Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why do so many People seem to Hate Kate and Gerry McCann?

Someone just asked me this question in the comments section of the post I did yesterday and I realized the length of my answer would require a full post, so here it is.

"Why," he asked, "do so many people have such vitriol toward the McCanns? Couldn't it be the reason for their behaviors is that they are protecting each other and their family out of love?" (I condense and paraphrase here to make his point).

This commenter ask an excellent question and there are many in the world, including the media, who think that those people who openly despise the McCanns are trolls and haters and cruel people who are treating parents of a missing child in the most despicable manner possible. I am included in that group; a lot of pretty nasty attacks are leveled at me because I am termed a McCann hater. I am considered even a worse human being than the others because I am a professional with a fairly public profile which they feel makes me like the leader of a witch hunt or lynch mob (or more of a threat) out to destroy two lovely innocent people and the hunt for a missing child.

So is there enough justification for such utter dislike of this couple, innocent or guilty,whether they be parents of an abducted child or frightened parents responsible for an accident and a cover-up? As a profiler who has dealt with many parents of crime victims and studied many cases of missing children, I can say hands down, yes, in defense of those who cannot seem to stomach the McCanns.

Here is a list of the reasons:

1) They left their three toddler children alone for five evenings so they could go out and party. The reason this so irks people is how unnecessary and selfish this behavior was. We are not talking about a poor mother desperate to go to work to earn money to feed her kids, a woman with no nearby relatives and no money for a babysitter, a woman who leaves her seven-year-old in charge of her five- and three-year-old siblings in an apartment building where that seven-year-old can call her if there is a problem or run next door to the neighbors she knows. We are talking about a set of educated parents with enough money to go to another country for a not-so-cheap holiday at in a beach town; they could have paid for a babysitter. They could have taking turns watching the children on alternate nights, one of the group could have watched all the children one night a week, or they could have taken the children to the hotel creche for caring. They could have simply stayed home with the kids. But, they wanted their "alone" time at the expense of their children's well-being so they left three toddlers in a strange flat, toddlers who could not run next door and find someone if they were scared, toddlers who could not make a phone call in an emergency, toddlers who could not save themselves from fire, or injury, or an intruder. Along with leaving them alone, the McCanns also claim they left the door unlocked, leaving them vulnerable to any stranger who just could walk in off the street and hurt them. Who DOES this, some ask? Very narcissistic people, I can answer, and this very self-centered behavior on the part of the McCanns really puts people off.

2) They left the children alone AFTER they cried the night before. As if leaving them alone wasn't bad enough, they then left their frightened and unhappy children alone even after they had been told by Maddie that all had not gone well the night before, that they were crying out for their parents for a very long time and they never came to them. People see this as awful cold and callous behavior on the part of the parents, extremely selfish, unconscionable behavior that any parent would choose to continue leaving the children alone upon hearing of their distress.

3) Dressing fashionably with well-groomed hair, make-up, and jewelry, going running and writing a blog after your child goes missing; oh, and leaving your twins behind so you can go run off and see the Pope. The McCanns have a lot of defenders who will say the running and writing were stress relief and going to see the Pope a religious need any parent of a missing child might seek. I can tell you from seeing the behaviors of many missing parents,these are abnormal behaviors, especially so early after a child goes missing. The inside of the brain of someone who has a child kidnapped is a horrifying hurricane of hell. There is a continuous roaring of fear, anger, horror, confusion, panic, hate, grief, pain, hysteria, all of these feeling and thoughts swirling about in almost a physical way that pretty much shuts down coherent behavior. I never forgot one well-depicted scene in a movie made about Adam Walsh, the son of America's Most Wanted's host, John Walsh who, after being told the police found his little son's head thrown next to the highway, John was portrayed as going crazy in grief by running headlong into the space between the mattresses on his bed over and over and over. It is a scene that sticks in one's mind and I still get teary thinking about it while writing of it here.

There are things parents just simply are unable to do for a long time because they cannot compose themselves enough to go through the motions while their child is missing, to do any normal thing while their child may be calling out for Mommy and Daddy in terror day in and day out, maybe being raped and tortured in some predator's dungeon somewhere, maybe lying mangled in a shallow grave. You don't think those images run constantly through the head of a parent who child is missing? You bet, and that is why parents of missing and murdered children often need medication to get up in the morning and more medication to try to sleep at night, this is why they can't go to work anymore, this is why they neglect their other children, this is why they fight with their mates and end up divorced, this is why they look like shit most of the time, and this is why they can't watch a movie, take a swim, even bathe, because their child can't do that, can she?

That is why the McCanns looking so put together every day, going running, writing blogs, taking trips....just doesn't register right with folks; they don't seem normal for parents of missing children. Maybe parents of a child dead by accident whose narcissism allows them to focus entirely on themselves since they can't help their daughter any more, maybe that, but not the parents of a child abducted by a sex predator which is who would likely have taken a three-year-old little girl out of her bed.

3) Kate said she could sleep through the night within days of Maddie's disappearance. Within days.This particular statement threw me for a loop. It only took a few days to be able to get a good night's sleep? Really? Even when you know your child might still be in a predator's hands being raped and tortured, chained in some basement, while you are lying in a comfy bed?  How do you do that? People don't sleep well for days after their dog gets run over by a car, but you are soundly sleeping while your daughter is being molested by a pervert; I can't wrap my head around that.

4) THE FUND. I would venture to say the fund is what really gets people's goat. It is one thing to accidentally off your child and then, in a panic, hide the body somewhere and tell the police someone kidnapped her, but to then set up a way to get a ton of money from people - not a charity to help all missing children - but a private fund with money you can use for any of your personal needs including suing people you wish to shut up, a fund which has shown no kind of investigative progress at all - a fund, for that matter, that you never tell people how that money is being used, what is being discovered - a fund that just seems to be raking in millions for your own personal use, that just doesn't sit well with people.

5) Carter-Ruck. The McCanns not only disparage those who feel they might be involved in the death of their child and subsequent cover-up, but then sue them to make them shut up. I have seen grieving parents deal with people not believing them but I have never seen this. It hurts when people question your innocence but it doesn't hold a candle to what happened to your child and isn't worth wasting energy over. Many people think the McCanns have spent more time getting back at their detractors than searching for their Maddie; that just doesn't seem normal to them and it's not.

