Kohlhepp follows the men to the door and out, shooting Scott Ponder multiple times. This would be with the nickel shots which is accurate. Then he says he shot Ponder in the forehead and then went back and shot each victim in the forehead (which would still be with the nickel ammo).

FALSE: Ponder, Lucas, and Sherbert were all shot in the head with the brass ammo (Guy should be silver ammo  for the headshot but that would be earlier on). NONE of the victims were shot in the FOREHEAD. NONE!!

Lucas was shot in the left side of the head.
Ponder was shot in the right side of the head.
Guy was shot in the right side of the head.
Sherbert was shot in the top of the head.

Scott Ponder

Right temporal region 4.75 inches from the top of the head, 3.0 inches to the right of midline, and 4.25 inches circumferentially from the midline anteriorly

Brian Lucas

Gunshot wound 1 – Above left ear 3.5 inches from the top of the head, 2.75 from left of midline. No powder stippline or tattoing is identified.

Beverly Guy

Gunshot Wound 1 - Entrance wound in the right temporal region at the hairline 3.5 inches from the top of the head and 3.5 inches to the right of midline. No surrounding soot or powder
deposition is identified. A barrel imprint is not present.

Chris Sherbert

Gunshot wound 1 – Left paritel skull 0.5 inches from the top of the head and 1.75 inches to the left of midline. The wound measures 0.32 inches in diameter with a small superficial abrasion associated with the wound in the hair.

After Scott Ponder was on the ground and 11 rounds had been fired from the magazine with the nickel ammo, the shooter changed magazines to the brass ammo. He then went to the back room where he knew there was one man left,  firing two shots at Sherbert  from a distance as he came through the swinging doors (bullets went through the wall) and then came up on him, shot him twice in the body and then in the top of the head. Five brass casings were found in the back area.

With Sherbert clearly taken care of, the killer returned to the front room passing by Beverly Guy who was clearly dead with a chest and head shot, and back out to the front of the store where he found Scott Ponder still alive, attempting to speed dial his wife on his phone. The killer then shot Ponder in the head and Lucas in the head. At that point with all victims clearly deceased, the killer stopped shooting, leaving three brass cartridges still in the magazine.

While I am sure my rendition of exactly how the murders went down might be imperfect (there was confusion over a couple of shots and their casings in the notes but this does not change the order of the shooting and the order of the magazines) , I am sure a hell of a lot closer than Todd Kohlhepp was with his story of what happened.

Todd Kohlhepp was wrong about which magazine was used first.
Todd Kohlhepp was wrong about how many shots were fired at Chris Sherbert and how the shots were fired into his body.
Todd Kohlhepp was wrong about how many shots were fired at Beverly Guy.
Todd Kohlhepp was wrong that Brian Lucas was hit by any brass shots.
Todd Kohlhepp was wrong that the killer changed magazines in the process of chasing the two men out the door.
Todd Kohlhepp was wrong that Brian Lucas, Scott Ponder and Chris Sherbert were capped in the head with silver ammo.
Todd Kohlhepp was wrong that any of the victims were shot in the forehead.

With that many mistakes in a confession, it should have been thrown out. It is clear Todd Kohlhepp was incorrect about almost all of the scenario, likely basing what little he did get right on television and police input.

What Kohlhepp spent a lot of time in detail during the confession were things that had nothing to do directly with what happened inside Superbike. He padded his confession with stuff that makes it seem like he knows more than he did. He really didn't seem to have a clue as to what really happened at Superbike.

In other words, Todd Kohlhepp was not there.

More on the False Confession of Todd Kohlhepp (Part Two) 

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
June 14, 2017

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

FOX News Joins the Lying Media Brigade on the McCann Case

Yesterday, I received a phone call from a FOX NEWS journalist, Christina Corbin, who know absolutely nothing about the McCann case. After I discussed the main issues with her, she thanked me and asked me to send her a succinct statement that they could use in their article.

I thought they would follow through with facts because just a month ago they allowed me to speak out. 

