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Why the Portuguese Reopening of the McCann Case is but a Political Farce

It has been an incredibly busy last couple weeks in the alternate universe of Madeleine McCann and I say alternate universe because the shenanigans that have ensued in recent days - the Met's "startling revelations" on CrimeWatch, the discovery of a blonde girl "abducted" by a near enough Gypsy family, and, now, the reopening of the McCann investigation in Portugal based on "new evidence" found a of couple years back, you know, far before New Scotland Yard came up with its new discoveries - all of this hokum which makes little sense unless you understand the politics behind it which most of us do not.

Let's see what these new developments mean:

1) Jane Tanner really did see a man carrying a child away from the McCann's vacation flat - although an innocent tourist with his own child - which proves that the McCanns aren't lying about their prime suspect's existence.

2) The discovery of a little blond girl living with a Roma family proves that little blonde girls are targeted for Gypsy abductions - only now it turns out that that little blonde girl IS Roma; hence, gypsy do not need to steal little blonde girls, they can make them themselves.

3) Portugal has reopened the case based on "new" evidence they unearthed a while back. In other words, the UK isn't going to make us look like total putzes; we actually were already ahead of them when they did CrimeWatch.

4) Goncalo Amaral is going to be the scapegoat. This is actually a fairly old ploy used by police departments aiming to redeem their public reputation; blaming the previous administration. In other words, when a case goes cold and there is a public uproar, nothing usually happens until the old guard leaves. Then, whoever takes over can simply point fingers back at who used to be in charge and say, "It didn't happen on my watch." And, "Now that you have better people in the job, we will show you how great we are." There will be a flurry of activity and then, after a reasonable stretch of time has passed, the case will have a "conclusion," one that points toward an abduction, proves Amaral was wrong, and, sadly, Madeleine will never be recovered because the suspect from some pedophile ring uncovered by the new administrator is dead and we will only have a vague statement of what happened to Maddie (something like an accident during the abduction or travel or she became ill later and died,something  that will give the parents some peace of mind). But, mind you, nothing will be proven. The Portuguese police will not make that information public rather like that mystery man of Tanner's that the Met says exists but won't tell us who he is and why he was quiet for six years. "We have intelligence...." is what we will be told and expected to accept.

Now, here is the most important point: NO ONE has any new evidence and I will tell you why.

I have worked on enough cold cases to know why they remain cold. Here is what happens: the police department follow a particular theory believing it to be correct. If it isn't, they reach a dead end with no evidence to back that theory and prove their suspect or motive to be the right one. Then, when the cold case analyst comes in (or Scotland Yard or the new Portuguese investigators) whatever evidence existed years ago is surely long gone. Blood, clothing, memories...gone. The only way one can say they have new evidence is if the body of that long missing child is found or photos showing her demise are found (like sexual sadistic serial killers sometimes have locked up in there homes). But, has Maddie's body been found or has their been a raid on someone's home netting souvenirs from the captivity of the little girl? No.

New evidence is not a bunch of tips from citizens or psychics. Sorting through tips is usually a huge waste of manpower because in a case like this where an abduction would likely only involved one lone creep, no one has a clue who he is or what he has done including his mother or his wife. Therefore, all of those tips are pure garbage, taking hours and hours for investigators to sift through, and hope that some needle in that haystack happens to be someone who really saw something or knows something. Very few colds cases are ever solved by tips brought in by appeals to the public; mostly this is done to make it look like the police are doing something and that they care. It also makes the family and the public feel good, but it rarely has results.

So, where is this new evidence coming from? If the McCanns aren't involved in the disappearance of their daughter, there are only three possibilities for abduction: sex predator, child sex ring, and abduction for adoption. Now, I think our little blonde Maria found with the Roma family pretty much gets rid of that theory. If you want a little blond child, you can adopt one from a desperate woman who has too many children to care for. I have been trying to tell people for years, blonde children and blonde teens do not need to be abducted for adoption or to prostitute out; they can be gotten without kidnapping.

