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"Madeleine." The Gift that Keeps on least to a Profiler

I must have tossed a tear gas grenade under a bridge because all the trolls came running out on Twitter. Of all the twisted lies they started throwing out about me- like I got kicked off of Nancy Grace while on air (please post the video someone because I think I would have remembered that; I was just on last week) - the one got the most play was that I a horrid ghoul because I stated on Twitter that I was making a pile of money off of the disappearance of this poor little girl, that Madeleine was a gift that keeps on giving to this profiler.

Of course, they completely ignored (likely on purpose) the quotes around the word "Madeleine" which indicated I was speaking of the book by that title which Kate McCann wrote two years ago and they perverted the meaning of the following phrase, that the gift that keeps on giving was the money I was making off of poor Madeleine, not the clues that the book had to offer a profiler.

No matter, the whole thing is troll silliness, but the reason I originally posted that tweet shortly after I read the book, Madeleine, was because I was absolutely stunned at the information to be gleaned from this story of a parent of a missing child. What Kate made public in the book was what propelled me to write my own book, Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann - which was subsequently removed from sale at Amazon after they were threatened by the McCanns' attorneys with a libel lawsuit. The book also prompted me to make a trip to Portugal to do my own study of the area and reconstruction of the crime and to search the area for a possibly body dumping ground which I eventually came to believe might be the area called Monte do Jose Mestre just west of Praia da Luz. The trip was mostly financed by what I had made from my book before it was removed from sale.

The most striking bit I got from Kate's book was her pooh-poohing of the Smith sighting at 10 pm, only giving it the slightest credence IF and only IF it could be linked to the earlier Tanner claimed sighting at 9:15 pm. And, now, just days ago, a bombshell dropped into the media. After Scotland Yard dismissed the Tanner sighting as another tourist and his child and put up two e-fits of the man the Smiths saw on the Crimewatch show, the first bit of negative publicity about the McCanns showed up in the British media in years. It was stated that those e-fits were made by the McCanns' own PIs five years ago and that the PIs said they were threatened with a lawsuit if they turned them over to law enforcement. But, what struck me the most was this: the McCanns not only did not put this suspect's pictures up on their website, Kate did not include them in her book in which she put a number of other e-fits of possible suspects (the Tanner sighting and some fellows lurking about town in the days previous to the "abduction").

If my child had been abducted and was possibly being raped on a daily basis, just the thought of my child being terrified and tortured would have forced me to clear myself with the police, take a polygraph, do a reconstruction, AND, absolutely, AND release those e-fits to the public even if that suspect looked a lot like Maddie's dad. Hey, somebody who looks like Maddie's father might be raping my daughter right now!

But, no, the McCanns did not clear themselves - they ran the country which resulted in the police no longer looking for someone who was raping the crap out of their daughter, they refused polygraphs, they refused a reconstruction, and they HID the e-fits from the public eye.

It is exactly this kind of behavior that is a gift that keeps on giving to a profiler - evidence, true behavioral evidence - that makes this profiler find that the parents should be the top suspects in the disappearance of their daughter, Madeleine and not some long dead ex-hotel employee that happened to make a cell phone in Praia da Luz on the day Maddie went missing.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

October 30, 2013

Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann available at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.

By Pat Brown
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Published: July 27, 2011

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann in Praia da Luz, Portugal in 2007? Was she abducted as the Gerry and Kate have claimed or did something happen to Madeleine on May 3 in the vacation apartment and the incident covered up? Criminal Profiler Pat Brown analyzes the evidence and takes the readers through the steps of profiling, developing a theory that is intriguing and controversial.


Anonymous said...

We don't even know whether the disgruntled ex-employee did make a call from the OC. It's a claim, the veracity of which, we won't ever be able to check. Isn't that how it works?

Whether or not the PJ are really following this line...who knows. If it is (and I suspect so) then it's over. I thought better of the PJ, but this has the MET's fingerprints all over it.

Anonymous said...

Please keep up the excellent work Pat. You're probably the only chance of the truth emerging.

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on the deceased tractor driver/former employee of the place they were staying? I noted in another blog of yours that you suggested this scenario as an outcome I.e. blaming a deceased person/paedophile (which this gentleman isn't confirmed as being). Seems a bit convenient to me after all this time....

Anonymous said...