"Madeleine McCann was Never Abducted, Expert Following the Case Says."

This is what I sent her:

As a profiler, the most important investigative technique is to focus on the actual evidence and not create theories that have no origination in the facts. Scotland Yard has spent six years carrying out a remit that required them to view this case as a stranger abduction which clearly has tied their hands and forced them to ignore any evidence that supports Kate and Gerry McCann as having any involvement in the disappearance of their daughter. Rather than explore the findings of the blood and cadaver dogs who hit on the McCanns' vacation apartment and car, rather than examining the conflicting and changing statements of the McCanns and their friends, rather than questioning why the McCanns showed little interest in the sighting of the Smith family who saw a man carrying off a small blond girl toward the beach on the evening of Madeleine going missing...they are pursuing wild theories of child sex trafficking gangs, burglaries gone wrong, and, now on the 10th anniversary, a woman in the area wearing a purple coat. While none of the evidence at this point proves the McCanns' guilt in the disappearance of their daughter, the evidence does prove that they should be the top suspects and, if they are not, the Scotland Yard investigation is a sham.

Apparently, that didn't appeal to the editors of this FOX article and the journalist who called me. They went searching for another profiler who would give them what they wanted; they found retired FBI profiler, Mary Ann O'Toole who clearly had little familiarity with the facts of the case. This is what she said:

To Mary Ellen O'Toole, a former FBI agent, the case is "solvable" a decade later. 
O'Toole, who is not involved in the investigation, said authorities must carry out two actions: re-examine old forensic evidence using new technology and re-interview key invidivuals at the resort on the night Madeleine disappeared.
"I would have a group of forensic scientists look at the evidence to see if we could re-evalute it using current technology," said O'Toole, who is currently the director of forensic sciences at George Mason University.
O'Toole said she would also re-interview all who were questioned at the resort, as well as interview individuals who might have been overlooked at the time.
"I would want to be looking at everyone: employees of the resort, delivery people, guests, customers, vendors there providing music and other services," O'Toole told Fox News.
"It’s often not the straggly-haired, off-putting individual, but someone who looks regular, quite normal," she said. "You would not rule out anybody."
The passage of time, O'Toole said, can sometimes be key in cracking open an unsolved missing persons case.
"Ten years can do a lot to people and they may now feel they can come forward with information they weren’t comfortable coming forward with at the time," she said.
O'Toole noted that stranger abductions are rare, but cited such cases in the U.S. -- including those in which the kidnap victims were later found alive -- like Elizabeth Smart, who was 14 when she was abducted from the bedroom of her parents Salt Lake City, Utah, home in 2002 and found alive nine months later.
"We’ve certainly seen cases here in the United States where children have been taken and returned, so we know there’s a possibility," she said. "That is one of the possible outcomes and we can hope for that."
Another theory that police say has not been ruled out is a "burglary gone wrong," but O'Toole and others say -- though not impossible -- it's highly unlikely.
"It’s much more likely that Madeleine was the target," said O'Toole. "People don’t morph from a jewel thief into a child abductor."
"If a stranger went into that room, that is really high-risk behavior for an offender," she said.
Unless Ms. O'Toole comes forward and states that she was misreprented by FOX News than I guess she joins the many who don't bother with the facts.

Thanks, Christina Corbin, for allowing the public to learn, once again, that fake news is what the media is promoting these days and it is time they demand that they turn off worthless media outlets (which might be most of them) and tell them that they are not media outlets they trust. If the media cannot do true research and spend time working on factual news articles, they should close their doors and stop peddling this crap.  If you have no understanding of a complicated case, you should not be reporting on it without diligent investigative effort and your bosses should not be telling you to just come up with anything within a few hours if they have any desire to be considered a reputable news source. And they should not telling you to follow some agenda rather than the truth.

As I have been trying to tell people for a long time, the news media is now about ratings and money and doesn't even attempt to provide facts to the citizens of their country. 