6) Speaking of their detractors, the McCanns do not seem to have a clue as to why people have issues with them. They don't seem to get that they don't like them because they neglected their children, because they never confessed they were wrong for leaving their children (outside of saying they regret feeling that the place was safe and making that decision due to their naivete), that people don't like them for all the reasons stated here. Instead, they call those people psychologically disturbed human beings, which I guess includes me. I am not saying that some haters, on both sides of the McCann issue aren't psychopathic nutjobs - some indeed are - but I am talking about those who truly are bothered by the McCanns' behaviors and honestly believe they have involvement. Most parents of missing children get why people might suspect them, especially if their behavior is a bit odd. All the McCanns needed to do to handle this problem is admit they were selfish in leaving their children alone and that they understand they come off as guilty of a crime to some folks and, perhaps, unlikeable as well. They get it and they don't hold it against people, and while they wish people didn't promote theories of their guilt, they can understand why they do. And they are going to look for Maddie and not waste time being upset over these folks' opinions because their daughter is far more important than their hurt feelings.

7) The McCanns never took a polygraph, Kate refused to answer the 48 questions and they ran the country. Again, this seems to show that the McCanns place their personal well-being above finding their missing child. It is almost true across the board that parents of missing parents will subject themselves to just about anything to convince the police they are innocent of any wrongdoing so that the police will hurry up and focus on finding whoever it is that abducted their child. They suffer immensely during this process but they answer questions over and over again, day after day, weeping and begging during the process for the police to find their child. They take polygraphs even if they fear that they will have a guilty or inconclusive result if something goes wrong with the process because doing the poly will bring them one step closer to getting the police off their backs and in the right direction. Parents of missing children are terrified of pissing off the police because if they do, they might stop looking for their child. Such parents usually are afraid to call the police too often, grovel in any way possible, put up with police silence because they are afraid to anger them in any way. The McCann's actually had the whole investigation shelved for years because they didn't like the way they were being treated

8) Their arrogance. There are so many times the McCanns just come off terribly badly on television, appearing to be snide, flippant, rude, self-absorbed...I have never understood why the person managing their publicity hasn't gotten this through their heads.

9) Kate's book. I have read a lot of books by parents' of murder victims and Kate's book just doesn't come off right to me and many others. It seems more like a memoir about Kate and her troubles than about finding a missing child. There are a number of statements in the book that made people cringe.

I could go on and on, but I think that is enough to make the point as to why many people can't stomach the McCanns. I don't agree with a lot of the nastiness out there making fun of them, I don't think that this is necessary to push the issue of what really happened to Madeleine McCann. I don't think we need to comment on people's looks or make mockery of everything, but I do think people have a right to speak up as to why they think the McCanns are involved in the disappearance of their daughter and why they think the police should keep them on as suspects.

Oh, let me not forget to address this part of the original question; couldn't these be people who just love each other very much who are scared of the penalties of being truthful, who are covering up to save each other and their kids? Sure, they could be and if they had simply just run off and hid Maddie's body in a bush and come back and pretended that she had been abducted, never pointing fingers at anyone in particular (like Murat) or setting up a fund to bilk people out of their money, if they hadn't sued the crap out of everyone, sure, I could buy that. I don't think I had too much of a problem with baby Lisa Bradley's parents until they showed up on Dr. Phil and then I rather lost my sympathy for them; it is one thing to lie to save your ass, it is another to go on a huge national broadcast and proclaim your innocence and rile people up to send money and spend hours searching for the missing child you disposed of. (I add here that this is only a theory that the Bradleys also are responsible for the accidental death of their daughter - well, at least Deborah Bradley - and the disposal of her body).  It is one thing to do something in a panic to save one's butt; it is another to make money off of it and waste massive money and manpower pushing a lie to such an extreme.

The narcissism displayed by the McCanns makes me think that it is not love that is fueling them to continue with what appears to be a massive farce. I think their behaviors make it clear that Kate and Gerry each have their own personal agendas supported by their own very selfish personalities - Gerry wants to be a big man, Kate wants to be a respected woman - and the twins, well, yeah, this will all help them, too. The incoming money and fame is a plus as well.

I am sure in the comments area people will add a dozen other reasons why the McCanns have made themselves the target of dislike. I do ask that people keep the comments factual and not full of nasty jibes and snarkiness.

I once wrote an open letter to Kate McCann explaining why she had become such a target of hatred and how she could change that but, in the long run, I don't think she took much of it to heart, which is sad if she and Gerry are really innocent in the disappearance of their daughter. They could have left a lot more stones unturned if they had toned down the "distractions" with a few simple, self-effacing statements. Like not releasing those e-fits five years ago because doing so might also be a "distraction," they might have had a lot more help finding Maddie, the thing they claim is most important to them, if they hadn't pushed so many people away. As I once said to them, I would have worked on their case for free and gone public with a change of my view toward them if they could help me see they were innocent, and I am sure a number of other profilers, PIs and retired police would have done the same, but they took no one's help that they could not control one hundred percent with a paycheck and Carter-Ruck. One more reason people probably don't like or trust the McCanns.

Finally,  I have a personal reason. What bothers me the most about the McCanns is the damage they will do to missing children investigations in the long term. With funds so tight in any law enforcement agency, we need those funds to meet the needs of ALL missing children, not just one, and we need those funds to be spent properly. We need the police to be able to understand how children go missing, who to believe, and how to find those children with the least money and manpower to be used per case. Any fraud or untruth b perpetrated by the McCanns will, not may, do long term damage to the search for missing children and this, for me, is the Number One reason I have negative feelings toward Kate and Gerry McCann.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

November 3, 2013

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Anonymous said...

When Kate talks about Madeleine its like she is talking about someone else's missing child. She has always described Madeleine as a 'missing girl', its never been, My daughter, My baby, My child and she has never made a heartfelt plea to who ever took Madeleine or to Madeleine herself, never once has she said that mummy and daddy love you and we are trying to find you, no emotion, all too self contained. I went to Praia da luz and searched over a few years, and believe me I cried for that child and it still breaks my heart and I never knew her and there's her parents playing Tennis and jogging only days after she went missing. NOT normal.

Anonymous said...

I was confused by them because they turned the disappearance of their daughter into an ongoing media circus, which was bound to overshadow and interfere with the police investigation. Given that it is generally the police who solve missing person investigations, not PR campaigns, I couldn't work out what on earth they thought they were trying to achieve. I felt I was being manipulated.

Then there were the dogs that barked, turning everything the McCanns had claimed up until then on its head.