Whilst you are probably correct, problem is that the new 'abductor' is dead. Now we can expect "sources" to tell us that the "real reason he was fired was because he behaved inappropriately to kids around the pool". Other "sources" will tell of their suspicions about his behaviour ever since the fateful night. The press will dig up "dodgy" stories about his past.

And of course to convict a dead man, you don't need evidence, and no-one can contradict the "sources" providing motive.

The press will lap it up (they have already started) - it's exactly the story they hoped for; a (foreign) paedo stealing poor Maddie. Police and politicians are applauded by the press for never giving up, and even the PJ can claim a success for closing the case.

Too many people picked sides too early, and they won't change now.

Ms.Edna Clouds said...

You are AMAZING Pat!...keep on doing your important work. We need justice for this little Angel. X

Anonymous said...

How can this only be a possibility now though?? Surely if they had anything on this guy it would have been picked up in the original investigation! What about all the evidence or lack of any indicating that anyone actually got into the apartment and the behaviour of the parents?? I'm not buying it at all.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Pat! I think I speak for many people when I say that for the sake of our sanity, we need you to keep this story alive.

Pat Brown said...

The problem with the cell phone evidence is that it is not accurate down to a block in an area like Praia da Luz. In certain areas, like New York City, the cell phone towers or boxes are so close together, you CAN really narrow things down to a block like was done in the Long Island Serial Killer case. However, in an area where there is just one tower that covers miles, all you know is that someone was in the vicinity of Praia da Luz around that time, which pretty much includes everyone and anyone who made a phone call from there or somewhere near the place. I am not sure how much area that cell phone tower would cover but it could be for miles around, maybe half way to Lagos for all we know. Unless we get definitive information on the cell tower coverage, we cannot even be sure that this ex-hotel employee was all that near the crime site.

Pat Brown said...

We, of course, cannot trust there is a single shred of veracity about this ex-employee being any main suspect of the PJ; it is my hope that this is BS because if the PJ are focusing on him as a possible suspect, it means the McCanns are being ignored as suspects once again. It is my fear that politics will win out over justice and the case will be closed with no real evidence, just a pointing of fingers at a dead guy. What I CAN hope is that politics might align with justice, that the PJ is fed up with the Met calling them names and trump them with a refocus on the McCanns.

Pat Brown said...

And thanks to all of you for your kind words. In spite of all the troll attacks saying I am in this for the money (what money?) and fame (thanks, folks, been around long enough to get whatever fame I have already gotten), I just hate to see miscarriage of justice and the plight of missing children being subverted.

GordonSta said...

I believe that you are absolutely correct. This is all about a ghastly perversion of the course of justice. I also believe that Scotland Yard and the PJ are actually working very closely on this, and stories about a rift between them are useful in concealing what they are actually doing.

Anonymous said...

Pat, as well you know, you don't have to explain yourself to anyone. It's abundantly clear who wants justice in this case...and who doesn't.
I've heard enough anecdotal evidence about the way the MET operate as to make me thoroughly disillusioned! Perhaps then I am excessively pessimistic about their involvement here. I know that some people retain a lot of trust, if not faith, in what the PJ/MET might be doing with this. In many respects I envy them!! But if this is not to be a whitewash, then at some point there must be an engagement with real Process, and I'm not sensing that momentum.
You know, there is such a thing as extradition. There has been so much talk about a 'ruse' to return the T9 to Portugal, some fabulous denouement like Agatha Christie! But come on, if there is a case to be made then the mechanisms are already in place. No, the McCanns are still being sheltered from that sharp end.
I hope that changes, I guess that is all we can do.

Anonymous said...

This could be the Patsy story we have been waiting for. Wouldn't be surprised if a body shows up with evidence pointing towards the Patsy. Nothing surprising me now.

Anonymous said...

Very well said Pat Brown. I bought your book in the beginning when it was in Amazon. It worth every line :)

Keep doing what you do best analizing evidence, true behavioral evidence and keep us updated :)

Best regards from a sunny Lisbon, we must be together again :)


Pat Brown said...

