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How BundleMan Became Real

We know by now not to expect truthful reporting by such rags as The Mirror or straight talk from Chief Inspector Andy Redwood of Scotland Yard, but the "shocking revelation" presented on CrimeWatch by Redwood was the elimination of the "top suspect" - the man Jane Tanner claimed she saw crossing the street in front of her as she came up alongside the McCann's vacation flat - by "proving" that this man was but an innocent vacationer carrying his sleeping daughter back from the creche after enjoying his evening out. Redwood went on in the show to tout the 10 pm sighting by the Smith family as the more credible sighting of an abductor carrying Madeleine off towards to beach, a suspect Scotland Yard has not identified as anyone in particular, especially not Gerry McCann, the one man Mr. Smith told police the individual just might be.

Most of us wondered, quite immediately, how this vacationer could actually have been a real person, one that Jane Tanner truly did see. It doesn't take rocket scientists to note that the man was walking the wrong direction, the he should have been walking toward the McCann flat if he were coming from the creche, not walking from the McCann apartment in the direction the creche. (The yellow dot is the entrance to where the McCanns were dining at the Tapas Restaurant, the red dot is their vacation flat, and the blue dot is the creche. The supposed father carrying his daughter to the creche was crossing the road away from the red dot).

Now, the story gets weirder. It is being reported (if one can call what The Mirror prints as reporting), that the man came forward in 2007 to the  Leicestershire police and filled out a detailed questionnaire detailing his movements and that he was carrying his child back from the creche at the time of the Tanner sighting. Then, there is some inference that this information was forwarded to the Portuguese police who ignored it even though, according to the report, they were obsessed with the Tanner sighting to the exclusion of the Smith sighting.

Of course, this simply foolishness. If such a report existed, either it made no sense to the PJ that this man could be Tanner's bundleman because he was walking in the wrong direction or they were not interested in Tanner sighting because her story was not very credible (read more on this here) or because they believed the Smith sighting was the true one of Madeleine or all three of these reasons had an effect on whatever decision they made (should this man even exist). However, what is being reported is a pure rewrite of history, that the PJ truly believed the Tanner sighting was that of a man abducting Madeleine and their failure to interview this supposed person-of-interest threw the investigation off track.

This bit about the innocent father carrying his child into the pathway of Jane Tanner gets even more ridiculous. It is also claimed that Scotland Yard just interviewed him in recent months and he produced not only the clothing he was wearing that night but also the pink pajamas of his daughter! Mind you, six years has passed but not only does he remember what both of them were wearing but he still has the clothing in his possession! What a miracle!

One could think, perhaps, that this poor man, seeing all the to-do about Bundleman, how the McCanns were desperately searching for this man who they thought took their child at 9:15 pm, might have kept the clothing around just in case, one day, he needed to produce them as his alibi, clothes not only necessary to prove that he was Bundleman, but that his own daughter was in those pink pajamas and not Maddie. How kind it was for him to keep the clothing as proof and wait patiently for the police to one day call and how incredibly horrific a human being he was to not have ever contacted the McCanns or their private detectives to let them know that they should not be focusing on Bundleman as the man who took Maddie.

So, I can only surmise from these ludicrous claims of Redwood and The Mirror that either the man was early ruled out as having nothing to do with the McCann case because he was walking the wrong direction and, therefore, was not the man Tanner claims to have seen, or he doesn't exist at all and is merely a ruse to exonerate Jane Tanner from her claim to have seen the possible kidnapper (which would mean Scotland Yard is attempting to make Tanner an honest woman and bring a level of believability back to the Tapas 9) or it is a ruse to bring the time frame to 10 pm and the sighting of the Smiths which might have been a sighting of Gerry (which would mean Scotland Yard is playing a very clever card game). I wish it was the latter but I am a bit too cynical to harbor such an incredible hope.