Those two reasons are enough for me to dislike them and to object to their attempts at mass manipulation of the public.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, Pat. This is about their behaviors and there are plenty of reasons for why people dislike McCanns, not personally but as a type, as a set of behaviors, using the Fund to silence and suppress information (pay from the Fund to hire Oakley, well done. Pay from the Fund to suppress the efit produced by his team, not so much).
Their own investigation, while knowing of the Smith sighting of Gerry's doppelganger, as well as a sighting of a couple at 6 AM carrying a child the following morning - why did they not use their ample Funds to follow up on those? Why did they not use their press campaign to highlight those sightings but instead chose to focus on the one sighting proven to be false, that alibis Gerry McCann at the "time" of the abduction? Why did they and how could they cause the PJ so much difficulty in getting interviews and information when their child was according to them in the arms of a swarthy pedophile? From leaving their children alone repeatedly to the current day their thoughts have been for their own reputation and legal standing and not for their daughter's well being, that's provable fact. What's to like about this? Not only have they done harm to other missing children, they've harmed cases that involve cadaver and blood sniffing dogs, since it was far more important to them to discredit the science in their case - with no thought for how this would affect the use of these dogs in other cases. In her book Kate even brings up the case of Zapata (spelling?) when in fact the man later confessed to killing his wife and having her body in the very storage shed the dogs alerted to - he moved it later. They have damaged the police, used their media power to force the government to bow to their wish to have the PJ investigation reviewed AS AN ABDUCTION and nothing more, which discredits the PJ, Scotland Yard and makes other people unlikely to contribute to missing children funds in future in case those parents are pulling a McCann.

Anonymous said...

How about their paid mouthpiece claiming that leaving children alone in the evenings is nothing but a quirky British custom and "we all do it". No, Clarence, we bloody well don't all do it and you have NO RIGHT to speak for me. Another lie was "people who donated don't have to worry about their money being spent on lawyers or anything like that." They have just told so many blatant, provable lies that only the brain dead, or somebody who has been living in a cave for the past six years, would believe anything that comes out of their mouths now.

Anonymous said...

Some reasons I do not like the McCanns.

They lie in their statements and then change them when necessary.

Body language is a giveaway.

The dogs do not lie, people do.

Typed from the UK.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Pat. You are the voice of reason when my head is spinning about this case, you articulate the thoughts in my head. For me, those photos say such a lot. Taken on Madeleine's birthday, just a few days after she was allegedly abducted. How COULD they look so happy???!!!

Anonymous said...

I try not to dislike the McCanns, Pat, but it is very difficult when you've got two people telling lies in your face and smirking. I find their attitude towards their child incomprehensible. Some of the things they have said stick in my head, such as "Find the body and prove we killed her" "Ask the dogs Sandra" "A good marketing ploy" "The wider agenda" (on Gerry's whiteboard). The famous page 129 of Kate McCannn's book concerning Madeleine and what might be happening to her (forgive me, I cannot repeat it verbatim, it's just dreadful).Then there's the "We were just into each other" (referring to time spent with the Tapas group). "Wherever she is she'll be giving someone her tuppence worth" ....and on and on and on.
Like you say Pat, if you had lost your child you would be insane with grief, totally unable to function. Sedated a large part of the time. Again Kate McCann talks of not being able to function...... for the first few days!! But goes on to say "you find strength from somewhere". And on the video talking to Jon Corner, who filmed the family at the villa, she ponders the question of how one is expected to act "when your daughter gets abducted". It is all very cold and jarring indeed. I think the McCanns are now beginning to be detested because it is perceived that the powers that be are cowing the UK public into accepting their nonsense. It is certainly not good in a supposedly free society for this sort of charade to be going on. Very disconcerting indeed and frankly, I fear for the future of my grandchildren in this country.

Anonymous said...

you can add

Gerry in an interview 3 months after the child went missing talking about arranging an anniversary concert!!

and when confronted by a rather clever Portuguese journalist about the cadaver dogs findings, Gerry's reply "ask the dogs, Sandra, ask the dogs"

Anonymous said...

Pat,thank you,you put it rather Brilliantly!!Can I ask you pat,what you think of the seemingly "Strong Togetherness" of kate and her mum,at the Liabel trail?I recall watching Mrs Healy being interviewed,the early days,and she seemed,to me,to be on the outside looking in,and as the Grandmother,she seemed as though kate just brushed her off!

Anonymous said...

I think kate and her mum's relationship is very interesting!You've got to wonder,has she told her mum the truth?The relationship just seems odd??As an only daughter myself,i would've "confessed",even never telling Gerry,as there must be a large need for her to??

Anonymous said...

Also pat,would you do something on your blog about these sorts of Mum's Daughter's,Thanks!

ellajo1209 said...

I don't have the capacity or indeed, the energy, to hate the McCann's. I do, however, feel increasingly frustrated by the couples utter contempt for decent, good and honest people, like me. Their inability to accept and understand that it is entirely possible for others to think differently to them, is fascinating and also, a cause for concern. (Theory of mind)

I have doubted the McCanns version of events spirometer the outset. In the summer of 2007 I read an article about Kate - upon discovering Maddie 'taken', she left the very vulnerable twins alone in the apartment to run back to the Tapas bar to raise the alarm. This one action was a red flag. I have been following the case since those very early days. I strongly believe that the McCanns have...'perpetrator knowledge'. I have had access to PJ files since the good amd kind people on the internet translated and made them available online.

The McCanns, despite admitting they abandoned their infant children nightly, during that week in April/May of 2007 and one of them disappearing, have never shown any remorse. In fact, they have been rewarded for their incomprehensible behaviour; lauded as people of importance.

Hate has nothing to do with it. I'd go a step further and turn it on its head... It's the overwhelming feeling of love for Maddie that has given rise to the strength of feeling in relation to her parents. People love Maddie and want the truth and justice for her. In the intervening years since Maddie disappeared, it's the one emotion I have yet to witness in the parents.

You don't need to be a detective, a profiler, a psychologist and/or a psychiatrist to see the truth...

Anonymous said...

The McCanns typify a strata of UK society that appears untouchable. They are impervious to all usual standards of accountability and acceptance of responsibility. Our politicians, police and media have been able to establish this dissociated cocoon of people, of which they themselves, of course, are the prime beneficiaries.
I guess that any Brits reading this could cite numerous examples of politicians, police and media being free to act with such arrogant impunity. Just look at the BBC.

What the McCanns bring to this sorry dissociated mess is perhaps the most telling of all scandals: a set of parents whose freedom from accountability has been extended to the fate of their own child.

It is sickening, and it is also maddening that no amount of factual analysis is able to dent the bubble in which these people exist.

