Tuesday, December 31, 2013

When are You not Entitled to A Love Life?

The answer to this is quite simple: when your love life endangers children's lives. Protecting children is a much higher priority than getting laid, getting your ego stroked, or having romantic companionship. This applies to your own children, your grandchildren, and any children in your care, even those for an afternoon. If there are ANY children in your life that can be affected by some personality disordered person you like to hang around with for any reason, you have no right to cozy up to him or her.

Michelle Rowling, the beautiful woman on the left, just got stabbed to death by that nasty piece of crap on the right. If you read some of the stories the media has put out, you will immediately be outraged at the domestic abuse that ended in this mother-of-two's death. But, if you read more in-depth reports, you will find that Michelle Rowling had her throat slit by this man in a prior incident and testified on his behalf. Then she got beaten up by him and again testified in his behalf. Finally, after hearing her was planning to kill her AND her family when he gets out of jail, she FBs this:

Five days later, Michelle is found dead in her apartment; her supposedly ex-boyfriend has been charged with the crime. Fortunately, the children were not home at the time and so at least they weren't murdered as well. Interestingly, I have read nothing of a break-in or any phone call to the police (Michelle actually FB'd that calling the police would be worthless because she would be dead before they got there), so one wonders if she opened the door yet again to this man.

I know some people will simply say that women in abusive relationships don't get enough help and that they often don't press charges or testify against their abusers out of fear or emotional ties. But, here is the thing which I keep harping on. While it is true that we all are fallible human beings and we sometimes make dumb choices and dumb mistakes, I urge women, and men, but especially women who are on the receiving end of the most violent abuse (as well as their children), to put their children or future children first. No one becomes a parent by accident. You have to participate in sex, in unprotected or careless sex, you have to chose not to have an abortion or choose not to give your child up for adoption. If you are going to bang away with some questionable character, make damned sure you don't bring his kid into the world and put that child in danger. If you already have a child with a decent man, don't bang away with some new questionable character and put THAT child's life in danger. To put it simply, don't bang some questionable character and put your own life in danger leaving your children without a mother.

I am about to become a grandmother and I will be living right next door to my new granddaughter. Guess who is not coming through my door? Some questionable character that I want to snuggle up with so I can get my rocks off. For that matter, I have been divorced for ten years and I am sticking to a promise I made to myself to not inflict some less-than-quality character into my children and grandchildren's lives. I chose to have children and from that moment on, I have had to put them first. I am not saying that I should never have a romantic relationship but that I must consider how that relationship affects my children. If I bring a creep into my life, I would surely hope my children would have the sense to take my grandchildren out of mine.

We won't die if we don't have sex or love every moment of our lives. Sometimes we have to wait for the right person or the right time because, if we really love and care for our children, we won't choose an adult over them and we won't have our own wants be more important than the safety and happiness of our own children or any other children we have in our lives.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

December 31, 2013


Ann Hargis said...

Pat, you are so right on! I have often tried to tell women that they don't need a man to define who they are. But when they choose men like this skicko, that pretty well defines what they think of themselves. Society is not responsible for helping these types of women, but these women are responsible for keeping their children away from these inhumane beings. God Bless these children, and keep them in His care! Ann Hargis

Pat Brown said...

Sometimes young people just don't think of the dangers especially when life all around them is at such a low level (East St. Louis is rough...I worked there at an IHOP when I was 19, so I know). They accept people of poor quality into their lives to have fun and love and often don't think of the repercussions. But, still, we need to encourage them to raise their requirements especially when it comes to children.

The worst is when a woman befriends a felon through a prison dating site and then gives him a place to live when he gets out. Then, she wonders why her little daughter got raped and murdered.

Nanna Frances said...


Anonymous79 said...

Another excellent article about extremely relevant subject matter. I wish when they teach young people about "becoming sexually active" in "health class" they would include a chapter about the potential consequences of choosing psycopath partners. This is also part of being "sexually active".

Pardon all the quotes but these are the words I heard over and over again from my health class teachers. The other chapter I wish would be included in teaching young people about being "sexually active" is that you should have a financial plan for the child's housing, food, medical expenses, daycare, clothing etc. that are also part of being "sexually active".

As a young person I was educated in how to correctly use birth-control devices, where to seek free confidential treatment for venereal diseases, where to sign up for "women's" self-defense classes ( at age 16 ha !!! ), how to report if you've been raped etc., but given absolutely no instruction in what to do about the stalker I was "sexually active" with. Fortunately there was no child involved, but I fear I have ended up just like Michelle Rowling.

Anonymous79 said...

could have ended up ...

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 79,
Thank goodness you did not! Advise other young women of how your situation arose, and how you removed yourself from it. Please help to keep others safe. All the best, and a very happy, healthy and safe new year

Anonymous said...

Many women of the younger generation are simpletons with a Bad guy complex, and usually actively PURSUE the scum who end up raping and/or murdering them, and sometimes their children.

Sad but true. And considering the
Vics history, she likely would have just made excuses for him in court again regardless of how many times he slit her throat. (if the
FIRST time didn't teach her anything she was beyond hope.)

Hate it for the kids though,
but it's good they were not
drawn into the psychopaths
orbit again along with the

Anonymous said...

Be grateful most criminals are
moronic and driven by personal

That's all I'm saying.
(of course even then
the solve rate in most
areas isn't exactly a
thing to brag about.)