What I do know is Sr. Amaral never believed Tanner's story and he always believed that the Smith sighting was likely the real one; how Andy Redwood, Scotland Yard, and the UK media can spin this to the complete opposite is incredible and yet another rewrite of history and we can only hope one day we will have a clear understanding as to the entire motive that lurks behind all of these misrepresentations and manipulations.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

December 30, 2013

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Anonymous said...

Could it be that SY have made this story up about this parent carrying his child ,to put pressure on Tanner.If Tanner was making the story up , she would know that the person SY has found has been made up and so they would think she is lying.

Pat Brown said...

Anonymous, as I said, I wish I could believe Scotland Yard has some brilliant chess game going here; I would love to be surprised! But, experience has taught me that the behavior of Scotland Yard until now does not represent a desire for the truth that I can see.

As to proving that Tanner is lying, that she would know they were, doesn't make sense to me. She would simply be happy that someone was walking in the area at that time and made her story credible. She is effectively off the hook. The only purpose this could serve if Scotland Yard were really playing a good game is to put the focus on the Smith sighting and make the McCanns sweat. This could force the whole group to have to prove where they really were at that time and not the earlier time which they pushed as the time of the "abduction." Again, I would like to think this is what Scotland Yard is doing but so many other things just make no sense if this was their purpose. They didn't need to spend millions and so many hours going through the files. They just needed to reinterview the Tapas 9 and demand a reconstruction.

Adiren said...

Ms. Brown I think you would like to read an article from the Sunday Times, published in 27 Oct. 2013, but that is not available anymore on the journo site: . Meanwhile in December, 30, 2013 the Times published an apology about said article
Quite revealing all in all.


Pat Brown said...

Yes, Adrien, that was pretty interesting! The question is, when a newspaper prints very specific details that they claim are the truth and then turn around and say the opposite is actually true, one would think the credibility of this news source would dive considerably. However, they just go on. I am sure they received some threat from Carter-Ruck and retreated from what they had written. Fascinating to see the machinations that go on!

Anonymous said...

And see

Anonymous said...

Pat Brown said...

I also wrote on this Anonymous: How Jane Tanner got Lost in a Crowd on an Empty Street

Anonymous said...

They did NOT turn completely the opposite IMO.

It's a 2008 intelligence report.

Times on Sunday wrote as a "apology":
"In articles dated October 23 ("Madeleine clues hidden for 5 years" and "Investigators had E-Fits five years ago", News) we referred to efits which were included in a report prepared by private investigators for the McCanns and the Fund in 2008. We accept that the articles may have been understood to suggest that the McCanns had withheld information from the authorities. This was not the case. We now understand and accept that the efits had been provided to the Portuguese and Leicestershire police by October 2009. We also understand that a copy of the final report including the efits was passed to the Metropolitan police in August 2011, shortly after it commenced its review. We apologise for the distress caused."

Now read between the lines ;-)

It's a 2008 PI report, the E-fits contained in which were "provided" to the PJ and LP in 2009 [one year delay and AFTER the case had been archived]. The report was "passed on" the NSY in 2011 [3-year-delay and only after NSY obtained "permission" from the Fund to get it]

For me the accusation stands: they "sat" on it. AND they [McCanns] have removed from their official website any of the E-fits NSY showed in the CW broadcast AND are still maintaining the "Tannerman"e-fit as someone to be looked for. Also interesting that their donation button has been out of function since a months or so ...

Anonymous said...

Pat -

Can I draw your attention to the very clear discrepancy between Matthew Oldfield's testimony in the rogatory interviews where he claimed to be able to see the twins breathing and his statement in the McCanns' own "documentary" which indicated he was standing well back from the doorway (noting that the twins were sleeping in mesh-sided cots and were in semi darkness as all witnesses agree).

Pat Brown said...

Anonymous 6:13

As to Gonzalez's analyses of the case, I believe he deems the McCanns innocent of any involvement and then works from that premise. I have difficulty following many of the pathways to his conclusions are I feel he is provides questionable logic in making his determinations and uses a lot of fancy stuff to make it seems logical but I simply do not find it so. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

The Mirror today ...