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
May 3, 2017

A Decade of Deception: The Tenth Anniversary of the Madeleine McCann Case

Ten years of lies.

Lies of the parents.
Lies of their friends.
Lies of the politicians.
Lies of the police.
Lies of the media.

Behind the lies are the agendas.
Recognize those and you will find the truth.

How do you recognize agendas?

Ignore words and pay attention to behavior.

The behavior of the parents always showed they cared more for their own welfare than Madeleine's.
The behavior of their friends always showed that they cared more for distancing themselves from the case rather than involving themselves in it.
The behavior of the politicians always showed they were more interested in protecting their country more than providing assistance and cooperation.
The behavior of the police always showed they were more interested in serving the people in power rather than the ideals of justice and public safety.
The behavior of the media always showed they were more interested in ratings and earnings rather than presenting the facts and illuminating the truth.

Actions speaks louder than words but many ignore what they see - covering their eyes because to see would require them to confront the truth which would lead to a loss of faith in the things we wish to believe.

But you SHOULD lose faith. It is only by losing faith that we as a society can start to make change. We can't fix the Madeleine McCann case - it is never going to see the inside of a court of law (and the actions of the PJ and Portugal also prove this; they have done nothing of worth in this case since 2007; since then they have allowed a foreign power to run the show and make a mockery of their investigation) - but the Madeleine McCann case should be a wake-up call that we need to work to change.

We need fix what is wrong with how cases are handled by law enforcement and how we fund them.
We need to get vote better people into office and hold them accountable.
We need to strike back against false news and misrepresentation of the facts in the media.

This is what the tenth annivesary of the Madeleine McCann case is all about. Maddie has been dead for a decade, but we are not.

Will we allow the deception to continue for another decade?

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
May 3, 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Why the Mark Rowley Interview Confirms my Belief that the Scotland Yard McCann Investigation is a Farce

I am stunned that Mark Rowley would give an interview which essentially details the fraud that this investigation is, but I thank him for it. For years I have been stating that the Scotland Yard review and investigation was a farce and a whitewash and I have had many angry emails and comments online that I am completely wrong, that Scotland Yard would never behave in such a manner - that surely, they are either truly searching for an abductor (for those who believe that Maddie was abducted, or that they are surely cleverly coming around to arresting the McCanns by way of eliminating all possible other suspects and secretly moving in for the kill. I have adamantly said for a long time that both sides are suffering from wishful thinking, that NOTHING Scotland Yard has done for six years resembles a proper and honest investigation.

Now, that Mark Rowley has gone on record with the following statements, I find my conclusions to be well founded. I will comment on what Rowley says below.

Courtesy of RosieandSam:

Transcript of interview between AC Mark Rowley (MR) and broadcast media for use from 21:00hrs on Tuesday, 25 April.

 Q: Six years’ on of Scotland Yard’s involvement, a team of largely 30 people, £11/12 million you’ve spent, what have you achieved?

 MR: We’ve achieved an awful lot. I think you know that we have a track record for using cold cases on serious old cases, and we solve many cases that way. This is no different in one respect but is particularly complicated. I think people get seduced perhaps by what they see in TV dramas where the most complex cases are solved in 30 minutes or 60 minutes with adverts as well. What we started with here was something extraordinary. We started with 40,000 documents. We’ve got the original Portuguese investigation and six or eight sets of private detectives who’ve done work and we did appeals to the public, four Crimewatch appeals, hoovering as much information as possible. Sifting that, structuring it and working through it is an immense effort. It’s much more ‘hard slog’ in reality than it is inspiration. That takes time and it takes systems. That’s what we’ve been working on. And what you’ve seen in the bits which have been reported publically is those appeals, when we’ve announced suspects, when we’ve made particular announcements, slowly crunching through it and focusing our attention and making progress. And of course at one stage we had 600 people who at one stage have been of interest to the enquiry, that doesn’t mean that they are suspects, people who were suspicious at the time or have a track record which makes us concerned about them, sifting, which focused the enquiry increasingly and when you’re doing this then across a continent and with multiple languages and having to build working relationships with the Portuguese, you put that together and that takes real time. 