So, that gets rid of the stupid abduction for adoption theory. Let's go to the sex ring theory. Did you just read what I said about not needing to kidnap little blonde girls for adoption? Same goes for sex rings. There are enough drug using, poor, and criminal parents who will let you use their blonde child for prostitution or porn, so, again, abduction is not necessary.

That leaves only one plausible reason for anyone to abduct Maddie, the only reason I have been stating for years could be the only alternative to the McCanns' involvement; a child sex predator. And that is the EXACT theory the early Portuguese police focused on and why Murat became an arguido; they thought he was a creepy dude who lived near the McCann flat and could have been watching the area, slipped in and kidnapped the child, rape and murdered her, and then buried her on his own property or elsewhere. The police followed that very good theory and came up with zilch. Why? Because, probably, as Goncalo Amaral would say, this was a red herring and steered the investigation in the wrong direction. By the time they swung around to another possible theory, that of the McCann's involvement, much evidence went missing. Not all, though - they still had the dog evidence of cadaver and blood in the apartment and the rental car and they had all the conflicting stories and bizarre behaviors of the McCanns and their friends. Then, the McCanns fled and the case was shelved.

Now, open that case again and go back and try to find any evidence that some child sex predator abducted Madeleine McCann six years ago and you will come up empty barring stumbling across her body or those photos. Certainly, you are not going to find "new evidence" in the files, maybe a possible lead or two, but certainly not evidence. And, two years after Portugal now says they found some "new evidence" they are opening the case? Does this make sense? Why not two years ago? I can tell you why; they were hoping that New Scotland Yard would waste a bunch of time and money and then go away. But, instead, they came up with this big CrimeWatch media extravaganza and their "new evidence" eliminating one suspect and e-fits they claim aren't Gerry for the public to opine about. Portugal was looking badly, so time to one up them by reopening the case and claiming it is because of evidence already found prior to Scotland Yard's involvement.

This is politics. This is saving face. This is an attempt by Portugal to come out of this whole mess with some dignity. Maybe I will be wrong; maybe there will be some amazing turnabout and the McCanns and their friends will be brought back to Portugal for a reconstruction and they will become arguidos again. I would like to be wrong. I would like to see this happen. But, in my experience, once politics rears its ugly head, justice and truth become victims along with the missing child, the dogged detectives, and the public.

BREAKING NEWS! THIS JUST CAME OUT! It gives me hope that maybe politics ISN'T ruling the day; that for once justice may actually be coming. I hope so!

Madeleine clues hidden for 5 years

The new prime suspect was first singled out by detectives in 2008. Their findings were suppressed. Insight reports
The Sunday Times Insight team Published: 27 October 2013
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Madeleine disappeared from the Praia da Luz resort in May 2007Madeleine disappeared from the Praia da Luz resort in May 2007 (Adrian Sheratt)
THE critical new evidence at the centre of Scotland Yard’s search for Madeleine McCann was kept secret for five years after it was presented to her parents by ex-MI5 investigators.

The evidence was in fact taken from an intelligence report produced for Gerry and Kate McCann by a firm of former spies in 2008.

It contained crucial E-Fits of a man seen carrying a child on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance, which have only this month become public after he was identified as the prime suspect by Scotland Yard.

A team of hand-picked former MI5 agents had been hired by the McCanns to chase a much-needed breakthrough in the search for their missing daughter Madeleine.

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10 months after the three-year-old had disappeared from the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz, and the McCanns were beginning to despair over the handling of the local police investigation. They were relying on the new team to bring fresh hope.

But within months the relationship had soured. A report produced by the investigators was deemed “hypercritical” of the McCanns and their friends, and the authors were threatened with legal action if it was made public. Its contents remained secret until Scotland Yard detectives conducting a fresh review of the case contacted the authors and asked for a copy.

They found that it contained new evidence about a key suspect seen carrying a child away from the McCanns’ holiday apartment on the night Madeleine disappeared.

