Monday, November 2, 2009

Criminal Profiling Topics of the Day: Smelly Houses, Bye Bye Baby, and Slasher Filmmaker Offensive

Smelly Houses

So the police stop by Anthony Sowell's house to check on the convicted rapist turn loose and, dang, it smells bad! But it is claimed they can't get a search warrant to go inside. Did anyone think to walk by with a cadaver dog and let the dog find probably cause for a warrant?

Bye Bye Baby

Parents go to sleep at 3 AM and when the wake up at 11 AM, baby is bye bye. No sign of a break-in, no crazy fat lady hanging around at the park making goo goo eyes at the baby and claiming she is pregnant when she isn't, and the police are searching the woods for the baby instead of knocking on doors. Most babies who go missing while the parents are supposedly asleep are never found alive and most babies stolen from hospitals by women are found fairly quickly, usually in good health. It is easy (and sad) to see which way the police are leaning already.

Slasher Filmmaker Offensive

Well, yes they are, but that isn't the point. Two years ago, I wrote a commentary on the inappropriateness of gore and slasher filmmakers and their supporters claiming they are pro victim when these movies depict victims being raped, tortured and murdered...seems a rather logical observation and it caused quite a nasty campaign against me from that camp. Lovers of this genre don't like it when someone stands up against them and the proliferation of their misogynist and repulsive drek, so if you see my name being bandied about on the Internet with libelous assaults attached, they are still mad about my post! Here it is, one more time (since they aren't going to link it to their sites)!

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


California Girl said...

It would be interesting to see what the slasher folk would say if a MAN was raped, murdered, brutalized etc. I am sure they wouldn't defend it but instead complain about how horrible the scenes are.

Pat Brown said...

And for the most part, children are off limits, why is that? If it is just pretend, why is it not okay to pretend to rape and kill children? Why are women the targets?

Anonymous said...

Wouldnt a charge of libel mean its not true? I mean are you THAT stupid that you dont know that if you dont want something known about you that you dont put it on the Internet? Or e-mails?

Pat Brown said...


I have no problem with my emails or publicly released statements being put on the Internet and commented upon. I have no objection to opinion, even if the person wishes to give negative commentary about me.

However, articles with misinformation, lies, and twisted "facts" for the purposes of defaming someone is another matter.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should take a class on Horror Film before you pass such closed minded judgement on a specific piece of cinema.

For having a Master's Degree in -anything- your opinion is closed minded and apparently not based in fact. I could reccommend some excellent titles for your reading pleasure that refute your statements rather nicely.

Can you explain to me why so much of horror cinema relies on the survivial of a "final girl" if they are nothing but mysognistic? I'm sure your answer will be as poorly constructed as you're famous for.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is not true about the post about your stalking behavior on ICB?

Lisa said...

Pat, the information about you on the web has NOTHING to do with a post about gore and slasher videos. It has everything to do with you stalking a person by going to his deceased wife's guest book, taking emails of people that posted there, THEN questioned the validity of the dead woman's claim of being raped TO THE EMAILS OF THE PEOPLE YOU LIFTED OFF OF THE GUEST BOOK! What is wrong with you? You are a danger to people everywhere.

Lisa said...

Just in case anyone is confused by my previous post...

Pat Brown harassed grieving people that she didn't know in order to try to find out if the deceased woman told the truth about being a rape victim.

How's that for a criminal profile? Seems the only thing "criminal" around here is Pat's behavior.

Linda said...

I think you're titles 'Smelly Houses' and 'Bye bye baby' are very disrespectful to the victims and their families.
What kind of profiler are you? Very very nasty titles.
These news stories are not humorous and they do not deserve to be portrayed that way with your nonsense titles.
Heaven forbid any of the families read this idiotic blog of yours. Talk about sticking up for the victims.
Yikes! You make fun of them!

Pat Brown said...

Amusing the length slasher film fans will go to to attempt to discredit those who stand up against them!

Sending a few polite emails to determine the truth about a matter is not harrassment nor stalking; it is called getting the facts straight. True crime authors and news people do this all the time and this includes Mr. Mitchell or he would not be able to write books. After he told me to contact the victims' organizations to prove they approved of him and slasher films, I did this. I also checked on his story that his wife was raped because I could not imagine what kind of human being would produce and support films that depicted the very hell his own wife went through. I hoped he was making up a sad victim's story because the alternative was mindblogging.

But, I found out indeed, Lisa had been raped and Mr. Mitchell doesn't have a problem with films that glorify the abuse, terror, and degradation his wife had gone through. Go figure.

Stalking doesn't not mean posting a story or reading a blog or giving an opinion. It doesn't mean contacting someone to find out the identity of the person who is harassing and stalking you under a pseudonym. Stalking is constantly harrassing, bullying, and threatening another person. The only person guilty of that is Michelle McKee and I have two years worth of evidence to back this up.

Linda said...

Well you ignored my comment. Go figure.

I see you are hiding behind the old 'getting the facts straight' as an excuse for stalking.
I've read what you did and I find it disgusting.
You can not justify what you did.

Anonymous said...

You cannot justify your disgusting actions away that easily. If you think contacting Lisa's mourning friends and asking them if she had really been raped is polite, then I surely hate to think what you think is rude and vile.

And you are not a true crime author. Unless you are going to start calling yourself that now too. When Corey researches a story its for a book that he is writing, your VILE research of a funeral site to gather friends e-mails was to gather dirt on Corey and you damn well know it. And you have NO evidence against Michelle. Because she never harrased you. There are a lot of people that know about you, and have posted comments about your credibility. Myself included. You assumed it was all Michelle.

Lisa said...

You said: "I also checked on his story that his wife was raped because I could not imagine what kind of human being would produce and support films that depicted the very hell his own wife went through. I hoped he was making up a sad victim's story because the alternative was mindblogging."

You had NO RIGHT to contact people mourning the death of a loved one to inquire whether or not she was really raped. And you got their contact information in an unscrupulous way - you took it directly from the guest book for the deceased! Who the heck CARES what you hoped?

Have you no amount of decency in your body to let the dead rest?

You are nothing but a self-important lunatic.

Pat Brown said...

Tweet on Twitter

@Michelle_McKee I saw Brown's blog comment and have been commenting back. Send a link about the others. I'll back you up.
about 4 hours ago from web in reply to Michelle_McKee

Anonymous said...

AND? This is an excuse for what you did? You know what's coming Pat. The next part of this story... Why shouldnt Michelle be talking about you?

Anonymous said...
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Pat Brown said...

Now that folks can see the level of viciousness and ridiculousness Michelle McKee and company go to (and this is the kind of stuff that I had to remove on this blog for the last two years on a daily basis), I will close the comments and say no more about the matter.

Lisa said...
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