PB: Apparently, you have achieved nothing of any merit. You haven't even proven an abduction or come up with a viable suspect. What you have accomplished is ignoring the evidence and spending a lot of the taxpayer's money.

Q: So when you talk of success and progress, it’s really a case of eliminating things? You’re not getting any nearer to finding out what happened?

MR: So our mission here is to do everything reasonable to provide an answer to Kate and Gerry McCann. I’d love to guarantee them that we would get an answer, sadly investigations can never be 100 per cent successful. But, it’s our job, and I’ve discussed it with them, we’ll do everything we can do, reasonably, to find an answer to what’s happened to Madeleine. And I know, Pedro, the senior Portuguese colleague I’ve worked with and his team, have a shared determination, to find an answer. That’s what we’re going to do.

 PB: Your mission is to provide an answer to Kate and Gerry McCann? That is exactly OPPOSITE of any proper mandate for conducting any criminal investigation. You are to only have allegiance to truth and justice. Besides, unless the parents of a missing child have been eliminated by way of solid evidence, they remain suspects and you cannot be working on their behalf.

 Q: You’ve described it as a ‘unique’ case. Why is it unique?

 MR: I think it’s unique in two or three respects. First of all the way its captured attention in different countries is quite unusual. You’ll get a very high-profile case in a particular country, the way it has captured interest across countries, I think is significant. The length of it. And it’s unusual to have a case like this where you’re doing a missing persons investigation, where ten years on, we still don’t have definitive evidence about exactly what’s happened. And that’s why we’re open minded, even if we have to be pessimistic about the prospects, we are open minded because we don’t have definitive evidence about what happened to Madeleine. 

 PB: Wait, you are have no definitive evidence (but you have some which does not point to abduction) but you are open-minded to what? Only an abduction? And you think it is significant to the case itself that it has captured the interest of the world and it is unusual to have a case be worked on for so is any of this relevant to the actual crime itself? The reason people are fascinated is because of the UK interference and whitewashing of the McCanns and the amount of money spent accomplishing nothing.

Q: You say you haven’t got definitive evidence, do you have any clues at all which might explain what happened to her?

MR: So, you’ll understand from your experience, the way murder investigations work, detectives will start off with various hypotheses, about what’s happened in a murder, what has happened in a missing person’s investigation, whether someone has been abducted. All those different possibilities will be worked through. This case is no different from that but the evidence is limited at the moment to be cast iron as to which one of those hypotheses we should follow. So we have to keep an open mind. As I said we have some critical lines of enquiry, those linked to particular lines of enquiry, but I’m not going to discuss them today because they are very much live investigations.

PB: What a pile of malarkey! What ARE you saying? You don't know which hypothesis to follow? That is because you aren't following the evidence, you are just theorizing abduction possibilities and abductors out of the air.

Q: Do you have some evidence, in your six years of investigation, have you unearthed some evidence to explain what happened?

MR: We’ve got some thoughts on what we think the most likely explanations might be and we’re pursuing those. And those link into the key lines of enquiry we’re doing now. As I said, those are very much live investigations and I know that’s frustrating when you’re doing a programme looking back but it’s hard to talk about that now, it’s going to frustrate the investigation.

PB: What?

Q: I know it’s not your money, it has come from the Home Office, but how do you justify spending so much on one missing person?

MR: Big cases can take a lot of resource and a lot of time and we have that with more conventional cases which Scotland Yard gets involved with that run over many years. I think it’s worth noting that this cold case approach we do, every year we’re solving cases that have gone cold years ago. I think in the last year it’s 35 rape cases, and two murder cases. Some of those reaching back to the 1980s. The cold case approach does have some expense, it is time-consuming, looking back at old records, but it does help solve old cases and you give families and victims an understanding of what went on. It’s worthwhile. This case is unusual, it’s not in Scotland Yard’s remit to investigate crimes across the world normally. In this case, in 2011, the Portuguese and British prime ministers were discussing the case and agreed that Scotland Yard would help and recognizing that it’s not what we’re normally funded for, we were given extra money to put a team together to work with the Portuguese and that’s what we’ve been doing ever since. We’ve tried to be careful about public money and we started with that massive sifting and we’ve narrowed the enquiry, the funding has reduced accordingly. And we will stick with it as long as the funding is available, as long as there are sensible lines of enquiry to pursue.

