Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Does the Innocence Project help innocent men or criminals?

The Innocence Project has struck again. Curtis McCarty has been freed from prison after twenty years on death row because a judge finally ruled that the state improperly dealt with the physical evidence and, in the eyes of the Innocence folk, railroaded an innocent man. Now, this man, like the many others the Innocence Project has gotten a ticket out of jail, is oddly not overly bitter about spending two decades of his life behind bars. Many people think this is a wonderful thing, a man wrongly convicted can forgive the authorities and his country for such a horrific injustice and they also applaud the Innocence Project for rescuing this poor individual from a terrible fate.

What the Innocence Project and most reporters don’t want people to know is that Curtis McCarty is a scumbag who should never be allowed back on the streets among decent people ever again. He is hardly an innocent man, some docile schoolteacher ripped away from his loving wife and children, and tossed into a hellhole with a type of humankind he is totally unfamiliar with. McCarty is a useless piece of garbage, a violent criminal, a drug user, and a rapist. He was convicted of raping a fourteen-year old girl in every manner possible and choking her during the act. Luckily, she lived. Nice man McCarty also led the police to the body of a woman his friend supposedly raped and murdered although his friend said McCarty was the guilty party. Then, there was the other woman that he was convicted of murdering…but, now he has been found not guilty due to supposed DNA exclusion and bad behavior at the police lab.

I don’t know the full circumstances surrounding the murder of Pamela Willis – maybe Curtis killed her and maybe he didn’t or maybe he didn’t rape her but her murdered her or maybe he used a condom and another of his friends killed her. What I do know is that Curtis is a violent rapist who has been involved in burying a raped and murdered woman. Why these crimes don’t keep him in jail forever is beyond me. But, now, Curtis is a free man and because the truth about him has been buried, the Innocence Project will seem a band of angels instead of the criminal loving left-wing anti-victim group that they really are. It is one thing to work to be sure the State does not abuse its powers; it is another to make people believe the State is putting law abiding, decent citizens on death row. The Innocence Project doesn’t want folks to know the truth that almost all of the people they get freed are violent criminals who either committed the crime they were accused of, involved in the crime they were accused of, or committed a crime just like the one they were accused of. While creeps still shouldn’t be railroaded by the justice system, they shouldn’t be treated like heroes either.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


Ronni said...

Weren't the Petersons trying to get this group involved in Scott's case?

Thank you for exposing this "project" for what it is.

Levi said...

I've done a lot of research and reading on the death penalty.

I know that many anti death penalty websites include people that weren't even exonerated from death row on their lists of exonerated people!

I also know that they do not take into consideration "innocence" when putting some of these people down on their exonerated lists.

Just because someone's DNA wasn't @ the crime scene, doesn't mean they were not involved.

There is a lot of hype in my opinion about DNA. It doesn't tell the whole story.

Criminals can work in cahoots & the prosecutors could have charged the person who helped plan the murder, but didn't actually do the murder. Was the person still guilty? YES.

The innocence project still puts those type of people on the "exonerated" list like they are completely innocent.

These anti death penalty groups lie so much. And the media just spouts it as if it's the truth.

I'm glad Pat Brown wrote this blog post!

Levi said...

ronni, the group helping Scott Peterson is a group called CCADP, the Canadian Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.

That group is far more extreme than the innocence project they are what is known as "scumpals" & "murderphiles" they write letters to death row inmates. They want to be "friends" with death row inmates.

People go on the CCADP message boards & basically blow sunshine up Scott Peterson's a**.

It is a filthy group ronni.

Anonymous said...

Pat, thank you for saying the truth. Curtis has a long history of rape and involvement in murder, even though he was very young when he went to prison. I would also like to make one correction to your article. He did not take them to the body of a woman who was murdered by his "friend". He took them to the body of a 7 year old girl that was gang raped and beaten to death with a baseball bat. His story is that he was unwillingly forced to watch this terrible crime and then blackmailed to drive around with the body for several days before hiding it. Also, he told many people that he was involved in the murder for which he went to prison. He lied to the police about where he was that night and his story changed several times. He's no innocent lamb.

Anonymous said...

Where've you been? You haven't posted since 5/15...