... and Janosch blog on December 12th ...

See also ...

... and "A QUESTION" on the right column ...

Anonymous said...

What if the explanation was nice and simple? Jane did see someone - but not at 9.15pm and not where she claimed. This would explain why it took a long time to match tannerman with crecheman. Because she had moved him in time and place. (ie - not just that he was walking the other direction).

Also explains why crecheman didn't step forward to say "it was me". Because he knew his walk was not at 9.15 and it wasn't where Jane had seen someone.

Perhaps that was the breakthrough moment. When SY realised what Jane had done, and were able to match the 2 up.

On Crimewatch, if the McCanns heard this for the first time it might well leave them looking a bit shocked...

Indians in Australia said...

However, they just go on. I am sure they received some threat from Carter-Ruck and retreated from what they had written. Fascinating to see the machinations that go on!

Anonymous said...

Could be, Anonymous 5.39AM, good thinking

Anonymous said...

Pat wrote: "As to Gonzalez's analyses of the case, I believe he deems the McCanns innocent of any involvement and then works from that premise. I have difficulty following many of the pathways to his conclusions ..."

Yes, it seems to be difficult to follow Janosch Gonzalez conclusions. They are first based on Praia da Luz trips and the system analysis of tesimonies on PJ files, which discarded the McCanns. Then the DNA analysis which discarded the dog's alerts. And the three incidents in block 5 along 17 days, which point to a burglary ... At last Jane saw the abductor but at 21:50. Interesting "A question" in, and the notes on the calls and the zone ...

pete claridge said...

Bundleman/crecheman complete fabrications which have backfired on the McCann/Scotland Yard alliance!

The Smith family were and still are to this day the cause of all their problems.

Anonymous said...

What is really frightening is that it would appear there is nothing that can be done to highlight this wickedness on or in any form of the media. .
The facts you state about walking the wrong way, clothes, ect. are obviously more proof that the police and in fact the government in England are covering up the truth. the Mc.Canns seem to hold all the cards in all the right places. How very sad for Maddy.
Surely the creche register would confirm if a child was signed out at that time, and by whom. The barefaced lies cannot go on forever surely. How Tanner passed two men on a narrow pavement has still to be explained, or not it seems. l am not a writer, or an important person, but how l wish one high profile political person would have the balls to say something, OH YES FORGOT,YOU CANT GET IT IN PRINT, IN THE MEDIA, OR PRESS. So game set and match Mc.Canns. YOU THINK.

Pat Brown said...

Anonymous 2{13

What Janosh and you are saying about Jane being half an hour off is impossible because she clearly describes Gerry chatting with his tennis friend and passing by them right before she saw Bundleman. Yet they did not see her or Bundleman. The street is terribly narrow and it is nigh impossible for them to miss seeing her. Also, her description radically changed over and over and the fact she didn't bother to tell the McCannns for so long that she might have seen someone taking Maddie away and which way the guy went is hard to believe. This is why her story was so questioned by the PJ. Eventually, they began to question its veracity.

Anonymous said...

Pat wrote: "What Janosh and you are saying about Jane being half an hour off is impossible because she clearly describes Gerry chatting with his tennis friend and passing by them right before she saw Bundleman. Yet they did not see her or Bundleman. The street is terribly narrow and it is nigh impossible for them to miss seeing her."

Yes, you are partially right here: remember that Gerry told at the table he had just met Jez between the back gate of 5A and the Tapas entrance, Jane may only HEARD it; and remember that Jane went to her apartment at about 21:45/21:50.

Did Jane go to her apartment at 21:15 and 21:45/2150? Or only at 21:45/50? Was she trying to give the impression that she and Russell did not leave their children ALONE for more than 30 minutes?

Pat Brown said...

But Jane said she SAW them and danced around them. Yet, they did not see them.

Along with the rest of the evidence in connection with her claim to have seen this man, the outcome is that Jane does not appear to be telling the truth, period.