PB: You try to be careful with public money, so you ignored the actual evidence, sifted through piles of useless crap from the PIs, pursued suspects and dug up land based on nary a "nugget" of evidence and that is how you take spend the taxpayer's money? Remind me not to send you out to the store with my credit card to buy a jug of milk.

Q: You’ve talked about 600 people. You at one point had four suspects. Can you tell me the story about how they came into the frame?

MR: So, one of the lines of enquiry, one of the hypotheses was could this be a burglary gone wrong? Someone is doing a burglary, panicked maybe by a waking child, which leads to Madeleine going missing.

PB: Why, let's make up a story based on zero evidence and find some local riff-raff and make it them!

Q: Most burglars would just run out.

MR: Possibly.

PB: No, probably.

Q: Difficult for the public to understand that potential theory, given that every child wakes up.

MR: In my experience, if you try to apply the rational logic of a normal person sat in their front room to what criminals do under pressure, you tend to make mistakes, so it was a sensible hypothesis, it’s still not entirely ruled out, but there was also lots of material about people acting suspiciously, a potential history of some recent thefts from holiday apartments. Working through that it was a sensible thing to pursue, and we had some descriptions to work with, and that led to us identifying amongst the 600, a group of people who were worth pursuing, have they been involved in this activity, have they had a role in Madeleine going missing? Because what the hypothesis was, then we’ve got some searches, we’ve worked with the Portuguese, they were spoken to, and we pretty much closed off that group of people. That’s one example of the journey I spoke about, you start with this massive pool of evidence, you understand it, structure it, prioritise it, you work through and you try and sift the potential suspects, and then you end up where we are today with some key lines of enquiry.

PB: Yes, criminals do make mistakes under pressure, but they usually leave evidence in the wake of it and don't kidnap a little child who can't identify them anyway. They don't sedate children during robberies and they don't accidentally kill a child, run away, and come back later to retrieve a child. What murder mysteries does your team read?

Q: As I understand it, the key to your suspicion about those four suspects was very much to do with their use of mobile phones and one of the criticisms of the original Portuguese police investigation was that they didn’t interrogate the mobile phone data as thoroughly as they could have done. How important was it for you as that part of your investigation for you to pick up and thoroughly investigate the mobile phone data?

MR: So that phone data is always something we will look at and we wouldn’t have had it available if the Portuguese had not got hold of it at the time so we need to be careful about criticism. But we had the data available and we worked with the Portuguese and that was part of the background to do with phone data and various sightings. There was enough there to say, not to prove the case, but there was something worth looking at in more detail and that’s what we did.

PB. People using mobile phones! What a bizarre behavior!

Q: How old were the suspects because I think you interviewed them originally through the Portuguese beginning of July 2014?

MR: By the end of the year we were happy to have brought them out and we were moving on to other parts of the investigation.

PB: Did you read all the commentary mocking your burglar theory?

Q: Do you have any other suspects at the moment?

MR: So, we have got some critical lines of enquiry that are definitely worth pursuing and I’m not going to go into further detail on those. Another I would say though is, these lines of enquiry we have to date, they are the product of information available at the time and information that has come from public appeals that we have done. Four Crimewatch appeals, and other media channels have been incredibly helpful, including yourselves, and thousands of pieces of information have come forward, some useful some not, but amongst that have been some nuggets that have thrown some extra light on the original material that came from the time and that is one of the things that has helped us to make progress and have some critical lines of enquiry we are pursuing today.