Julie Moon said...

on your points..
I've seen people leave their children for less time and get them removed from their homes.
My daughter was an adult when she died and I couldn't shower, dress, eat, or concentrate on anything for weeks afterward. Getting a good nights sleep is still impossible months later, and I'd be in even worse shape if she were missing and possibly being tortured. For weeks afterward it was incredibly difficult for me to allow my teenagers to have their normal life as I did not want them out of my sight (even though I knew I was being ridiculous.)
On the first birthday that my daughter missed, which was months later, I couldn't manage a wan smile let alone be laughing my face off like they were mere days after Maddie went gone and missed her 4th birthday.
Then they both say such stupid things, things that most parents hear and think "who in their right mind would say such a thing"?
Another reason people dislike them is they are perceived as LIARS, and people tend not to like the people that lie to them.

Thomas Baden-Riess said...

I want to emphasise that the context in which I feel (a bit) sorry for them is that 1) they're 100% guilty and 2) everyone, at least on these forums, knows it.

I also think it's important to understand why a lot of people (like my mother) are willing to believe them: the Mccanns seem very vulnerable; and whilst the people in the know can interpret why exactly that is, a lot of people misinterpret these signs.

When the press turned on them back in 2007 I personally felt sorry for them even though I suspected they were in fact guilty.

I remember Gerry tripped up as he was taken in as an arguido and Kate with her back pack looked so middle aged and pethetic. I remember thinking then they looked like your parents, lost and confused in a foreign country. Also Kate's face when she met the pope -- she looked guilty as sin, depressed and suicidal IMO -- induced sympathy with me. I think some people in the quality press know they are guilty but feel it's somehow undignified to really go after them (they probably don't know the whole story of course).

Of course I know what they've done (The fund, Carter Ruck etc, etc) and maybe it's because I'm a bit of a psycho myself that I empathise with them.

The Lance Armstrong case is different (his crimes are really nothing in comparision and he did give his charity money to a good cause) but, once the truth came out there I also found myself sympathising with him.

Sure, bullying fellow cyclists who are clean (as he did) is not fair and I don't like that. But taking drugs to win, when virtually everyone else is, when you train like a savage and when winning is all that society cares for, seems quite logical to me.

Maybe it's pyscopathic of me but I would blame the general public -- who don't understand one iota the rigours of hard training and who only care for winners -- for what Lance Armstrong did.

And maybe with the Mccanns once people turned on them and the knives were out they drew courage and hardened up; Kate's feelings of guilt giving way to arrogant narcisism in the wake of people's nastiness toward her.

Sarah said...

Another good blog, Pat.

On a slightly separate note, I have been thinking about the £20,000 reward offered by Scotland yard for nformation that leads to solving this case. Now, I don't know what effect a reward has in bringing in that key piece of information. In a case like this , I would have thought well meaning people who believe they can genuinely help would not need a reward ( the Smiths). However, assuming the reward does have an effect, then why have the mcann's not contributed more to make this a really significant reward. I am sure plenty of money has been donated to the Find Madeleine fund and there are also royalties from Kate's book , so I would have thought that the money was there. And if the Mccanns are desperate to find Madeleine and believe that someone out there has that key piece of information then surely they wold do whatever if takes to help bring that person forward.
If that person has not come forward to date ( and it can't be because they had not heard of the case) then maybe 20,000 is not enough to compensate for the risk in doing so. Maybe the mcann's dont't wish anyone to come forward that has a real lead or who might be prepared to break their silence to date.

Anonymous said...

As others have said, you have worded this so well and have covered so many of the points I feel. I would like to add one more, however: you say "What bothers me the most about the McCanns is the damage they will do to missing children investigations in the long term." What also bothers me is that the refusal of the McCanns to acknowledge that it is WRONG to leave such young children alone out of sight and hearing, and no way is it "within the bounds of reasonable parenting", and to stop making rubbish excuses for their behaviour; this attitude could put other children at risk.

And their obstinacy in refusing to acknowledge any of this!

Anonymous said...

If they would be found innocent eventually we have likely whatched the most disasterous pr campaign ever. They have had pr-advicers from the very beginning and their over repeated lines and celebrity ways of acting has done nothing but make them look "not normal". They have merely acted in interviews in ways that would have been fine for promoting a new movie, but not as suitable for grieving parents. Maybe a lot of the dislike has to do with too much pr-strategy and poor advice? The decision to supress the Smith-sighting e-fits would be one of those disasterous pr-advices which only made them look more guilty. We only know them through media appearences and a book. /Catherine

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

thank you for your strenuous and unremitting work on this case.

Since I am German I hope my English is not toooo bad.

My name is Iris. I was growing with my mother and my grandmother in a town in Germany. (I was born more than 56 years ago.)

Regarding Point 2) of your Posting. Quote: "They left the children alone AFTER they cried the night before."

I'd been told by my mother that once I was a little toddler one day both my mother and my grandmother had gone out and left me alone asleep for a while. As they'd come back home they had found me still asleep in my bed and thought that everything was allright.

Finally my grandmother herself had got into her bed. Laying down for sleeping she had to realise that I'd must had woke up whilst they were out and that I'd had left three wet stains of wee-wee on her bed sheet: one on the top, one on the center and one on the bottom of her bed sheet. After that, I'd been told, I had covered it with the bedspread so that it looked very neatly and untouched.

Later they told me that after this it was the first and the last time they had left me alone while going out.

Damned, I often think poor little Madeleine should have done something like this, "a sort of, you know", wee-wee onto her parents' bed sheets as she was desperately crying for them the other night and none of them had been there to answer her... :-(

Kind regards from Germany.


Anonymous said...

Bang on the money Pat

They are both extreme narcissists and as such show the usual traits of

refusing to take responsibility for errors

never apologising

a mindblowing sense of entitlement

denial of their own guilt which could be described as delusional

I have seen this in other narcissists. However, my question is - how to break it? Or what will break them / one of them?

Most narcissists are surrounded ONLY by those who will support their world view and they quickly and adeptly dispense with connections as soon as they sense people being less than supportive of their sickness. That means they often leave an ever ongoing set of people behind them who suddenly 'see the light' and feel angry to have been used by the narcissists. So where are the 'angry people' in the McCanns' life? There must be plenty of them. Are they literally scared for their lives? I know I am scared for my life when it comes to confronting a narcissist I escaped friendship from as she is extremely vindictive and has a few thugs who would act in violence on her behalf. This leaves me powerless to make witness statements to the correct authorities about abuses (sadly against her children) and crimes she perpertrates. Are people around the McCanns as scared as that too?

What about former friends, family members, ex colleagues etc who think these two are lying, there must be so many of them? And the Tapas friends must be all in the know surely not all of them can continue to support this cover up?

What will break it?

Anonymous said...