This sighting is now considered the main lead in the investigation and E-Fits of the suspect, taken from the report, were the centrepiece of a Crimewatch appeal that attracted more than 2,400 calls from the public this month.

One of the investigators whose work was sidelined said last week he was “utterly stunned” when he watched the programme and saw the evidence his team had passed to the McCanns five years ago presented as a breakthrough.

The team of investigators from the security firm Oakley International were hired by the McCanns’ Find Madeleine fund, which bankrolled private investigations into the girl’s disappearance. They were led by Henri Exton, MI5’s former undercover operations chief.

Their report, seen by The Sunday Times, focused on a sighting by an Irish family of a man carrying a child at about 10pm on May 3, 2007, when Madeleine went missing.

An earlier sighting by one of the McCanns’ friends was dismissed as less credible after “serious inconsistencies” were found in her evidence. The report also raised questions about “anomalies” in the statements given by the McCanns and their friends.

Exton confirmed last week that the fund had silenced his investigators for years after they handed over their controversial findings. He said: “A letter came from their lawyers binding us to the confidentiality of the report.”

He claimed the legal threat had prevented him from handing over the report to Scotland Yard’s fresh investigation, until detectives had obtained written permission from the fund.

A source close to the fund said the report was considered “hypercritical of the people involved” and “would have been completely distracting” if it became public.

Kate and Gerry McCann: now officially not suspects, say the Portuguese authoritiesKate and Gerry McCann: now officially not suspects, say the Portuguese authorities (Adrian Sheratt) Oakley’s six-month investigation included placing undercover agents inside the Ocean Club where the family stayed, lie detector tests, covert surveillance and a forensic re-examination of all existing evidence.

It was immediately clear that two sightings of vital importance had been reported to the police. Two men were seen carrying children near the apartments between 9pm, when Madeleine was last seen by Gerry, and 10pm, when Kate discovered her missing.

The first man was seen at 9.15pm by Jane Tanner, a friend of the McCanns, who had been dining with them at the tapas bar in the resort. She saw a man carrying a girl just yards from the apartment as she went to check on her children.

The second sighting was by Martin Smith and his family from Ireland, who saw a man carrying a child near the apartment just before 10pm.

The earlier Tanner sighting had always been treated as the most significant, but the Oakley team controversially poured cold water on her account.

Instead, they focused on the Smith sighting, travelling to Ireland to interview the family and produce E-Fits of the man they saw. Their report said the Smiths were “helpful and sincere” and concluded: “The Smith sighting is credible evidence of a sighting of Maddie and more credible than Jane Tanner’s sighting”. The evidence had been “neglected for too long” and an “overemphasis placed on Tanner”.

The new focus shifted the believed timeline of the abduction back by 45 minutes.

The pictures of a man who may have taken Madeleine were drawn up in 2008The pictures of a man who may have taken Madeleine were drawn up in 2008 (Adrian Sheratt) The report, delivered to the McCanns in November 2008, recommended that the revised timeline should be the basis for future investigations and that the Smith E-Fits should be released without delay.

The potential abductor seen by the Smiths is now the prime suspect in Scotland Yard’s investigation, after detectives established that the man seen earlier by Tanner was almost certainly a father carrying his child home from a nearby night creche. The Smith E-Fits were the centrepiece of the Crimewatch appeal.

One of the Oakley investigators said last week: “I was absolutely stunned when I watched the programme . . . It most certainly wasn’t a new timeline and it certainly isn’t a new revelation. It is absolute nonsense to suggest either of those things . . . And those E-Fits you saw on Crimewatch are ours,” he said.

The detailed images of the face of the man seen by the Smith family were never released by the McCanns. But an artist’s impression of the man seen earlier by Tanner was widely promoted, even though the face had to be left blank because she had only seen him fleetingly and from a distance.

Various others images of lone men spotted hanging around the resort at other times were also released.