PB: I think you mean "No."

Q: The question of other suspects, is there anyone like those four who have been dismissed, is there anyone who has the “aguido” status?

MR: I’m not going to give that level of detail away, we have got some critical lines of enquiry and we are working with the Portuguese on that, we are both interested in. Disclosing any more information on that will not help the investigation.

PB. Yes, the McCanns, but we are not investigating them.

Q: You said the burglary gone wrong theory is not completely dismissed. What are the other theories? You have spoken in the past, Andy Redwood spoke in the past about focusing on the idea of a stranger abduction, is that still the focus, or a focus?

MR: Whilst we’ve got some lead ideas there is still a lot of unknown on this case. We’ve got a young girl gone missing 10 years ago. Until we get to the point where we have solved it, we’re unlikely to have definitive evidence as to exactly what happened at the time. All the hypotheses that you or I could come up with, they all have to remain open and the key lines of enquiry open today focus on one or two of those areas but we have to keep them all open until we get to that critical piece of evidence that narrows it down and helps us to be more confident as to exactly what has happened on the day Maddie went missing.

PB. Don't call her, Maddie; the McCanns don't like that. And are you saying absolutely nothing again?

Q: Over the years you have appealed for a number of what could be called suspicious-

looking men, watching the apartment, watching the apartment block. Knocking on the doors touting for a bogus charity. You have issued E-fits, have you been able to identify and eliminate any of those?

MR: Some of them have been identified and eliminated but not all of them.

PB: And none of them have been proven to have the slightest connection to the disappearance of Maddie.

Q: The theory of a sex predator responsible for Maddie’s disappearance is something the Portuguese police have focussed on. How big a part of your investigation has that been, because there were a series of sex attack on sleeping, mainly British children in nearby resorts. So how important has that
been to your investigation?

MR: That has been one key line of enquiry. The reality is in any urban area, you cast your net wide and you find a whole range of offences and sex offenders who live nearby and those coincidences need to be sifted out; what is a coincidence and what could be linked to the investigation we are currently dealing with and just like we do in London we have been doing in Portugal so offences which could be linked have to be looked at and either ruled in or ruled out and that’s the work we have been doing.

PB: Well, a small piece of truth. Yes, sex offenses occur in many areas and are not necessarily linked to the case at hand. In fact, there isn't a shred of evidence these other incidents have a thing to do with the McCann case.

Q: Andy Redwood, the first senior investigating officer, said in one interview his policy was to go right back to the beginning, accept nothing, but one thing you appear to have accepted is that this was an abduction. It’s in your first remit statement, it refers to ‘the abduction’, which rather suggests right from the start you had a closed mind to the possibility of parents’ involvement, an accident or Madeleine simply walking out of the apartment.

MR: Two points to that, firstly the involvement of the parents, that was dealt with at the time by the original investigation by the Portuguese. We had a look at all the material and we are happy that was all dealt with and there is no reason whatsoever to reopen that or start rumours that was a line of investigation. The McCanns are parents of a missing girl, we are trying to get to the bottom of. In terms of Andy using the word abduction, she was not old enough to set off and start her own life. However she left that apartment, she has been abducted. It is not a 20-year-old who has gone missing and who has made a decision to start a new life, this is a young girl who is missing and at the heart of this has been an abduction.

PB: The questioner says that there is a "remit that refers to abduction and you just ignored that point. You also ignored that there was a policy (Redwood? Really? Maybe he DID try and was ousted?) that one should go back to the beginning, accept nothing - something I have been saying for years is the hallmark of a REAL police investigation, but you don't obviously agree. You are okay with accepting the previous investigator's conclusions...wait..didn't they make the McCanns the top suspects and weren't they still not cleared as suspects when the case was shelved? So, you are outright lying here. And then you go on about how Maddie didn't go off on her own to start a new life??? Good lord, this is how you reason?