Not worried about the trolls..I actually find them a bit amusing..the length some disturbed people will go to attack a messenger. What is really concerning is how often the message - which is about how much evidence there is that points to the McCanns can be ignored by the media. I agree with you, Anonymous at 4:33 pm that this unlikely to be a super clever move by a combined effort of the Met and the PJ..that is Hollywood stuff, not stuff that happens in real life, at least not that I have seen in all my years as a profiler. Generally speaking, pressure can cause a department to search for the truth or only pretend to search for truth - which they do depends on the present administration and what will be the likely results of putting such efforts forth. Unfortunately, with the ability of a new administration to point to an old administration (like the PJ and Amaral back then) in order to blame others is a common method. Therefore, I am inclined to think the new PJ will simply do that, pretend to follow leads, and find some way to make themselves look good by "solving" the case with some patsy. I hope I am wrong, I really do. I hope this is a anomaly and the new PJ detectives will actually reinvestigate the Tapas 9, but I am not holding my breath.

Pat Brown said...

Hi Alexandra! Oh, don't I wish was there now with all of my friends! What a great group of people I had the fortune of spending time with in Portugal. And I DO want to return when I can enjoy the nice weather (and not show up in the middle of a cold snap).

Anonymous said...

In recent years it's been perhaps a disgruntled maid and now it may be another ex employee (who had a tragic accident resulting in his death) ?
This man's widow is to be questioned .How horrible for her .Her husband died a horrible death can not defend himself even with the best of Lawyers.
Politics seems to be in every direction .
It appears like lets point fingers and say it may be them at everyone else but this can not be done to any of the MC group or their friends or Legal threats and loss of your money may be the result.
The mystery and the PR seems almost designed to encourage just that as does the sense that some are feeling that justice hasn't,isn't and won't be done which quite naturally results in people speaking out.
I've wondered if the shortening of her name to Maddie created negative memories after the event or did in the past .As in was the child hyper-active or did someone have trouble controlling her ? Or did someone else get Mad with her ?

Anonymous said...

Kate said that they had never called her 'anything' like that.
In reference to the media using the shortened name of 'Maddie'.

Anonymous said...

I have wondered a lot lately why some people go into policing. I imagine they must have a desire to do good for society. If this is the mother of all whitewashes involving both Portugal and Britain how will numerous people involved live with the guilt of knowing a little girl died, probably in terror, and they turned their backs on her. We all look back on our lives with various regrets but this eould cripple me spiritually and mentally.

Julie Moon said...

You do brilliant work for the side of truth and justice, so it amazes me that anyone would try and begrudge you a living from it. There's no doubt in my mind that you are worth truckloads more than you get, and it's apparent some people do not understand the study and discipline it takes to do what you do. When a drove of trolls comes out, you know you hit a nerve and are probably right-on.

Anonymous said...

Police have bosses too .Who's acting for the greater good and the reasoning behind actions may not always be or be able to be publicly known perhaps?
Some people are thinking that the seeking of and removal (for verification) of fair children living with parents who are of a certain appearance and culture is a positive outcome of this.
Stereotyping a culture/race as kidnappers (and worse) is the kind of stuff that fuels fear and hatred.
My children are my children.I am not a kidnapper,child abuser,child trafficker merely because my children (including my fair haired girl) don't look like me .I have no doubt that I am not alone there .

Anonymous said...

Well said Pat.Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.So many around the world Pray for this little girl and want Justice for her,myself included.As a parent I know what I would do all that I actively could to find my child.

Anonymous said...

In light of the recent 'groundbreaking' evidence and alleged suppression of evidence .So much more from the past seems even stranger.This headline from 2010 .

Madeleine McCann investigator didn't listen to ANY tip-offs given to hotline - and squandered £500,000
29 August 2010

Did he listen?

Anonymous said...

an updated date?
was the date that article was published in the daily mail the 29 Nov 2009?

Anonymous said...

Pat is it possible that they are just saying about the ex employer to fool the maccans into thinking they are no longer suspects when infact they still very much are? I really hope so i cant beleive this rubbish about the ex employee sounds far too convenient to me/

Anonymous said...

Sunday is a crucial day. If the Insight team publish more from the spooks files then a tsunami of momentum kicks in against the Team McC. Is this evidently bogus story a spoiler for Sunday? Is it designed to make any Insight story seem out of date in the light of 'new developments.' If I was Team McC who. let's face it includes the Met, this is the way I'd go if I knew there was allegedly damning national likely to come out in a credible National Sunday. The trick would be to age the allegations before they appear ie any anti McC revelations about suppression from years ago would look a. out of date and b. irrelevent because tractor man is the real perp and sadly he is deadnow. Damage control, distraction there are ways to Wag the Dog. Watch the Sunday Times to see if they run a story.