Kate McCann expressed her unhappiness at a British newspaper's coverage of her diary entries with protestations that, at the time they were grieving parents who should have been treated with more respect. The word "grieving" is almost without exception used to describe ones emotions when someone has died. The McCanns were at this time still publicly insisting that Madeleine was alive. I think that Kate McCann's use of this word may indicate that they knew she was not.

Diane said...

I know there are the pictures of them emerging from the Church on what would have been their daughter’s 4th birthday, but this was 1 of a series they did for a SkyNews photo shoot within 3 WEEKS of their daughter’s “abduction”; no way on God’s earth would any parent who believed their daughter was in the hands of a filthy paedophile would be posing like this
I 100% believe those are the joyous faces of parents that have got away with a crime. They have been prepared to destroy the lives of many who have tried to bring them to justice, their deeds have been beyond EVIL in their pursuit of self-preservation and survival, they are living proof that the devil walks this earth and that is why I despise them with all my being.

Anonymous said...

Could not have phrased it better!

However, being Portuguese by birth I would have emphasized the xenophobic and scape-goating elements in their PR campaigns.

Campaigns professionally handled by a world authority: Clarence Mitchell.

Clarence Mitchell, known to British journalists as "Mickey Mouse", initially with the UK government's Department of Media Monitoring (2007), then with Freud Communications (2008) and since 2011 directing Burson-Marsteller global PR and Reputation Management operations in close association with their subsidiary Lift Consulting (Portugal).

"Mickey Mouse" even managed - with the help of top, prohibitively expensive, lawyers, to bring to court the man who co-ordinated the original Portuguese investigation into Madeleine's disappearance; and deprive him of his constitutional rights and assets. Something the Portuguese Appellate Court later could not quite comprehend!

Then, as if that was not enough, he manages to have his party leader (David Cameron) to order Scotland Yard to "review" (read: mark) the work of the Portuguese investigation and this is not all - not if the McCnns' loose as they are bound to.

The Madeleine circus will then move on to the European Court of Human Rights. (...)

If it were not for the Internet, Citizen Journalism and experts such as you Pat, "Mickey Mouse" would even have succeeded in canonizing two child neglecters - the McCanns! Ask the Pope!

Naturally, all the latest PR fireworks (including the laughable Crimewatch mockumentary) is an attempt to influence judge Melo e Castro in the on-going court case in which the McCanns are attempting to destroy their nemesis Amaral (literally) and walk out of Portugal with a heist of one point two million Euros! (duty free).

This case has long entered Baudrillard's realms of Hyper-reality (...)

Anonymous said...

Pat has your book "The Profile..." been updated with the new info you gathered during your field work at Praia Da Luz? In other words, is this the new edition? If not, then what has changed since, aside from the postings you made here? If I may ask...

Anonymous said...

What I am disgusted by is the fact that the missing people charity have Kate as an ambassador.... I wonder how many young children featured on their website went missing under the same circumstances as Madeleine? Abandoned for a night out? I would guess none. I am pretty sure the world would have been told by the McCanns if that was the case.
I also wonder how many parents of other missing children actually loathe them?

Anonymous said...

Is Clarence Mitchell on a day to day contract? Given that the child could have been found at any moment? Would be mighty uncharitable if he was to insist on the full contract agreement should he no longer be needed.

Anonymous said...

Pat, I agree with every word you said. One thing that just gripes me about as well is..her writing a book at all! I couldn't do that, at least not until I had answer to what happened to her one way or another..Barbara Bee

Anonymous said...

I almost feel as though that's what is actually expected of me.
I hope that this wider cause which seems to help the couple to keep going is a good one.

Anonymous said...

Pat don't give up on this case you are in the minority willing to publish facts

Anonymous said...


What an excellent blog and summary of why people don't like the McCann's or their behaviour.

What annoys me the most, is after all that they have done in regards to the staged abduction and disposal of Madeleine's body - (allegedly), they are making money off the back of their young daughter, whom I believe is dead.

This is a horrendous act by the McCann's. Also Scotland Yard has spent 5 million pounds to date on this sham investigation - all paid for by the British taxpayers!

They have accused Goncalo Amaral of damaging the search for Madeleine and now it has come out that they suppressed the e-fits of the claimed 'abductor' as described from the Smith family.

I don't know how they sleep at night! They are a disgrace to the human race and make one ashamed of being British!

Anonymous said...

As for the fund, they had their collecting cans and buckets in all the local shops within days/hours of Macdie going missing, which they would go round personally and collect daily. People forget this little detail but what anxious parent would make time to do the "rrounds" like that. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Yvonne Martin statements are worth reading.They do seem to conflict with recent media announcements about the former employee.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the collecting cans and buckets, how did they know right from the start they were going to need money? Madeleine could have been found at any time? They set up a 'fighting fund'....that is the words a relative of theirs used, what exactly were they planning to fight with the fund? Next time they are interviewed would someone please have the balls to ask them!
People are irked by the mamby pamby chats they take part in on TV, people want answers and nobody is asking the questions, if proper questions were asked I don't think there would be so much of an uproar on the internet. If they don't want to answer the questions - don't give them the air time - simple! Don't forget that those who question their story have been insulted by both Gerry and Kate live on TV, in a book, and in newspaper interviews. They can't just rise above it because it bothers them so much. 6 years is a long time to suffer the sight of those two whinging all over the media - people are sick of it - all anyone wants is justice for a 3 year old girl who is missing because she was neglected by her parents.
They set up too much too soon - it was obvious from the very beginning that they knew she was never coming home IMO.
Everyone associated with them should be interviewed - family, friends (not just the tapas group), spokespersons, those managing and setting up their meetings, private investigators, tv presenters about their on camera/ off camera persona...there I am sure a lot more inconsistences and answers will be found.

6 years and millions of pounds later, no further forward whatsoever but Kate and Gerry remain at liberty - mission accomplished? That's a McYes!

(The above is my personal view obviously, it may or may not be true).

Anonymous said...

I understand what you are saying.
I think if they had tried to get away with something awful and came clean in the beginning, a lot of people would have had sympathy for them. Now it is too out of control, they cannot ever confess if they know what happened. It has gone too far.

Anonymous said...

I've never believed the McCann story since first hearing it on the 4th May 2007. I neither like nor dislike them. If I were to describe a feeling then it would be profound indifference. My sympathy is for the disappeared child and whatever situation she may or not be in. IMO the McCanns need to realize that no-one has to believe their stories. I do not believe their child was abducted and it is their words and their behaviour that draw me to that conclusion. The alert of the dogs confirms my thoughts. There is much media talk of trilateration. IMO it's the T9 trilateration which should be looked at.

Anonymous said...