Nor were the Smith E-Fits included in Kate McCann’s 2011 book, Madeleine, which contained a whole section on eight “key sightings” and identified those of the Smiths and Tanner as most “crucial”. Descriptions of all seven other sightings were accompanied by an E-Fit or artist’s impression. The Smiths’ were the only exception. So why was such a “crucial” piece of evidence kept under lock and key?

The relationship between the fund and Oakley was already souring by the time the report was submitted — and its findings could only have made matters worse.

As well as questioning parts of the McCanns’ evidence, it contained sensitive information about Madeleine’s sleeping patterns and raised the highly sensitive possibility that she could have died in an accident after leaving the apartment herself from one of two unsecured doors.

There was also an uncomfortable complication with Smith’s account. He had originally told the police that he had “recognised something” about the way Gerry McCann carried one of his children which reminded him of the man he had seen in Praia da Luz.

Smith has since stressed that he does not believe the man he saw was Gerry, and Scotland Yard do not consider this a possibility. Last week the McCanns were told officially by the Portuguese authorities that they are not suspects.

The McCanns were also understandably wary of Oakley after allegations that the chairman, Kevin Halligen, failed to pass on money paid by the fund to Exton’s team. Halligen denies this. He was later convicted of fraud in an unrelated case in the US.

The McCann fund source said the Oakley report was passed on to new private investigators after the contract ended, but that the firm’s work was considered “contaminated” by the financial dispute.

He said the fund wanted to continue to pursue information about the man seen by Tanner, and it would have been too expensive to investigate both sightings in full — so the Smith E-Fits were not publicised. It was also considered necessary to threaten legal action against the authors.

“[The report] was hypercritical of the people involved . . . It just wouldn’t be conducive to the investigation to have that report publicly declared because . . . the newspapers would have been all over it. And it would have been completely distracting,” said the source.

A statement released by the Find Madeleine fund said that “all information privately gathered during the search for Madeleine has been fully acted upon where necessary” and had been passed to Scotland Yard.

It continued: “Throughout the investigation, the Find Madeleine fund’s sole priority has been, and remains, to find Madeleine and bring her home as swiftly as possible.”

Insight: Heidi Blake and Jonathan Calvert

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

October 26, 2013

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By Pat Brown
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Published: July 27, 2011

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann in Praia da Luz, Portugal in 2007? Was she abducted as the Gerry and Kate have claimed or did something happen to Madeleine on May 3 in the vacation apartment and the incident covered up? Criminal Profiler Pat Brown analyzes the evidence and takes the readers through the steps of profiling, developing a theory that is intriguing and controversial.


Anonymous said...

Your are probably correct Pat. I just have been hoping like most Maddy supporters that The truth would eventually come to light and McCann s and tapas would do the recon,
Once the PJ decided to reopen the case I felt some hope for Maddy . Let's hope you are wrong Pat and that the truth cones out xx Thanks for your input

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pat.

Well, six years on + and what a mess and could the hole actually get any bigger, putting aside the libel hearing in Lisbon.

'' this was a red herring and steered the investigation in the wrong direction''

rather a lot of red herrings, it's rather peculiar how Murat and Sketchman have common denominators!

Whilst any intelligent person would want to know exactly the progress any Police force was making, why are the McCanns so persistent and YET AGAIN, want to get their hands of the files?

One would have thought that six years of Tanner's sketchman, was sufficient to get them to back off.

Has this case legs ... answer - it certainly has many & rather long ones.

The area of LP, MET plus the original Portuguese team & the Portuguese Review team, are they talking to each other? Are there really that many leads left?

So, as many of us by now have had enough, fought the fight to high-light, just how stupid the Sketchman scenario could ever have happened, into the affray comes several TEAMS of police.

Still no one answers the Q about the Smith family sighting, since it was SIMULTANEOUS with Mrs McCann's check, as was of course Sketchman with Mr McCann's check.

Just how many men were carrying little girls around that night. Was there NO record at the sleep in creche, once and for all: HOW MANY, WHICH SEX, and what time were they booked out.


