Friday, April 4, 2008

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Unplug Hug-a-Thug

I actually didn't know the term "Hug-a-Thug" until today. Urban dictionary's definition sent in by Ron Berlin of Denver:


Piece of shit bleeding heart liberals who cuddle and comfort murderers, rapist and child molesters in a correctional facility.

"Chester the molester sexually assaulted a staff member. A week later Shari bought him a Happy Meal."

Hence, Shari is a hug-a-thugger. While there seem to be oodles of hug-a-thug programs out there and many hug-a-thuggers, there seem to be almost no "comfort-a-victim" (I couldn't think of a cute rhyme) programs to match. I just read this appalling bit for example:

"With Prison Break, volunteers such as Hepler meet with eight to 10 medium-security prisoners who have been on good behavior for an hour each Thursday, and help them learn better interpersonal and communication skills. As a result of these interactions, the prisoners can carry themselves well when in front of a parole committee, Hepler explained."

How sweet! Hepler, a criminal profiler wannabe, helps criminals get over on parole committee members! Lovely!

When will people start understanding that criminals are in jail because they deserve to be there and if they want help, they should get it after they serve their time and they should get help for no other reason then that they want to act right from that day forth.

Meanwhile, victims should be getting all the attention as they are getting a life sentence and no one seems to give a damn.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


manoellimoeiro544 said...

The murderer or killer, the girl Isabela, shook a country. What threw the girl from the sixth floor of a building. Who practiced this act against the life of an angel, is one that deserves covarde leaves of movement of live with the society. I am a father and barbaric crime that shocked me too. Imagine how many parents, was not shocked by this fact absurd occurred in Sao Paulo, a state with 40 million inhabitants. I hope that the State prosecutor, found that crime and the criminal puna this cruel crime. I call that Brazil is manifest against this terror of violence, which is challenging our hearts. Sincerely: José Manoel de Santana (Manoel Limoeiro) E-mail:
This text has been translated into English, to spread the word in the United States of America.
Recife-PE. Brazil, 04 April 2008, Friday.

Levi said...

Pat, I agree with you! I have been a member of many message boards (now banned) because I challenged some PEN PALS - people who write and befriend death row inmates behind bars. I called them SCUM PALS, and asked them why they do not write some of our troops in Iraq, and why they do not volunteer at a domestic violence shelter, or work at a hotline for rape victims or children who are abused? Well I have yet to get an answer, I was banned before anyone could respond.

Oh well, I'll get over it. LOL

I can just hear their answers now: "Nobody is evil, some people just do a bad thing." Or "They might be innocent." Or "They are just missunderstood."

Excuse me while I BARF!

Pat Brown said...

SCUM PALS! I love it, Levi! Yeah, I bet if their kids hung around with drug dealers and gang bangers they wouldn't say to their kid, "Gosh, Johnny! What a good heart you have!"

I might give these folks a break if they had ONE felon they were working with but FOUR victims or families' of victims. But, why do they never, ever help the victims and ONLY the creeps?

preraphazon said...

I have to say I get tired of hearing the word "liberal" tacked onto every wrong endeavor. For the record, I consider myself liberal, but I'm as tough as they come on violent crime -- as are most of my liberal friends and a WHOLE LOT of victims of crime.

Pat Brown said...

Good point but that quote probably came from the right wing ::laughs::(which is tacked on every endeavor that is considered nonliberal..heh.

As a one who homeschooled my three kids, I always get rather perturbed when one homeschooled kid does something wacky and this is proof that homeschooling parents are all ultra religious right wing fanatics. The homeschool group my kids grew up with consisted of a number of nondenominational and nonchuchgoing moms, two born again Christian moms, a Jewish Buddhist mom, and two homeschooling dads who represented are more "liberal" participants, one a Lutheran and the other an atheist. We had kids of many races and so that also proved that not all homeschoolers are all white people hiding their kids from nonwhites.

Ah, such is labeling...(and I have been accused of doing this myself...)