Anonymous said...

As the case moves on and on, 'The Gift that keeps Giving' added to the original goodwill donations is the very thing that has perpetrated, ad nauseam the legal wrangles and utter control of this case, right down to the PI's by the McCanns. Everyone seems in their pocket.

That is, until the Crimewatch programme. How very strange that the two PI's both who have negative contact with the law themselves, should reveal the true background of their services!! Although I'm very curious about Efits, since the Smith family are on ''the file'' that they were not going to communicate with media & Kennedy, thus meaning the McCanns.

The MET has now been discredited IMHO despite the vast sum of tax payers money spent on this case, to the LP investigation\assistance, the Gamble scooping exercise & now the current MET budget.

TM chased around after anything that moves, provided as it seemed was in any direction other than the Smith family. Any waif or stray, any oddball, lurke' r at any time prior to & during the McCann holiday. Including Robert Murat, which increasingly looks very deliberate.

But to exonerate Tanner with the excuse of a parent+child from the crèche, equally has it draw backs, since they were walking in the WRONG direction. OK to be going left to right in the direction of Murat home, yet now a complete & UNEXPLAINED about turn.

The question for and the control of information. Putting aside the official 'the file'' information held by the LP which SHOULD of being shared with the PJ. Probably the largest controlled of information was TM. So the greatest part of the MET's time was spent correlating the data held by and controlled by the McCanns. Who even as we communicate is seeking to become assistants to the current open case so they have access to information. Worth remembering who went to court, using Madeleine's status as Ward of Court to access information held by the LP

Meanwhile, dwell on the Smiths. The only information on ''the file'' is sourced via the LP mostly. NO ONE knows how many other interviews including a possible ROGATORY that is held in the current opened (secret) file. Perhaps the assistants need to have a look!


''the file'' refers to the Portuguese full disclosure of the investigation.

Anonymous said...

What I would like to know is how this ex-worker fits in with the E-fits..."two-faced man", the one seen on those E-fits and that according to the SY are of the same man, clearly is a caucasian man, BUT, the deceased ex-OClub's worker was from Cabo Verde, he was african, with african features! Look at today's Daily Star front page:

The pointy jaw man is clearly being presented as the ex-worker!Is that the face of an african man?!

This farse is leading to what might be the most "suitable" way out for all those involved in the case: "Madeleine was abducted, the abductor killed her, but he is now dead, took his secrets to the grave, impossible to find Madeleine's body"
It will be another Jack the ripper story...a forever unsolved mystery...

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy corner: I wonder how tractorman' died in 2009. Was he offed to be a patsy in waiting? Every good mystery needs a conspiracy corner.

Anonymous said...

Pat wrote:
... "and not some long dead ex-hotel employee that happened to make a cell phone in Praia da Luz on the day Maddie went missing."

Exactly! It shows the man was in Luz, and activated the antena that covers the village. If tis is enough to pin-point someone as a suspect, then what can we make with the following information?:
-Gerry McCann's handset, (one of...'cause I have the feeling they used mobile phones not detected by the PJ)) on the 20th August 2007, activated the antena located in Ferreira do Alentejo...where there is the only crematorium in the Alentejo /Algarve provinces...does this mean that he was in the village of Ferreira do Alentejo, maybe "visiting" the crematorium...? Of course not, the police established he was merely travelling on the A2 highway on his way to Lisbon, and used his phone as he was passing by F. do Alentejo ! However, if one is to follow the same reasoning that made the dead man a possible suspect, we can say the Gerry was in Ferreira do Alentejo on that day and hour! Even if he only passed by, and at some distance!

"It is only the 20th(August) that Gerald McCann again leaves the coverage area of the antennae of Luz. On this day at 10:04:23 and 10:06:08 only the antenna called "Lagos" is activated. They are the exceptions to the remaining 34 records.