Anonymous said...

Pat a couple of other oddities. The Sun newspaper ran a 12 page special a week ago and in it Kate referred to Madeline as 'perfect' and by default correcting her husband's reference on Crimewatch as 'almost perfect.' Secondly I think you have to live in England to appreciate the bizarreness of the Roma story. Not since blacks had to sit at the backs of buses has any country displayed such deep seated prejudice eagerly fanned by hysterical journalism. The news cycle in the Uk was also very 'told you so British police are the best in the world'when Portugal reopened. Most strange though is that the whole thing is still referred to as a 'disappearance.' The whole impetus is towards positioning in the news cycle rather than building a case for abduction or murder. As an observer I have no idea why the reconstruction was done. Get my help in finding the child, assist with any information on a murder or was it to join in a general bafflement at how a child could simply vanish? My own sense of logic as someone who hadn't really devoted much time to thinking about the case was that surely by eliminating a suspect and adding unaccounted for time to the timeline and, assuming the Smith sighting turns out to lead nowhere, the parents remain as the only two likely suspects. This seems to me to be the ultimate postmodern, news managed, meme driven story.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pat
How will your predicted outcome impact on the credence given to cadaver dog findings in future cases around the world?

Anonymous said...

The Portuguese police told both the Met and the McCanns that they were to reopen the case before the Crimewatch programme. If they were playing politics they could just keep quiet and refuse to reopen the case because the Jane Tanner revelation was not a revelation since no one had confidence in her account anyway (apart from the parents). So it's definitely smoke and mirrors - what the point is we may find out in time.

Barry Bucket said...

Many thanks, Pat, for this astute observation. Yes, just who is this man who proves that Tanner wasn't lying, just
Has he been in a coma since May 2007? He was allegedly there, for heaven's sake, all he had to do was say to anybody - PJ, press, parents.....'Hang on, that was ME'. But no. 6 years on, and the Met 'find' him just like that. To use a Team McCann word....ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

Well for once Pat I hope you are wrong, The PJ and Mr Amaral have had enough criticism. I hope they, SY and the P manage to solve the case at last

Anonymous said...

Just as much as I hope you are wrong, Pat, I fear you are right. You have seen this pattern in cold cases and recognise the same here. DCI Redwood's name, when I Google it, comes up with references to the Jill Dando botched investigation. Ironically Jill Dando presented Crimewatch in the 90's. She was professionally assassinated and the widespread belief is she was eliminated because she'd stumbled on an elite paedo ring. Barry George was framed, served time, released. Voila another mystery

Anonymous said...

Take a look at today's Sunday Times (UK)

guerra said...

Pat, after reading this article I get this vision of you at your computer red faced with throbbing veins in your forehead. Relax, people aren’t buying what Scotland Yard is selling and they won’t accept any story from any police force which deviates from the facts in the case files without explicit evidence. Scotland Yard’s purported reconstruction made them the laughingstock of Europe; too many people know the details of this case; the case files have been online for a few years now. In Portugal television commentators with wry smiles are starting to openly talk about a cover up.

The joint Porto police, Scotland Yard review was announced by the papers on March 9, 2012. The Portuguese papers reported that the Porto police had already been reviewing the case by themselves for over a year. Mr. Redwood was evasive when he was asked which review had started first. It was Mr.Amaral in a television interview who first mentioned that a joint review was taking place in Porto and that it was not going well for the McCanns. It is this statement by Mr. Amaral that leads some people to believe that this joint review / investigation is on the up and up. I like yourself Pat have my doubts about the Porto police’s true intentions; I suspect that before the libel trial ends there will be more developments or more revelations as Mr. Redwood likes to put it.

With regard to Mr. Murat, it was because of Jane Tanner that the PJ made Murat an “arguido.” The same Jane Tanner who saw what she thought was the abductor but that now we are told was just a dad picking up his daughter, who was barefoot and wearing pyjamas, from the crèche.

