Sunday, February 25, 2007

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Judging Larry

I agree with you, Pat, on the questionable morality of the individuals involved in the life and death of Anna Nicole Smith. From what is known so far regarding her physical condition and a fever of 105 just before she died (according to the statement made by her bodyguard), and because of the suspected cause of her son’s recent death, I also agree that this death should be approached as a criminal investigation. It will be no easy task to uncover the facts in this case for even the most experienced of investigators.

“Live by the sword, die by the sword” may to some extent, explain how Anna Nicole Smith's death has become as much a mockery as her life was. It’s as if these characters in the legal battles over Anna’s body, her child, and her assets have opportunistically cast themselves in what has virtually become a 24/7 reality TV show. Anna Nicole may not have exhibited much self-respect when she was alive, but this does not justify the actions of others now. Personally, I find the twisted fascination of the media and the viewing public disturbing and offensive, but I am most horrified at the behavior of two persons in particular.

The first is Broward County Circuit Court Judge, Larry Seidlin. Like many others, I believe that Judge Seidlin’s behavior while presiding over this case was, in effect, an audition for the “Judge Larry” show. The inappropriate statements made during last week’s proceedings, such as “this body belongs to me now. For the moment, this body is staying right here.”, and “that baby is in a cold, cold storage room, it’s not decaying so fast. I’m not rushing — we’re gonna spend a lot of time together”, were nothing less than revolting. Then came Thursday’s performance of sobbing in front of the TV cameras as he announced that he wanted Anna Nicole to be buried in the Bahamas along side her recently deceased son, Daniel. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it took six days for Judge Larry to come to this conclusion. I can’t help but wonder how this waste of time and resources must make all of those waiting to be heard in Broward County court feel. It’s been reported that CBS has approached Larry about a possible project. My verdict is that Judge Larry’s “audition” merits the old stage hook, but without the “keep your day job kid”.

The second person I refer to is Virgie Arthur, Anna Nicole’s mother. Perhaps mother is not the right word. I have a hard time believing this woman has ever acted with her daughter’s best interests at heart, because she certainly isn’t doing so now. Her courtroom tears seem about as genuine to me as those of Judge Larry. What kind of mother allows her child’s body to decompose and be the center attraction in a 3-ring circus in front of the whole world, instead of laying her to rest? Furthermore, why did she not fight so energetically to have a loving relationship with her daughter while she was alive? To be fair, I have no idea the true reason why mother and daughter were estranged Still, it should be easy for Virgie to figure out (as it is for anyone else who has turned on their TV in the last 2 weeks) where Anna Nicole would wish to be buried, which is with her son. I feel sad for Vicki Lynn, the little girl who became Anna Nicole Smith. If she was treated and used in life, as she is now in death, by those who were supposed to love and care for her, I wonder if little Vicki Lynn ever had a chance. Most of all, I feel sad for baby Dannielynn, who will only know her mother through the words and actions of others, and she will one day know that these same people fought over her too, with more greed than love.

Donna Weaver

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