Anonymous said...

I said "more than 30 minutes", well, from 21:00 to 21:30. And could this be the reason why Russell did two timelines before the statements at PJ on May 4th?

Pat Brown said...

Once again, I want to remind everyone about what I consider one of the most damning pieces of evidence: Kate and Gerry REFUSED to acknowledge the Smith sighting as a possibility UNLESS it was connected to Jane's sighting. NO parent of a missing child would ignore another possibility that could lead to the recovery of their child. Yet, they steadfastly ignored the Smith sighting and, yet, now, voila! Scotland Yard says it probably is the fellow who took their dear daughter. And, yet, the McCanns kept that information as hidden from the public for six years as they possible could.

pete claridge said...

Jane didn't go to her apartment at 21:45/21:50 another lie to go along with her fabricated sighting of the abductor which was to provide Gerry with an alibi for the Smith sighting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is what I think. Jane HEARD about Gerry and Jez chatting. And said she SAW them to give strenght to her statement about going to see her children at 21:15. Russell made the two timelines also to give strenght to Jane statement. So to give the impression they did not leave their children ALONE from 21:00 to 21:30 (remember one of her daughters to be ill). Jane went only at 21:45/21:50 and saw the abductor. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

The McCann dismissed ALL that report for many years. The came Scotland Yard, and said: "yes, but wait a minute, the e-fits could be of some help".

Anonymous said...

And Pat, what do you think about this in Janosch's blog? It's strange, isn't it?

"I have found, in June 2013, in the first volumes of the Polícia Judiciária Files, that a man is referenced who: (a) was living near the 5A apartment, (b) was living near the location where the Smith family saw the suspect, (c) had a previous record for theft, (d) was an Ocean Club employee, (e) was not working between 09:00 pm and 11:00 pm on May 3rd. 2007, (f) might know well the Ocean Club apartments, (g) was in the zone at 11:00 pm on May 3rd. 2007, and (h) was in the zone at the time Madeleine was abducted (confirmed by his mobil phone records). The block 5 (where the 5A apartment is) had a theft on 5L on April 17th. 2007, and an intent of theft on G5 (5G) on approximately April 26th. 2007. That is, 17 and 7 days before the abduction of Madeleine. Was this man already investigated and ruled out?"

Happy New Year to all of you! I have to cook for the night!

Pat Brown said...

Anonymous, almost sounds like he is talking about the black guy who is dead by tractor accident, but he didn't live near the Smith sighting. Again, he is ignoring all the evidence pointing in the direction of the McCanns. You can rule people out all day but the fact remains there is no evidence of an abduction and much evidence the McCanns are not being truthful.

Anonymous said...

No, Pat. Janosch is NOT talking about the black guy.

And it seems Janosch discarded the "evidence" against the McCann: the DNA tests did NOT confirm the dogs alerts, the eyewitness testimonies system analysis and phone calls shows the Tapas9 are NOT involved in the crime ... That is why the PJ reopened the case searching only for a stranger abductor, and SY said the Tapas9 are not involved in the crime.

Abduction by stranger is the only plausible hyphotesis by now.

Pat Brown said...

Anonymous, clearly, you and Janosch have discarded all the evidence supporting the Tapas 9 involvement in the crime regardless. The is ZERO to support an abduction, yet you support this theory based on nothing but claims that there is no evidence to the contrary. I respect that you have a differing opinion than mine but I am not going to argue each point here on my blog. I have written a book and many blogs outlaying my analyses and you can read those and feel free to not accept my viewpoints.

UK said...

Hear, Hear .

Spot on and to the point - thank you.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree Pat there is no evidence of abduction never as been,Kate quickly changed her statement to an un locked door to accommodate one,but even then only her finger prints were found on that window,The Smith sighting should have been displayed on their website but never was,and the only reason it was buried is Gerry McCann passed Mr Smith that night,There is absolutely no other reason a parent searching for their daughter would do such a thing. All the evidence points to foul play not only by the parents but sadly our British Government and the high profile celebrities that jumped to there aid all forgetting a beautiful little girl..God willing one day she will rest in peace xx....L.Holden

mrcibubur said...