It remains in the Luz until 13:31:52 ("Praia da Luz") on 21st. On this day it comes to Lisbon. Along the way the [following] activations were made: "S.Bartolomeu de Messines" - 14:05:42; "Agueda A2" - 14:11:12; "Ferreira do Alentejo" - 14:36:30; "South Grandola" - 14:42:56 and 14:44:54; "Palmela A12" - 15:15:05 and 15:20:48; "Auto Europa" - 15:21:33; "Coina" - 15:22:40 and 15:23:34; "South Central" - 15:31:56; "Avenue of Nations" - 16:04:54, 18:05:00, 18:05:05, 18:05:39, 18:29:17, 18:44:37 and 18:55:52; "Telheiras South" - 19:13:54; and "Airport of Portela" - 19:20:19. The record following this last one occurs at 21:44:38 already on [back at] the antenna "Praia da Luz Centre". "

If you're wondering why I came up with this example, of Gerry in Ferreira do Alentejo, it's because the subject was brought up by a comment made in a portuguese newspaper which mentioned the crematorium in F. do Alentejo and the possible connection with the case. Well, the comment was not about possibilities, it was quite assertive!

Original comment was made here, by someone named Luis Arriaga:
(basically said that Madeleine's body was cremated in F.Alentjo's crematorium)

Discussion here:

Anonymous said...

The story of the disgruntled ex-worker with an axe to grind with the Ocean Club...isn't that the reashing of an old story?! The one that involved a mail sent to Prince Charles?

"Prince Charles is involved in a dramatic intervention in the Madeleine McCann case according to today's News of the World."

"An anonymous e-mail sent to the prince's official website says the three-year-old Madeleine was kidnapped from the Mark Warner Ocean Club holiday resort in Portugal by a disgruntled ex-employee."

"The informant named a maid who was sacked from the apartment complex in Praia da Luz and claimed she snatched the child in a revenge plot."


In that mail the named suspect is a woman, oh but what the heck, there isn't any female ex-worker which happened to die in the let's use this man! It's just a minor detail...none will be the wiser...after all, didn't the McCanns PI, Dave Edgar say that Tanner's bundleman could have been a bundlewoman? If he can change the suspect's sex as it fits the needs, so can the SY, the PJ and the media!

kevin smith said...

Don't forget Pat this is a rehash of a 2007 story reported in the News of the World. An email was sent to The Princes Trust, (Prince Charles) and then passed on to the police and nothing was done. The email claimed an ex employee of the complex may of taken Maddie as a grudge.

John said...

Hi Pat

I agree with you on this point : "The problem with the cell phone evidence is that it is not accurate down to a block in an area like Praia da Luz."

You can see on the map the exact positions of the GSM/3G masts around Praia da Luz:

Sorry, but I don't agree with your conclusions from the fact that Kate and Gerry didn't make public these two e-fits.
Why? Because they knew that a wide part of the public was convinced by the thesis of Dr Amaral, in which he pretends that Martin Smith did recognize Gerry as the man he had seen that night (which appears to not be totally accurate, actually, when you read the statement of Martin Smith).
On top of this, one of the faces of the two e-fits looks a bit like Gerry's face.

So I think that we must take that fact in account before concluding that they're involved in the disappearing of their daughter.

emmy said...

Pat, I love your blog. I never wanted to believe the parents did it because they don't look remotely dangerous or evil which I know sounds stupid but it's scary to think that perfectly nice, normal looking people can be capable of that. There have been so many times when I've seen them in interviews and I'm feeling sympathetic then one of them will say something that sounds very wrong and their body language will be off, it's at those times I really wonder.

Your blog is extremely informative and refreshingly honest. With the media bombarding constant propaganda and censoring any comment that is remotely questioning and a political agenda to find the answer they've already decided on, it's wonderful to read from someone who is basing their analysis on facts and reality rather than reciting a pr script.

Did you know that the Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell, in charge of the British hunt to 'find Madeleine' is the same one who was in charge of the force which stitched up Barry George? He was a mentally disabled man who was falsely convicted (later acquitted) of murdering a television presenter named Jill Dando. She was shot in the head in what appeared to be a professional execution. George was not capable of such a thing, did not have a gun or any ability to get one but he had pictures of celebrities on his wall (proof he was a 'stalker' apparently). They knowingly stitched him up, could he have been chosen purposely because of his history of targeting vulnerable and innocent people to take the fall for crimes the establishment wants to cover up or have a quick closing to?

Surely if the parents were innocent and wanted to find their child they would demand an honest and professional cop with a history of success to lead the investigation?.

Pat Brown said...

John, yes, they knew that Amaral had pushed the idea that this man was Gerry. But so what? If my child WERE with that man the Smith cited, am I not going to ask for the public's help identifying him to save my child?

