Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Profile of the Publishing and Publicity Industry for Aspiring Authors

My new book is out; The Truth about Book Publishing and Book Publicity. It is short, not-so-sweet, and just $2.99 on Amazon. Some who read it may wonder why I let so many cats-out-of-the-bag. Are not some of my admissions of not so successful book sales something I should keep secret to keep up appearances? They have a point which is exactly why I wrote this book. So many authors and television and radio people will pretend they are making big bucks, getting huge deals, being ever so popular....when, in reality, they are floundering and struggling, trying to make ends meet. But they don't want anyone to know that because they have to keep up their image; they hope that just around the corner is the offer they have been waiting for. If nothing else, they want to keep their egos well-supported by having their fans think they are always at the top of their game.

Sadly, all this pretense keeps people from knowing what they should do themselves if they want to be an author, sell their books, get into television or radio. They fall for scams and promotional tools that cost them lots of money, all with the hope that they will then "make it big." They put out a lot of cash and energy and often get no where at all. They wonder what they are doing wrong when others clearly have been so successful doing the same things or so they think. What they don't realize is that in some fields, almost no one makes out well and those who do have rather won the lottery. I am not saying those who are very successful authors and television and radio personalities haven't worked hard; they likely have unless they got some freaky break. I am not saying they are not talented. What I am saying is that there is a multitude of equally talented, hardworking people who should never think of quitting their day job.

I, myself, have wasted a lot of time, money, and hours myself trying to promote my work. I do not regret all of my efforts (I have still achieved a lot in my field and have had a wonderful life in the process) but I do regret a good many of them! If I knew then, what I know now.....hence, the reason I wrote this book.

If you are a writer who would like to sell books, get a publisher or a publicist, or if you are already an author who is wondering why your books aren't doing well, or if you are someone who is just really curious about how the whole industry works and what I went through, read the book. You will learn a lot about an publishing and publicity which is kept well under wraps and you will have a few laughs along the way... at my expense.... but that is okay with me.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

November 26, 2012

Available now at Amazon for $2.99!

Finally, a self-help book for aspiring authors that will save them money rather than scam them out of it. Criminal Profiler Pat Brown, author of seven books, takes writers on a sometimes funny, often surprising, but always honest journey through the world of publishing books, both traditional and self-published, and the confusing world of literary agents and book publicists. Always straightforward and blunt, this no-bull book is the kind of information writers need to navigate through the tricky waters of getting one's book published and publicized, what to do and what not to do and, most of all, how not to lose your mind, money, and self-worth in the process.

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Great idea, thank you for this book!