The PJ staged, if I am not mistaken, a number of simulations as to what means, if any, an intruded gained to 5a on the night of 3rd May 2007 - by the front door, patio doors and childs bedroom windows. All were apparently proven in simulation to be either impossible or improbable means for an intruder to enter 5a.

For Madeleine to be abducted in the first place from 5a, an intruder must have entered the Apartment. If there was no intrusion and if Madeleine was not in the Apartment around the seemingly crucial time of 10pm, then whether she woke up that evening between 7.30pm and 10pm and whether she was dead or alive, depending how much reliance you place on cadaver detected by the dogs, she would have known the person or persons who removed her from the Apartment.

It is not totally beyond the realms of possibility that she was abducted if there had been an intrusion but the fact that there was no intrusion and no forensic evidence to support it from within 5a by fingerprints, footprints, any other method of dna testing, tells us categorically that there was no abduction.

The PY and Scotland Yard are no fools and are well aware of the reality. Contamination of the evidence is at the heart of the problem in bringing those responsible for the crimes committed to justice either in Portugal or UK over and beyond just child neglect and concealment of a dead childs body.

Anonymous said...

Janosch has left the case, "for lack of information", according to

Anonymous said...

Pat, I hope SY is doing something clever, because we have really gotten our hopes up watching and reading about how amazing they are at investigation. If Redwood is bumbling along trying to make Tanner appear credible by giving life to this tourist, I'll be disappointed - Amaral acts more like a clever investigator in the way he thinks, and arrived at the same conclusion as you have: reconstruct. Why spend another £6M chasing and ruling out people who A lived near by B were near by C stole $5 once in their life and D were in the area, when the main suspects and witnesses are clearly in need of a deep dive into their dodgy mis statements? Also as to the retraction or apology - you are dead right, they've been Carter Rucked. However, it stands as fact that they HAD the information and did NOT turn it in to police for approximately a year after they had it - a long time in the life of a little girl being held by pedophiles. And SY itself had to receive permission in writing from the Fund to even view the report which contained the Smith efit - as it was part of a "highly critical" report of McCanns. The notion that they turned that report over to the PJ is ludicrous- I think they waited until the case was shelved and then gave it to the local Leicestershire PD. In any case the Tanner "sighting" was always thought to be bogus by the PJ and now SY has proven them right and if this is an attempt to make Jane look credible, having the guy walk a mile out of his way to be seen where she says he was is a funny way to do it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:39 said: " ... ruling out people who A lived near by B were near by C stole $5 once in their life and D were in the area ..."

But Janosch is NOT talking about Euclides, the black man who stoled 5 euro and died in a tractor accident.

I'd like to know who is the man he is talking about, but no Internet blog or forum investigator seems to know. He said the source is the PJ DVD.

Do you know, Pat?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who worked at Ocean Club either at present or previously might live near by and know the club well and not be at work that night yet still be in the vicinity - rather than check all those people why not ask the parents who withheld the efit, and the private reports, and refused to answer questions, and fled the interview or at least the day after the interview and refused to reconstruct and made up blatantly false checks and sightings, what they and their friends were doing. Jane Tanner did not invent bundleman nor matt his vision of the twins "breathing" for no reason at all. There is something there.

SY is not the ones who are actually able to investigate this case but only review it as I understand the PJ still has that in their jurisdiction. I think what happened is that David Cameron having his feet held uncomfortably close to the fire by the Murdoch news papers - as Rebeccca Brooks testified to, she was threatening him, basically, if he did not re open the case they would splash negativity all over the many papers they control - and he went to Sy and said DO something. Get this closed and find who took her. Quite a lot of reputations and careers rest on it more than the McCanns - controlling the UK government is a powerful position and the party that is in has much more power to pursue their agenda, be it Tory or Labour. Cameron did not want the press to bash him as they had done with Brown. There doesn't need to be a pedophile ring that includes top UK officials for that to be the case - just politicians doing what they do.