This is the whole crux of my argument, John. The McCanns have done everything to save themselves and nothing to save their child. Which is more important to them?

Pat Brown said...

Anonymous at 7:45,

I agree with your concern about viewing children who don't look physical like their parents (bio or adopted) being considered somehow less connected to them. I believe that Maria is being sent back to Bulgaria because the authorities consider her looks over her feelings, that somehow being a blonde means she is really not connected to her darker Roma mother, father, brothers and sisters. I find it sickening that she is being hurried away from the only family she has known, the only community she has grown up with, most likely because she is not matching the in looks, not because she could not be happy there (the slightly criminal activities of the family are a concern, but she was not abducted).

I have two biracial children and one black son and I remember when we were adopting that there people questioned if he was going to a proper home because he would not be raised in an African-American community (since I was white and we happened to live in a fairly Caucasian community). I remember thinking how stupid it was think that color coding should trump a happy family life. Anyway, my Jamaican born husband and I adopted him and he grew up just fine being himself. We didn't raise him as a black, as a white, or push his father's Jamaican background. He just grew up.

So the only import of where Maria lives is what is best for her. Bulgaria is not her country, the Roma are her community, and her family is the one who raised her, imperfect as they are. If she is to be removed from that family because they are abusive or negligent, then all the children of the family should be removed and they should try to keep her with her siblings and community until they can be returned or they should find a local foster family for them all. She should not be singled out just because of paperwork.

Pat Brown said...

....paperwork and her pale skin and blonde hair.

Pat Brown said...

Thanks much, Emmy. I have been fortunate to never be beholden to any group - media, law enforcement, or political group - so I have been able to speak my mind. Of course, sometimes that has caused me grief or damaged my income (like when I told media they were one of the major causes of mass murder). Luckily, I have never been all that concerned with the heights of fame or money, so that makes it easier for me to give up certain things; what I can't give up is my belief that law enforcement needs more deductive profiling training so cases don't go off the rails in the wrong direction and that deductive criminal profilers should be a part of the staff of any major police department. I am now working with a police chief to develop training for detectives and organize a society for deductive criminal profiling where detectives and profilers together can forward better crime scene analysis on fresh cases (not cold which tends to be too late).

John said...


You wrote : "The McCanns have done everything to save themselves and nothing to save their child".
There are only a few cases of children's disappearances, where the parents have been accused the way they have been.

The dilemma for them, since they've been made arguidos and especially after the Amaral's "campaign" has been: To try convincing that they're were involved was equal to convince that their child had been abducted.

Now that the Portuguese PJ and the MET seem to be convinced that Madeleine has been abducted, everything would be much more easy for them, in terms of relations with the public.

John said...

Sorry for my mistakes...

You must read, of course:

The dilemma for them, since they've been made arguidos and especially after the Amaral's "campaign", has been: To try convincing that they were not involved was equal to convince that their child had been abducted.

Anonymous said...

Pat is right, even if the man in the Smith's sighting looked like Gerry and both Mr.Smith and Mr.Amaral are convinced it was Gerry, it should not deter innocent parents from publicising the E-fits made from that sighting! Those E-fits could have been the much-needed breakthrough! If they chose not to, to me that says guilty conscience and fear! Fear from what the media would make of it, fear of having no more donations coming into the fund, etc. ...yet, they still had the backing of all their friends and the Tapas workers who told the police that at the time of the Smith's sighting Gerry was in the Ocean Club, until 10pm in the Tapas Bar and afterwards in apartment 5A! Those people's statements were the reason why the investigation post-Amaral, under investigator Paulo Rebelo dropped the Smith sighting and decided not to pursue further inquiries on that clue.
So, what did the McCann's fear about releasing those E-fits...? The report in which those were included in must indeed be very damaging to their image and the "story" they had been telling to the police and the world...if those E-fits would have been passed on to the SY by the private investigators and made public, then they knew the SY would ask for the whole report, the media would eventually be aware of it all and then...the proverbial s*** would hit the fan!

John said...

Sorry, Anonymous, but you're wrong on these points:

- there are no witness's statements in the files from the staff (nor the clients), except those of the McCann's friends, who did confirm that Gerry was at the Tapas Bar at this time of the evening.

