Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: River Cruz - A Woman Spurned?

It seems that River Cruz AKA Crystal Holloway AKA George Anthony's mistress went to the hospital for attempting suicide. She didn't succeed, which always means to me that you are seeking attention more than death (if you really want to die it is easy to make sure it happens). She claims she did it because she was upset over people saying nasty things about her on the Internet, that they didn't believe she had an affair with George or she was just out for money.

What I see in River is someone who displays a narcissistic personality disorder and finds ways to have people focus on her. Being "normal" and having a "regular" life just doesn't do it for her, so she finds one way or the other to be in the limelight or in the middle of some excitement. She hung around the Anthony's as part of the search group, then hooked up with a married man (probably more exciting to be with THE George Anthony than an unknown fellow), claims she has many health problems including a brain tumor (maybe she does, maybe she doesn't), lives with some guy who pays her bills, and gave (or sold) her story to the National Enquirer. She has a bit of a minor criminal record; her sister has a more major one. Apparently, her sis, Cecilia AKA Skye was
involved in a larceny using River's driver's license, at least her fingerprint was on a license that was shown at the pawnshop where the thievery occurred and Skye was the one who went to jail. Skye also claimed River was a liar in a court matter, but still the sisters hang out together.

River may be telling the truth about Georgie Boy, that they had a thing going on. But, what does this tell you about her character? She is involved with a married man who is pretty much despised by a good many people for his behavior and possible cover-up of his granddaughter's murder. And, IF River did not come forth to tell her story about George saying that his granddaughter's demise was
"an accident that snowballed out of control" for money, then why didn't she go to the police the minute she heard her lover knew Casey had done in the child? Why didn't she want the police to know this information earlier so they could move the case forward?

Dr. Lilllian Glass believes River Cruz is being truthful
about the whole incident. I believe she is a manipulative, attention-seeker who may well have made up the part about George saying it was an accident; after all, a lot of people believe this and River may believe this as well. George may have made some statement like "I don't know.. I don't know if Casey is involved...maybe it was an accident that spun out of control...." I doubt he out and out told her he knew what happened. I don't have much love for George or any of the Anthonys but River Cruz seems more to me like a woman spurned (as she trashed George on her now defunct Twitter account) than someone who wanted to see justice done.

And all the stuff
about River Cruz being the prototype for Zenaida Gonzalez? Rubbish. When Casey said Zenaida was beautiful and Cindy Anthony said the Zenaida was a 10, all you have to do is look at River Cruz to know she doesn't rate that high on the beauty meter (my 26-year-old son gave her a 3 and he didn't know who she was).

River Cruz picked her poison and she has to live with the results. She has children to care for and, if the suicide attempt wasn't another selfish cry for attention, then killing herself because her feelings were hurt and leaving her children motherless is even more selfish. Outside of maybe proving George is a cheat, her testimony won't be worth a damn
in court.


California Girl said...

Lovely bunch of folks.

Diane said...

Pat, I keep reading your blog. If you have the time and a theory, could you elaborate on your opinion on the Brandon Swanson case?

karolina said...

Thanks for the insight! There is a lot of helpful information within those links.

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Anonymous said...

I think you are right on!

Anonymous said...

This is a Perfect 10? Well like they say,"If you put lipstick on a pig,it's still a pig".

Anonymous said...

Pat I think you are reading George Anthony right. I think he had an affair with Krystal Holloway aka River Cruz. I think you are also right that she is an attention seeker. WHO in their right mind would want the world to know you had an affair with a man whose life was turned upside down! (opportunist) Could someone please tell me WHY this woman has two names (River Cruz)?? And where does this woman work? Where does she get her income? Is she American Indian? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I think River Cruz is fulla' BS as far as the affair claims. Even if it's true, so what. She stalked and targeted a married man, invited him into her house, gave him money, then became upset when he wouldn't return her calls.
River Cruz is hardly affair bait, she looks like she fell outta' the ugly tree hitting every branch on the way down. If she paid me $4,000 to pleasure me orally I'd probably accept it...maybe. But for an extra $20,000...being the degenerate gambler that I am it would be "Whoa...hold the phone Nelly!"

dee said...

What is your read on Jose Baez? I am of the opinion that he possess some of the same personality disorders as Casey. He apparently has a history of dishonesty, having misrepresented his criminal pass to the Florida Bar. Like Casey he wrote bad checks, as well. This resulted in the Florida Bar concluding that he possess "a total lack of respect for the rights of others and a total lack of respect for the legal system, which is absolutely inconsistent with the character and fitness qualities required of those seeking to be afforded the highest position of trust and confidence recognized by our system of law."
Further, last summer at a time when his home was in foreclosure, and he had not made mortgage payments in months, he went on vacation to Paris. In addition, previously, at a time when he had not provided the support the court ordered for his child, he leased himself a sports car and took an expensive course. Also, during the course of the trial he blatantly lied to Judge Perry about his failure to comply with a Court Order which was entered several months earlier. I see in him some of the same characteristics observed in Casey. What is your take...?

unbelievable said...

I went to school for years with the Holloway twins lol you guys don't know half of the story of these two sisters

Anonymous said...

who would call themselves river cruise (yes i know it isnt spelt that way)a stripper a prostitute exotic dancer - why anyone would believe her IDK ; IMO she thought she was hooking herself onto a star money maker -Is there anyway infuture that Casey could be charged with the murder of caylee and retried? And do u know if the police are still actively following up any new leads ?