Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Church Ordains Child Sex Predator as Minister

Standards are plummeting everywhere in this country, but ordaining a sexual psychopath as a minister is a new low. The City of Refuge Worship center has made a child sex predator a minister. Mark Hourigan (scumbag pictured left) sodomized an eleven-year-old boy and got a lousy three years in prison for his crime. Randy Meadows, the idiot pastor who ordained this pervert, says Hourigan has paid his debt to society. Oh, really? He is a registered sex offender for life and what is Hourigan doing to right the wrong he did to this eleven-year-old child? Is this young boy supposed to sit in church and listen to the man who sodomized him praise the Lord and encourage the members of the congregation to be Christians? Oh, no, I forgot. The boy won't come to the church because if he can't handle watching his abuser preach on Sunday, he can just stay home.

Now here is a piece of revolting advice from a victim of sexual abuse:

Say what? Here is MY advice:

Take your children and get the hell out of this church. Are you going to stay there and support the ordination of a sex offender? Are you going to stay there and let a sexual psychopath tell you how to do God's work? Shame on you if you don't tell the church leaders that you in no way will tolerate such an abomination and go find a church that has a sense of decency and values. I am sure Germantown, Kentucky and environs sport a number of other more moral congregations to worship with.

Hourigan should have gotten life in prison for sexual assaulting a child. Since he didn't get that, he at least shouldn't be given positions of moral authority....ever. Biblical principles state that those in overseeing positions should be beyond reproach and I fail to see how a sexual psychopath qualifies. Furthermore, although Hourigan claims to have found God, he is a psychopath who can't be believed. The City of Refuge has no clue if Hourigan is "reformed"or not.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


California Girl said...

A well-known child molester recently died. Many in this society thought he was some sort of deity so this really shouldn't be a surprise.
Hell yes, this is wrong.

Cheri Griffiths said...

On the church website Rev. Randy Meadows writes:

Unfortunately, as I got older and things began to change in my life, like many others, I began walking down a path that would only take me far away from God...


Makes me wonder if there's something in Meadow's past which may cause him to have empathy for Hourigan.

Preraphazon said...

Thank you, Ms. Brown, for being unabashedly outraged on this and other issues. After day after day of fighting the small wars, watching or reading your commentary of an evening enables me to take myself out of battle mode and finally relax, knowing someone is out there setting it down straight for the public instead of pussyfooting around trying not to offend one demographic or another.

Anonymous said...

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