Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: New Criminal Profiling Courses Available Online

Starting this May, Excelsior College is offering a Criminal Profiling Certificate Program consisting of five courses (which can also be taken alone or as part of a liberal arts degree with a major in Criminal Justice). The courses are developed and taught by Pat Brown and specifically designed for practical application in the real world of police investigation and criminal profiling.

Excelsior College CPIA Course Schedule (all courses continue throughout the year - the listed date is the first time each course will become available in the program.)

CJ360 - Forensic Pathology (May 2008)
CJ472 - Psychology of Violent Crime (July 2008)
CJ372 - Crime Scene Analysis (September 2008)
CJ370 - Investigative Criminal Profiling (November 2008)
CJ470 - Serial Rape and Homicide Investigation (January 2009)

I look forward to working with all law enforcement officers and future profilers in this new program which I hope will bring criminal profiling into the regular course of homicide investigation and benefit all by its use as a logical tool for crime scene and investigative analysis.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


Preraphazon said...

Congrats! I only wish Excelsior was in my neck of the woods.

Pat Brown said...

Excelsior is online so it doesn't matter what neck of the woods you are in! This is the beauty of the program. Police officers from all over the US and world can study criminal profiling and fit it into their schedules. Excelsior has a strong student population of law enforcement and military personnel for just this reason.

I am really looking forward to teaching and interacting with those taking this program. The whole idea behind my approach to criminal profiling is for it to be very law enforcement friendly and practicial. I want police investigators themselves to be as educated as possible in crime scene analysis and profiling as they are the ones who have the cases. Hopefully, we will see an increase in cooperation between investigators and profilers in improving the tool of profiling instead of only using it as some last resort tool. Profiling should be a regular part of investigation and used by the invesigators themselves and by profilers they might use as added input.

Anonymous said...
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