Saturday, April 11, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: The Smiley Face Killers and Pat Brown

Yes, some guy on Facebook has cracked open the Smiley Face Killers case and, if law enforcement considers his theory, they could solve the mystery of all those athletic young men found drowned in rivers and lakes near their colleges. I'm very nervous about the police following up on this man's ideas because I am sure they will come straight to my door , take me down to the station, and interrogate me. I could end up in prison for aiding and abetting these serial killers. I never thought it would come to this. I was pretty confident I stopped all speculation about any Smiley Face Gang with all those television appearances I did debunking the concept. I thought I had fooled everyone and no one would ever figure it out. But this man did!

From his Facebook Page:

Folks, I have some truly alarming news.Someone is killing college men across America.

I think it's a group of female serial killers acting in a cult-like fashion around the country.They target Alpha Males because they fear them.I think it's a bunch of feminists gone amok.And they've been doing it for years.

Even more alarming, the stupid FBI brought a biased woman to get her opinion on the Smiley Face Killers.Talk about asking the wolf to guard the sheep.You don't ask a feminist author to investigate a case where men are the primary victims.Just like you don't ask vegetarians to help meat eaters who are drowning

It's simply common sense.

I got a radical theory of my own.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown is shielding the female Smiley Face Killers.

I don't know how this man put two and two together and discovered my connection to the murders. Did he find out I lived in Minneapolis where Chris Jenkins ended up in the Mississippi? Did he discover that I had driven Interstate 94 through Eau Claire, Chicago, and Pittsburgh, cities where other victims have been found, on the way to my other home in Washington DC? How did he know that when I was seventeen I admired Gloria Steinem and wore my hair like hers and bought her signature tinted eyeglasses? Who told him I am a vegetarian? This man is a really too smart and he has found me out.

Now that this man has broadcast the truth about me and the Smiley Face Killers on the Internet , I am going to need your help. The Pat Brown Defense Fund will be accepting your donations in the sums of $100, $500, $1000, and $10,000. Please be generous. Thanks.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


California Girl said...

Even tho your cover has been blown, this guy is safe because he is obviously not an alpha male.

Levi Page said...

Actually it isn't a man that is saying that Pat. It is a woman.

Go to facebook, and on search type "Smiley Face Killer"

The creator of the group is Ginette Marie Soleil.

I got a good kick out of that!

Levi Page said...

*Correction type "Smiley Face Killers" with an S, and the group will come up. It is the 2nd result. LOL

Pat Brown said...

Hi Levi,

I know that a woman's name and a picture of a hot chick is attached to that post but the writing is solid male, especially all that "alpha male" stuff which women don't even have an interest in. My guess is the name is a pseudonym and the picture is a fake.

Cheri Griffiths said...

I can't make up my mind if that person was trying to be funny or just dumber than a box of rocks!

Breccia said...

I thought Ms. Brown was pulling our respective legs/teasing when she fingered the SmileyFace perp's cracker as being male.

Hey, He/She/It just sounded like a person being silly, to me.

Out of curiosity I fed the 133 word passage through The Gender Genie.
Turns out the passage is strongly male. score: Female: 81, Male Score: 314. [for what it's worth my score is ~even male/female. I'm a girly girl albeit with 2 degrees in engineering.]

Ms. Brown if you were joking wrt the writer's gender you are amusing. If you were certain, against the fake female name and hot pic, well, your ability gives me goose bumps.

iustitia_est_monstrum said...

Miss Brown, I think you are one of the only realistic, and as close to the mark as possible (considering the profession) profilers society has yet to offer. And I hope this isnt received with sarcasm, or anger. Have you ever in your experience encountered a mission motivated type killer that targets Sexual Offenders, who does not meet the usual criteria? Lets say hypothetically that he is a white male age mid 20's, no history of sexual abuse, no hatred, or desire for revenge,and no satisfaction derived from killing. (killing for him feels necessary in order to preserve what small amount of Good remains, and he does so in the most painless way possible, in order to ease the suffering of his victims as well as prevent future corruption and the spreading of vicious cycles which may contribute to new predators) I will not be idiotic and ask how you would "personally" feel about such a killer, thats your business and i understand the importance of someone in your position needing to maintain a good status in order to do your job effectively. I do ask (respectively and in curiousity of course) if such a killer exists, and is He WRONG for what hes hypothetically doing? thank you. Jeremy

Pat Brown said...

Such a killer exists only in the mind of the killer. No one who decides to take such a course is not a psychopath and such psychopath who decides to play God and kill people for the betterment of the world has puffed up his importance (grandiose narcisstic thinking) in his mind. He has determined he will "improve" the world by killing ten minor 'evil' players which is ridiculous when one looks at the massive evil powers at play that he could have no influence over. If he kills ten nice innocent people to save them from further pain, then he has risen his understanding of the usefulness of their lives and their level of happiness to that of God, a hugely psychopathic level of thinking. Furthermore, this pitiful psychopath can think of not one way to lessen the evil of the world nor the pain of people in any way other than murder, so he must like killing more than he likes helping.

A killer who claims what you said above is a liar. He LOVES murdering people and he does suffer from hatred and revenge and he gains GREAT satisfaction from offing people. He just isn't admitting it.

iustitia_est_monstrum said...