The infuriating thing is that this disgusting pair are treated like a king and queen by the media. Presenters fawn over them. No-one asks the questions we, the public, would ask.
Who is insisting that the Mccanns must be revered? The public are deeply suspicious of their actions and furious that they treated three infants with such callous contempt. We are sick of their lies and posturing.
But no-one listens in the UK media.

Anonymous said...

But they "ARE" telling the truth!It is all in their wording.I believe Madeleiine,and the twins,were sedated before the parents went out for the night.Whilst kate and Gerry were having their wine,on the patio,perhaps Madeliene fell,kate and Gerry,under the enflunce of their bottle of New Zealand wine,not realizing the seriousness of the situation,put the children to bed.Excuse me for jumping to kate's check,but maybe that's true,and she of course couldn't have run screaming through the streets,ran to the Tapas place,and they all ran to the apartment,got their stories tighter,don't forget doors weren't knocked on 'till pst 11pm.As with their words,"we are sorry we weren't there the "moment" she was taken.That explains their past tence.I am completely sure the conduct tv appearences boyed by the fact,"well we are telling the truth"!

John said...

Dear Pat,

I agree with you about the fact that there was too much money involved in their campaign. May I add that many people who are not relatives of this family have taken this case as a financially profitable opportunity. Do we must hate them as well?

I don't agree with you that they did neglect their kids. I'd rather say that they're were probably not careful enough. Meanwhile anybody who's a dad or a mum of young kids knows that is quite impossible to be close to them all the time. When something wrong happens to them, it's easy to accuse their parents to be guilty of it.

Many wrong things have been written about the distance between the restaurant and the flat. It is only 45-50 seconds away on foot and many other tourists in this complex used to do exactly the same as they did.
Are they all careless parents?

Anonymous said...

Hi pat,thank you for your wonderful blog!I have read some other blogs,some good,some well....
I have red up on the Casey Anthony story,i do see the similarities!The Lying,emotional detachtment,the self protection,and of course freedom and Liberty of the Guilty!!I do believe kate and Gerry McCann willnever be prosecuted nor jailed for their crimes,the uk will just have to accept their stain on British justice,this is too big for their heads to roll!!

Anonymous said...

John no way is it only up to 50 seconds on foot.martin Brunt,sky news crime reporter,showed in his documentary Dec 07,it's on youtube,and he counted 80 "paces" to their apartment,"not quiet as Gerry McCann stated".But then,that was before sky news seemed to be unbiased,towards the mccanns.

John said...

To anonymous

... and Martin Brunt did these 80 paces in exactly 48 seconds. That's what I have written.

Anonymous said...

Well put Pat, as I read through all that you have written it was very clear these people are really creepy and full of lies.

Anonymous said...

Someone please explain this to me like i am a 5 year old: assuming this couple is involved, like everybody seems to believe (and why? Because they are self contained and generally not emotional ??) - why would they insist that the investigation be continued instead of lying low and hoping it will all simply be forgotten, like it naturally would? I mean, it really doesn't make any sense.

Pat Brown said...

Anonymous 6:56,

No, I have not updated the book which I feel badly about. I did intend to do so after I came back from Praia da Luz. I managed to write the blogs to get some of the info down, but then I had to finish two books my publishers were waiting for and when I finished the, my parents were diagnosed with Alzheimer's and I quite TV and took up their care. My father died in June but my sisters and I have been dealing my my mother's move to an assisted living facility and her subsequent continuing declines. My mind is rather shot! I manage to do quick things like the blogs but I just haven't had the energy to go back and go through all my new information and get the book updated and republished. So sorry. Perhaps I will get myself in gear in the somewhat near future. Meanwhile, I am trying to at least get main points out there via the blog.

Pat Brown said...

John at 7:06,

I think you are minimizing the neglect. It wasn't like Gerry claimed, just sitting out in the garden behind the house. The children were not within hearing distance nor close enough so Maddie could open the door and shout to her parents. There is still a risk when you think your children are in bed and you are any distance from them and I will agree one has to live life to some extent or we would never be able to go to the bathroom (although my baby has been in there with me as well at certain times).

I have walked the route from the apartment to the Tapas restaurant and I have sat in the location and looked back at the complex where the McCann kids were. There is no way to see or hear the kids, no way to know if someone is breaking into the flat, no way for the children to reach the parents by voice in an emergency. In other words, the McCanns had no idea what was happening back at the flat and it is only by bodily returning to the apartment and checking personally on the children could one know if one of them was in trouble. The longer apart the checks, the more likelihood a child could be dying in a fire, being abducted, or crying on and on while waiting for someone to show up. This is not merely "not being careful enough;" this is criminal neglect and they repeated the neglect five evening in a row even after they KNEW their children were suffering due to their absences. Hence, I strongly believe the children were medicated and the doors were all locked. The McCanns thought that no one could get in, the children couldn't get out, and the sedation would keep them immobile and compliant. Clearly, they were wrong.

Anonymous said...

Pat, thank you for all your efforts and details. Some people honestly believe the children were left in a hotel room and the Mccanns and friends were only yards away. So different from that dark unlocked apartment so far from the noisy restaurant.

Anonymous said...


A list of potential hazards to young children left to their own devices, out of sight of a suitable care giver:

Fall out of bed
Fall downstairs
Turn on a hot tap
Fill a bath with water and drown
Turn on a cooker
a washing machine
a dryer
Chemicals - washing powder, bleach
String on curtains and blinds
Leave the apartment and drown in the pool trying to get over to where your parents are dining

The list could go on. These things can happen accidently to any child, I acknowledge, but if there is no care giver present how can the child be helped? Half an hour could be the difference between life and death. Careless? Very!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @7.06am

Please add that, being Portugal, the floors would be stone not wood or carpeted, so any fall would have more consequences than in a usual (in the UK) carpeted bedroom.

And to John at 7:06, - the children were out of sight and hearing - end of

Barry Bucket said...

I dislike the McCanns for two simple reasons.

They treated their kids as an unwanted burden, a barrier to their holiday enjoyment.

Secondly, they are liars.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I wonder how long it will take you to delete the post this time?

I am neither pro McCann or Anti McCann, I look on each new line of enquiry objectively and put very little credence into the so called evidence on the internet. I note however you are making money from a book about your theories, you cannot be considered to be entirely objective then if you have a financial vested interest.

I choose to remain anonymous because I do not wish to be targeted by some of the absolute psychos this case seems to attract. The witch hunt mentality that we thought had died out in the middle ages is alive and well in the world today. Everyone likes to play armchair detective of course but some of the comments on certain facebook groups are bizarre in the extreme and certainly very libellous. They are also hurtful to a family that has suffered a tragic loss, the cruelty on display is incomprehensible but unfortunately a sign of the times we live in.