- Amaral did present this sighting of Martin Smith as one of the clues for sustaining his thesis.

Anonymous said...

And it came to past, that everyman and his dog has opinion, talk the talk, jumped around, bang's their head against a brick wall. Publish in MSM and or blogs. Sit on t.v. couches, travels the world, spreads the word.

Except the T7. Although one has to give some credence to Tanner on Panorama for her brief encounter with the media looking like an animal caught in the headlights.

Why? Why, do the holiday friends remain so silent.

Anonymous said...

Is your book a nook book only or in paperback too?

guerra said...

Pat did you ask Nancy Grace how much she or the station got paid for that campaign of disinformation that took place a couple of months back?

People, it’s a whitewash. If Mr. Amaral’s trial was not taking place at this very moment you would not have yet witnessed Mr. Redwood’s revelation about Jane Tanner’s sighting being a man who had picked up his barefoot pyjamed daughter from the crèche in the middle of the night; there would be no e-fits; no stories about rampant gypsy abductions; no stories about disgruntled vindictive former employees, etc. This present flurry of activity was planned to coincide with the libel trial against Mr. Amaral. The McCanns must win this libel trial. And if they do win, it doesn’t matter to them if Mr. Amaral wins on appeal, because the English media will never report it, just as they never reported the Lisbon Appellate Court’s decision to overturn the banning of Mr. Amaral’s book.

I have a hunch that if things go well for the McCanns, Mr. McCann will be able to fulfill his political aspirations.

Anonymous said...

I believe their spokes person is truly busy now after the revelation of the Mccans supressing of evidence that may be crusial. This may be the first truly huge challenge for the pr-consultant. The Mccanns need a very good answer to the question all journalists on the case are asking right now: Why?
Three investiative forces, PJ, SY and private investigators, all said the Smith-sighting seemed credible and that Tanner-sighting was not, still the Mccanns have focused totally on the Tanner-sighting. Why?
Also, Daily Mail wrote that the Smith sighting was NOT credible. Where did they get that information from? Obviously not from any investigative force.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pat for your extremely convincing analyses. I have been reading around the tragic case of madeleine and I agree with you that the parents and their friends must know the real story, but will we ever know the truth? Not while the Met and now the Portuguese Police are vying with each other to close the case and exonerate the Mcanns.
The question that I would like to ask is why have the Mcanns had such a lot of high profile publicity with politicians and important people bending over backwards to help them with their abduction theory apart from their own effective publicity campaigns that most likely come out of donations from the public? Why have they been singled out as ideal parents who need to be supported even when the evidence is proved to to be totally the opposite. Is there something that the Mcanns know that could be used to bring down a government? Yes I know of the freemason element and the fact that G Mcann was/is a possible candidate for a political post and therefore is on first name terms with certain politicians. I understand the Met and the Portuguese Police trying to save face but what about Gordon Brown's behaviour? Also, in one of the videos I watched, perhaps in the Amaral video it shows the children's bedroom and on the wall amongst other things, there is a piece of paper where Madeleine had been given stars for staying in her bed. The parents were perhaps focusing on this habit she had and were trying to correct it. This suggests that she would leave her bed whenever she woke up at night. If I had a child who tended to do just that i.e.wander about I would not have felt comfortable leaving her alone.

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe justice is finally creeping up upon Kate and Gerry.

With the absurd bias Tanner sighting now thoroughly debunked (If it was not already with the multiple changes in the appearance of the man, and the wild accusations that the man was Robert Murat even though NOBODY saw Murat out that night accept the friends of the Mccann's, hmh..) all we are left with is the Scott sighting, which is essentially a caucasian man who matches Gerrys description carrying a child which matches Madeleines description. Gerrys alibi that he was at the tapas bar is only supported by friends of the Mccann's (suprise suprise) who are known fabricators who contradicted eachovers statements repeatedly.

There is a motive for the crime, the covering up of Maddys death to negate the severe child neglect charges that would of inevitably followed, not to mention professional/financial and family ruin that would of resulted from the prosecution, strong evidence suggesting Maddy died in the apartement, no evidence any abduction took place, Gerry and Kates own bizarre behaviours and finally a indisputable eyewitness of a man strongly matching Gerrys description.

The fact that the Mccanns did everything in there power to keep the Scott sighting low profile, even though the Portugues police and the Mccanns own hired private investigators concluded that it was by far the most credible sighting says it all for me.