Very well put miss Brown, and considering it I can't find any fault or improbability in that logic..I knew I'd get a straight answer from the person who wrote the profound and easily digestible "10 myths about serial killers exposed". (i found no fault in its logic either) Are they all doomed Miss Brown? (the psychopaths) I know they dont generally want, or feel they need help, and lie repeatedly, or shrug it off and continue on new routes of lying once exposed..but the optimist in me can help wonder if some were Made to be the things they are due to shi?tty social conditions, and if so can any shred of goodness remain that gives them a chance of redemption?(my more cynical counterparts are of the impression you cant really "cure" anything so grave...only supress it with drugs or isolation from the rest of society.) Lately i dont know what to think and feel inclined to believe its often better "not to" when theres nothing you can do but think about it.

Pat Brown said...

Certainly some elements of society have helped create the murdering psychopath in the same way a brutally beaten dog become vicious. But would you leave either a murderous psychopath or a vicious dog alone with a little child even if you felt pity for the sick animal (the dog or the human)? Would you trust leaving that being alone with that child after giving it calming drugs or rehabilitation? Probably not. So, essentially, even if one puts the issue of justice aside (why should a serial killer get a second chance when the victims get none), can you ever be really sure the killer won't kill again? No. And, therefore, he needs to remain locked up for the safety of all.

Cheri Griffiths said...

Pat, you said you thought the comments were made by a man even though the picture suggested a woman. Could it be this man or someone like him?

Tenneguy said...

I believe your opinions are very biased and you may thrive on media attention.
There was more than just smiley faces found.
I have myself took pictures of graffiti left and despite them being on you tube and my theories being all over the internet you seem to have had trouble finding them.Besides names,words,letters,and a smiley face and what looked like the letter x(possibly to represent a cross)there were no other symbols.Why only a smiley face as a symbol?
Serial killers have been known to work together and that was before the internet.
Youy also never address there being so many similarities.

I just do not see where you have done much work on this so I can not believe you are seeing the big picture.You probably have done a lot of harm with your nonsense

Cheri Griffiths said...


I'm sorry but your argument is weak. Anyplace that you see graffiti will generally have something more than a smiley face.

As a general rule I would say its just kids trying to leave their mark.

We had a case in Vermont whom some believe is a victim of this mysterious gang of traveling killers.

They took a picture near where the body was found of what they thought was a smiley face.

Being from the area I know that the graffiti they found had been there long before this young man went missing.

I find it highly unlikely that killers work in a group, let alone are so silent as not to ever give themselves away.

iustitia_est_monstrum said...

Tenneguy, you're the biased one Sir. You should realize that someone in a profession like miss browns has to co-exist peacefully within the media, because they're (for the most part) Ambulance Chasing Parasites who sensationalize things ,and try to make connundrums out of Clay so people will watch them.

You cant let yourself be swept in by the allure of mis-information and sensationalism that runs rampant through the Associated Press, and neither can you expect to prove such a theory like "The Smiley face Killer (s)" no matter what you read on the net, or see on T.V. So apply your talents to more constructive tasks.

I agree with you Miss Brown, they should all be locked away and observed by the appropriate professionals in the Field.

Tenneguy said...

MS Brown has said in her own article how serial killers get caught.Dumb luck and the help of the public.There are still unanswered questions.Dismissing serial killer theories so soon is counter productive.I believe that anyone can look at one argument and easily dismiss a serial killer theory,but as a whole it is not so easy.You have to count on people already having a biased opinion ,while others are faced with a hard sell because there are numerous arguments to be made for a serial killer theory.Any single argument could easily be wrong.Some things could just be coincidence and I realize that.If you can answer those questions I have then maybe I would take you seriously.Show me where MS Brown was being objective talking about the smiley face in the graffiti.Am I wrong?Did she mention that there was other graffiti?Did she mention some of the smiley face had horns?Did she know BOO was left in Clarksville Tennesse?I want to know how the same thing ended up on Gerald Smith's twitter page.You can call it crazy if you want and dismiss it but I want to know if it was just a coincidence the newspapers said Patrick McNeil's body was found 11 miles away and.
Larry Andrews had 11 dollars in his wallet.They were found near pier 69 according to a news report.Falcon and Campbell in NY were at that address.Jacobson in NY that lived at that address.The Fort Campbell soldier at 690 riverside with the 101st went missing the same day as one of the early NY victims(16TH).Between Andrews and McNeil one had a funeral the 16th and one disappeared that day.AC was left in Iowa.One day to the year another Albert Campbell went missing and there is only one listed on the missing persons network with that name.The same day the soldier from Bellingham went missing ,so did Alfred Gonzalez from Bellflower California.Only one was reported missing on that day.The Clarksville soldier was from Bellingham and Albert Campbell in NY was a Clarkson student.I have to wonder if myspace was used.I have many other questions also Any single thing could be a coincidence but as a whole it does not seem so probable.My interest is not debating anything, it is about finding answers,if that is not objective than nothing is.

Tenneguy said...

All the addresses I mentioned in NY are 11,not 69

Southernbelle said...

The guy who says that "feminists"--including Ms. Brown--are behind the Smiley Face murders--well, you, sir, are a genius. You have found us out! Yes, we feminazis are a dangerous crowd--no male is safe around any of us. ROFLMAO!

Detective Mike said...

Hi Pat,

I know you have been critical of the Smiley Face serial killer theory, but have you really closely examined the evidence in the cases. Some people quote you as being an expert profiler and imply that you have investigated the cases and dismissed it.

Have you looked at some of the data that I discovered in the case? I put some of it on my web site.

I would be curious as to what you think of my data.

Anonymous said...

James Wernke who recently died in fullerton, CA, his case is very similar to the smiley face killers but everyone is ruling out foul play even though his autopsy has no signs of drowning or trauma... i wish people would look more into it

Anonymous said...

I think it's Rush.