The facts in the case are not clear, there is an enormous amount of misinformation, rumour and outright lies mixed in with conjecture, hate and a little truth. In my opinion the only thing the McCanns are truly guilty of is incredible naivety in thinking their children would be safe and if that is all they have done then they have paid the ultimate price for their actions as have their children, family and most of all poor little Maddy.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.30am

And what you have just stated is exactly what the McCanns have been feeding the public through the media. That is exactly what they want everyone to think.

'Incredible naivety' 'paid the ultimate price' WRONG. They are not naive. THEY have not paid the ultimate price.
If what they say is true, their irreplaceable daughter Madeleine has paid the ultimate price for their wreckless behaviour. FACT.

Anonymous said...

Dear "Anon @ 10.30am"

I think you are absolutely right.
And no, the witch hunt mentality continues. People do not change.
Incidentally, note that noone has bothered to reply to my question which was, why would the McCanns NOT choose to lie low now, pushing the investigation instead, if they had anything to hide? A rational explanation would be welcome.
thank you

Anonymous said...

I for one don't believe they were negligent in they way Pat describes. I believe the T9 kids were looked after in a group with one parent up until it became necessary to fake an abduction whereupon the pretence of negligence was necessary to allow the abduction scenario. Just enough negligence for the 'abduction' to appear to have been possible but not too much so that Gerry could later claim that their behaviour was 'within the bounds of responsible parenting'.

Pat Brown said...

Anonymous 7:26

That is not the way humans make up lies, Anon. They don't make up a lie that makes them look bad unless it is one of lesser bad behavior that people already know about. This then is an attempt to appear contrite and honest. Like the guy who gets caught drunk driving and admits to having a couple. He knows the officer knows he has been drinking so he admits to doing so but the lesser of the evils..just a couple rather than the twelve drinks he actually had.

A husband gets caught in an affair might confess to oral sex but not intercourse because he thinks his wife might buy that and it is the lesser of the two that she might be able to forgive him for. BUT, a guy doesn't get caught kissing a woman and then tell his wife, "Hey, that's not ALL we've done!"

Likewise with the McCanns. If something happened to Maddie and they had to get rid of her body, they don't then set up a scenario making themselves neglectful parents because no one has accused them of being worse at that point. And there are so much simpler ways to stage the crime and still look like a decent parent which keeps you from getting investigated.

How about getting rid of her body and then just say "We were on the veranda having drinks while the kids slept. We told Maddie we would be right on the other side of the sliding doors and we left the sliding door open an inch so we could hear if anything had gone wrong inside. We must have just sat out there for an hour or so and when we came back in and opened the door to the children's bedroom, we found the window open and Maddie gone! We never considered that someone would open the window and slip in while we were just outside."

I think that is a plausible story and considering the parents are well-off doctors, I don't know whether I would have questioned the story as long as nothing else stood out.

But, admitting to leaving the children unattended for five nights in a row? That is a bloody stupid story to make up if it isn't true. The problem the McCanns were dealing with was they couldn't make themselves look like better parents because they couldn't. But they could try to play down neglect which is a whole lot better than medicating your kid and having her die behind the sofa.

Anonymous said...


In the process of protecting their sorry buts, the unashamed and unremorseful DESTROCTION of other people's lives: - Mr, Amaral and his family, Mr. Tony Bennett and his family, many Ocean Club's workers who lost their jobs after the resort's failing business since 2007. I do not include Murat here, because I still think he has connections to the McCanns, he knew them previously the holiday, from the UK, and got involved in the whole process voluntarily, but for some reason, or "someone's" decision things turned against him...

Anonymous said...

Pat, did you ever consider the possibility of the self-assumed neglect, in the form of leaving the children alone, might never have happened? That it was yet another lie, a necessary lie to allow the scenario of an abduction? The kids HAD TO BE ALONE in order for an abduction to take place! I have the strong feeling that the children were ALL in one of the group's apartments, cared for by a babysitter while the adults enjoyed their adult "activities"...but, when tragedy struck on the afternoon of the 3rd May (around the weird Payne visit to the apartment, Kate wrapped in a bath towel...) and they decided to come up with an abduction tale to feed to the police, the only possibility was to cook up the "children left alone in the apartments" story.
Even the group's excuses for not having used the night creche or babysitting services is so lame! They did not want to leave the children with strangers!!! The very same "strangers" the children were left with during daytime! And, there's also the nanny that got swiftly "dispatched" to another M.Warner resort in Greece...before the police could talk to her...

Anonymous said...

Adding to the list of dangers the children faced while alone in the apartment (above):

- A fire (getting hold of matches or cigarette lighter)

- Carbon monoxide intoxication (happened before in holiday apartments, due to faulty and poor maintenance of gas pipes)

And...consider this hypothetical scenario: - The McCanns had hired a babysitter to stay with the children, but soon after the parents leave and when the children are asleep, the young lady decides to pop out for a smoke, make-out with the boyfriend under the cover of the dark staircase, whatever! She leaves the apartment for some reason and leaves the children alone for, let's say, 30 minutes, which is the frequency of the checks the parents claimed to do, and, in her absence one of the children vanishes! What do you think would have happened...? Would she have had the same leniency the McCanns have enjoyed and seem to have expected/demanded from the authorities and from the public?! Would the McCanns have said "oh, that's ok, it's within the bounds of responsible babysitting", as they claimed of their actions (within the boundaries of responsible parenting)? Would the british ambassador have gone to the trouble of travelling immediately to Luz to help the young lady? Would Tony Blair or Gordon Brown have called the portugues authorities, would she have had the same high level degree of assistance from the UK as the McCanns have had? I doubt it very much! That poor woman would be in jail right now, she would have been vilified by everyone, the media would have had her skin, and justice would have punished her to the full extent of the law!
I'm sure the McCanns would have made sure of it! No ifs no buts!

Anonymous said...

