Monday, May 14, 2007

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Understanding the Upstanding Paris Hilton

Poor Paris! She is still fighting to keep herself out of prison and her distraught fans are working overtime to help her with their petition to Arnold. All of this is pretty silly and goofy (and rather amusing, actually especially when she is getting slammed right and left and told to just grow up and stop whining and now there is another petition labeled "Jail Paris Hilton" getting a ton of signatures!). However, there is one rather seriously note in all of this. In the petition her fans conjured up, they included this incredible statement about Paris: “She provides hope for young people all over the U.S.” Hope? Hope to do what, to be what? Hope to grow up to be a lucky rich kid of a billionaire? Hope to grow up to be a brainless twit? Hope to grow up to be a lawbreaker, a drunk, and a drug abuser? Hope to grow up to be the anti-paragon of virtue?

Is this the beacon of light for our young people? Are they looking up to Paris instead of someone who is really achieving something in this life or giving something to the world that has merit? Is Paris the new Mother Theresa? Good God, tell me the next generation hasn’t gotten so shallow and narcissistic that becoming Paris is their actual hope for their future?

What a sad thought this is that any young person would see Paris Hilton as a role model instead of just a silly, irresponsible, Hollywood celebrity who might wear some cool clothes and have a neat hairstyle. Paris might be someone we enjoy reading gossip about and we may even get a laugh out of her antics and this I can accept, but to actually take her seriously and wish to be like her is a pretty sorry state of affairs.
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Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

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Levi said...

Next thing we know Paris Hilton is going to be blaming her dog for this! She has already blamed her publicist and has shed any doubt she was indeed NOT an idiot. IF she took legal advise from her publicist and continued to drive after clearly signing she couldn't. She is not only guilty of a DUI and driving with a suspended license she is guilty of being stupid!

She also can't STOP whining, she is whining about death threats she is getting on myspace. Boo hoo. I bet those death threats are put there by her supporters to make it out like she is a victim.

She is such as loser. Hope she likes the doll house!