Tick tock Gerry and Kate, people are finally waking up.

Anonymous said...

Dear John @31 OCT 10.33

You must be out of the loop. Put aside whether you or anyone else for that matter considers the McCanns didn't have anything to do with Madeleine's disappearance.

You just can't ignore some of the blatant facts, that, again aside of leaving the children, for four nights in an unlocked, public accessible apartment, their behaviour has been most peculiar to say the least.

Nothing is of surprise, yes they may well be innocent of having any directly to do with her disappearance, but it's been & going to be a long road to ever forget the maelstrom of disinformation, non-cooperation they have caused.

And I've no doubt there will be some more surprises along this way.


Anonymous said...

Pat,your site is a beacon of light.
I'm going to ignore the extraordinary whitewashing of the dead,black suspect who may have been out for revenge against the Ocean Club...he actually found a job very quickly afterwards,was a family man and a couple of phone pings from a guy who frequented Prai de Luz often,mean zilch.
Someone asked how the McCanns keep going,six years and counting...but the answer is all in the files and Kate's book?They keep going because they are Cluster B Narcissists,in my opinion? Also,they got fingered by Amaral...and hence and investigation that would have gone quiet,letting them off the hook had to be retaliated against?They have to be 'right' to stay out of jail and maintain their status in society,
For a Narc anything else is unthinkable.They have both lived their lives to date moving around the puppets on their own personal stages,at university,as young professionals and sadly as parents?
Authentic emotion doesn't come into it...but a Narc can do a damn good simulation?
We make a mistake if we judge them on our own emotional continuum,they do not belong to it,nor have they ever?

Gambler777 said...

Thanks for your observations and opinions once again, look forward to them. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


There is only one good thing about this case. It is surely certain the McCanns disposed of the dead body of their daughter. They are not serial killers and they are highly unlikely to kill anyone else (except possibly their twins). That may sound flippant, the lives of the twins are at risk and they should not be minimised or invalidated because they are the children of Gerry and Kate. However, the sheer stress and discomfort the McCanns are suffering despite their 'freedom' is tantamount to imprisonment itself - Crime & Punishment springs to mind!

claire said...

You are our voice! Without people as knowledgable as u we wouldnt be able to argue the facts. Great work! :)

claire said...

Yet the family and twins do and their campaign do.. another dig at amaral if u ask me

Anonymous said...

You got one point wrong, Pat, and I am not nitpicking. I think it's important. The book is not called "Madeleine". It is called "madeleine". Spelled this way, it is not a proper noun, it is not somebody's name. It is a thing, an item, an object that can be used, treasured, or carelessly abandoned and lost. That poor wee girl doesn't even get to keep her name. I think it's very indicative of exactly how much Madeleine meant to the McCanns.

Michael David Curley said...

I lived in America when this initially happened and after a ten year marriage by April 2008 had been divorced. Now I state that because in terms of being heard by the relative people's you would think in both the US and UK, regarding parental abduction, inclusive MP's,and State Departments on both sides have simply left with 2014 occasional thoughts.

It relative, well at least to myself, because, while I attempted at the time to provide as much detail, as to what was happening, and taking place, nothing by the authorities was taken seriously. My point is this, that without, honest approach to both sides of the case, )my former wife, and her family, taking my now ten year old son, whom I have not seen since that time), the person, people, or victim is always left hanging.

The next oddity that leads me to be writing this, is the high profile recent UK teacher student case, shown last night on TV. He's below the belt so to speak, the student falls in love, and they flea off to France. According to eye witnesses in what as a man hunt, abduction, she was almost impossible to spot, taking over a week.

So in between my own life experiences, and almost having to let it go, due to no help, what we see as an instant witch hunt round up, and the McCann's, after watching reading numerous information on both sides, would have to agree with anyone who feels that they are guilty, simply just stated because: For what reason has any parent in this day and age, who has lost a child, has no proof to claim they never did it, administered it, or took, not ended up with some form of legal action:

That family from Liverpool, and quite possibly because of other known UK national incidents of time like, Hillsborough, and profile to being what should be perhaps typical parents are allowed to walk.

To me, they should have at least been charged and convicted of gross neglect, and basic point being, with such a high profile case, no possible way, without disposing of a body, that any child, man or woman, who was been hunted could have ever got away.