SY will not be able to grill McCanns and need their help, so they have to tread somewhat lightly, I don't think they can "force" Tapas 9 to reconstruct and we may find, $6M+ of the taxpayers' money later, that all they can do is reshelve their part of this due to lack of cooperation on the part of the witnesses, unless they are willing to create some kind of now dead abductor to blame it on. However in that case PJ can also check that story out - as they can the Tanner "tourist".

SY has at least some watch dog looking over them as well as beinga watch dog, as I do not think the people of Portugal nor the PJ will stand by to see their police rubbished just so we can sweep this under the rug where Cameron is more comfortable with it - if in fact he wants that.

McCanns have always pled for this to be reviewed although when given the chance to have it reopened simply by agreeing to reconstruct the highly unlikely take they told about the doings on the night Maddie disappeared, they refused. It would be counter productive, it wouldn't be "helpful."

Presumably it WOULD be helpful to know what time the abduction occurred and who actually saw maddie last. As we know as SY must also, that Tanner and Matt Oldfield were/are not being truthful in their statements that is surely the place to look.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong Anonymous 1:06.

You said: "Anyone who worked at Ocean Club either at present or previously might live near by and know the club well and not be at work that night yet still be in the vicinity"

It is false, the majority of OC employees lived in Lagos and did not live in Praia da Luz. See the PJ files.

You said: "SY is not the ones who are actually able to investigate this case but only review it ..."

It is false. SY is also investigating through a rogatory letter.

Finally, no need for reconstruction: PJ is searching for a stranger abductor (they reopened the case with evidence about a stranger abductor), and SY is also searching for a stranger abductor, and said the Tapas9 are not suspects.

Pat surely knows who is this OC employee cited by Janosh. Please Pat, tell us.

Pat Brown said...

Anonymous 2:09, I repeat, I am not going to argue all these points with you; you clearly believe the McCanns are innocent of any wrong doing, that there is evidence of an abduction (which there clearly is not). If you do not respect my profiling abilities and my analysis of the case, that is fine, but please do take your arguments elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I've always figured the parents
or one of the parents killed maddie.
Not that anything will ever be DONE
about it, too much time and misinformation has passed.

Scotland Yard is in the Ass-Covering" lets make ourselves
look as thorough as possible
to conceal the fact we screwed
up" stage now...and have nice
PR zombies working things for

quite organized..the british.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News:

Police identify three prime suspects for abduction of Madeleine McCann following analysis of mobile phone data

Data suggests a burglary gang was operating near time of disappearance

Suspects made an 'unusually high' number of calls hours after Maddie was reported missing

Police believe thieves carried out one raid in resort, disturbing a child

Portuguese police attached no significance to the break-in days before

British detectives described oversight as a 'disgrace'

'Main line of inquiry' suggests burglars panicked and kidnapped Maddie

guerra said...

Actually, the suspects made a number of calls before they reported their daughter missing. They deleted the memory of their mobile phones.

Anonymous said...

"They didn't need to spend millions and so many hours going through the files. They just needed to reinterview the Tapas 9 and demand a reconstruction."

Pat, I share your misgivings about Redwood (in fact I'd go a little further!). Even if it is possible to envisage a 'chess' or 'poker' strategy being played out by SY, there are huge gaps in the credibility of such an idea. If the intention is to bring pressure to bear upon the T9, then there are interview suites in every police station across the land.

Why play this out across the TV studios of Europe (notable exception - Portugal)? Why go to such gratuitous expense and ignite so much public speculation in order to say what might have been so easily conveyed? "Bundleman is being excluded...this changes the time frames."

Rather than put this succinctly to the T9 (in interview), what does Redwood do? He embarks on his global extravaganza.