Q: One of the biggest criticisms of the Portuguese investigation, which they acknowledge as well, is that they did not interrogate the parents from the start, if only to eliminate them. When you started your investigation, you appear to have done the same. Did you formally interview the McCann’s under caution, ever consider them as suspects?

MR: So when we started, we started five or so years into this and there is already a lot of ground been covered, we don’t cover the same ground, what we do is pull all the material we had at the start, all the Portuguese material, private detective material, with all the work that had been done, what that evidence supports, what rules these lines of enquiry out, what keeps them open and you progress forward. It would be no different if there were a cold case in London, a missing person from 1990, we would go back to square one look at all the material and if the material was convincing it ruled out that line of enquiry we would look somewhere else. So you reflect on the original material, you challenge it, don’t take it at face value. You don’t restart an investigation pretending it doesn’t exist and do all the same enquiries again that is not constructive.

PB: Oh, so you don't really go back to the beginning; you just decide what else you want to explore. I agree that if there has been adequate investigation prior in a direction to rule out something, yes, you don't repeat the exercise, but you DO go back where there are gaps and people who have not been eliminated. The McCanns were NOT eliminated and there were so many anomalies with them and their friends, that not going back and investigating them and reinterviewing them is either incompetence or misconduct on the part of the detectives.

Q: The first detective in charge of the case said he was going right back to the start of the case and accepting nothing. It seems very much he was suggesting that it was going to be a brand new investigation.

MR: It’s a brand new investigation, you are going in with an open mind. You are not ignoring the evidence in front of you. That would be a bizarre conclusion. You would look at that material, what does it prove, what it doesn’t. What hypothesis does it open what does it close down and you work your way through the case.

PB: How can you have an open mind and ignore the McCanns as suspects?

Q: Just to be clear you did not interview the McCanns as potential suspects?

MR: No

PB: Well, there is finally the proof of what I have been saying for a long time. The police are not secretly investigating the McCanns, interviewing them behind the scenes. This simple "No" is absolutely the truth.

Q: Let’s move to today, recently you were given more funding £84,000 to £85,000, how is that going to be used?

MR: As you understand we started with a full-sized murder team of 30 officers, that was a standard operating approach at the time. So we start with that team and work through the massive amount of investigation. The Home Office has been funding that and of course it is public money so they review that from time to time and as the enquiry has gone on we suggested we could run it with a smaller group of people and that is what happened. That recent level of funding reflects that it’s keeping the team going for the next six months and we will want to keep this running as long as there are sensible lines of enquiry and keep asking the Home Office to fund it as long as there are those open lines of enquiry.

PB: In other words, you are getting nowhere and you are trying to shut down this travesty.

Q: I know you don’t want to go into detail but are there more forensic tests, is that what is going on?

MR: I’m not going to talk about detail of the type of work going on but there are critical lines of enquiry of great interest to ourselves and our Portuguese counterparts and there are some significant investigative avenues we are pursuing that we see as very worthwhile.

PB: What he is saying is we are not interested in forensic tests because that would be connected to the McCanns as suspects.

Q: Are you still waiting for answers to new ‘rogatory’ letters. I understand how the system works if you want something in Portugal, you have to send ‘rogatory’ letter and get that approved over there. Are there letters in the post?

MR: That process you describe reflects the first four or five years of our work there, sifting through mass amounts of material, putting together with new evidence that comes from appeals, generates new enquiries and the legal requirements the Portuguese have is quite labour intensive in terms of dotting I’s and crossing T’s and working through that detail. Where we are now is much narrower much more focussed.

PB: Yeah, we are running out of phony suspects. There are not enough creepy people in Portugal left.

Q: Is there anyone you are still looking for?

MR: Where we are now is much narrower and much more focussed.

PB. Not really.

Q: There was a report recently that there was an international manhunt in regards to a person you were interested in talking to, maybe not even a suspect, maybe a witness?

MR: There are odd headlines and odd stories in newspapers on a regular basis and most of those are nonsense.

PB: Yes, most of them generated by Clarence.

Q: You say in your statement, you are getting information on a daily basis, new information, what sort of information?