Preraphazon said...

I have strong feelings about homeschooling, but it's not because everyone who does it does it for the wrong reasons. It's because it is a convenient haven for control freaks wanting to isolate their kids for whatever reason. Used to be you at least had to let your kid out to go to school, which gave them a glance into another world they might not otherwise know if they're being kept cloistered for isolation reasons and also a way to report abuse or have it noted by others.

I grew up in an fundamentalist community, so I am perhaps hyper-aware of the problems inherent in not having diverse social contact.

Mamie said...

Dear Pat,

Thanks for writing about the Thug-Huggers. Just about 10 years back, I was appalled when I ran across a webring consisting of personal websites devoted to hooking up inmates with people (mostly women) on the outside.

Now this practice has grown exponentially, and one of the main websites is In my opinion, the worldly unworthy flock to these sites in order to find a "special connection" which will make their life seem meaningful to them and others.

I think a good majority of people who engage in this behavior are truly mentally ill: personality disorders and the like.

I just don't get it. I will never understand why, for instance, a 36 year old single mother of two young girls would want to marry a thrice-convicted felon whose convictions include sexual assault on a minor child (x2), burglary (x2), assault w/deadly weapon... Know what I mean?

I'm a mother, I'm happily married, but God forbid if something happened to my husband, I wouldn't be looking for a scumbag in prison to fill that void in my life!

Levi said...

preraphazon, most of the people that hug thugs, do not prefer the term "thug hugger" they usually say they are "liberal." And the liberal philosophy doesn't include personal responsibility. They believe in 2nd chances, rehab, and all that bunk.

I understand why people call thug huggers liberal, because most of the time, thug huggers call themselves that.

With that being said, not all liberals are soft on crime, and support helping murderers. Just like not all Conservatives or Christians want to blow up abortion clinics.

Levi said...

Mamie, prison talk is disgusting! I think they have some connection with PA cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Another nutty site is women of death row or something like that...

Some of these scum pals make me want to barf!

And Pat, I wonder if these scum pal, thug hugging, losers, if a killer is released would allow the killer to live with them?

Levi said...

My cousins, were home schooled, because #1) The place where they lived in Atlanta had schools with bad reputations, a lot of gangs and violence. #2) Their mother had been a teacher and she could work with them one and one and make sure they knew the material.

They were still around other children. They both played musical instruments, both played sports basket ball and soccer, both were active in their church. And when they were 16 they both did community service and had jobs.

They were Christian, involved in Church, but they were in no way isolated from the world. I think they were just isolated from the bad schools and the violence that plaqued the schools.

I know in California, I heard where some lawmakers wanted to fine parents for home schooling their children, and if the parents didn't have a degree in teaching, couldn't do it.

I went to a private school, and then a public school growing up. But I still think parents have the right to home school their children.

I think in public schools today, the children run wild and the teachers can't do anything about it without some snotty nosed brats parent coming to school and complaining.

Pat Brown said...

Oh, Levi, I had no intention of homeschooling my kids. I wanted them to go to a nice school where I would be a great mother and participate in helping the school in any way I could.

However, the public schools in my area where nothing more than juvenile detention institutions and I didn't think my kids, who had committed no criminal offenses in their lives, should be incarcerated in them.

I couldn't afford the private schools in my area with my three children. Actually, I did try a cheap private school for half a year and I saw my children's behavior plummet and one of my children wasn't getting his educational needs met. I went back to homeschooling. All three of mychildren were happy to return as they were not impressed by their schooling experience.

Now, my son, David, is in a school which is the kind I would have sent my kids to when they were young. He is in India attending university. The students all dress appropriately - girls in saris and boys in long pants and tucked in shirts, there is total respect for the professors, politeness in the classrooms, and if you get caught smoking on campus, you get expelled! The school is a nonreligious school with Hindus, Muslims, and Christians attending side-by-side. If we had schools like that in America instead of disrespectful, failing miserably, violent schools, my children would have attended for sure.

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