To Anon Nov 7 5:57

I completely agree with you and in fact had an awful experience myself which your post reminded me of. A friend of mine basically dumped her two kids on me whilst I was visiting her so she could go out - I was an unwilling temporary babysitter who had only nipped around in passing, I was suffering an illness at the time, and it's a long time since I've had to take care of tiny children. I wasn't doing my best thinking. When my friend went out she left me as she had been with the kids - the baby (approx 12 months) was fast asleep in the bedroom, lying in the middle of her large kingsize bed but in no way secure. Her 4 yrs old boy was in the same room sitting on the bed watching his favourite TV prog. I lay on the bed with them and all was well until I needed to pee. The bathroom was literally the next room to the bedroom. I asked the 4 yr old to make sure the baby (sleeping) didnt move at all whilst I went to the loo. He agreed. I rushed to the loo as fast as possible and rushed back into the bedroom - JUST in time to see the baby sliding head first backwards off the edge of the high up bed. Thankfully the near side, I caught her safely literally an inch or two and not even 1/10th of a second before her head hit the solid wooden flooring. I had only been gone maybe 60 seconds (48 seconds even). The 4yr old was over playing with a toy on the windowledge taking no notice. I don't have any children of my own. That single incident scared the living hell out of me. Imagine what Social Services would have said if that baby died from a broken neck or a head injury or required any form of medical intervention if she had hit the floor? What would i say? I left a 4yr old in charge of her? I would be in prison right now for wilful neglect of a tiny baby. What if the boy had done something infantile and stupid in the space of 48 seconds? I would be in prison. I was actually traumatised badly by that incident even so the baby was completely unharmed. It scares me now to think of what could have happened. Never again will I get 'dumped' with someones kids unwillingly and never again would I ever leave any little children alone never mind a baby even if they have to sit in the bathroom with me when I pee!

Anonymous said...

i have nothing but contempt for the mcanns , imo they know exactly what happened to that little girl.Theyve made money off her,they are protected for some reason,and it doesnt appear that they ever loved her.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, only she died the night before reported but the party were miles away, not on the complex. Check it out. The reason they are untouchable, or rather one of them, is the free masonry connection. The other is filth in high places. They are being protected and others are scared. All imho.

Anonymous said...

I tried to believe they didnt do anything..But the more i read i just cant believe they know nothing. It reads like oscar pistorius lies and tailoring. They should be in court and made to answer questions and lets get this sorted. kate made the biggest booboo saying the curtain was blowing and shutter was up.It was Too late to say the patio doors were left unlocked at that point.Too late kate...I bet the mccanns wanted to say they got in AND out through the patio doors..But they couldnt...kate already mentioned about the shutter etc..And it was found to be shut,closed etc...Lies and tailoring..

Anonymous said...

I think the police are onto them..They are being ultra cautious..They seen what the mccanns done with media etc when this all happened.

Michael Dennis said...

There is a groundswell of opinion both in the UK and USA and no doubt other parts of the world, that holds the MacCanns guilty of murder.This despite the fact there is absolutely no material evidence that would suggest that, in fact the suspicion is based on speculation and circumstances .Whilst I totally accept their behaviour was unusual, leading some to think them narcissistic, might I suggest that people can do and do react differently to tragedies and whatever losses they might experience in life, be they partner, child, parent or friend.
I dont know the MacCanns and have no desire to do so, but it might just be that their obsession with jogging, maintaining a good appearance etc is just their coping mechanism which enables them to maintain their poise and not go emotionally to pieces .Its about keeping up appearances and being stoical, which have been common British trait since Victorian times, especially amongst the middle and upper classes.

Now you your suspicions could well prove to be correct but until there is incontrovertible evidence to that effect it seems to me we should give them the benefit of the doubt /None of you have spoken about the strong possibility of child abduction ,which is quite a common problem worldwide, indeed grown women are trafficked from eastern Europe to the west to provide sexual services for lustful men.If that be the case it seems to me quite probable that a child could fetch a price for a family that cant produce their own.

What horrifies me is that the MacCanns could be so irresponsible as to leave their children to fend for themselves several nights running .That truly beggars belief .Any decent parent would be horrified at that , nevertheless the MacCanns have not had their remaining two children taken away from them which makes me wonder if they are the bad parents so many people suggest.They made a stupid, irresponsible error of judgement that will haunt them the rest of their lives .As to them being psychopaths denuded of any ability to empathise or be responsible , one must assume the social services have decided they are fit to continue parenting.One must also ask oneself if the MacCanns had a motive for murder or displayed any unusual behaviour in the past which might suggest they would commit infanticide .What do their friends and family think
Anyway for now i prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt until strong evidence suggests otherwise

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is such a sham(e). This just goes to show how dangerous secret Societies can be in the World.

Boadicea said...


Anonymous said...

If Kate and jerry volunteer to go under all three -pollygraph-hypnosis- and truth serum. That will clear their names forever but if they refuse you pose the question why.

Anonymous said...

If Kate and jerry volunteer to go under all three -pollygraph-hypnosis- and truth serum. That will clear their names forever but if they refuse you pose the question why.

Chris said...

Interesting point, Iris. We will never know whether Maddie did wee on her parents' bed because all the sheets were washed immediately.

By the way, your English is excellent.

Anonymous said...

McCann's should answer the questions and be more honest.

Anonymous said...

"Ask the dogs Sandra" said gerry mccann to an interviewer. Come on..who would say that.

Anonymous said...

Yes. U don't leave your toddler if u can't see them from where you are going. That is not just careless, it is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant article, says it all perfectly. These two irritated me from the outset, when Kate McCann told an interviewer that 'leaving the children in the apartment 'was no different to being in the garden while the children are in bed'. A line I note she has never since repeated, presumably because someone pointed out the MANY differences. No interviewer has ever gone back to that comment.
In my view, the McCanns have established lucrative careers for themselves as 'professional victims' for which they are well rewarded from publicly donated funds. The immensely irritating appointment of Kate McCann as an ambassador for the Missing People charity would be funny if it was not so sickeningly ironic. Contract this narcissistic behaviour with Denise Bulger (mother of James)who I have seen at one of the fundraising events she organises for the charity named for and in memory of James. What an amazing lady, turning such a life altering tragedy into something positive.
The Panorama programme recently marked the 10 year anniversary of this little girls disappearance, why then did neither of the parents want to comment in person, preferring to send along the puppet Clarence (and I thought he had been sacked?). That itself is another reason for me at least, to detest them, if my child was missing and I really believed they were alive or even if had doubts, I would take every opportunity to get in front of a camera (not just the ones with pre-arranged 'soft' questions that made ME look good) to appeal, plead, beg, scream, rage or whatever it took.
As the residents of Luiz say, stop the McCann circus now.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a lot of speculation going on regarding the mcanns behaviour. I don't believe there is any definitive proof of guilt. You can't base guilt on "because they went jogging so soon or because "they did things I wouldn't do". The only way this case will be solved is if they find the perpetrator or some factual evidence ties the parents. If they had paid the baby service it would have left the children no more secure than checking themselves. They shouldn't have left the children and they know it. Polygraphs are often considered junk science, pick your own questions or examiner, you only have to know the Jonbenet case to realise that.