This doesn't look like a man undertaking an investigation. It looks like a floundering snake oil salesman trying to claim legitimacy - trying to justify his expenses. He was buying time.

And now, since the PJ have formally reopened the case, Redwood is seeking a "joint investigation". This is a remarkable turnaround for a man who has previously so keen to keep the work of the two jurisdictions separate - "uncontaminated" (SY's word).

Of course, Redwood wants the inside line, and history repeats itself...the leaks, the stalling, the 'dissuasion'.

Redwood looks to be on a rolling political brief that has become it's own justification....keep rolling on, keep muddying the waters, keep deadening the possibility of any serious inquiry.

When Portugal announced their formal reopening of the case, Operation Grange should have simply handed their 'findings' to the PJ and bowed out; making way for process (under jurisdiction) as opposed to the cheap TV fodder that SY serves up.

Anonymous said...

Like you said Pat, G. Amaral never believed very much in the Tanner's sighting, if at all.

In a recent crime scene reconstruction done by CMTV in which he is invited to comment, he seems to stress his belief in the Smiths' sighting as the real McCoy. He does not mention Tanner's sighting at all!

Someone has taken the time to translate the full CMTV crime scene reconstruction. The full translation can be found at:

Quite an eye opener!

Anyway, wishing you a fantastic new Orbit! May all your wishes come true! Or at least a good few of them!

One question if I may! For when that book co-authored with Amaral which you promised us?

Anyway do keep up the good work and stay loose!

A. Reader

Anonymous said...

Sunday Express:

Madeleine police are urged to hunt Ocean Club thief

SCOTLAND Yard detectives hunting Madeleine McCann’s kidnapper are being urged to trace a former worker at the Ocean Club holiday villa complex from where she disappeared.

A criminologist who has spent years analysing Portuguese police files has discovered information about the man, who had previously been caught stealing.

He lived close to the spot where a man was seen carrying a child, who detectives believe was Madeleine, at the time of the abduction.

Madrid-based Heriberto Janosch has written to Scotland Yard’s Operation Grange detectives with details of his findings.

The revelation comes after it was reported that Scotland Yard officers have identified three “prime suspects” in a burglary gang after analysing phone data around the time of the abduction on May 3, 2007, at Praia da Luz in Portugal’s Algarve.

The report claimed there were a high number of calls between the group after Madeleine vanished. It also suggested the gang was responsible for two earlier raids at neighbouring apartments, one of which was foiled when they were disturbed by an elderly resident.

Now Yard chiefs are involved with discussions with counterparts in Portugal on how and when to arrest the trio, one of whom is ­Portuguese.

Mr Janosch said that the individual he is interested in was not ­working at the Ocean Club during the evening when Madeleine disappeared. He said: “When I read the information in the Portuguese police files I felt it was important to contact Scotland Yard to make sure they were aware of it.

“Now I understand that the Yard is concentrating on three suspected burglars and I wonder if this man I am interested in is one of them.

“The investigation is reaching a very important stage and hopefully the police are on the verge of a breakthrough.

“I have investigated this case for a long time and it is my belief that Madeleine was taken by burglars and there was no planned kidnapping.

“She just happened to come across them when they were in the apartment.”

The move came as Kate McCann, an ambassador for the charity Missing People, and husband Gerry yesterday attended the FA Cup tie between Everton and Queens Park Rangers at Goodison Park.

Everton supporter Kate went to the game to raise awareness of the charity and to cheer on her team.

A film about the plight of missing people was shown during the half-time break.

Writing in Everton’s match programme yesterday, chairman Bill Kenwright, said: “We have a strong tradition at Everton of working with, and supporting, our community and because of that we wanted to use today’s game to help raise awareness of those who, for whatever reason, are currently missing.”

Anonymous said...

This comment is slightly off theme but interesting, I think.

"Carter-rucked" (the McCanns' favourite "atomic weapon" seems to have become a popular neologism among lawyers!

See here:

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, has there been any polygraph tests done?