Here is an excerpt from Mr. Amaral’s book:

“Before the search, we want to assure ourselves that Jane Tanner recognises him as the individual she saw on the night of the disappearance. She is sitting inside an unmarked car, whose tinted windows allow her to see out without being spotted. The vehicle is parked at the exact spot where she was on the night of May 3rd. Robert Murat, anonymous amongst plain clothes police officers, goes up the road in the same way as the alleged abductor. Jane Tanner is adamant: it certainly is Robert Murat that she saw that night. She definitely recognises his way of walking. But does he resemble the description she painted previously?"

Anonymous said...

The times turning the worm? At last!

Dan said...

For the past 6 years the British Media, the Police, the government have tried to clear the McCann’s in the eyes of the public, It hasn’t worked, more people than ever think the McCann’s had some involvement with Madeleine’s disappearance, as hard as they try they will never convince the public, the McCann’s had no part in their daughters disappearance,
The reopening of the case by Portuguese Police, The McCann couple won't be identified as suspect in the new line of investigation, this is just another way to try and clear the McCann’s, I won’t work, because the truth screams to be heard.

Anonymous said...

This case gets stranger and stranger, and this latest revelation from the Sunday Times is quite staggering. So these parents who were busy publishing e-fits of all kinds deliberately kept secret the e-fit that Scotland Yard is now declaring of the utmost importance? They didn't like that the private investigators were critical of THEM, and so they decided to keep the e-fit secret, even going to the lengths of making the investigators sign legal documents that bound them to confidentiality. Even Scotland Yard had to get permission from the parent's Fund to see the private investigators' report - what sort of nonsense is this? I thought the McCanns were supposed to be desperate to 'leave no stone unturned' (they've said it often enough), yet it sounds as though at least one very big stone was deliberately hidden away for 5 years. There's something remarkably odd about this whole case, but I hope that in the end justice will be done for Madeleine, the only true victim in this sorry saga.

Anonymous said...

Pat Brown, what an inspiration you are! You were my last hope & admit to feeling more than disheartened to hear your latest summary :( When Madeleine disappeared I shared an office with a retired police officer. Very well respected in the force & my colleagues & I held him in high regard. I nearly fell off my chair when he told me that the parents covered up the death, concealed Madeleien's body burying it in a shallow grave & moving it later on. I was shocked. He said that all the police knew it was the parents. Portuguese & British alike. That was in 2007.
Fast forward 6 years. I hear about, but don’t watch, the Crimewatch appeal. I just can’t stomach it. I have watched the odd interview with the same reaction – the parents are lying & their reactions and presentations don’t quite fit. How an earth can they sleep at night….. thinking their precious Maddie is safe & unharmed? Yet still believe she was abducted by a paedophile or organised group? It beggars belief that they think she might be “safe & unharmed” yet “abducted”. If Madeleine was abducted by an individual or group with a sexual interest in children, you would be climbing the walls. You would tear your hair out with torment at leaving your 3 year old & babies in their cots alone, in the dark, for hours on end with an unlocked door in a foreign country. You would be tormented by the guilt & utter shame of that lapse of judgement. To hear that Madeleine had been crying for an hour & a quarter 2 nights before & asked that very morning why you weren’t there when her & Sean cried, you would look at each other & say, “you know what? Lets just have dinner in tonight & our friends can come have a drink at hours once they’ve eaten. I can’t bear Madeleine being left alone…she was frightened last night & the night before”. You wouldn’t go out & repeat the whole thing again. Would you? Unless you had to...
It is bugging me now, this renewed re-enactment, so I do a bit of research of my own. Call me naive, but I had not a clue about the unbelievable level of silencing & censorship, courtesy of the Great British Public’s (& beyond) generosity – innocently funding the McCann campaign, but inadvertently making money for the McCann’s to silence whoever dares speak out. That is NOT what the fund was all about….was it??? While I knew about Amaral’s book & the talk of legal action, I hadn’t read much. I had no idea! This surely has to be the biggest public scandal of the 21st Century? I didn’t even know about the dogs. I feel sickened & betrayed, but most of all I feel for the memory of a little girl who wasn’t even allowed a funeral. It is an international disgrace.
I can’t help but believe (& I admit it makes me feel better thinking of it), that the British & Portuguese Police will do the right thing & get back to basics. Do what they do & get the job done. The evidence is there. Re-interview & ascertain the crucial information & get a comprehensive picture for once and for all. Who exactly saw Gerry McCann in the restaurant at 10p.m? Find the hair in the car, get it to forensics. Get the evidence together & arrest the whole lot of them. "Perverting the course of justice" & the threat of a long prison sentence might help them out with their amnesia. The subsequent fraud, committed on British soil, is unprecedented is it not?
I made myself watch the crimewatch appeal. It was a farce. On closer inspection, I don’t think SY said anything to suggest a whitewash, but that’s maybe wishful thinking. [I am disturbed that the media have interpreted & said the parents are off the hook, but hoping that’s just media spin]. Kate McCann is a woman on the edge. She is like a robot, going through the motions. Hanging off every word of that showman by her side…