MR: First of all it is indicative of the level of interest in this case, not just in this country but across the world. The team are getting emails, phone calls, new information all the time and it ranges from the eccentric, through to information that on the surface looks potentially interesting and needs to be bottomed out and are constantly sifting through them.

PB: Yes, it is embarrassing to have the whole world watching a completely bungled farce.

Q: Are you any closer to solving this then you were six years ago?

MR: I know we have a significant line of enquiry that is worth pursuing, and because of that, it could provide an answer. Until we have gone through it, I won’t know if we will get there or not.

PB: So, no, we are not a bit closer.

Q: What area is that enquiry?

MR: Ourselves and the Portuguese are doing a critical piece of work and we don’t want to spoil it by putting titbits out on it publically.

PB. The "tidbits" are indicative as to how small the clues small, they hardly qualify as anything of worth.

Q: How confident are you this will solve it for you?

MR: It is worth pursuing.

PB: It's shite.

Q: What does your instinct say about what happened to Maddie?

MR: If I start going in to my instinct having read the material of interest we are dealing with at the moment it would give away what we are looking in to so I’m not going to answer that. But what I would say from my experience of dealing with cold cases and these types of investigations is that this time, even sadly after 10 years of Maddie being missing there are nuggets of information and lines of enquiry that are worth pursuing and it is possible they may lead to an answer. As long as we have the resources to do it, and as long as we have those sensible lines of enquiry because if we can provide an answer to a family in this horrible situation that is what we must do.

PB: I have nothing to say about those "nuggets" - more teeny pieces of info - but, yeah, we aren't solving this case and we know why but we are going to give the McCanns the public answer soon and close this down. We need a bit more time to come up with the most believable answer to end this. We have to rethink the burglar thing.

Q: Do the significant lines of enquiry suggest to you Maddie is alive or dead?

MR: As I said earlier on we have no definitive evidence as to whether Maddie is alive or dead. We have to keep an open mind that is why we describe it as a missing person enquiry. Of course we understand why after so many years people would be pessimistic but we are keeping an open mind and treating it as a missing person enquiry.

PB: Except for those pesky dogs and a man carrying a pretty limp child to the beach and the fact the child has never reappeared and that IF the parents aren't covering up what happened to Maddie (her death in the apartment), it would be 99% likely that it was a child sex predator and she would be dead within hours. But, hey, let's not let evidence and logic stand in the way of spending millions of pounds of taxpayer dollars.

Q: You’ve said you are realistic about what you are dealing with, what do you mean by that?

MR: We are realistic about the prospects and the assumptions people will make 10 years on when a little girl has gone missing but there is no definitive evidence and as long as that is the case we have to have an open mind and treat it as a missing person enquiry.

PB: I don't want to talk about it.

Q: If she is alive, she is nearly 14, do you have any idea what she might be doing, where she might be, the circumstances she might be living?

MR: That is such a hypothetical question I cannot begin to answer.

PB: You can't even imagine Maddie is a fourteen-year-old.

Q: There is a chance she may still be alive.

MR: We have to keep an open mind, it is a missing person enquiry we don’t have that definitive evidence either way.

PB: No, but I am not going to admit that.

Q: How confident are you that you will solve the case?

MR: I wish I could say we will solve this. We solve more than 90 per cent of serious cases at Scotland Yard. I wish I could say I could definitely solve it but a small number of cases don’t get solved. What I have always said on this case and I’ve said to Kate and Gerry. We will do everything we can that is possible to try to find and answer. I hope to find an answer but can’t quite guarantee and as a professional police officer and dealing with the families in awful situations it always hurts you can’t guarantee success, but we will do everything we can to try to get there.

PB: We are buds with Kate and Gerry and we are readying them for their media appearances when we close the case without a definitive answer. We also want to not say Maddie is dead because that would mean the McCanns should close the fund down.

PB: ENOUGH!  If you would like to read the rest of the interview, click here.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
April 25, 2017