Monday, August 4, 2008

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Breaking News! Smiley Face Killers Strike in Australia!

From the United States to Thailand and now Australia! The Smiley Face Killers are clearly no longer a national serial killer gang but international in scale. Using the Internet to communicate and plan their crimes, the latest male victim of the gang is 28-year-old Stephen King, an Irish man out drinking with friends at a bar in Melbourne.

Like the others, he separated from the group in the wee hours of the morning and ended up drowned in a river close to the bar. Police have not yet discovered the Smiley Face symbol which is left near the location the body entered the water, but I am sure it is just a matter of time before they discover its whereabouts.

It is clearly time for Interpol to get involved. This sick group of individuals who target innocent men out having a good time with their mates must be stopped before their membership increases and it becomes unsafe the world over for young men to party with their friends.

It is time to start documenting each and every drowning of a young male in a river near a bar and get these cases over to the two detectives, Kevin Gannon and Antony Duarte, so they can analyze them and include them in their investigation.
Thanks. They need your help!

(The above post is a parody, but I still would have no problem with you sending every drunk male drowning victim case over to the investigators.)

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


Hellfireblogs said...

A Parody using the real death of some guy? Really?

Pat Brown said...

What I think is appalling is a couple of detectives claiming over 40 young college men who drowned probably by an unfortunate excess of drinking, now have gotten their families to believe they were murdered by serial killers. These families, rather than coping with their loss and having closure, now will spend the rest of their lives believing some killer did their sons in. They will imagine their sons were beaten and tortured and cruelly killed. They will spend tons of money seeking their murderers. The rest of the country will live in fear of this dangerous group of serial killers. And, instead of dealing with the serious problem of college binge drinking and drugging, parents will worry about stranger killing their children. THAT is a travesty and THAT is what I am trying to impress upon people. If you feel it was improper of me to use the name of a victim in making this point, I apologize. I did not think of it that way because I am extremely disgusted with this "Smiley Face Killer" gang farce that is causing so much grief to so many.