Anonymous said...

@ Anon. October 28,2013 at 5.36

Go to the link and see the "woman on the edge" and I think you will change your mind! The many faces to suit many situations in evidence I think.


I don't know what the outcome of this on-going farce is going to be but I think you are right - its not going to be the outcome most of us want. SY are now looking for gypsies again!. We are going to end up with a patsy and the McCanns will sail off without a blemish not even neglect. We have failed Madeleine - RIP Madeleine you deserved better.

Anonymous said...

Im sure amaral has written in his book that just before he got asked to leave.the investigation he was onto the smith sighting and was very hopeful about it.

Anonymous said...

Questions unanswered by the McCanns and the group:
- Why did the McCanns make 3 separate major changes to the initial version of events to the PJ (Policia Judiciaria)?

Changing the initial version of events is a classic ‘red flag’ warning to police investigators.
The Sctland Yard did not even flinch at that!

- In the night of the "supposed abduction", why did the McCanns not physically search for their daughter Madeleine?

- Why did Kate McCann and her friend and Fiona Payne who are both qualified anesthetists, on the night of the 3rd of May 2007, leave Two children aged 2 years old (Maddie's siblings), Amelie and Sean McCann, in a comatose state for 10 hours without attempting to wake them up and and risked the siblings death if not awaken, if they did not know the sedative/drug given to the siblings and its dangers??? Emergency "Ramsay Sedation Scale, 6. Patient exhibits no response".

The Scotland Yard knows fully well what is the only explanation for this "unprofessional" behavior.

- Why was Madeleine's DNA in a car rented by the McCann's more than twenty four days after Maddie's disappearance?

- What were the McCanns doing while riding around in a rent a car smelling like roten dead fish (a cadaver) around the Algarve?

- Why would all of a sudden Gerry McCann a freemason and Kate McCann want to go to Rome, just 26 odd days from Maddie's disappearance?

- Why did the Scotland Yard ignore, Keela and Eddie, their cadaver dogs who after given the scent of Maddie, gave cadaver alerts outside the McCanns'
car and inside the boot (trunk) and one or both dogs gave alerts at Cuddle Cat, Kate McCann's clothes and the Bible in a room where these items were placed?

The Scotland Yard ignored Keela and Eddie, their own sniffer dogs with a no fail/miss record!

- Why did Kate McCann (once considered "arguida" and with a lawyer present) only answer one question during 11 hours of
interrogation by the P.J. .

- Why did Mr David Payne not want to take part in the reconstitution?...and why did he not tell how long he bathed the children and at what time?

- Why none of the friends of Kate and Gerry McCann accepted to go to praia da Luz for a re-enactement of what happened the night of the 3rd May 2007?

- Why did the McCanns spend 600 ++++ thousand pounds out of the Find Maddie Fund to pay their house (bank mortgage)? Do they know no-one can find Maggie & WHY?